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Agents of SHIELD’s ladies in 4x05: Lockup

i saw rogue one and liked it but what stuck out horribly to me was the lack of women. the lack of women in major roles. the lack of women in supporting roles. the lack of women in background and environmental roles.

like, besides jyn i’m pretty sure mon mothma is the only other woman who’s even in more than one scene? and the only other women with distinct speaking roles i can remember are jyn’s mom and the rebel senator pamlo (whose name I had to find on imdb). there were a couple of female pilots that were maybe on screen for five seconds. 

other than that? nothing. not even a single random imperial engineer or rebel soldier. and it shows how even in films with a female protagonist you can be shown a world that is still completely dominated by men.

people will be like hamilton isn’t problematic at all but like…. explain then why there are only 2 women with speaking roles beyond singing “and peggy!” or “you’re too kind sir/this one’s mine sir” and over 12 speaking roles for male characters and why eliza and angelica literally never get to talk about anything except how great hamilton is and why hamilton cheated on his wife but it tOTALLY wasn’t his fault, it was the fault of the woman he cheated with, because she ~seduced~ him, and why when eliza gets a song to express her feelings about her husband’s cheating, all she gets to do in the song is talk about how amazing hamilton is and not how he’s a cheating lying piece of shit. anyways my point is i guess hamilton has cool music and ~sick verses~ or whatever but actually it sucks and really failed at trying to be good representation and also i hate a lot of you


My week feels like it has been overflowed with Black Girl Magic. Just everything. $125 very well spent on experiences. I met and got to speak to some women who have played a virtual role in my personal growth and development and influenced me to ask myself some questions and consequently seek and determine those answers. Gaaaaah. And I’ve even met some women that even if I never see them again It felt great to share space and time and awesome energy with. Loooooong story short, I feel tremendously full and ultimately I’m glad I get to transfer this energy to my own little magical black girl.


Some of the actresses of colour suggested by my mutuals for Rey*, following the news that Devery Jacobs had been up for the role. Because Star Wars needs more women of colour in non-CGI speaking roles, stat.

* This casting is based on the assumption that Rey is not Han and Leia’s daughter.

Devery Jacobs
Jessica Sula
Lana Condor
Chloe Bennet
Yityish Titi Aynaw
Tara Emad
Sydney Park
Courtney Eaton
Hailee Steinfeld
Naomi Scott 


Fun fact: if you eliminate all the characters with facetime from the Original Trilogy (Obi-Wan, Anakin, Palpatine, the Lars family), all the characters related to them (Shmi and Padme Skywalker), and all the characters playing decoy for said characters (Padme’s decoys)…you get a staggeringly diverse cast for the prequels. Do most of the women not have speaking roles? Yes. Are there very, very few women? Also yes. Should Swan never be allowed to make collages again ever? Yeah…

But despite all of this, you can see that the casting crew–Lucas in particular–really tried to diversify.

Two major props have to go to the casting of Jimmy Smits and Temuera Morrison (and by extension, Rebecca Mendoza and Daniel Logan), who became Bail Organa and Jango Fett: one of them was the unseen-but-very-significant foster parent of Leia, and the other was the template for the most notorious background character in cinematic history. These two were icons who excited everyone with their presence in the prequels, and they went to non-white actors.

Samuel L. Jackson got to be the Jedi Master who stood beside Yoda and was only killed by the combined efforts of Darth Vader and the Emperor; Ahmed Best was cast as one of the first fully-CGI-characters in history (the discussion of the disastrous backlash from THAT is a topic for another post), Captain Panaka was the stalwart protector of Naboo, and most of the more memorable background Jedi were women. The roles of non-white characters were extremely limited by the central cast, and Lucas’s desire to expand the diversity of the Star Wars universe itself beyond human boundaries further limited a lot of these actors’ facetime (one arguable misstep is that Qui-Gon could have been played by a non-white actor, but…).

There is an admittedly surprising lack of Chinese and Japanese actors to be found here–especially considering everything Star Wars owes to Japan–but the fact remains that there was clearly an aggressive movement to diversify the Star Wars universe. The franchise would then, of course, fight to close the gender gap with The Clone Wars–Ahsoka Tano and Asajj Ventress played central roles, while many of the once-background Jedi had their roles expanded to become major characters. Rebels continued the franchise’s quest to diversify the universe, and now The Force Awakens has taken yet another step with Rey, Finn, and Poe. 

I believe it should be noted, then, that the expansion that is being accomplished with the latest movie is not a dramatic change for Lucasfilm or the franchise, but instead the most notable step forward. Is there still work to do? Yes, but Star Wars is nothing if not tireless. 

It’s hard to speak on subjects about the type casting of black female characters in movies. Like recently the conversation around the new Ghostbusters movie, without shaming black women in real life who represent or fit those images and characters. There has to be a way we can normalize these black women, and speak on how black actresses are given “limited” roles in Hollywood at the same time.

