women killed him


I read a lot of books, mostly criminal mysteries. I have a bachelors degree in psychology. I’ve always loved to try to get into the mind of the killer, to understand from a psychological stand point why they do the things they do.

There are many different types of killers. One type that always interests me is the sociopathic serial killer who continuously kills the same person over and over again. Let me explain- a boy was sexually/physically/verbally abused by his mother as a child. His mother eventually dies. When this boy grows up he begins to kill women who remind him of his mother. Every time he rapes and kills a woman, in his mind he is killing his mother over and over again.

It’s been said that A’s motive lies in a tragic love story. 

The finale is called Til Death Do Us Part. 

  •  Ezra is A.
  • He has severe mental illness. 
  • He is a sociopath. 
  •  He was in love with a girl. 
  •  She went missing. 
  •  He searched for her. 
  •  He couldn’t find her. 
  •  She was dead. 
  •  He never got over it, it consumed him. 

  • Ezra now seeks his dead lover out in other women who in some way remind him of her. 
  • He falls in love with a new woman, but in his head it’s his dead lover. 
  • He orchestrates a plan to make her go missing. 
  • So that he can search for her and find her. 
  • So that he can finally get what he always wanted- he can find his lover. 
  • This time he would find her. 
  • This time she wouldn’t be dead. 

Ezra has done this multiple times. 

  1. He meets Alison and falls in love with her. 
  2. He sends her A texts to scare her into running away. 
  3. He dedicates his entire existence in trying to find her; including stalking her best friends
  4. He writes a book about it. 

He gets side tracked when he believes Alison may be dead. 

  1. He meets Aria and falls in love with her. 
  2. He builds the dollhouse and locks her up inside.
  3. He helps the cops find the dollhouse. 
  4. He finds and saves her. 

 Things don’t work out.

  1. He meets Nicole and falls in love with her. 
  2. He orchestrates a plan to get her captured overseas.
  3. He relentlessly searches for her 
  4. He finds her and does everything he can to help her, including blowing Aria off and not telling her he is engaged to someone else.
  5. He writes a book about it.

He continuously lives out this sequence of events. 

He has an overwhelming need to finally find the woman he loved, the woman who he searched for but couldn’t find, the woman who died. 

Til Death Do They Part

This was a subtle clue that Ezra is A, black hoodie, and his helper has been Red Coat. Together they are AD.

*shrugs* maybe people point out OP is a terf/terf-supporter because it can change the context (or rather, make it more clear) of the post, or maybe some people just really don’t want to interact with someone who supports people who are actively against them/hate them for who they are and I mean you can think whatever you want about that but dismissing them as childish/derailing is kinda naive

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Dorian HCs pretty please?? 😁😁😁😁😁

Dorian Havilliard LOVES touching Manon’s hair. He like watching it flow around her. He likes finding strands of it on his clothes and the bed sheets. But he FUCKING LOVES touching it. And this works for them because Manon likes letting him brush her hair.

He learns to braid hair on her head. And he gets so good at it that Manon lets him braid her hair in the mornings before she leaves. He’s so good that the other members of the 13 sometimes ask Dorian to braid their hair. And he doesn’t just do a simple braid. Anyone can braid. Dorian gets into some complicated, multi-strand braids. He does fishtail braids and waterfall braids and crown braids and French braids—and so much more!

Sometimes Dorian chills with Abraxos. He heads out the gigantic wyvern aerie they had built, and he brings huge chunks of meat. And he sits with Brax around the big fireplace in the aerie floor and roasts meat. They just chill.

Sometimes Dorian and Brax take naps in the flower fields. At first Manon can’t find them and she’s getting pissed because where TF did they go? And then she heard a snore on the wind and follows the sound. And she finds them sprawled out in some flower field—Brax on his belly and Dorian leaning against him. They’re both 100% passed the fuck out and Manon Crochan laughs her ass off at them.

Dorian is the master of slumber parties. They’re by secret invitation only (which usually means a whisper or a secret sign across a room) and they’re always last minute. When the 13 come to stay at the castle, he throws one. They take a bunch of mattresses and slide down the main staircase in the throne room. They have a blast.

Dorian also buys them all matching pajamas. At first the 13 are like “whaaaaaat…..are pajamas?” But then after Asterin throws hers on (button up long sleeved shirt and comfy pants) everyone else does as well. And Asterin is so into pajamas that Dorian goes out and buys her all kinds. Even Manon admits that she likes the way they feel.

