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Hope you enjoyed this comic about boobs - frequent bane of women everywhere!


For the new year, I’m trying something new - each panel is inked on a 2.5x3.5 sketch card. I’m hoping to put these ‘collectible pieces of original art’ up for sale, with part of the proceeds going to a non-profit like the ACLU. Of course, my audience isn’t all that big yet, so please share and spread the word!


Riley Katz is your average millennial – living in her mom’s basement and working as a part time yoga-instructor, while her bachelor’s degree in English makes a nice coaster for the water on her nightstand. 

Feeling helpless and adrift, Riley’s life is about to spin even further out of control when a former classmate sends her a friend request on Facebook, asking to hang out at her hotel bar and catch up on old times. What seemed like a simple meet up for drinks turns into a reverse-intervention. 

Peri Edwards has gathered the old crew of friends together dredging up memories of shrieking ambulance sirens, near-death experiences, and life-altering injuries. 

 After years of research, Peri’s finally come up with the answer to what happened that fateful night, and she has gathered everyone together to reveal the truth—  

They have superpowers.

 And she’s going to prove it to them. 

Why should You Help In The Element? 


Lady Superheroes. 

Queer Lady Superheroes. 

 No, but really. I set out to create an origin story for a group of superheroes that was trans-inclusive, not afraid of the word “bisexual” and acknowledged asexuality, featured more than just token characters of color, addressed disability and neurodiversity, and tried to create a character driven story.

Our first goal is just to get issue one done but we’re stretching for the other five to complete the series. 

 Each Issue of In The Element focuses a different character – 

 Kendra - trans woman, martial artist, complete control freak
 Alegra - former child prodigy, over-achieving disabled lipstick lesbian
 Teagan - 100% aro, 100% ace, 100% done with your shit
 Peri - pansexual problem-child turned problem adult 

 –and her perspective on the night in question before culminating in issue 6 

Check out the first eight pages @intheelement and the Kickstarter by clicking here.

Even if you can’t donate please signal boost to get it around. 

We are $640 away from funding issue 1 and we have less than two weeks to do it.