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Fuel the Fire

Are you fucking kidding me?? There is no way in Hell that I’m going to team up with him. I was absolutely livid. RAW was bringing back the inter-gender tag teams and I was paired with Roman Reigns? Have Paul & Stephanie lost their damn minds?

And I’m sure in the Hell not teaming with her. I don’t have time to carry her ass… Roman spouted off, face turning bright red as the veins in his neck twitched.

Hold the fuck up! I yelled, coming face-to-face with the 6’3” asshole. Carry me? Carry ME?!? Well Mr. Reigns, let me remind you just who in the fuck I am. I’m Taryn DiBiase, daughter of the “Million Dollar Man”, 9-time New Japan Women’s Champion, 2-time New Japan Cruiserweight Champion. I’ve run through every single woman, and man, put in front me and I don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. Carry me? How about you bring your bitch ass to the ring and I’ll show you who has to carry who. I was fuming, fighting to slow my heartrate before I had a stroke.

Oh please. You couldn’t hang with me, baby girl. Roman exclaimed, stepping closer to me.

Are you serious? I reeled back, crossing my arms across my chest, puzzled look on my face. You’re a 2 move chump, Reigns. Face it, you couldn’t hang with me. You know something else?

For fuck’s sake, what, Taryn?  Roman asked, his tone clearly filled with annoyance.

I can’t seem to figure out which is the bigger dick- you, in general, or the one that’s always shoved up your ass!! I screamed in his face, seeing nothing but red. Roman just stood there, staring at me like I had 2 heads. He couldn’t believe that I had just said that to him.

That mouth of yours is going to get your ass in some serious trouble one of these days, Roman finally replied.

Jesus fucking Christ, Taryn. That’s enough, both of you. Paul intervened, stepping in between Reigns and myself.

This, this is the reason why we paired you two together. Stephanie stated, looking from me to Roman. You fuel each other’s fire and we know that you’ll both use that to your advantage to make it to the top of this division. You are our powerhouse team.

And if I don’t agree to this “partnership”? I asked Stephanie after a moment of silence, my gaze never leaving Roman’s.

Then you’ll be traded to Smackdown. The same goes for you too, Roman. Stephanie said.

You two don’t seem to understand that this is not up for negotiation. The pairings have been set- no exceptions. Do you understand me?  Paul exclaimed, a look of certainty on his face.

With that, I let out a huge sigh that I didn’t realize I had been holding in. What else could I do? This was my career and I’d be damned if I was going to let something or someone ruin that for me.

Fine. I said through gritted teeth. But you best keep your fucking distance from me, Reigns. We only speak when it’s necessary, train together when it’s necessary, look at one another only when it’s necessary. Got it?

Oh trust me, cupcake. I don’t want to have to fucking look at you any longer than I absolutely have to. Believe that. Roman said, turning his back to us and walking out the office door.

Stephanie, what did I do to deserve this punishment? I asked, taking a sip of my wine. Stephanie laughed, Taryn, this isn’t a punishment. Paul and I really feel like you two make a powerful tag team. Besides, maybe you’ll learn to like him. He isn’t so different from you, you know?

Pfft, I highly doubt it. I said, chugging the remains of my glass. Waiter!!  I don’t see me having much in common with that Samoan asshole.

3 months later

We were in Jersey for RAW and had the next two days off. I was ready to just relax and take in some of the sights that the Garden State had to offer, not to mention the incredible food. We had just landed in Newark when I hear, Hey, you’re going out with us tonight, right? Nia asked me, wrapping her arm around my shoulders.

I don’t know, Nia. I don’t think that I’m really feeling that scene tonight. I replied, feigning being tired.

Oh hell no! You are not getting out of this that easy, Taryn. Sasha said. You need this night out more than anyone.

Yeah, T. Please come out with us… Bayley said, giving me the puppy dog eyes.

I let out a defeated sigh. Alright but just for a little while, okay? I said, grabbing my bag and heading to the taxi waiting outside. I was about 10 feet from the door when I heard Rollins and Reigns behind me. Shit, I thought, please let me get out of here without them seeing me.

Hey Taryn! Rollins yelled, running to catch up with me. Damnit!

Hey Rollins. What’s up? I say, turning to face Seth. I notice that Roman was still waiting on his bag to be unloaded, looking seriously annoyed.

You’re coming out tonight, right? I’d love the opportunity to buy you a drink. Seth asked, hope dancing in his brown eyes.

My gaze moved over Seth’s shoulder to Roman, whose gaze has now moved to us. Is asshole back there going? I asked Seth, sights still on Roman.

Who, Roman? Seth asks, gesturing over his shoulder with his thumb. Yeah, the asshole is going. Seth laughed.

