women in male dress

It’s actually pretty simple...

If a character in a movie or TV show is written as a woman, a woman is automatically going to be cast for the role. Men won’t show up to audition for the role because the character is a woman. Directors aren’t considering a man to play the role because the character is a woman.

Trans women are women, not men in dresses. Stop putting male actors in dresses just because the character is a trans woman. It’s not about “the best actor for the role”, it’s about routinely portraying trans women as something that they aren’t: men in dresses. 

‘There are no women in video games!’

‘Women in video games are always sexualized!’

‘If their main outfit isn’t sexualized, their alternate costumes are!’

‘Women in sports games never wear appropriate clothes! They just wear sexy outfits!’

‘Women are always damsels in distress and never know how to fight!’

‘Women in games are never allowed to be feminine!’

‘Women can never be main characters in games!’

‘And if they are, the ratings are never good!’

‘Women in games can only be masculine, they can’t use feminine attributes to their advantage!’

‘Women are never valuable party members!’

‘Women in video games are only interested in male partners or friends!’

‘Women in video games always dress as men, but men in video games never dress as women!’

‘No one ever likes a woman in a video game!’

‘Women in video games -’

Princess Peach has got you covered.


👉Trans women are male. They were born male and they’ll die male. We will all decompose in the ground and centuries later archaeologists will find our skeletons and be able to tell if we were of the sex that produces sperm or ovum. Is that not the definition of a trans woman? someone born male who ‘identifies’ with being a woman? 

👉Acknowledging the reality of the sex you obviously are is not violence. It may hurt your feelings, but it is not violence. Being critical of gender and males defining womanhood does not make someone transphobic.

👉Lesbians are female homosexuals. You can’t come up with your own definitions for words and get pissed when people don’t use your definition. 

👉Homosexuals are people attracted to the same sex that they are.

👉Sexuality is about attraction to primary and secondary sex characteristics, not an elusive sparkly ‘feminine’ feeling that you display with sexist stereotypes, presentations, and roles. No one is sexually attracted to gender identity.

👉Saying women have vaginas is not the same this as saying women ARE vaginas. it’s a classification. If i say dogs have fur, am i ‘reducing’ them to their fur? No, i’m just pointing out one of their defining features.

👉Defining woman as anything other than female is sexist garbage.

👉Lesbians don’t have to date, have sex with, or be attracted to trans women. To berate and harass them for the natural preferences that come with their sexuality is misogynistic rape-apologism.

👉‘Cis’ women are not privileged over trans women. An equivalent sentence is 'females are not privileged over males’

👉Sex is not a social construct. Social constructs exist only in the context of human culture and are variable. Sex is a biological reality manifested by gonads, reproductive organs, skeletal structure, secondary sex characteristics, chromosomes, etc. Humans are sexually dimorphic with .05% being intersex.

👉Socialization based on birth sex is real. It manifests as differential treatment throughout life based on sex. Socialization starts the second the doctor says 'it’s a girl!’ and the mother gets showered in bows, dresses, Disney princess, toy kitchens and cleaning equipment, all in sparkles and shades of pink while the father is simultaneously disappointed he won’t get to play catch with his offspring and worried about boys victimizing and harassing his daughter, knowing firsthand how that plays out.

👉Gender is socially constructed. It is the roles assigned to males and females. It is 'women wear dresses, aren’t good at math and science, have to shave and wear makeup, don’t do sports, are fragile and sensitive, are overly emotional and totally nurturing, should not be assertive or in positions of power, should have a goal to get married have kids and take their husbands name’

👉There is no such thing as brain sex. When trans women see an article saying trans women have a similar sized hippocampus as ‘cis’ women and they’ll say to themselves ’SEE!This means my made up gender identity is valid and genetic!’ when in reality the discussion section will mention that even for cis women it is a spectrum/distribution and that the results do not automatically imply that those differences are not due to brain plasticity, experience-dependent development, and socialization (half the time they’re not even studying causal factors). So you may be thinking, ‘well what ARE those differences present from birth?’. Experiments studying male and female differences from birth as displayed in children and infants show that the only cognitive differences are few and minuscule, such as higher visuospatial ability in males. And these articles never even mention some correlation to ‘gender identity’. Thats left for psychologists and social theorists, because there’s no way to empirically study the bullshit gender identity in your head when you can’t even come up with a definitive, operationally sound definition for ‘woman’

👉Bathrooms are separated by sex, not gender identity. Males do not belong in female only safe spaces, bathrooms, lockerooms, rape shelters, etc.