My predictions for the Andrew Davies Les Mis, if it ever happens:

  1. The politics will end up kind of emaciated. The revolution stuff will feel like a subplot rather than the arc that ties the story together. Davies just doesn’t do the socialist aesthetic. He does not hear the people sing. 
  2. The Fantine section will get a lot of time, and will be suitably horrible. It will probably be the best part of the adaptation.
  3. We might get to see some of the Amis’ ladyfriends. This based on the fact that Davies likes giving women agency and sexing things up. My guess would be, at least, speaking roles for Musichetta and Bahorel’s laughing mistress. Maybe we’ll get to see Irma Boissy call R ‘impossible’.
  4. All the Dickensian stuff where everyone keeps meeting each other through bizarre coincidence will be ramped up to eleven
  5. It’ll be funnier than most Les Mis adaptations
  6. My mum will call me up repeatedly to discuss it with me
  7. It will feel strangely unsatisfying, mostly because of point 1: the costumes will be lovely and the acting will be good and it’ll still miss the point of the whole thing in a way that the scrappiest secondary-school production of the musical does not.
  8. I will spend a really long time explaining point 7 to numerous people who Do Not Care and will be quietly exasperated but I won’t notice because it will seem really important to raise! awareness!.
‘A Conversation With Black Women on Race’
In this short documentary, black women talk about the challenges they face in society.
By Joe Brewster and Michèle Stephenson

From Harriet Tubman to Ida B. Wells to Dorothy Height, black women have been heavy presences in social justice movements throughout history. However, issues particular to these women are often relegated to secondary status in our collective consciousness. This seems to be changing. Recent events in Texas, Baltimore and Missouri show that black women are again in leadership roles, and are speaking out against the mistreatment they regularly experience. But in our nation’s current movement for social justice, women’s voices need a louder bullhorn. Conversations like the one we’re hoping to start with this Op-Doc are a first step to understanding, and to changing.

women with speaking roles in the lotr films:

  • eowyn
  • galadriel
  • arwen
  • that woman who told her kids to go to edoras
  • there’s the little girl named freda*
  • rosie says one line*
  • some female hobbits say “yeah!” at bilbo’s bday party*
  • old woman says “we are safe my lady” at helm’s deep*
  • shelob (does she have a speaking role??? i have no idea)*
  • ??? what the fuck

* = update

Mission Impossible

Hey so really enjoyed this film, but did anyone else notice there were like zero authority figures who were women? Speaking roles or extras? The congressmen. CIA, prime ministers? All dudes.
I pointed this out about the last Star Trek movie too. Wassup with this Bad Robot? One lady badass character is cool, but a whole world-scape does not make.

Depressing Facts About Women In the Media

(This is an excerpt and reflection)


  1. Jennifer Lawrence makes $11 million less than Adam Sandler.
  2. The highest-paid female movie star, Angelina Jolie, makes about the same per movie as the two lowest-paid male stars. 
  3. Female representation in newsrooms has budged very little since 1999.
  4. Women are vastly underrepresented in sports journalism.
  5. Women were quoted in only 19% of news articles in January and February of 2013.
  6. Women are faring worse at making movies in 2013 than they were in 1998.
  7. Women had fewer speaking roles in movies in 2012 than in any year since 2007.
  8.  Our columnists are still overwhelmingly old white men
  9. Only 33 directors of the 500 top-grossing movies from 2007 to 2012 were black (and only two were women).

Here is just the main aspects of an article written by Charlotte Alter on February 19th, 2014. The article is able to be viewed on the Times new website. This article addresses the fact that most people fail to notice. Women aren’t given the same “perks” as their male components. Women shouldn’t be treated less than men. It isn’t right. 

Most people probably didn’t know these depressing facts about women in the media. I’ll be honest that I did not either until I found this article and read it. Maybe now we can change this! 

About that movie “Pixels”

If you’re thinking about seeing it, PLEASE DON’T. Like, download it illegaly in a few months if you want to reevaluate the standards of utter shit., but gods, don’t give money to this THING, don’t make the same mistake I did.

It looks fun, I know, but almost every minute of this film is unpleasant. It has the worse representation imaginable, and you will regret everything.

First of all, it wins the award of most mysogynistic film I have ever seen, while having been made in 2015. It nearly doesn’t have enough women in to pass the beshdel (I don’t know how to write it I’m sorry) test. There are four women with speaking roles, and only one of them has more than 4 lines of dialogue. In that movie, women are only there to either be useless or sex objects, and their only motivation are men or children. The “main” woman part is only there to be a “romantic” goal, and the main character will harass her and belittle her and yet somehow “get” her in the end because he’s a male and saved the world. He even complimented her eyes once, woah.

There are also only three POCs and they’re useless and get themselves defeated first while crying (also they have like 3 minutes on screen tops). The only poc woman you’ll see will be used to “reward” one of the shitty world-savers and doesn’t say more than two sentences.

And if you don’t care and just want your brainless fun, you probably won’t get it either. Think of the lamest immature joke you ever heard in a children’s movie. The worst of all. Well it will be worse, and it just won’t stop. This movie is like a giant terrible fart joke.

Maybe you’re thinking “well at least the fights will be fun”, at this point. And you would be right if they hadn’t tried to make them funny. Seriously, it’s the less crappy thing of the movie. Unfortunately, it still suffers from what I call “the 2012 syndrom”. If you saw the movie “2012″, you know that you get maybe 15 minutes of world destruction and 1h30 of boring dialogues. Well likewise, the action scenes aren’t nearly as long or numerous as they should be to redeem this absolute horror, especially when they’re polluted by their attempts at humour.

Please, for the sake of your sanity and the future of the world, don’t go see this movie in theatres.


You were talking earlier about Sleeping Beauty. Look at the gender stereotype within kid’s films, if you want to start right at the very beginning, and I think it’s amazing - ha pregnant brain again I’m forgetting the name, Geena Davis! With what she’s been doing. She’s actually finding statistics on how many speaking roles there are for women, this is how many women are in kid’s films that aren’t just the mum. (x)