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In other thoughts about Molly: I got worried and did some research once and am pleased to report that disposable sanitary pads HAD been invented before all the other women left the Folly, so she won’t have been left out of that one, because that would have just been tragic. 

Although that also raises a very salient reason Ty might be happy to settle into physical middle age, even if she has other options. 

Dear Feminism

- Boys aren’t defective girls

- Men aren’t defective women

- Masculinity isn’t anymore toxic than femininity 

- Men are not inherently violent

- Men are not inherently sexual predators

Men are not broken. Please stop telling us we are. 


The bourgeoisie is fearful of the militancy of the Negro woman, and for good reason. The capitalists know, far better than many progressives seem to know, that once Negro women begin to take action, the militancy of the whole Negro people, and thus of the anti-imperialist coalition, is greatly enhanced.
(Claudia Jones. 1915-1965)

Claudia Jones, Daughters of Africa: An International Anthology of Words and Writings by Women of African Descent, ed. Margaret Busby (Vintage edition, 199), 262.


Ok there’s so much here I love I barely know where to start. The fact that the leaders of the Women’s March are using their new platform to teach the history of organized labor and its solidarity with feminism to people ignorant to the importance of striking is AMAZING. 

As the resistance grows my hope is that we can have a broad 3-day or work week general strike involving millions of people. That’s where we get into billions of dollars of our labor withheld from the political and economic establishment.

the women of wwe as high school stereotypes

charlotte: that one girl who is so extra at everything. she gets straight A’s but still asks for extra credit. she’s on every sports team she can be on. she’s captain of the debate team and leads a chess club. no one knows how she can make time for everything but she does

becky: the quiet one who is secretly judging everyone and putting it on her blog. everyone thinks she’s weird and shy but she has like 10k followers 

naomi: captain of the cheer team, everyone is jealous of her and everyone wants to be her. literally the most popular girl in school 

alexa: thinks she’s the most popular girl in school, but secretly no one can really stand her. she only gets invited to parties because she has no regrets ruining someone’s life 

lana: foreign exchange student that basically everyone is in love with

sasha: she throws the most amazing parties of the entire school, she’s spoiled rotten and everyone wants her life 

natalya: no one actually knows what’s up with her. she has cool hair and always starts fights

carmella: the girl who flaunts her boyfriend to everyone and thinks they’re all jealous but they’re all actually grateful that she has him so he leaves them alone

bayley: goodie two shoes who has never gotten in trouble in her life. she’s probably had perfect attendance since she was born 

nia: everyone is afraid of her but she’s actually the sweetest person in the world

alicia: she’s probably been held back but no one knows anything about her. she’s at every social event possible and gets lit as hell 

dana: does she even go to this school 

nikki: the teachers pet who always gets good grades without studying bc the teachers love her. she isn’t really a teacher’s pet, she’s literally friends with all the teachers so they give her slack

i think a big issue with aces wanting to be considered lgbt and thinking they’re entitled to include themselves amongst us is that their version of the lgbt community is so idealized they don’t understand it. they don’t understand that we can barely take care of ourselves, that kids still freeze in the streets because there aren’t enough room in lgbt centers (which are barely funded as it is), that trans women are being killed left and right, that gay kids are being kicked out of their homes, that lgbt people are killing themselves every day, that alcoholism and drug use is a huge problem in the community. they only see the pretty parts – the parades, the rainbow flags, the celebration of gay marriage, the culture, but they don’t understand that it’s not like that all the time. that most of the time we’re barely scraping by, that the resources, the beds, the scholarships run out so quickly, and there’s not even enough for us now

and honestly i’m gonna disregard all the fuckin discourse for a second about whether aces are even inherently lgbt and remind people that we honestly can’t support them. our resources, our shelters, our scholarships, our food were created for certain people and we don’t even have enough for ourselves, never mind them!

and to a degree, i can understand why aces might think the lgbt community is for them, because through their narrow view they only see the good parts, and they want to be a part of it, because they’re abnormal too, right? they’re not the norm either. but that view comes with a shitload of misunderstanding on their part and ignorance of our history. we didn’t come together as a “community” by chance. we were united by things like the aids crisis, like stonewall, and even now we’re just barely clinging on to each other when we’re not fighting amongst each other. they don’t understand that during the aids crisis our elders saw their friends dying around them and a government who ignored their existence, that they attended funerals every week, that they were barred from seeing their loved ones in the hospital because of who they were. they cannot understand, and they will never understand.

and i’ll say this: aces do deserve a community. they deserve support and resources too. but the lgbt community is not the one for them. we can barely take care of ourselves, and we are not the answer to their issues.