Too often we think of Dionysus as “jolly Bacchus,” whom the Romans in particular portrayed as the god of drinking and sexual orgies. But he was far more, a god of the dark side of humanity, of passions and the life force, companion of the Mother, a dying and rising god of the year cycle, god of the mountain rather than the city, whose followers were mainly male satyrs and female maenads (“the mad women”), who dressed in animal skins, wreathed their hair with ivy, wielded thyrsoi (poles tipped with foliage), hunted their prey on the mountainside, tore it apart, and ate the flesh raw.
—  Introduction by Ian  C. Storey
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For Aristophanes The Clouds

Hey guys, a little bit about La Muerte in Mexican folklore:

  • She’s described as a very pale and very skinny lady, but it is the poetic way of saying she’s a skeleton.
  • She is also known as Catrina, which is a specific word for a style of very elegantly dressed women. The male word is Catrín.
  • She rides a motherfucking bicycle while wearing a tube dress and high heels. If you don’t respect her for being death herself you should based on this fact.
  • She is incredibly sassy and done with everyone. She has heard all sorts pleads, gambled all sorts of trades, offered all sorts of bribes, been offered all sorts of riches, granted extra hours of life, drank all sorts of alcohol offers, been a therapist to all sorts of people who can’t digest their inevitable death, chased, dated AND married men who just didn’t feel like dying yet, she’s down for whatever because she knows you’ll die either way.
  • She’ll laugh at your face, she’s savage.
  • She’s not the Grimm Reaper, she’s not here to reap you, she’s your ride to the underworld, ring ring sweetie hop on that bicycle.
  • She has all sorts of media dedicated to her, and it can be either as depressing as The Raven or as entertaining as The Devil Went Down to Georgia.
  • She’s not good nor evil, she is death and she’s here to get her job done.
Why I theorize about Mother3 as the framework for Black Butler....

Yana-san wasn’t sure this manga series would ever get picked up (let alone become a huge industry), so she was tentative about writing arcs that might never see the light of day. HOWEVER, the main plot, the main characters (as well as some more minor ones), and the timeline of the series were planned from the very beginning, and Yana-san told us all about it in just TWO PANELS in CHAPTER ONE.

That first panel is a close-up of irises – Victorian flower language meaning “I have a message for you”.

The second panel is the VERY NEXT PANEL, the game packaging for “Mouse3”.

It’s a direct reference to Nintendo’s Mother3, which had been released in Japan back in April of the same year (2006).

The game revolves around mirror twin boys (with anagram names) who get separated soon after the tragic death of their mother. They are about ten years old. The older twin, Claus, dies (trying to avenge his mother’s death) a bit less than a month later. Lucas stays home for about three years before making his own journey for the same quest (revenge), but now it’s not just for the death of his mother but also for the disappearance of Claus and how all this trauma has made their father utterly useless. They don’t know Claus is dead, since they hadn’t found a body.

He sets out on his quest with his loyal DOG. They infiltrate their enemies, sometimes taking jobs with them, sometimes even dressing the dog up like a human. There’s even a scene in which the DOG is refused entry to a MUSIC HALL because he’s obviously NOT HUMAN. (Think: the two bouncers [Neckbeard and Skinhead] who refuse Boney entry look *very much* like the two thugs who toss Sebastian out of Sphere Music Hall. I’ve posted comparison pics before….) The vast majority of the game is played within a ONE YEAR TIMELINE. (Think: BB ever since chapter 14.)