Dorian and Ghislaine talk about books constantly. But after his Valg possession, and after the war, everyone is happy that he started talking to people normally. For a while he just worked and stayed quiet and slept. But then, finally, he started attempting to do things that he used to love. Like reading. They formed a mini book club and it’s only for serious readers (sorry Asterin, you can’t be part of the club only when the books are smutty) and they send long essays back and forth with Aelin to discuss the books. They’re total nerds. But it’s great.

Dorian doesn’t really care about his clothing anymore. He likes to look nice and understands the importance of looking like a king, but he doesn’t get the same joy out of dressing up as he did before and war and before the collar. But he does like buying clothes for the 13. And especially for Manon.

The first time he bought her a dress, he thought she was going to cry. And it wasn’t because she hated the dress or because she liked it. It was because no one had ever given her a gift before. And certainly no one had ever given her a gift for no reason before. And Dorian realized that was an experience that most of the 13 shared. So he likes buying them things. He likes when they get excited to see small fancily wrapped presents by their seats at dinner, or next to their wyvern, or outside their bedroom doors when they come to stay.

Sometimes he and Manon stay up late at night talking about their childhoods or things that happened in their lives. Dorian likes to listen to the stories Manon tells him of the human children she saved. She tells him that not many would have ever believed that she, the White Demon, would have children, but she did it many times. And mostly without thinking. She would go through a town and the children were always the ones who weren’t scared of her. She tells him that one time she stopped over in a town when her arm had been shattered and a little girl had found her and brought her food. She realized later that the barn she was hiding in was where the little girl his from her abusive father when he’d come home drunk, so when Manon’s arm healed she paid the father a visit and made sure he never harmed the little girl or her mother again.

One night, Dorian tells Manon about the angel who saved him. He tells her that she appeared like a shooting star in his life and that he knew she would grand him one wish. And he wished to die. But the beautiful women didn’t kill him, instead she called to him, pulled him to her. And he held onto her face and her name like a candle in the darkness. And then one day she saved him. And she kept saving him. Until one day Dorian decided that he couldn’t live without her. That there was only one place in the world for him and it was by her side.

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Dino hcs plz


  • Dino has his fingers in almost any type of crime you can think of, save child and sex trafficking. He is willing to work with families who do that sort of thing, but only if he can’t help it. Any of his subordinates caught participating in such activities are killed.
  • He doesn’t like it when he was to get rid of subordinates. Most of them are considered family since Dino takes the time to personally meet each one at least once.
  • If any of his men or women are killed while under him, he makes sure that their surviving family is well taken care of. He has college funds set aside for kids of his subordinates, extra if they decide to work for him.
  • Its not easy to join the Cavallone famiglia. Dino changes the procedures to join every other year to make sure that no one tries multiple times to join. The process is incredibly strict.
  • Dino is not above framing other bosses to start family wars to benefit himself. He makes damn sure to cover his tracks and always has a scapegoat if needed.
  • For people who really know Dino well, its easy to tell if he’s having a shit period. He overindulges a little more than usual in booze, women, and occasionally men during this time.
  • Someone tried to give Dino shit for being so close to the Vongola Decimo, who is not even full blooded Italian. No one ever speaks about that man in fear of inciting Dino’s anger.
  • The mafia world cowered one year when Dino’s godchild, the child of one of his closest subordinates, was killed by a rival family. That family was hunted down and killed. Dino had publicly called it “Open Season” for his family.
  • Dino has a couple of rooms set aside in the Cavallone HQ just for Tsuna and his guardians. Its not uncommon to see the Vongola Decimo and company to show up unannounced.
  • If he ever decides to have an S/O, Dino will shower them in love. He’s reluctant at first because he also needs to have them go through the same process of joining his family like everyone else. But his S/O gains the respect and approval of his subordinates when they do so.
  • Dino wants to have daughters only, just so he can spoil them. He’s fine with having sons but he really wants to have pictures of his little girls in cute outfits to carry around and show off to anyone he meets.
I just had a VERY idea (yes, very idea)

Ok, you know those movies like American pie? Or those high school boys movies in general? Follow me on this (Warnings: Samifier(Don’t get happy about that) Destiel, Sabriel, AngelFangs)

So, going off of the most common trope, Dean, Castiel, Gabriel, and Gadreel make a virginity pact. For some reason or another, they’re all virgins in their junior year of college. Dean decides that they need to help each other out, so they all vow to help each other get laid. 