I figured as much, I thought as I rolled my eyes. But after talking to the girls, I really wanted to go. I needed to go. I needed to let go of some of this aggression and tension that had been building.  

You know what, Seth? I’ll definitely be there, expecting that drink. I said after a moment, making sure my answer was loud enough for Roman to hear. I glanced over to him, noticing that he was growing more impatient by the minute. Seth, you want to hurry this up? I’m ready to get the Hell out of here. Roman said.

I told Seth that I would see him later and turned to walk out into the crisp night air and into the waiting taxi at the curb. Bayley had just finished placing all of her bags in the trunk. Are you ready to go?

Definitely. Jersey nightlife? Here we come!!

Once I reached my room, I stuck the keycard into the slot as quickly as possible and hurried inside. I could hear my roomies, Sasha and Nia, talking and laughing as they were getting ready to head out to the club.

Taryn! Shit, where have you been? Sasha asked, a look of concern on her face. We thought you were right behind us.

Sorry, I said. Rollins stopped me right as I was leaving. I shrugged out of my jacket and started getting undressed, ready to grab a quick shower.

Hurry up, we’ll wait for you. Nia said, finishing up her make-up.

Yeah. Sasha stated. Plus, we need to make sure you look absolutely fierce before we let you head out.

Guys, I really don’t need any help choosing a damn outfit. Besides- what’s wrong with jeans and a tee? I asked through the bathroom door.

You’re fucking joking, right? Sasha exclaimed. There is no way in Hell that I’m letting you out of here in jeans and a tee.  

Yes, Sasha. I’m joking. I replied. I was only joking… right? I didn’t really get a chance to pack a lot of “ass hugging” outfits so I wasn’t sure what exactly I had.

I finished my shower and just towel dried my long blonde hair, knowing that as it dried, I’d have some amazing, and sexy, beachy waves. I applied make-up, making sure that my deep blue eyes were the main focus. I swiped on some lip gloss, took a step back, and nodded to my reflection in the mirror. I was 6’1” of pure hotness.

As I exited the bathroom, still wrapped in a towel, Sasha had an outfit laying on the bed.

What’s this? I asked, pointing to the item

Well, since we’re in a hurry, I took the liberty of picking out your outfit for the night. This one is my & Nia’s favorite. Sasha stated, picking up a gunmetal metallic jumpsuit that I forgot I had packed.

Get your ass in there and put it on, girl. We want to see how amazing you look in it. Nia stated, putting items into a small clutch purse.

I took the jumpsuit and returned to the bathroom. After about 15 minutes of adjusting the damn thing, I looked at myself in the mirror. Wow. I had forgotten how well this jumpsuit fit me. It hugged every one of my curves in just the right way. The low cut front allowed for some major cleavage and it was backless. I slid my feet into a pair of 2 inch heels and shrugged into a form fitting, black leather moto jacket.

Alright, I’m ready. I shouted, walking out of the bathroom to face Sasha and Nia.

Both of their jaws fell open at the sight of me. Holy shit, Taryn. Sasha squeaked out. You look fucking gorgeous!

For real. Nia agreed. You’ll have to beat the guys off with a stick.

Shit, I’m not a lesbian but I’d totally bang you in that outfit. Sasha stated, walking around me, taking it all in.

You know just what to say to a girl, Saush. I replied, laughing at her comment.

We all took one last look at ourselves in the mirror, Nia snapped a pic of the three of us, and we headed out for the night. And what a night it was going to be.


Stepping out of the elevator once we reached the lobby, we met up with Bayley, who was looking super cute in leggings and a sweater dress. The four of us loaded into the waiting limo, Sasha wasting no time opening a bottle of champagne and pouring four glasses. Okay bitches, listen up, she called out. Let’s make a toast to a fucking fabulous night out, great friends, err, sisters, and the hopes that Taryn gets laid in this fucking hooker outfit.  By Reigns, nonetheless, Bayley added, raising her glass. Fuck that! I wouldn’t let Reigns touch me if he was the last man on earth. Sick! I exclaimed, making a gagging gesture.

Oh, give it up already, Sasha scoffed. Your ass is so hot for him, it’s leaving a smoke trail.   

And you’re fucking mental, I replied, downing the entire glass of champagne. Truth was, I found myself developing a small crush on the arrogant son-of-a-bitch. It was almost inevitable. I mean, it had been 3 months since we had become a tag team so we worked out together, traveled together, gave interviews together, you name it, we probably did it together. It made me a little sick to think that I could see him as more than just the pompous asshole that he was but, there was something about him that made my spine tingle. Maybe it was the way the sweat glistened on his bare chest after a match. Or the way his ass looked in a pair of jeans. Or perhaps the way he always hugged me after we picked up a win. Or the way his ass looked in a pair of jeans. But, none of those thoughts tonight. I was going to drink, dance with my girls, flirt up Rollins a little, and just enjoy myself. Any and all thoughts of Reigns could kiss my ass.