He ends up with a “treasured” Courage Badge/Franklin Badge (a family heirloom) from someone with strong ties to his family. The person who hands him this “treasure” is the local (and very eccentric) grave keeper. (Think: Undertaker and his “treasured” mourning lockets.)

He gets help along the way by these weird fairy-like Magypsies, though they can be rude at times. All of them appear to be male but have magenta hair and dress as women. They are keeping a Dark Dragon asleep with magic needles. (Think: Grell Sutcliff as the main parallel but also include BB characters seen or associated with various kinds of needles, like Lau, Charles Phipps, Nina, Blavat, etc.) Lucas learns about a prophecy and that he’s able to fulfill it: if he pulls out the most needles, then he will control this Dark Dragon. (Think: having a contract with/being able to control a “Black Butler”.)

Then he finds out that someone else has the same ability to fulfill the prophesy… that this other person is heartless… and that their identities keep getting confused. (Think: the shooter in ch126.) There are even a couple scenes in which Lucas makes a TELEPATHIC CONNECTION to this Masked Man, though he has no idea how or why. (Think: the earl talking to a mirror image of himself in dreams/hallucinations. Also think: the earl thinking Undertaker is with a boy who looks like him, but then he wakes up and sees Sebastian by his bed.)

Two other people join him and become his team:

1. Duster forgets his identity and takes up a new persona in a five-piece band that “undoes” the brainwashing caused by Happy Boxes. His strongest weapons are his SHOES (which he can upgrade during the game). Much of his time is spent trying to find the missing EGG OF LIGHT, which contains his memories. (Think: the duo of Edward [joining the P5] and Lizzie Midford [with her shoes].)

2. Kumatora lives in an old castle that is haunted by the “ghost” of tradition. She always wears a hoodie, can be quite rude and distant, has psychic abilities (telepathy), and hides her true feelings. She disguises herself in a purple hoodie and changes her name to VIOLET in order to infiltrate the enemies. As Violet, she waits tables at a MUSIC HALL. At the end of the game she cries, unable to stop, and it’s apparently the first time she’s ever cried in her life. (Think: Gregory Violet, who was met at the super-traditional Weston College. Also think: Gregory Violet crying/showing emotion when the earl and Sebastian find him in Bath and save his life.)

A villager who had been silent (until he decided it was the right time) tells Lucas all about the history of Nowhere Islands… and how the people had arrived, on a big white boat, with the hopes to start over their lives. (Think: all those references to Noah’s Ark.) They even wiped their memories clean and came up with fake histories. Only this one person was left with his memories intact for the purpose of telling it to the one who will fulfill the prophecy. (I think Tanaka will ultimately fill this role.)

Lucas and his team have to defeat numerous enemies, including one who uses Happy Boxes (delivered by a trained and enslaved monkey) to brainwash the masses. (Think: Blavat Sky using the S4 performances to sway the masses.) Another major enemy they have to defeat is King Porky and his servants/army. (Think: Queen Victoria, Double Charles, and John Brown.)

They are sometimes helped by an eccentric inventor who is obsessed with donuts (offers them to Lucas, too) and driven in his pursuits by CURIOSITY. (Think: Undertaker, his bone-shaped biscuits/cookies, and how he’s driven by curiosity about life and death.) King Porky stole technology from him and even forced him to work on new inventions for his personal benefit. (Think: Queen Victoria wants Bizarre Dolls as “allies” and has Sieglinde Sullivan working for her now.) One of the more interesting inventions is a mobility suit that looks like SPIDER LEGS. (Think: Sieglinde Sullivan.) However, what the inventor is best known for are his FASCINATING CHIMERA. (Think: Undertaker’s Bizarre Dolls.)

