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I think that everyone should take a look at these gorgeous drawings representing Women and their accomplishements in Science, by Rachel Ignotofksy - a fantastic illustrator and graphic designer. She also has a lil Etsy shop where she sells her prints here!!!

I also love how Black Panther looks set to have the strongest representation of women in any Marvel movie by far

I mean five named women, one of whom is well over 50?

Tell me what Marvel movie even comes close to that; who has even attempted????

it’s rare for them to scrape together as many as three White women (who dont interact) in one movie, much less a cast of powerful, well-rounded Black women who are fighters, inventors, sisters, mothers, rulers…

and who will obviously interact and speak with one another onscreen!! it’s awesome and after seeing Creed/Bianca and knowing what a beautiful love story Ryan Coogler can direct, with really strong respect and love for the leading lady, Im so excited for this movie!

After Mary Anderson submitted her patent for America’s first windshield wiper in 1903, she reached out to manufacturing firms to help create the product for automobiles.

One firm she reached out to responded with, “We regret to state we do not consider it to be of such commercial value as would warrant our undertaking its sale.“

The Rev. Sara-Scott Wingo, Anderson’s great-great-niece, doesn’t know for sure why Anderson’s invention never went anywhere — but she suspects it might have been because Anderson was such an independent woman.

Alabama Woman Stuck In NYC Traffic In 1902 Invented The Windshield Wiper

Photo: Encyclopedia of Alabama

Cheers to one of IBM’s most inventive.

IBM’s Lisa Seacat Deluca was inducted into the Women in Technology Hall of Fame this week. At just 34-years-old, Ms. Deluca has already filed close to 600 patent applications —making her one of the most prolific inventors in IBM’s history. As if that wasn’t enough, she’s also a self-published author, sought-after speaker and the first woman to reach IBM’s 100th plateau achievement level. Congratulations Lisa, we’re very proud to call you one of our own.

Learn more about Lisa Seacat Deluca->

Angela Ruiz Robles (1895-1975) was a Spanish teacher and inventor, who in 1949 was awarded a patent for what she called “the Mechanical Encyclopedia” – an early version of the electronic book.

She got the pioneering idea as a solution to lighten the weight of the books her students had to carry every day. For this purpose, she created a device that consisted of texts and illustrations on reels, with a sheet of magnifying glass and a light that allowed for it to be read in the dark.

Temple Grandin was  diagnosed with autism when she was not able to speak at age 3. Although her parents were urged to send her to an institution, they refused, and instead  sent her to a private school where her high IQ was nurtured. She has taught at Colorado State University in Fort Collins since 1990.

While in high school she created a “squeeze machine” which has since been fine-tuned and is used both for autistic children and adults, as a way of relieving high anxiety. She has also written several books on the subjects of autism and animal behaviors.

anonymous asked:

never trust a man who think men are better than women for having penis. i'm a mulism girl and men believe women are inferior based on what’s between our legs more than anything. even koran say men are better because "i have penis so i can FUCK women in holes!" and men are better because they put their dick in us. this makes me hate being a woman :/

You’re not alone anon, I know it’s really tough to live as a woman, and I’m so sorry you have to put up with those men. Men like to glorify the penis because to them it’s about power. They glamorize violence (“fucking” really says a lot here) because honestly it seems to be the only thing they’re good at. Men’s violence is a worldwide epidemic that will likely completely trash the earth so I don’t think that is a very good measure of strength or superiority. What kind of organism kills it’s own environment?

I think deep down many men know they’re full of shit and they know that this is just a reversal. Women create life, women persist under immense oppression and not only just persist, but we succeed and thrive (look at how many women throughout history were inventors or better than men in their own field), women are constantly inspiring, and constantly seeking to do better by others. When I feel down, this is what gives me hope. Other women. I know you know this, but I think a quote from Helen Keller pretty much sums it up: “the inferiority of women is man made.” These men can think what they want, say what they want, and even institute law over this bullshit, but that doesn’t make it true and deep down they know that or they wouldn’t go to such lengths to suppress women

Margaret E. Knight (1838-1914) was the first woman to be awarded a patent for an invention in the United States. The device in question was a machine which folded and glued brown paper to form the paper bags which are still used, with the same design, today.

