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Would you expand on what's wrong with Saudi Arabia and what's right with Iran? Asked in response to that post where you were prompted to describe your presidential policy if you magically became Donald Trump.

So that was *kind of* joking, and I don’t know anything about foreign policy, and this is probably the worst idea ever, but here goes:

Iran is a (partial) democracy with much more liberal values than Saudi Arabia, which is a horrifying authoritarian hellhole. Iran has some level of women’s rights, some level of free speech, and a real free-ish economy that produces things other than oil. If they weren’t a theocracy, it would be hard to tell them apart from an average European state.

In the whole religious war thing, the Iranians are allied with the Shia and the Saudis with the Sunni. Most of our enemies in the Middle East are Sunni. Saddam was Sunni. Al Qaeda is Sunni. ISIS is Sunni. Our Iraqi puppet government is Shia, which is awkward because even though they’re supposed to be our puppet government they like Iran more than us. Bashar al-Assad is Shia, which is awkward because as horrible as he is he kept the country at peace, plus whenever we give people weapons to overthrow him they turn out to have been Al Qaeda in disguise.

Telling the Saudis to fuck off and allying with Iran would end this awkward problem where our friends are allies with our enemies but hate our other friends. I think it would go something like this:

- We, Russia, and Iran all cooperate to end the Syrian civil war quickly in favor of Assad, then tell Assad to be less of a jerk (which he’ll listen to, since being a jerk got him into this mess)

- Iraq’s puppet government doesn’t have to keep vacillating between being a puppet of us and being a puppet of Iran. They can just be a full-time puppet of the US-Iranian alliance. Us, Iran, Iraq, and Syria all ally to take out ISIS.

- We give Iran something they want (like maybe not propping up Saudi Arabia) in exchange for them promising to harass Israel through legal means rather than violence. Iran either feels less need to develop nuclear weapons, or else maybe they have nuclear weapons but they’re on our side now so it’s okay.

- The Saudi king was visibly shaken and dropped his copy of Kitab al-Tawhid. The Arabs applauded and accepted Zoroaster as their lord and savior. A simurgh named “Neo-Achaemenid Empire” flew into the room and perched atop the Iranian flag. The Behistun Inscription was read several times, and Saoshyant himself showed up and enacted the Charter of Cyrus across the region. The al-Saud family lost their crown and were exiled the next day. They were taken out by Mossad and tossed into the pit of Angra Mainyu for all eternity.

PS: Marg bar shaytân-e bozorg

  • Trump Supporters and apathetic individuals: Why do you talk about Trump so much? He's just trying to do his job. Leave him alone.
  • Me: I was living my life and this guy comes along and wants to deport my friends, demonize the people I love, degrade women, wreck the climate, destroy the economy, destabilize the world and endanger the life of every living thing on the planet.
  • Leave him alone?
  • That asshole should leave me alone.
Pre-Code Hollywood recs courtesy of my blog

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The pre-code era was a period lasting roughly between 1929 to 1934 in which Hollywood censors was a thousand times more lax. Of course, the naughtiness is not the only thing which makes pre-code Hollywood interesting, as these films coincided with the advent of talkies and the cynicism brought on by the Great Depression. Many of them featured social commentary on the economy, the changing role of women in society, the sexual double standard, the lingering traumas inflicted by World War I, abuse of power within politics, and religious hypocrisy. If you’ve never delved into this period, here are some films I would recommend to get you started:

Baby Face (1933)

Barbara Stanwyck plays a destitute young woman who sleeps her way through the business world hierarchy in order to grasp power and money, the bare essentials of the American Dream—but does this guarantee happiness or even a stable future? A great introduction to just how much pre-code Hollywood could get away with as well as being a satirical look at the American values.

Island of Lost Souls (1932)

Once banned for being “against nature,” this cult horror film deals with science sans morality. The hot, sticky atmosphere and gross subject matter allow the film to remain scary even to a 21st century viewer.

The Divorcee (1930)

A thorough take down of the sexual double standard. When her husband casually cheats on her, a woman sleeps with his best friend to “balance the books.” At that, her allegedly liberal husband shows just how backward he is by claiming women are supposed to be better behaved than men, which leads to a nasty separation and numerous sexual escapades on the part of the wife. Even eighty-seven years onward, this film remains a mature look at marriage and sexuality, daring for its time and still touching today.

The Bitter Tea of General Yen (1933)

Amidst civil war and treachery, an American missionary and a Chinese warlord fall in love despite their differing philosophies (not to mention the whole race thing). While the theme of miscegenation might not be too controversial today, I imagine its heavy criticism of religion still would be. (Alas, the film’s argument for racial tolerance is undercut by the casting of the very white Nils Asther as the titular Chinese general, but it’s still a good film to check out, one of director Frank Capra’s best movies.)

The Gold Diggers of 1933 (1933)

A musical about out-of-work chorus girls trying to nab wealthy husbands. Aside from being very funny and naughty, the musical numbers are all superbly choreographed by Busby Berkley, culminating in “Remember My Forgotten Man,” a piece highlighting the plight of WWI veterans. (It also features the best way you could ever call someone a ho: “As long as they’ve got sidewalks, you’ve got a job!”)

Employees’ Entrance (1933)

Malcolm McDowell once said he felt movies before the 1970s did not have truly evil characters in the lead. He never watched Employees’ Entrance, a movie where the central figure is a corrupt, raping, heartless, tyrannical department store manager who not only never answers for his crimes, but is even presented as something of a heroic figure in the context of the Depression due to his opposing the insistence from the higher-ups that he lay off his lower level employees. Complete with suicide (both attempted and successful) and despair, this movie is kept from being unbearable with doses of comedy and lively direction.

