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Sometimes I forget that the Holy Spirit dwells in me. I forget 1 Corinthians 3:16. I forget Philippians 4:13. I get caught up in the present, in the pain, in the hardship. I tell myself, “I can’t do this.” When really, I am His temple and His Spirit dwells in me. When really, I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.


Why we climb. 

I did a 4-part comic strip this week. Everyone finds their own why. It’s almost always hard-won. Climb on.

Yesterday I went bouldering with my loves in San Bernardino National Forest.
It was a great morning.
Also, loving this crazy creek chair! Super light weight and packable!
March 23, 2017

For women who are tied to the moon, love alone is not enough. We insist each day wrap it’s knuckles through our heart strings and pull. The lows. The joy. The poetry. We dance at the edge of a cliff, you have fallen off. So it goes. You will climb up again.
You rare girl, once again, you have a body that belongs to no lover, to no father, belongs to no one but you. Wear your sorrow like the lines on your palm. Like a shawl to keep you warm at night. Don’t mourn the love that is lost to you now. It is a book of poems whose meters worked their way into your pulse. Even if it has slipped from your hands, it will stay in your body.
You loved a man who treated you like absinthe, half poison and half god. He tried to sweeten you, to water you down. So you left. And now you have your heart all to yourself again. A heart like a stone cottage. Heart like a lover’s diary. Hope like an ocean.
—  Letter From Anais Nin to Clementine von Radics

Another capture from yesterday’s bouldering excursion !

Shot by my wonderful boyfriend

Finally feelings a bit stronger!

San Bernadino National Forest

May 9, 2017

A little throwback to our trip to Priest Draw, this one is shot by my boyfriend! 

Working on some roof problems in “The Bat Cave”

Truly some of the coolest boulders out there.

Aprill 18, 2017

I think I’m on tenterhooks about the KS season…finale? thing? 19. chapter 19. For the wrong reasons. 

Cause it was certainly an effective shock to remind the reader so nastily of the fallout of YoonBum’s actions when the person he’s stalking ISN’T a serial killer. The question is now what the plot’s gonna do with it. Like, that….needs to be addressed. And we need to get out of Bum’s head again to really properly do it. And all this is complicated by the problem that we now have two murderers motivated by misogyny in a comic that’s until veeeery recently been totally anemic in its portrayal of women. So that’s an uphill climb. And if we’re just heading into the two of them doing murders together until the cops come in to clean up the mess…I’m not really here for that. 

This isn’t Hannibal, where it eventually built the two up as equals before they became Murder Husbands and whatnot. If the story continues on with this trajectory, where Bum’s a murderer and the eventually he kills Sangwoo, or they both die, or he gets rescued and then continues doing the murders, whatever, then we end with a story where Sangwoo wins even if he dies. And I don’t just want him to die. I need him to lose, and for hims to be revealed not only as monstrous but petty and small. To strip any glamour away.

Most importantly, if Bum isn’t conflicted or trying to escape any more, then the dynamics of the story switch from Sangwoo vs Bum, Bum vs Self, and Sangwoo vs Seungbae to a far more simplified inside the house vs outside the house. With the number of tension elements the first arc of the story juggled, that shift would be really disappointing.

One of the many whippings I took before I finally got the move and my favourite photo of the trip to Antão.

