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One of the many whippings I took before I finally got the move and my favourite photo of the trip to Antão.

p/c: Eric Passos


How Sasha DiGiulian Is Redefining Rock Climbing For Women

Growing up in Virginia, DiGiulian found her love for climbing when she began scaling walls at just 6 years old. “People thrive the best when they’re having fun and enjoying what they’re doing in that moment. And for me, that’s climbing,” she says. “I really love finding that flow and the connection with the motion, that I’m moving up the wall and really engaging all of my senses.”

Watch our full interview with DiGiulian here. 

Wasfia Nazreen (b. 1982) is an adventurer, writer and activist from Bangladesh. She is a mouintaneer, and the first and only Bangladeshi to complete the Seven Summits. She is the only woman to be named both a National Geographic Adventurer and Emerging Explorer.

She obtained a degree in Social Psychology, and later established a foundation that works to empower teenage girls and help them achieve their potential. She dedicated her successful Everest climb to the women of Bangladesh, and embarked on the Seven Summits challenge in celebration of the progress of women’s rights in her country.

It’s fascinating. It is quite extraordinary to have them. I have never had four women looking after me- they are the most incredible women. The first one had climbed Everest. I said ‘how long did it take?’ and she said 16 days! It’s quite remarkable.
—  Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall on the eight female bodyguards assigned to her while in the UAE, 11.11.2016