women of asia

Shoutout to all the desi moms and women that we roll our eyes at now but once had dreams and ambitions but weren’t born in our time and couldn’t follow any of them and so were brought up in this misogynistic society and culture where they think that love is how much shit you can tolerate from a man and that their needs are and will always be second to males and that they should smile and keep their mouths shut and their heads airy and filled with dinner plans and marriages and kids. Who, if given the chance, might have become amazing doctors and scientists and accountants and excelled at everything their husbands brag about and STILL make it home in time to be a mother. Who constantly put up with emotional abuse and probable mental illnesses not even knowing that those are actual things.

I love you, and I am so so sorry you have to live this way.  

don’t let yourself forget the huge contingent of middle class white feminists who think it’s totally fine to threaten to out, rape, and murder sex workers on the internet, because to them we’re just “fuckmeat” and they hate us even more than men do.

sex workers’ rights are human rights and if you find yourself following someone who doesn’t think so, know that what they post publicly is a tiny fraction of what they do and say anonymously to us, including threatening to out us to clients or cops in the hopes we get murdered.

white supremacy, imperialism, and misogyny don’t always look like richard spencer.

the policies swerfs promote actively result in the assault and murder of brown women in southeast asia as well as the houselessness, loss of day jobs, and murder of woc and white women in the western world.
they force us into sweatshops, to stay in violent relationships, out into the streets as a part of their imperialist vision of proper womanhood.

fight all forms of oppression at home and abroad.

Shahla Sherkat (b. 1956) is one of the pioneers of the women’s rights movement in Iran. She is a psychologist and journalist who has been outspoken about the situation of women in the country, often experiencing legal issues because of it.

She is the founder of Zanan magazine, considered the most important women’s journal published after the Iranian revolution. She often had to appear in court for publishing content deemed controversial, in areas ranging from politics to sex, and at one point even had to spend four months in prison. In 2005 she received the Courage in Journalism Award from the International Women’s Media Foundation.


卧虎藏龙 Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon [BEST Fight Scene]

Still one of the best fight scenes ever.

When you notice how absolutely desperate Michelle Yeoh has gotten by the end. She is literally throwing everything in sight at this girl.

“Lady Kido Suikoin” (1887), Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839-1892)

Formerly a Geisha under the name of Ikumatsu , Kido Suikoin became the mistress and later the wife of a samurai who supported the Meiji restauration. She spied for her husband and was also really knowledgeable regarding political matters. On this print, she is carrying two samurai swords and is maybe eavesdropping the conversation in the room behind her.