Despite lack of formal education, as she had been forced to work in a cotton mill from age 12, she came up with the idea and built a wooden model of the device. A male coworker stole her design and applied for the patent, but Knight was given due credit after taking him to court and winning in 1871. She went on to apply for 26 more patents throughout her life.

Monday marks the first day of classes at the university I teach at and I’m actually really excited for the school year to start. I’ve purchased some really cool books over the summer and wanted to share them with you all in case you are looking for something to read!

External image
Queer, There, and Everywhere: 23 People Who Changed the World
External image

World history has been made by countless lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer individuals—and you’ve never heard of many of them.

External image
External image
Wonder Women: 25 Innovators, Inventors, and Trailblazers Who Changed History
External image

A fun and feminist look at forgotten women in science, technology, and beyond, from the bestselling author of THE FANGIRL’S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY

External image
External image

Queer: A Graphic History
External image

Activist-academic Meg John Barker and cartoonist Julia Scheele illuminate the histories of queer thought and LGBTQ+ action in this groundbreaking non-fiction graphic novel. A kaleidoscope of characters from the diverse worlds of pop-culture, film, activism and academia guide us on a journey through the ideas, people and events that have shaped ‘queer theory’.

External image
External image
Transforming Scholarship: Why Women’s and Gender Studies Students Are Changing Themselves and the World (Sociology Re-Wired)
External image

Transforming Scholarship is a user-friendly work of practical guidance and inspiration for supporting a student’s interest in a Women’s Studies degree. It focuses on three of the major barriers students face when exploring Women’s Studies: a lack of awareness that Women’s Studies constitutes an academic field; the negative response a student often faces when announcing to the world that he or she is interested in Women’s Studies; and the perceived lack of employment and career options that supposedly comes with graduating with a Women’s Studies degree.


Car Heaters- Margaret A. Wilcox

Monopoly- Elizabeth Magie

Fire Escapes- Anna Connelly

Life Rafts - Maria Beasely

Residential Solar Heating- Dr. Maria Telkes (built the 1st solar heated house with architect Eleanor Raymond)

Medical Syringe- Letitia Geer

Electric Refrigerator- Florence Parpart

Ice Cream Maker - Nancy Johnson

Computer Algorithm- Ada Lovelace

Portable fax, touch tone phone, solar cells, fiber optic cables, caller ID, call waiting- Dr. Shirley Jackson

The Dishwasher- Josephine Cochrane

Wireless Transmission Tech - Hedy Lamarr

CCTV- Marie Van Brittan Brown

Paper bags- Margaret Knight

Central heating - Alice Parker

Kevlar - Stephanie Kwolek

Computer Software - Dr. Grace Murray Hopper

Beer- ancient Mesopotamian women


2x01 vs 5x01, meeting HG Wells and Lisa da Vinci

Black Inventors Day 4

Valerie Thomas - is an African-American scientist and inventor. She invented the illusion transmitter, for which she received a patent in 1980.

Thomas was interested in science as a child, learning at the age of 8 about electronics after reading The Boys First Book on Electronics. She wanted her father to help her work on projects involving electronics, but he failed to do so. She went to an all-girls school where she did not receive any training in the sciences. Implicit stereotypes contributed to this, as the girls school did not teach the students about math or science, so she had to educate herself about those subjects. Thomas would go on to attend Morgan State University, and was one of two women in majoring in physics.

From 1964 to 1995, Thomas worked in a variety of capacities for NASA where she developed real-time computer data systems, conducted large-scale experiments and managed various operations, projects and facilities. While managing a project for NASA’s image processing systems, Thomas’ team spearheaded the development of “Landsat,” the first satellite to send images from space.

In 1976, Thomas learned how concave mirrors can be set up to create the illusion of a 3-dimensional object. She believed this would be revolutionary if technology could be harnessed to transmit this illusion. With an eye to the future, Valerie Thomas began experimenting on an illusion transmitter in 1977. In 1980, she patented it. In operation, concave mirrors are set up on both ends of the transmission. The net effect of this is an optical illusion of a 3-dimensional image that looks real on the receiving end. This brilliant innovation placed Thomas among the most prominent black inventors of the 20th century.

Valerie Thomas continued working for NASA until 1995 when she retired. In addition to her work with the Illusion Transmitter she designed programs to research Halley’s comet and ozone holes. She received numerous awards for her service, including the GSFC Award of Merit and the NASA Equal Opportunity Medal. In her career, she showed that the magic of fascination can often lead to concrete scientific applications for real-world problem-solving.

