women in the dunes

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“Hurry Up and Wait” by Villanuevo for Off The Rails Magazine

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On July 2nd 1966, three young women mysteriously vanished from the Indiana State Dunes in Chicago. Ann Miller, Patricia Blough, and Renee Bruhl purchased sun-lotion before heading out to the sand dunes, where they hiked to a quiet spot 100 yards from the shoreline and set out their beach towels.

At around 12 noon, a couple witnessed the girls leave their belongings and enter the water for a paddle. This is when they boarded a white boat operated by a unidentified man. The boat headed west and the girls were never seen again.

It is widely suspected that notorious criminal Silas Jayne murdered the girls. Jayne was a wealthy stable owner who owned several boats similar to the one that was seen by witnesses. All three of the girls rode horses at his stables and could have known him personally. As a teen, he was convicted of rape and later went on to attempt murder on his half-brother. He was supported by several prominent gangsters and had massive ties to the mafia. Two of the girls, Ann Miller and Patricia Blough, were witnesses of deadly a car bomb that was planted by Silas Jayne’s brother. Many people believe that the girls were stalked and assassinated for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Another theory is that, as two of the girls were supposedly pregnant and unmarried, they arranged to be ferried off to an illegal “abortion mill” where they succumbed to the physical trauma. Divers spent days scouring the lake for any sign of the girls, but no trace of them has ever been found. This tragic case remains unsolved.


Morocco To Timbuktu: An Arabian Adventure

Arabist and explorer Alice Morrison talks to Morocco’s first female mountain guide Hafida Hdoubane. Her great-grandmother was a slave captured in Ethiopia and given to her great-grandfather as a prize for his prowess in war. 

Tête à Tête.  A youth with his sweetheart reading in a summer park. Hermann Seeger (German, 1857-1920). Oil on wood.

Seeger painted young men and women engaged in forms of recreation, often on the beach or in dunes nearby. Here a couple reads in a grassy meadow with a view of a body of water in the background.