Janelle Monáe On Kanye West, Sexuality & Looks Back At First Time She Met Prince
Janelle Monáe sat down with Ebro in the Morning and discussed her upcoming album 'Dirty Computer' & accompanying short film to be released this Friday. She a...

In the midst of the fuckery in 2017, this year we got a bad ass sexually fluid/queer black woman,

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Muslim lesbian photographer,

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a teenage Latina lesbian feminist,

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an Asian wlw,

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and now a canon bisexual latina character.

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I know I’m missing others but they’re the ones that I can think at the top of my head.

This year has been a colorful ass gay ass rainbow ass year and I. AM. LIVING!!



Meghal & Natasha - Meghal and Natasha are South(?) Asian twin sisters who are beauty influencers. They create beautiful editorial makeup looks + other looks as well.

Ivana Fischer - Ivana (better known as Iv Fischer) is a Black trans model who creates makeup tutorials, shares her lookbooks, and stories. She is a fearless, bold, and a fun, energetic YouTuber that I think everyone should look out for.

Taesface - Tae is a Black woman who posts makeup tutorials, female tips and offers advice. Her looks are beautiful and informative as well and she’s has such creative, beautiful looks.

Nabela Noor - Nabela is a body positive Bangladeshi influencer who is plus size as well! She creates content for brown Asian women and plus size women and her looks are beautiful and her confidence is amazing. 

Brianna Nil - (Yeah I’m shamelessly promoting myself!) Brianna (known as Brandy Klark) is a plus size Cambodian beauty influencer and artist who makes content for brown Asian women as well as plus size Asian women. She promotes body positivity and the importance of seeing more content from other brown Asian women.Her channel varies in content, but primarily is makeup/outfit centric.

Asia Jackson - Asia is a Black + Filipino beauty influencer. She’s very “quirky”, creative, eccentric, funny, and confident as hell. She creates content pertaining to makeup, skincare, outfits + hair. 

Kim Thai - Kim is a Vietnamese influencer who makes a lot of different content. Most of it pertains to makeup + traveling. She is body positive and creates content, such as makeup tutorials + mukbangs. She is very bubbly, talented and positive. She has already had a collab with OFRA Cosmetics.

Tuere Imani - Tuere is another Black beauty influencer who posts tutorials. She is very informative as she talks through her tutorials and explains each step as she goes. All of her looks are  vibrant and creative and she is also someone to check out.

Kayla Shanice - Kayla is also another plus size Black beauty influencer who creates content for people who love makeup + also plus size women as she does haul reviews for brands who sell plus sized clothing. She’s very energetic and confidence and I love watching her!


So sweet Kim porter takes her girls on a girls trip #motherhood 👧🏾👧🏾👧🏽👩🏾🌞

ABC project ! Women of the world (Only finished 20/26)

A: Australian Aboriginal Person 

B: Brazil (Kayapo)

C: Cuba

D, E: —

F: Fiji 

G: Germany

H, I, J, K: —

L: Lakota

M: Mexico

N: New Zealand (Maori)

O: Omo (Ethiopian)

P: Philippines

Q: Quechua (Peru)

R: Romani

S: Spain

T: Thailand

U: Ukraine

V: Vietnam

W: Wodaabe (Niger)

X: Xhosa (South Africa)

Y: Yakama

Z: Zulu

Black Stunt woman Appreciation

Since the news about the death of stunt woman Joi Harris on the set of Deadpool 2 I thought we should big up some of the real Black Superheros

Kelsee King-Devoreaux

Professional stunt double, coordinator and author since the early 90′s. She was Jada Pinkett’s double for the Matrix. King-Devoreaux has spoken out against white stunt performers donning Blackface to double for Black actors when there are many Black performers who are capable and struggle to look for work.  

Angela Meryl

Actress, author and stunt performer extraordinaire. Who hasn’t the veteran and Taurus Award nominee doubled for Halle Berry, Beyoncé, Gabrielle Union, Rihanna, Vivica A. Fox

Natascha Hopkins

Hopkins has doubled for Halle Berry in numerous films but also Kerry Washington in Scandal

Amanda Foster

Born in Essex, this single mother of 3 was a hustling a supply teacher, model and film extra. When she was on the set of Patriot Games she heard there were no Black women stunt performers in the UK. She then started training to become the first. 50 years old and still doing YAS! 

Damita Jane Howard

Howard is the go to stunt woman for our faves doubling for Danai Gurira on The Walking Dead and Angela Bassett on American Horror Story.

Jazzy Ellis 

Independent filmaker, activist and stunt double.

Jwaundace Candece

Stunt woman, actress, writer, producer, and professional wrestler. WOW

April Weeden-Washington

She was a slayer. Nuff said. But really with skills like horse riding and martial arts Weeden has been slaying since forever.

Cheryl Lewis

Cheryl Lewis can do it all. Not only is she a pro stunt woman but she is a dancer, actor, aerialist, puppeteer and is trained in multiple disciplines of martial arts. She doubles for Simone Missick’s Misty Knight in Luke Cage.

Shellita Boxie

Started doing stunt work since 2008 and has worked on many big movies including the hunger games and Girls’ Trip