NASA continues to use her technology and is exploring ways to use it in surgical tools and possibly television and video.

(Did you ever think of what it might be like if your television could project the on-screen image directly into your living room as a 3-Dimensional image? Maybe not, but if it happens, you’ll have African-American inventor Valerie Thomas to thank for it.)

#133 Because of Edward Charles Pickering.

Probably because women have been systematically written out of history. 

What astrophysicist Edward Charles Pickering did , assembling a team of female scientists, such as Annie Jump Cannon, Henrietta Swan Leavitt and Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin, to do the work for him, is known as the harem effect and is a common phenomenon in science history.

We are often taught in history class that while men contributed to creating the world we live in through their inventions, discoveries and conquests, women lived oppressed, shielded lives. In reality, women scientists, leaders and inventors have played an important role in the making of our civilisation, they just haven’t been given credit for it.

Source: Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey & ricktimus


(Black) Women’s History Month Challenge - Past/Present Common Links 6/31

Marie Van Brittan Brown + Janet Emerson Bashen

Common Link: Inventors with awarded patents

(Past) Marie Van Brittan Brown invented the closed-circuit television security system, which would birth the present-day home security market. The patent was granted in 1969. 

(Present) Janet Emerson Bashen was awarded a patent for her software invention and became the first African-American woman to receive a patent for a web-based EEO software invention, LinkLine. LinkLine, is a web-based application for EEO claims intake and tracking, claims management, document management and numerous reports. Bashen will soon release AAPLink, a web-based software for building affirmative action plans.

During the month of March, I will take it upon myself to published daily women who made history and women who are making history. I won’t offer explanations unless the woman is less known, which then I will put links or attempt to explain why I link them.

Be the nerd you wish to see in the world

Mark Zuckerberg replies to a comment that a woman told her granddaughter to “date the nerd in school because he might turn out to be somebody like Mark Zuckerberg.” Zuckerberg replied “Even better would be to encourage them to *be* the nerd in their school so they can be the next successful inventor!” 

Kim Karcrashian.

Kim Kardashian got her vagina out this week in a desperate attempt to break the internet. Sadly for her, the internet remained rather unscathed. If you listened very very carefully… you may have heard a few eyelashes batting, and maybe a few women lightly banging their heads on desks and nearby walls, as Madame West proudly shot us through a cannon, 500 years backwards. 

The question I really want to ask.. is… Kanye was there at the shoot, so WHY DIDN’T HE JOIN IN AND GET HIS DICK OUT? Why have I still not seen Kanye’s penis?! I feel as though he OWES us a glimpse of his bell end. We have been treated to more of his wife of late, than we have since we first met her with a mouthful of Ray Jay. Where is the equality here? If it’s art, why not partake in the picture, in the moment? 

The thing is, Kanye, and the magazine and the photographer, and whoever marinaded Kim Kardashian in honey on the day, will argue, that so much of the great and iconic art dating hundreds of years back, consisted of masterpieces of nude women. But that was also a time when women were considered little more in society than the mothers of children, and the bosom upon which a man shall lie. None of the great renaissance artists we speak of were women, none of the inventors, authors or scientists, and it wasn’t until a few hundred years later that women became prolific writers, (though sadly even then, mostly under the guise of male pen names, or posthumously.) Women had no platform that didn’t revolve around being an object of beauty, eating grapes on a fucking chez lounge. 

What was refreshing at that time, is that at least there were also a fair few men’s nudes of that era. There are many a bollock that decorate the sistine chapel in The Vatican. I’ve personally stood looking up and seen them dangle over my head. They are spectacular. Well done Michelangelo for recognising that the body can just be the body and needs not to be used as currency. It was an equal display of the miracle of the human form. 

But in this day and age, men are afforded modesty and encouraged to strive for respect that revolves around their intellect, talent and skill. No part of that involves anything from the waist down. You know what would break the internet? Jay Z separating his bum cheeks with a rope on the cover of a magazine. The same way his wife did in her video for Partition. Because, you know, he’s proud of his body, and proud to be sexual for his wife, and because it’s empowering that he can do what he wants with his genitals in public. You know? 

