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I've seen so many fantasy art blogs that seem promising at first only for it to turn out basically any art of women they show off is scanty chainmail bikinis and stuff, so I just wanted to say I hella appreciate your efforts to show off character art that isn't super sexualized. You're an oasis in a desert here. Thank you!

Thank you. See also:

probably my most famous drawing, which I never signed! this is kinda old, I drew it a couple years ago I think. but it features karina de mora, a fighter lady from notSpain of notMoorish descent! yay. this image has popped up all over the place, from women in reasonable armor art blogs to people of color in fantasy blogs to 4chan’s /tg/ board and somethingawful. which is cool! too bad i never signed it. boo.

Image via Gingerhaze

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Fox Animation has picked up Noelle Stevenson’s Nimona for a film adaptation – SQUEEE!!!  Fantasy casting begins now!  Evil thoughts of Benedict Cumberbatch voicing Ballister Blackheart!

While I get my fangirl self back in control, check out Audie Cornish’s interview with Stevenson here, and Tasha Robinson’s review of the Nimona TPB here.

(Also, and this is only tangentially related to Nimona, it’s always a good time to check out one of my favorite tumblrs, Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor.)


– Petra

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they put heath in heroes and though his voice is amazing, his art has lots of man cleavage and no pants

Honestly? No fear. I’m all about evening the score when it comes to fanservice-y outfits for men and women, and if we don’t get women with reasonable and non-revealing armor, the next best thing is man cleavage and no pants, and I think Heath could pull it off.

Granted, I would feel bad for Heath having to ride a wyvern with no pants on, but at the same time, I’d be too fucking pumped that he’s in heroes at all to really complain about anything (except him being an axe user, which he probably would be. I would complain a little bit about that).

If you’re in the mood to sink your teeth into some epic fantasy, we recommend A Crown for Cold Silver.

Early in A Crown for Cold Silver — the debut novel by Alex Marshall, a name rumored to be the pseudonym of an established fantasy author striking off in an epic new direction — an old woman’s battle scars are mistaken for matronly wrinkles. It’s a tiny detail, but it speaks volumes.  In Marshall’s fictional, vaguely medieval world, Cobalt Zosia is a legendary retired general who once led her fearsome Five Villains to victory in a land rife with injustice, mostly of the haves-and-have-nots variety. Now in hiding with her husband, the mayor of a rural town, the elderly Zosia is yanked back into the machinations of blood, treasure, and empire when her village falls under the swords of a band of marauders — part of an army Zosia thought she’d made her peace with decades ago.

Check out Jason Heller’s full review here.

It’s killing me trying to figure out who’s behind the pseudonym “Alex Marshall!” Also, I really want someone to do me some Cobalt Zosia fan art, but in the meantime I’ll content myself with the Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor tumblr.

– Petra

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Wanted to say thanks for running such a wonderful blog, it's really inspirational and A+ all around! How do you usually find your blog images? Do you just browse DA or do you have other sources or tips for finding non-sexualized art? Thanks!

High, thanks for the support! :)

I do, in fact, browse DeviantArt, and ArtStation too. If I spot a good portrait somewhere, I check the artist’s gallery, hoping there’s more where that came from. And some DA collections of female fantasy warriors (and other archetypes, but not as often) are full of good material.

Then there are some excellent resources right here, on tumblr. That’s where I reblog from, and for the most part that’s where I find the good portraits that lead me to entire artist galleries (on DA or similar, or their own sites) and DA collections. Such as:

Or, I browse threads about character art on tabletop/rpg forums. Even though there’s a lot of rubbish and a ton of cheesecake to wade through, I eventually bump into something I would have missed.

Finally, from time to time I check Pathfinder (the Paizo blog comes with nice illustrations), and, to a lesser extent, D&D.

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hello, Calgaras. This isn't about Rebecca in particular, but I wanted to ask about your opinion regarding the debate of female armor, if this is the right blog to ask? Cause 'boob-cup' versus 'flat plate' bust armor is a thing people argue about all the time, and I'd love to hear your thoughts. Like, Nami's armor in movie Z was okay, but I hated the mini skirt.

I can’t really say much new about practicality on this subject, since everything I know about the battle practicality of the armor types in question comes from posts I’ve seen on tumblr. I think it’s pretty obvious though that boob shaped armor isn’t realistic or practical though, and is just plain objectively shittier armor than standard plate armor. In a case like Rebecca’s, her outfit was 100% fanservice and everyone knows it. Armor like that can’t even be a part of this debate because it’s so wildly obvious that is is meant to be 5% physical protection and 95% wank material. And that’s a whole different debate right there. 

But when it comes to armor like this

…what’s the point? I really don’t know what the point is. Is this fanservice? Are any guys out there getting turned on by sheets of metal fashioned into the shape of cantaloupes? Is that why this is a thing? Somehow I don’t think so. 

Now, I know what some of your are thinking. “But tumblr user Calgaras, Robin needs to have cantaloupe-sized cavities in her armor to accommodate her gigantic boobs that are each twice the size of her waist.” And to that point, I would like to point to Sanji’s armor from the same spread 

As we know… Sanji is a beanpoll. He is not a buff dude. Usopp now has more upper body mass than Sanji does. This armor looks like it’s for someone with a chest like Garp, yet Sanji the Stickfigure is wearing it despite the fact that you could fit two of his torso in that thing. And the reason I bring this up is because you could easily fit Robin’s fanservice sized boobs into that thing with 0 problem. Why can’t Robin wear that armor? She’d fill it out better than Sanji does, that’s for sure. 

I think the reason for women being put in boob shaped armor like this in media can be pretty well explained by that one famous facebook post about Captain Phasma 

No, the armor that women wear doesn’t have to look feminine. But people assume that it does. That’s pretty much it. When guys are going about designing plate armor for women, they just seem to assume “I gotta make it clear that there are boobs under this thing.” But you don’t. Ya really, really don’t. 

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I'm so glad I found this blog!!! Reasonable armor for women is so hard to find

Glad you like it!

After a couple of years doing this, I’ve concluded that reasonable heavy armor for women is not that hard to find, you just have to look for the right sources. Lady knights are a trend, even.

Reasonable light armor for women, on the other hand, remains infuriatingly hard to find. O.o.