Castiel is afraid to tell Dean that the only one he wants to frick is Dean, so he allows everyone to set him up on all of these awful dates with random women. 

Gabriel, as everyone knows, has his eyes locked on Dean’s little brother, Sam, but he’s already taken by this abusive douchebag named Lucifer. Gabe’s been pursuing him like crazy, and when he notices Sam with a black eye, he goes to kick Lucifer’s ass….and ends up with a matching black eye.

Dean is fighting his sexuality as if it were trying to kill him. Women. He likes women. He likes the general form of a woman. No, he was not staring at Castiel’s body – nice and thick from years of football and track – he was making sure that his outfit looked nice for his date. Dean never mentions that he’s never even tried to lose his virginity. 

Gadreel wants to focus on his studies, but when professor Benny Lafitte hears about this virginity pact, he gladly assists in the process (Woo Gadreel is the first to lose it!)

One down, three to go. Gabriel is sick of Dean and Castiel tip-toeing around each other, so he locks them in a closet. They have a very hetereosexual conversation about their relationship. NO  they didn’t almost kiss! Their lips were cold!!!

Sam asks Gabriel to help him study one night AND THEY STUDY ALRIGHT. No really yeah they just study – the only person who I see actually losing their damn virginity is Gadreel at this point – ANYWAYS YEAH I JUST WANNA GAY UP THESE TROPES OK?

  • Me: *starts to read Dracula*
  • Dracula: *keeps a man imprisoned in a mansion and some creppy vampire women probably want to kill him*
  • Me: *looks at DL*
  • Me: I see what happened here.

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⚔️- A memory about war

The smell of sulfur hangs in the air, the smoke covers the land thickly though it provides a useful screen between his unit and the enemy. Clad in traditional Doman battle armor, Zensuke clutches the body of his bow as he presses his back against the tree. He closes his eyes, the sound of screams for help and suffering. His grip grows tighter as though he threatens to snap the bow in half; his body begins to shake and the sound of his heart beating in his ears is almost deafening. As he opens his eyes and looks around the tree, he realizes how his comrades struggle to fight against the enemy. He shakily removes an arrow from his bow and notches it, raising it to level the tip to the head of the enemy.
“One must die so the other may live,” he murmurs. His throat tightens as he launches the arrow toward the Garlean. The arrow pierces through the enemies eyes, causing him to fall to the ground. He struggles but he soon takes his final breath…

Zensuke shakes his head and quickly rummages through his drawers. He removes a small vial filled with dried and fragrant herbs. He opens the top of it and takes in their scent, exhaling shakily as he looks to the Xaela. “I never want to relive the memories of war,” he says softly.