Once we arrived, I messaged Rollins to meet us at the entrance since we had no clue where everyone was. After about 10 minutes, I see Seth being led through the sea of people by one of the WWE security guards. Hey ladies, Seth called out, We’re all over here. Let’s go. The four of us walked, hand in hand, so that we wouldn’t get separated. I brought up the rear of the chain and just as we were exiting the throng of drunk club goers, I felt someone grab my ass and say, God damn, how about lettin’ me get a piece of this? I turned around to see who was about to lose their teeth. I stared at what could only be described as a Jersey Shore knock-off; Ed Hardy t-shirt, cologne so thick I thought I was going to puke, and to top it all off- a fucking gold front tooth.

Oh, looks like your boyfriend is the jealous type so…, I replied, turning on my heel and moving to our table.

What was that about?, Seth asked, looking over my shoulder at the brooding goons.

Oh, nothing. One of them thought they could grab my ass and get away with it, I replied, taking a sip of my drink. What?? One of those fuckers touched you?? Calm down, Rollins. They’re just a bunch of little dick drunks, looking for a quick hook-up. If touching this ass brings them a little joy, who am I to deny them that?, I said, seeing the anger slowly start to drain from Seth’s face. I mean seriously, my ass is a thing of beauty. A small smirk found its way onto his lips as he said, I definitely won’t argue with that.

Oh really? You been checkin’ me out, Rollins?, I asked, stepping closer to him. Seth looked damn sexy tonight. His hair was pulled back into a bun and he was dressed in a dark charcoal suit that fit him like a glove, white dress shirt, top 2 buttons undone and he smelled amazing. I watched as his eyes darkened, dropping his gaze to my lips. Maybe I have. Is that a problem?, he asked, twisting a finger around a lock of my hair.

Before we got any closer, Sasha stepped between us, Sorry Sethy, I’ve gotta steal Taryn for a few minutes. Seth’s gaze fell to the floor and although it was dark, I could tell that he was blushing. She started pulling me towards the bar and I looked back at Seth over my shoulder, watching him watching me walk away. Yeah, he was totally checking out my ass.

Saush, what the Hell?, I asked as we reached the bar, waiting for service.

You can’t be serious, Taryn? Have you not noticed that Reigns has been staring a hole through you all damn night? Plus, do you really want to hook-up with Rollins?

What? I didn’t even know that he was here! Where the Hell is he?, I asked, looking around the club for Roman. And I don’t know. I mean, Seth is pretty hot.

Umm, he’s sitting 2 tables back from ours, alone, Sasha replied, flagging down the bartender. What do you want to drink?

Alone? Why is he sitting alone? That’s unusual for Roman. Every other time that we’ve all went out, he’s ended up sitting with Seth, Cesaro, Sheamus, and a few of the other guys, arguing over football or dick size. So for him to be sitting alone is really weird and a little… sad. It made my heart hurt a little.

Taryn!, Sasha yelled. 

Hmm, what?

I asked what you wanted to drink.

Oh, bourbon on the rocks.

Sasha turned back to me, placing a drink in my hand. Jesus, where we you?

I was right here. Shit…

Yeah, okay. Lie to someone else. Oh shit! You were thinking about Roman, weren’t you?

Umm, the hell I was! I was thinking about how hot Seth looks tonight and how I’d like to get him on the dance floor, if you know what I mean. I hated lying to my best friend but, there was no way in Hell that I was going to admit that I was, in fact, thinking about Roman. I was not about to listen to the shit storm of grief that I would catch from the girls about him so, I had no choice but to focus my attention on someone else.

Then do it then, Miss Priss. Get his ass out there and give him a dance, Sasha said, pushing me in front of her as we walked back to our table.

As we we passed by Roman, I glanced over and found his eyes focused on me. His stare was deep and intense, sending a shiver straight to my core. Damn, he looked absolutely delicious tonight; hair pulled back, clothed in a dark navy suit, white dress shirt, and navy tie. The things I could do with that tie. What the Hell?, I thought to myself. I watched as he took a long pull from the amber liquid in his glass, licking his lips as he pulled it away. I felt my own lips part as if on cue and turned my head away from him quickly. Shit, I had to get my mind together and not allow him see what he was doing to me.

Hey sexy. I missed you, Seth said to me when we made it back to the table.