After all other enemies have been defeated, the only person standing between Lucas and the last needle is the Masked Man who had previously shown up out of nowhere (from time to time) to mess stuff up and compete to pull needles. It’s the same guy that’s causing all the MISTAKEN IDENTITY issues. It’s the guy who is “HEARTLESS”. He turns out to be Claus, Lucas’ twin who had died ALMOST FOUR YEARS ago. He’s “heartless” because after death he was turned into one of those Fascinating Chimera; he’s a walking corpse programmed with a single purpose: beat Lucas in waking the Dark Dragon. (Think: the real Ciel turned into a Bizarre Doll and “programmed” with an “episode” to seek out his own revenge and to, perhaps, also reclaim his birthright.)

They fight; his friends can’t help him anymore (not even the dog). That “treasured” badge saves Lucas from an attack that would have probably killed him. Then, essentially, a miracle occurs in which the ghost of their mother forces Claus to remember who he was… and that they shouldn’t fight. Claus gives up… as his programming fails… and they reunite just before Claus “dies” a second time. (Think: the earl and real Ciel face off, but not even Sebastian can do much about it… for whatever reason. Perhaps he is busy fighting someone else? And one boy “wins”….)

Then Lucas pulls up the last needle. The Dark Dragon wakes up and causes Armageddon-level havoc before basically resetting things back the way they had been. There is the rubble of destruction everywhere, but the people are ok; the Dark Dragon’s power was even strong enough to return everyone to full health and strength. (Think: Sebastian will follow the will of whichever “Ciel” proves victorious….)

Done. The end.


THIS is why I spend so much time going on about my Mother3 theory…. :)

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Its really sad to see S2 of Supergirl squander a lot of good that the show had.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, Sanvers is BRILLIANT, but that’s another case of one step forward two steps back for the show  because while the show gave us the goodness that is that beautiful relationship, everything else is regressing in the show.

  1. The key aspect of the show people were drawn to was the concept of empowerment. The show is called Supergirl for a reason. Its Kara Danvers story. And in S1 the show knew that. The show respected her agency and empowerment as central figure of the show. Now? Now She is reduced to an idiot whose only role is to be Mon-El’s girlfriend  unable to take a single step without his “guidance” or “help” or “tips” or “support”. Mon El is always there, always right, always cracking jokes, always mansplaining to Kara or others what to do or how.  Its stopped being show called Supergirl. It stopped being show that was all about female empowerment. It stopped being the show where Kara’s decisions were her own.
  2. Another key aspect of the show was close sister relationship between Kara and Alex. They were perfect healthy family supporting one another and surviving through all roadblocks that life puts in their way. Well, with S2 not anymore because Kara’s story and character is all about Mon El, Kara and Alex bond literally goes out the window. The bond between sisters is barely there nowadays. The show is far more interested in trying to force the viewer to like Mon El than it is in the core aspects of the show like bond between two women, two sisters who persevere through all.
  3. Disjointed narrative structure. Now, S1 of Supergirl was not strongest in plot structure but it still had it. S2 so far feels really disjointed. Like, some episodes feel good, while other feel, well, for lack of worse comparison, like Arrow episodes. And yet again a lot of it has to do with the writing approach the writers took for the show this season. Its no longer about “what to write to make it work in the show and Kara’s story”. Its now about “how do we add Mon El into this story?” 
  4. And last but not least, the worst change - Lack of respect for women in the show. Let’s be frank. S1 was not a bastion of good writing or consistency, but one aspect was always a constant there - female empowerment. Be it the main character, her sister or Calista Flockhart’s awesome Kat Grant  the show was oozing with competent and interesting and strong female characters who were treated with respect. S2 in that aspect feels like it is written by Trump administration itself. Mansplaining, condescending tone, women being incapable or being tied to male plotlines. Yet again, for lack of better comparison, Arrow level of writing, where women rae more of a window dressing for male focused show. Kat Grant character disappeared, Kara became accessory to a Mon El character and story and every woman became dumber - unable to do things without male characters figuring into the plot.  The less we talk about the fact that the show replaced supportive person of color romance interest with flamboyant misogynistic white(most likely rich) male that appeals to conservative and alt right beliefs, the better. Its such a dissonance between Sanvers actually existing and how misogynistic the rest of the show has become.