So last night at work a guy asked for my number. And I was scared to say no.
You probably think that’s a gross overreaction. “But Taylor!” you’re thinking, “It’s just a number. What’s the big deal?” So, let me explain. I was terrified of his reaction. I was worried he would do something crazy. Like call me rude name or harass me or even hit me. And now you’re thinking I’m crazy. No, he didn’t look like someone who would react so terribly to a rejection. But then again, neither did Elliot Rodger, the man who recently shot and killed six and wounded thirteen people at UC Santa Barbara this past friday.
Elliot Rodger was a twenty two year old virgin. Never had sex, never kissed a girl, never even held hands with one. And this was awful for him. He was tired of girls rejecting him to hang out with “losers” because he was such a “nice guy”. So he planned for his retribution. He planned that he would attack the girls of the sorority because they represented “everything he hates in the female gender”. He went after them. After killing his roommates for no particular reason, he went off to the sorority killing girls standing outside. Let me clarify.
He did not kill women who rejected him, but he decided to kill women for the fact that they were women. He literally called it his “War on women”.
So last night at work a guy asked for my number. And I was scared to say no.
“But Taylor!” you’re thinking. “That sucks, and that’s sad, but that’s just one time! You can’t be terrified that way!” And yeah, maybe you’re right. I can’t be terrified from just one incident. So then I’ll consider a month ago, when a young girl was stabbed to death at school because she rejected a boy’s prom invite. Maren Sanchez, 16 year old junior had a brilliant life ahead of her. She was loved by so many, excelled academically. She was in the SCA. She was an AP English student. And that all ended because she wouldn’t go to prom with someone. Let me clarify.
He took the knife to school. He knew she would say no because she had a boyfriend. He asked her anyway and when she said no, he murdered her.
So last night at work a guy asked for my number. And I was scared to say no.
“But Taylor!” you’re thinking. “That sucks, and that’s sad, but not all men! Not all men are like this! You can’t go on living scared because hey, Not all men!” And you’re right. So, in response to people saying that after Elliot Rodger’s recent murders, people responded. A hashtag emerged on twitter that spread like wildfire. #YesAllWomen
Not all men act like this. I’m sure you guys don’t. Not all men are sexist pigs who think women owe them their bodies and their time. Not all men are planning to be violent when they don’t get their way. Not all men cope with their sexual frustration by murder.
But yes, all women. Yes, all women at some point in their lives experience someone yelling at them because they don’t give them the time of day. Yes, all women will lie and say they have a boyfriend in hopes that it will get the guy to leave them alone. Yes, all women will breathe a sigh of relief when it does. Yes, all women are told to watch their drinks at parties. But it’s time to tell men to stop putting drugs in drinks. It’s time to tell men to stop resorting to violence if they don’t get their way. It’s time to tell men to step up and tell their friends because this is ridiculous. No, not all men need this lesson. But yes, all women can benefit from it being shared. And girls, if you can’t relate to any of the stuff I’ve said, I’m happy. But I’m sure that you will.
So last night at work a guy asked for my number. And I was scared to say no.
But I did. And nothing happened. No bad reaction. And that’s fantastic. But that doesn’t mean on Friday, if another guy asks me something else, I still won’t be afraid to say no.
—  i’m sorry if it offends you that i’d like to stay alive/t.l.l.

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"That's not exactly a good coping method."

[Deep ass sentences]

“Well, no, but it could be worse, couldn’t it?”  He could be slicing himself open or drowning himself in alcohol, even hurting people- there was news of a murderer only a year ago of a man that claimed killing women made him feel less lonely.  John– Mick didn’t do anything of the sort.

He destroyed things but only things that no one else was using.  Sometimes he held his hand above a candle too close.  Not good perhaps to seek comfort in ashes and second degree burns but better than a lot of other things he could be doing.

Wives to Widows

There’s a discussion going on about the words fandom uses (in and out of fiction/RP) to describe the five women who are escaping Immortan Joe during the events of Mad Max: Fury Road.

antiemetic and I have previously discussed a post-film AU (because some of our favorite War Boys survive) in which the women themselves have to make a decision about how they’ll be identified, both inside and outside the Citadel, as they work to restructure its social and political organization after the events of Fury Road (which antiemetic, in a stroke of brilliance, calls Ragnarok).

The women have some education; they are literate and have been exposed to books and Miss Giddy’s extensive knowledge as a History Woman. I imagine they are not completely ignorant of the power of words. It’s up to them to decide who they will be, how they will be known, from this point on.

I think they would recognize that while Immortan Joe is dead, his legacy still defines them, to some extent. It’s unfortunate and undesirable, but true. And they’ve still got a sizeable group of devoted War Boys, Wretched, and external trading partners/allies who need to view the women’s power and leadership as legitimate if they’re going to survive. They killed a man who convinced others he was a god. That, I would think, seems like a pretty good starting point.

In my headcanon, it’s Toast who says it first. “We’ll call ourselves the Widows. And when they ask why we’re the Widows, we’ll tell them: because we killed him.”

“Widows” acknowledges their previous title of “wives,” and legitimizes the power deriving from Immortan Joe, while also acting as a potential opener for the story of how they became the Widows, by destroying a god and taking his kingdom. This sets up the potential for outsiders to imbue the Widows with even more power than was ever attributed to Joe.

Think of Kronos, leader of the Greek Titans. Now think of Zeus, the son who overthrew him. Think of Odin and his brothers killing the frost giant Ymir, their ancestor, to create the world. It’s a common theme in mythologies that the new gods kill the old gods to create something better, to be more powerful than the old gods.

Immortan Joe redefined words for his own ends; it follows that the five women would recognize and choose to utilize this same power. Joe took his Wives and enslaved them, took away their agency, treated them as property. Let everyone know that the taking of a Wife is a dangerous endeavor; they’ll pull your empire out from under you and spit on your corpse.

