Undertones for Asians: How to tell if your skintone is Cool, Warm, Neutral, or Olive - of Faces and Fingers

I thought that this was a really interesting read for different Asian complexations! I find that it’s good for both East and Southeast skin tones as well!

The author uses lots of photos between many different skin tones and it was really neat to see.

So, if you’re having trouble finding a foundation and something seems off, give this a read!

Black Tumblr, your jokes about "white people" bodies/faces hurt your own community.

While these jokes don’t bother me personally, I’ve received messages from black women in particular about how jokes regarding features certain white women have (thin lips, thin bodies, smaller butts, etc.) really hurt their feelings.

They as black women also have these features just by genetics and seeing them being deemed ugly on white people makes them feel ugly too. It makes them look in the mirror and feel like they can’t be part of the community. It makes them feel insecure.

I’m keeping names that I know private obviously, to avoid them receiving harassment.

Just remember that all women of all races come in different shapes and sizes, as well as have different features.

Please watch what you say because it hurts people that you may not be thinking it hurts.

All features are valid and beautiful in there own way to someone.

Have a nice day. :)

Women of color are props to bourgeois feminists, and they routinely attempt to patronize them or guilt them into voting for Clinton. ‘She has the interest of all women in mind’, they’ll say. ‘She has her issues, but would you rather a Republican president take away our bodily autonomy?’. Again, they fall back on duplicitous fear-mongering and vagueness in order to mitigate the damage which so often accompanies such uninspiring analysis. They aren’t looking for women to dismantle an oppressive system but to join it, to become a part of the establishment class. This isn’t liberatory political consciousness, but the politics of superficial preservation for those at the top.
8 Women of Color Game Developers You Should Know -
These women of different ethnic and racial backgrounds all have (at least) one thing in common: they make games.

While writing “5 Female Game Developers We’re Thankful For,” I came across an interesting realization. The first draft of my article was filled with awesome women, but they were mostly white women. While I intended my list to be encouraging, having a piece filled with only one race could actually be discouraging to the women of color who hope to get into the gaming field, so I revised the article to deliberately add women of color. But I found that it wasn’t easy to find articles about minority women game developers.

I want women and girls of all ethnicities and backgrounds to see themselves in gaming. I want them to know that there are other women like them already here, and making some awesome and compelling games.

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