For a thousand years, men have got most of these jobs, the pendulum has swung very significantly the other way now and will do for the foreseeable future, I think. If you are a white male, tough. You are an endangered species and you are going to have to work twice as hard.

John Allan, Tesco’s Chairman



Thrasher Mag, 1995 published an article “GIRLS WHO SKATE” which shared the narratives of many women facing the exact same issues we do today. Check out the full spread on our blog to read. We find it interesting and exhausting to find something this comprehensive existing in the archives of one of the most important skateboard magazines in the world. The fact of the matter is “girls” have been constantly sharing the SAME narratives to the SAME men in the skate world, yet, the issues have remained the same. We have regular proof that PATRIARCHY IS ECONOMIC STRATEGY, where men defend territory and exclude, even if subconsciously, for their own self interest 💵. You cant always attribute exclusion and violence to ignorance. This is why it’s important for women in skateboarding to start creating their own media and economies around the lifestyle and work with men who understand the importance of that. There is no reforming an industry that doesn’t and hasn’t shown it gives a fuck. Supporting women skateboarding, whether you are a man woman or GNC person, is the only thing keeping skating anarchic and anti-industry. Moth, South Sioux: 🏄🏽‍♀️"keep on riding and show up for other chicks"


Holy shittake mushrooms, this is great.

Concept: men without the systematic power to harm women

  • men unable to harm a woman in public
  • men unable to catcall, insult or harrass women who pass close to them
  • men unable to rape women
  • men unable to threaten, insult, hit or rape their girlfriend or wife
  • men unable to intimidate, frighten, blackmail or violate women
  • men unable to kill women
  • men unable to shame women’s bodies
  • men unable to control women’s bodies
  • men not controlling the world’s economy
  • men not having any more economic or social power than women and thus unable to ever purchase sex or women’s company in any way because now they too have to focus on food and shelter if they want to survive
  • men unable to produce porn
  • men not controlling the world’s politics
  • men not controlling the world’s healthcare
  • men unable to ever make choices for women
  • men unable to order their girlfriend/wife and children around
  • men unable to avoid doing just as much work as women do
  • men unable to hold demands or expectations of women that they have no right to
  • men unable to pass judgment on women for her age, looks, sexual orientation or goals
  • men unable to pretend women’s issues aren’t real
  • men unable to convince women their boundaries are “silly” and “illogical”
  • men unable to invalidate women’s feelings, instincts or opinions
  • men unable to erase women from history
  • men unable to destroy female-centered religion
  • men unable to pass their last name down to the children woman gave birth to
  • men respecting women’s right to give her last name to her children
  • men respecting women as creators of the population
  • men respecting women’s labour and valuing it as much as their own
  • men respecting labour only women are capable of doing which is invaluable
  • men respecting women’s intelligence and never bringing it in question or minimizing it
  • men not being able to isolate women and unable to stop them forming their own communities
  • men not being able to stop women from enjoying themselves and feeling good about their bodies and opinions
  • men not being able to stop women from having safe and fulfilling lives
  • men gaining their confidence from other things than oppression of women
Polish women to stage all-out strike to protest abortion ban
Women in Poland are to stage an all-out strike to protest the country’s plan to effectively ban abortions. Female workers across the predominantly Catholic country will take part in the action on Monday, in an effort to disruptively draw attention to attempts to restrict Poland’s severely limited abortion laws even further. Those taking part hope the strike will bring Polish society and the economy to a standstill.

I stand with you, my sisters, in solidarity! 

Kittyinva: March, 1924 cover of “Collier’s”. What a silly little girl, going the wrong way! Oh, those women drivers! Rampant sexism, racism, prohibition, corruption and the economy on a quickening slide into The Depression. The 1920′s weren’t all fun and games!

Closing the gender pay gap could add $4.3 trillion to the U.S. economy

Just in time for Equal Pay Day, the McKinsey Global Institute released a report estimating the economic impact of balancing gender ratios across sectors.  According to the report, the U.S. is on pace to increase the GDP by $4.9 trillion by 2025. However, if the U.S. gives women equal hours, pay and positions, it stands to add an extra $4.3 trillion to that $4.9 trillion figure. How we can do it.

In the 90s there was no big organised movement against cops killing Black folk, feminism was dead according to that Time magazine with Ally McBeal on the cover and gays were lucky to have Ellen come out on TV (with a parent warning before the show that the ‘themes’ of this harmless sitcom about a lesbian could be distressing) before the show was all out cancelled.

Now there is #blacklivesmatters and President Obama; a feminist movement that’s come back from the dead to such an extent Beyonce makes songs about it; and gay marriage and trans rights is prominent and in force with Ellen now the Queen of TV!

I think the huge blowback against women, Black and LGBTQ rights movements is a testament to their success. The problem is that misogynist, white supremacist, homophobes are starting to play catchup and get organised themselves.

Compounding this is that these social movements’ growth has occurred as the economy tanked. So women/POC/gays’ lives are getting better as poor straight white men’s lives are getting worse. These men should be blaming the 1% and neoliberalism (and some of em thankfully do) but a lot are taking it out on women/POC/gays for their feelings of being under threat.

We need a stronger labour movement to add to our growing social movements. I miss Occupy tbh.