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In news coverage of the GOP health care bill, outlets should be asking how in the hell they justify premium hikes for survivors of rape, sexual assault, and domestic violence – all considered pre-existing conditions under the AHCA.

In March of 1907, Congress passed the Expatriation Act, which decreed, among other things, that U.S. women who married non-citizens were no longer Americans. If their husband later became a naturalized citizen, they could go through the naturalization process to regain citizenship.

But none of these rules applied to American men when they chose a spouse.

That Time American Women Lost Their Citizenship Because They Married Foreigners

Image: George Grantham Bain Collection/Library of Congress

Rob Quist stands firm that a woman’s decisions should be her own—not anti-choice politicians’.

We’re proud to announce our PAC’s endorsement of a candidate who is ready to protect healthcare access for women and families in Montana’s at-large congressional race. We’re in the final lap and Rob needs your support at the voting booth on Thursday, May 25.

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Watch Jason Chaffetz React As He’s Accused Of ‘Beating Up On A Woman’ Over Her Pay

WASHINGTON – Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) laid into Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) on Tuesday for grilling Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards over her salary – something she suggested he wouldn’t have done had Richards been a man.

Don’t mess with Carolyn Maloney.


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Why does everything Republicans do these days look like a poster or trailer from a horror movie about secretly crazy middle-class serial killers from suburbia?

A question we might need to ask at some point.

Christ. The way her face just falls. That is honestly unsettling.  

Revolution is not a one time event.
Don’t just go to a protest and ask what’s next afterwards. Create the next step yourself. If there isn’t a group in your area then create one.

Calling your congressman does work especially when you flood their local office. Yes voting does work or else they wouldn’t be making it so hard for you to vote.

Everyone has a part to play in the revolution. You don’t have to be involved in everything. Everyone doesn’t like protesting or organizing or calling representatives. Do what works best for you. Even if it’s just donating $5 to progressive and local radio. Or just sharing their information online. Even making art and videos.

Anything big or small is helpful in this resistance to Trump and the Republicans.


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Haven’t we done this already?

I don’t get why anyone votes republican anymore. I get that these are new faces, but does no one see how the folks in congress and in trump’s cabinet are the same guys we’ve been fighting against since Britain?

The Revolutionary War

Patriots: “Lets fight tyranny and have the rights of the people on this land heard and held by themselves.”

Loyalist: “These violent radicals are going against the government. They’ll ruin our very way of life. We should try to find a more conservative route and not be so loud about our problems. It’s to soon to be talking about these issues right now. Our leaders will handle it in their own time. I hear they’re considering ending slavery.”

Civil War

Abolitionists: “Slavery is Bad. Lets end it.”

Slave Owners: “These simpletons are destroying state’s rights. They’re literally ripping this nation apart. Our economy depends on this. Farm families, which are the lifeblood and backbone that this nation prides itself on, will be forced into bankruptcy, and it will all be because of these insane instigators of our traditions.”

World War 2

Franklin Roosevelt: “Nazi’s are bad, and we need to stop them by any mean before they take over the world.”

Congress: “This is not what the american people want. This is being taken out of proportion, and negative Nancy boys are just not understanding another point of view and rushing to judgment about this man. We don’t need to blow up this situation but should instead be focusing on all those immigrants hurting and killing real Americans.”

Civil Rights

Blacks: “We want equal rights.”

Democrats: “Communists! Drug dealing communists! These people are trying to smash the sacred system of government, and we need to send police forces into their meetings where all those drugs and guns are before they cause anarchy with their terrorist intentions. Also, while we’re here, gays are trying to molest your children and give them aids.”

Right Now

Everyone not Republican/fascist/ alt-right: “Stop trying to destroy the environment, take away women’s/gays/trans people/any race that isn’t white/ any non-christian man’s rights away, remove regulations that keep companies from abusing us medically and financially, and spend our tax money on improving institutions every person in this nation should have so that we can become a strong nation that pushes the world forward to a brighter future from the bottom up instead of a failed trickle down.”

Most Republicans except maybe John McCain: “Shut up. Fake News. PC bad.”