At this point, Sanvers relationship, as well as those tiny pockets of scenes without Mon El are pretty much the only reason to watch the show. Well, that and any scene Lena Luthor is in because even if writers will never let her steal Kara’s heart, she sure as hell stole the hearts of viewers.

I’m always torn about the concept of romantic friendship in history

on the one hand, very passionate friendships did and do still happen. on the other hand, I feel like it’s often used to erase historical sapphic relationships

like how do we know the women who wrote such emotional letters weren’t in love or lust with each other? even they might not have fully understood their feelings, and yet the modern tendency is to class anything short of open relationships between women who dressed in typically male clothing as “romantic friendship” and both involved parties as heterosexual

I know was a real thing but it also seems like a convenient way to straightwash history

Steve👏🏻Trevor👏🏻isn't👏🏻really 👏🏻special!

One thing that struck me about the Abhorsen series was the sexual freedom and lack of gender roles in Old Kingdom. It’s unique in that, instead of someone having to overcome them, they just aren’t a thing, which I really like. Just casually nobody seems to have to do anything because they are male or female (except dresses still exist for women but whatever). Also in the except of Clariel we learn that even 500 years before the events in Sabriel it was totally cool for women and men to casually sleep with people before being married, be gay or lesbian or be asexual. It was so okay that you could casually chat about it with your aunt. We saw that a bit in the first three books but it was confirmed in the Clariel excerpt. A++ Garth Nix. You win at fantasy.

i like boys who look like girls 

“EW you fetishize transgender women you fucking freak!”

no i like cisgender males who look like girls

“WOW stop being transphobic you fucking shitlord!”

you guys seriously arent listening i like men who are perfectly fine being referred to as a male who also look really good dressed as women


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Tips for writing a Sweet Polly Olliver and Sweet on Polly Oliver situation in a good way?

For those who don’t know, a Sweet Polly Oliver is a female character who dress up as and takes the role of a man for whatever reason and Sweet on Polly Oliver is when a male character becomes attracted to this character, which often causes a lot of internal conflict. Examples are Mulan and She’s the Man/Twelfth Night.

Sweet Polly Oliver:

  • Your character be believable. What makes your character perceived as male varies by time period and culture. In some places it might be as simple as changing clothes. In others more elaborate measures will be needed. Either way, you have to make sure your character won’t raise suspicions on sight. This also means that your character should enter the world of a new gender with some difficulty. She won’t be used to the social behaviors and she may start noticing extremely subtle gender roles.
  • Your character needs a reason. Female characters dress up as male characters for a reason. Furthermore, dressing as a guy needs to be related to their reason. It can’t just be “I need a disguise of any kind and therefore will choose to be male”. It should be “in order to achieve X, I must be male”. A cliche would be women dressing as men to become warriors/knights or to go to war, but you can still make it more original by playing with motive and situation (even just changing the time period to, for an American example, the Civil War can change it up from the common medieval setting).
  • The Name: It’s easier for people to change their name to the masculine version because they’ll most likely respond to it, but try to do something else. “Samantha” to “Samuel”, “Gabriela” to “Gabriel”, “Colleen” to “Collin”…while convenient it’s a bit cheesy and it has the potential to give away you character’s identity depending on the situation.
  • What it is Not: Because I feel like I need to clarify this, this trope does not include: masculine women being mistaken for men, female characters dressing up as men for entertainment, and trans men.

Sweet On Polly Oliver

The main problem I have with this trope is how the characters confront their sexuality. Men who are attracted to the woman-in-disguise often try to reassert their heterosexuality while women who are attracted to them woman-in-disguise are disgusted when they find out they actually had a crush on another woman.

In addition, you should have reasons for why this character is attracted to the female character in disguise, just like you would have reasons for why they would like any other character. Try to avoid the “there’s just something about him” narrative as if your character can just “see right through the disguise”.