”You think the Immortan was scary? Meet the women who killed him.”

Bleach characters, you have just learned that Soi Fon and Ggio are dating! How do you respond?

As requested by anon. :)

Shinji: So Captain Soi Fon really has a thing for cats, huh?

Rose: Either that or braids.

Kensei: Or guys who are as violent and determined as she is.

Lisa: Or people who fight with claws. Like she does.

Urahara: Or people who turn into a BALLOON!





Urahara: What? Blow-up versions of guys are cool. 


Abirama: And Ggio has a thing for strong women who can kick his ass!

Findorr: Women who play with him and mock him.

Poww: Women who kill him.


Ggio: You guys think I’m a masochist?

Abirama: Hey! We ALL work for Barragan!

Findorr: We’re not going to judge you.

Omaeda: T-that fight was flirting?

Omaeda: I-I thought he was trying to kill you, Captain! That’s why I tried to protect you!

Soi Fon: He was trying to kill me.

Soi Fon: How do you think flirting works?

Soi Fon: I did say you were in the way.


Yoruichi: Soi Fon!

Yoruichi: You’re dating a man who wears a saber toothed tiger skull as a hat?

Soi Fon: Um yes?


Yoruichi: That’s pretty cool.


Barragan: I am displeased, Ggio.

Ggio: Y-Your Majesty!

Barragan: How could you do this?

Barragan: Couldn’t you tell?

Barragan: She was totally flirting with me.

Ggio: Um

Barragan: She gave me her hand, you know.


Barragan: Semantics.

Soi Fon:

Barragan: Woman, stop flirting with me!

Poww: Um does that bother you, Ggio?

Ggio: Meh.

Ggio: Normal relationships are overrated.

Tsukiyasha Story and Character Info

A secret tale of vampires who live hidden by the moonlight.

The Meiji era was a period of westernisation. After the Boshin War and Battle of Goryokaku, Japan was in the midst of an extreme period of modernisation. The land and the people were returned to the emperor and carrying of swords was outlawed in the ninth year of the Meiji era. Many samurai families who had been active in the closing days of the shogunate were ruined. Japan was attracted to the idea of a strong military to oppose Europe and America. The samurai families left Tokyo for the countryside.

After losing your parents in the war, you relied on a distant relative and went to Hokkaido. In Hokkaido, there was a frightening rumour amongst the people who settled there:

“When it snows, there are beautiful monsters which kidnap women and drink their blood.”

The “yasha”, who are also called the ghosts of the Goryokaku, are talked about all over town, but no one knows their true identity.

When you have to go out one snowy night, you are approached from behind and carried away. You wake up to find yourself in the mysterious mansion “Reimeikan”, which lies amidst the steep mountains.

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I love the college au theme! What if Mercy had a job/internship and had a late night shift, then right after Genji came to pick her up to go on a casual date at a coffee shop? Maybe if Pharah/Hanzo also happened to be there and that stirs a nervous reaction in Genji? Perhaps they talk about school and their future, but Genji can only help but get nervous and flustered (which Mercy finds cute :D) since Pharah/Hanzo is watching him like a hawk. idk that would be so exciting. Keep it up!! <3