p/c: Eric Passos

diego luna films i've seen rated by his moments in them
  • Y Tu Mama Tambien: He is a main character and in almost every scene. Wow. You see so much, possibly TOO much of Diego, so watch out if you're a minor or just don't like sexual scenes in films. Definite gay vibes with co-star played by childhood best friend Gael García Bernal. There's a wonderful and powerful confrontation scene between the two men around an hour in, Diego's acting is WOAH. And everyone thought he was the ugly one, we were so wrong. AND SO MUCH SPANISH. The phrase 'no mames' is uttered approximately 178 times. 9/10
  • Frida: Salma Hayek plays artist Frida Kahlo in this unique film. Diego plays her young lover Alex in the beginning of the movie; they have sex in a closet at some point, wild. Their relationship is cut short after a tragic bus accident which leaves Frida crippled. He brings her flowers and they break up, and Diego's role is finished. But I just had to keep watching because of how special the cinematography of this film is! The bus accident is so well directed it blew my mind. I don't know enough about Frida Kahlo to know how accurate this film was, but it was certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But since this is a list about Diego, low points ought to be given. He really isn't in this movie a lot. Let's see, 2/10.
  • Havana Nights: A true cinematic treasure. Also known as the worst movie you will ever see and you will love every second of it. Bad script, zero plot - but Diego does his best and fucking nails every moment in this film, carries it on his back. Apparently no one told him that he was supposed to act robotic, so everything he does is sweet and natural and he makes it look easy. All the while dancing himself into Castro-era Cuba, which he does SO well that Jonathan Jackson, who is supposed to be his romantic rival, actually seems TURNED ON whenever he sees Diego dance. Nice. Sweaty group-dance sequences, cutish one-liners. Actually makes out with dance partner Romola Garai in front of her PARENTS, after a very erotic dance routine, like how savage. 10/10
  • The Terminal: Diego plays airport employee who befriends Tom Hanks, and probably charms the pants off him, because he is wonderful in this secondary role. During the 2 hours of this film, all he wears is a jumpsuit/uniform and makes it look like a fashion statement. Has quite a lot of one-on-one scenes with The Tom Hanks himself, and is in love with Zoe Saldana, which is sweet, if not a bit generic chasing the girl type of thing. There's a scene where he absent-mindedly starts speaking Spanish to Tom Hanks who of course doesn't understand him, and Diego's very very cute about it. LO AND BEHOLD: one hour in, he changes into a suit while pouring Catherine Zeta-Jones too much wine. A breathtaking moment. 6/10
  • Mister Lonely: A very strange film about celebrity imitators. Diego plays a Michael Jackson impersonator in the film, his voice and looks imitating the singer and dancer. The movie introduces us to a surreal world of people living the lives of the famous people they dress up as, blurring the line between impersonating and becoming. He's rather in the center in the first and last bit of the movie, but the focus shifts in the middle with the story of "Marilyn" and "Charlie Chaplin". This film is a true risk-taker, which means it's not for the masses. Very thought-provoking though! 7/10
  • Milk: Diego plays Sean Penn's gay lover, and he's only in this movie for a short period of time. Kind of mentally unstable in this role, he tells Sean Penn he loves him without actually knowing what his name is. The movie deals with gay rights and is set in the 1970s, resulting in everyone having funny hair. This is an important LGBT film, but I hate Sean Penn, so there you have it. He is admittedly a skilled actor though. However, the lack of Diego in the majority of this film has to mean low points. 3/10
  • Rudo y Cursi: Another Diego-Gael movie. This time, it's about football. This is an excellent and very sad film set in Mexico that discusses the world of professional football playing. Diego is very different both in looks and in character from how he is in his other films - it's like he's a different person! That says a lot about his acting skills really. This film is also in Spanish, Diego shouts a lot (and very well too) and calls everyone 'chinga' and 'güey'. 8/10
  • The Book of Life: What a film! This animated feature has Diego portray main character Manolo Sanchez and makes you swoon basically. Since he's present in voice-acting only, you don't get to see his pretty face, BUT his voice is gorgeous both in speaking and in singing. A lot of songs are sung by Diego in this movie, and it's so so good. The Apology Song made me cry. Fun fact: Zoe Saldana is once again a love interest to Diego in this film, and their duet No Matter Where You Are is short but earth-shattering. 9/10
  • Casanova: Yep, Diego plays Giacomo Casanova in this TV movie, so you get the idea. It's about Casanova starting over in Paris, but things do not go well. Diego is very charming and rather authentic as Casanova. He makes out with women and climbs on rooftops in heels. Lots of close-ups to his face, I approve. However, this film confuses me. It's set in France, yet people speak with a British accent, except for Diego of course, who speaks with a Mexican accent BOTH in English and in Italian. The latter bothered me a bit, seeing as he is supposed to be a native Italian. All that aside, his performance is overall lovely. This film also has nice cinematography and a pretty solid script. Lots and lots of Diego seducing not-so-innocent maidens. 10/10
  • Rogue One: The greatest movie you will ever see. Diego has the role he deserves as he steals all our hearts as Captain Cassian Andor. You guys know the scene he gets all wet in the rain and then loads his gun on the ship? Sign me up. Warning: you WILL cry. 100/10

Went on a little five day climbing trip to Priest Draw with my love.
The boulders are unreal.
Coconino National Forest in Arizona
April 18, 2017