The thing is, Kim Kardashian is outraged that she isn’t taken seriously for more than her body. But she has proven time and time again, that she is worth little more than the flesh on her bones. While i am so glad she exists because I credit the Kardashian girls alone for finally giving us some normal sized beautiful women to have penetrating our attention spans via the media and therefore encouraging a healthy body attitude in young women, essentially… I really only credit the MACHINE behind them. You see that’s what the normal girls getting their tits out on Instagram don’t realise. When they get the hits without any of the actual fame and money, they haven’t worked out, that Kim has little to do with her own success. Her “momager” extraordinaire, Kris Jenner, who has little to no ethics about exploiting all of her children for fame and money, is a business GENIUS. An unrivalled marketing maverick. her father is also, and not for a great reason, one of the most famous lawyers of all time. Not to mention the PR teams behind the Kardashians, the TV producers, the fucking entire E! Network. And her certified gold status as a member of society is down to the fact that she is now married to one of the most charismatic musical prodigies of all time. Kanye has the kind of musical innovation of his time that can stand up amongst Mozart, Cole Porter and the Beatles. (My god does he know it… but still… the man is outstanding.) These are All fully clothed, educated and intelligent people who run on a hamster wheel behind the scenes to make Kim’s buttock’s count for something. NOBODY TELLS THE LITTLE GIRLS WHO IDOLISE HER LIFE ,THIS! Without an army behind you, no amount of filtered shots of your bum crack will take you to the top. 

I remember my first ever photoshoot in my life, when I was 22 was for a men’s magazine. I had been promised dresses, upon arrival I was greeted only with swim suits. I was horrified. But I was young and being quietly but heavily pressured, as if it was my fault for everyone being there, so I just had to get on with it. And the photos, while very beautifully and tastefully done, still make me sad to this day, I will never forgive myself for relenting that one time. I cried on set, and I never did it again… The thing is, It’s a man who ran that shoot, it’s a man who owns the label that Miley is signed to. It’s a man who owns the label Rihanna is signed to. It’s men who design the majority of the barely there gowns they wear, and it is men who are the owners of the magazines that pretend to celebrate them, distracting them with the spotlight, whilst carefully pick pocketing them of their actual long term worth. Of what their legacy will be. It’s an incredible diversion tactic. And one that I cannot believe is still being gotten away with. Willingly by girls who should know better, and still don’t have the confidence to demand more.

Miley will always be remembered for fingering herself with a giant foam hand alongside the face of musical rape culture (Robin Thicke, not that unutterable prick, Dapper Laughs.) Rihanna (while unbelievably stunning and a wonderful performer) will mostly be remembered for the songs she wrote written by and profited by men, and god forbid, that time she put a shower hose in her knickers, and Beyonce, god willing will put the dildo down and go back to being the spectacular powerhouse who inspired women around the world for literally decades. She did it in short shorts, but she was nobody’s little princess. 

These women have charisma, and timeless beauty, they have talent and showmanship (Not necessarily Kim.) They have an arresting and divine sexual power that I applaud, and the platform to pave the way for a new generation that doesn’t need to worry about anal bleaching when preparing for their future success. Rather than carving out the perfect picture of a nipple, why not push the line forward and make a god damn road the rest of us can walk down, with our heads held high, and our precise value intact. Take the knife and cut the cords that take us to our liberty.

It’s hard to run as fast as a man when he’s wearing trainers and jogging pants, and we’re tottering on stripper heels with a G string riding up our backsides. 

We have come so far. We are doctors, we cure cancer, we fight in the war, we write, we campaign, we make art that matters, we God damn count. What are we doing? 

Kim Kardashian. You didn’t break the internet. You broke my fucking heart. 

Rear Admiral Dr. Grace Murray Hopper has garnered just a bit more attention than most women technologists. Her main claim to fame: She was one of the first programmers of the first programmable computer in 1944.

Dr. Hopper earned a Ph.D. in mathematics from Yale University, then became an associate professor at Vassar before eventually joining the U.S. Naval Reserve during World War II. Thanks to her extensive background in mathematics, Hopper was assigned to the Bureau of Ordnance Computation Project at Harvard University, where she programmed the Mark I computer. She later created the first compiler for computer languages, which led to the development of “common business oriented language” or COBOL. That programming language is still used today.

Oh, and in 1986, Grace Hopper became the oldest serving officer in the U.S. Navy. She was 79.

Her legacy lives on through the Anita Borg Institute’s Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, the world’s largest technical conference for women in computing.

Happy birthday, Grace Hopper!