Omg, I love this so much! It’s so cute! <3

  • Angela just casually mentions her new late shifts at the hospital and Genji is immediately like I will not let my angel walk alone in the dark. She’s taken back by his insistence but can’t get him to change his mind so she tells him when her shifts ends. 
  • People give Carrot boy and the medical students odd looks when she walks towards him in the waiting room. Genji is aware of their stares and mirrors their thoughts of how a boy like him is with this beautiful perfect girl. 
  • Angela doesn’t notice/care that people look at them with distaste. She loves her carrot boy, and she holds tightly to his hand as they walk out into the dark parking lot. 
  • When Angela tells Genji she has a few hours of studying she needs to still do he immediately pulls her into a coffee shop. Even though she protests he tells her they’re going to need to stay awake if they’re gonna get all this studying done.
  • Fate must have been laughing at Genji that night because the first person he finds in the late hours of that particular coffee ship is Fareeha Amari sipping at her cup (It’s pumpkin spice but no one knows, nor will they ever, besides Angela) and gives her killer glare to carrot boy. 
  • Angela doesn’t see her, and Fareeha gives him the look of ‘I’m not gonna ruin whatever this is so just be good or else’ 
  • Carrot boy needs a break please
  • They get their coffee and upon Angela’s insistence take a table by the window away from Fareeha but still within her line of sight. 
  • Angela asks Genji about this and that, eventually leading them towards the topic of schooling and the future. Genji quickly forgets everything but this passionate women in front of him. He’s completely taken away but her dreams to travel to foreign lands and help those in need, maybe even design her own life saving equipment. 
  • He loves her so much and he tells her so, she starts blushing and then Genji starts blushing because she’s so cute and melting his heart and a strong Egyptian women might kill him but it doesn’t matter because Angela Ziegler is his girlfriend.
  • “Genji, your blushing is really cute.”
  • He gets even more red, trying to smooth it out by saying not as cute as her, but he fumbles and Angela laughs and she thinks he’s even cuter goodness this carrot boy is darling and blushing harder.
  • They slip quietly out, plans on going back to Angela’s dorm room for studying. When they finally get there, Angela turns to Genji with a smirk and asks if he only blushed because Fareeha threatened him. 
  • He just sighs at it all and buries his head in her hair while he pulls her close. He’s just done and he needs to help Angela study. 
  • Angela and Fareeha laugh about it later while Angela rambles on about how cute her boyfriend is.

Ghost stories

“Okay everyone! Lets tell ghost stories now!” Kise shouted.
Teiko’s middle school basketball team had gone on a cabinet trip all together to practice for the upcoming tournament.
“Kise… Lets just sleep. I’m so tired..” Aomine said as he yawned loudly and got ready for bed.
“Bu-but Aomine-cchi!! Thats what having a sleepover with friends is all about!”
“Ryouta, this isnt a sleepover, besides we have a long day tomorrow, training.”
“How about just one story then Aka-chin?”
“Fine. One story it is. Who wants to start?”
“If no one is gonna start, i will.”
“Oh, Kuroko you’re gonna start?”
“Yes Midorima-kun. Okay, so this is a true story that happened to a friend of mine. It was night where my friend lives with his girlfriend. I shall tell the story in his point of view.“
“The last thing I saw was my clock flashing 1:07 before she pushed her long rotting nails through my chest, her other hand muffling my screams. I sat bolt upright, relieved it was only a dream, but as I saw my alarm clock read 1:06, I heard a door softly open and close. And slowly soft footsteps were heard. A girl’s voice was calling my names as the footsteps got louder. “Kurokooooo… Kurokooooo…” Like that. I thought that it was my girlfriend so i called her name out. And then i came to a realization. My girlfriend had died three years ago. So who was calling my name? As the door creaked open a pair of black eyes appeared as it stood there for a while. And just stared at me. Motionless. ”
“AHHHHHH KUROKO-CCHII!!!! STOPPPP!” Kise wailed as he covered his ears, his eyes shut.
“And i have never seen my friend again. The end.” Kuroko concluded.
“Ouaaa i got the chills.” Aomine shivered.
“Not too bad.” Midorima said as he rubbed his arms.
“Mido-chins scared! Haha. I wonder what the last meal your friend ate was… I hope it was a good one.“ Murasakibara said as he munched on his oreos.
“Kise-kun… Would you stop clinging onto me?” Kuroko asked politely.
“Bu-but! That was so scary!!! PROTECT ME KUROKO-CCHI!”
“Kise? Wasnt it your idea to tell ghost stories?”
“Aka-cchi……” Kise wailed.
“Okay lets go to sleep everyone.” Aomine said.
”‘Kay.“ Everyone said as they got into their futons. …
“Nee (Hey) Kuroko-cchi? Care to share a futon with me?” Kise whispered.

~Admin Sae ^-^
Oh god that scary story though. I dont even know but it scared me. Just imagining a pair of dark black eyes staring at you… O.O yup nope


In the end,
Kise clung onto Kuroko for the rest of the night (they shared a futon) , and was terrified for a women to come and kill him.
Aomine was pretty scared but soon he fell asleep.
Midorima hugged his lucky item, which was a teddy bear, and fell asleep Akashi wasnt scared at all unlike those three and slept soundly. Kuroko who knew the story was made up fell asleep soundly. Murasakibara ate a few bags of chips and fell asleep as well.