Seth, I was only gone for like 10 minutes, I replied, pushing him slightly in the chest. I turned my back to him, talking to Bayley and Nia, when I felt him close the distance between us. I could feel his heat on my bare back as his right hand snaked around my waist to rest on my stomach. He pulled me back against him, moving my hair away from my ear, Have I told you how fucking sexy you look tonight? Have I told you how fucking sexy you look every night? I felt goosebumps break out over my skin as his hand moved lower down my stomach. Bayley and Nia took the hint and walked away right as Seth placed a small kiss behind my ear.

Seth, I don’t know if we shou- I whispered as he kissed me again. I could feel his erection starting to press into my ass.

Come on, Taryn. Let me show you how sexy I think you are, he replied, pushing his hips into my ass a little harder.

You wanna show me? Then dance with me, I said, turning to face him. His eyes had glazed over and were coming back into focus. Wha, whatI said, dance with me, I grabbed his hand and pulled him onto the dancefloor with me just as Wicked Games by The Weeknd started to play.

Let me see that ass…

And let him see I did. I backed myself into Seth as far as possible, grinding my ass into his crotch, feeling his dick straining against his pants. Goddamnit, Taryn…. He hissed through clenched teeth, winding his fingers through my hair. He pulled my head to the side, planting small but rough kisses to the side of my neck as his other hand moved lower on my hip.  

You have no fucking idea what I want to do to you right now, he said as I continued to grind against him.

Is that so? Well then, why don’t you tell me all about it, I challenged.

Baby, I’d rather show you what I want to do, he replied, sliding his hand down between my legs. I closed my eyes and allowed the feeling to wash over me and then… his hand was gone. My eyes flew open as I turned around and ran right into Roman’s chest.

What the fuck, Reigns?, I hit him in the arm, moving away from him and towards our table to grab my purse. Where’s Seth?

Fuck him, I’m done with this, he said, taking me by the wrist.

Let go of me, asshole!, I yelled at him, pulling my wrist out of his grip. Before I could blink, I was over his shoulder, headed for the exit. Damnit, Roman. Put me down!  I was kicking my legs and hitting his back with my fists to no avail.

I’ll put you down when we get outside. Until then, shut the fuck up and stop hitting me, he yelled over the music and chatter. Holy shit, I was turned on.

Once outside, he did as he said and put me down on the sidewalk. I backed away from him and crossed my arms over my chest.

You want to explain what the fuck all that was about?, I yelled.

Calm the fuck down, Taryn, he replied, putting a finger to his lips in a “shhh” gesture.

You don’t tell me to calm the fuck down! What did you do to Seth, Roman??

What did you do to Seth, Taryn?

I was taken back by this. What do you mean?

Don’t give me that shit, princess. You know damn good and well that you don’t like Rollins enough to do the things you were doing to him in there. Besides, you know his track record with women and you can’t tell me for one second that you’re okay with it. So again, what were you doing to him?

I was dancing with him, thank you.

Ha-ha, bullshit. You call that dancing? Sweetheart, you should have been on a pole with what you were doing in there.

That pissed me off. I uncrossed my arms and stepped closer to him, poking my finger into his chest. Fuck you, Reigns. You’re just jealous that it wasn’t your dick that I was grinding on. Admit it, you’ve got it bad for me. Where. Is. Seth???

He ran his hand over his face. God, it was sexy as Hell when he did that. See? There you go with that goddamn mouth of yours again. Don’t flatter yourself, princess. I had a little talk with him about how he wasn’t going to touch you like that again or I’d break his arm.

What??  Look, it’s none of your goddamn business who touches me and why do you even care??

Because I don’t want to see you end up just another notch in his belt.

And again- you care because….

His eyes shifted to the sidewalk and he shoved his hands in his pockets. By this time, we both had noticed that a small group of people had gathered to gawk at the scene we were making. Not good for business.

Look, I don’t want to continue this here. Let’s go get a bite to eat & try to have a conversation like adults, Roman said, stepping closer to me so I could hear what he was saying.

I definitely could use something to eat. It was already after 11 pm so I decided to take him up on his offer.

Fine, let’s go.

Thank you, he said as he pulled out his phone. Hey, it’s Reigns. Miss DiBiase and I are waiting to be picked-up outside. Thanks man. He ended the call and slid the phone back into his pants pocket. We stood there waiting on our limo when a booming voice broke the silence.

Hey! There you are. Jesus Christ, it was Jersey Shore. Aww, d’ya miss me, baby? He was slowly making his way over to where Roman and I were standing, stumbling all over the place. Roman cocked an eyebrow at me as if to say, you know this guy? He walked right past Roman as if he wasn’t even there and before I could react, he had wrapped his arms around me, lifting me into a hug before putting me back down. Roman didn’t hesitate- he was on the guy in an instant. He grabbed Jersey by the back of his collar, pulling him away from me.

Tha’ fuck are you? I was talking to the girl, asshole, Jersey spat out at Roman.

Looks like you were doing more than just talking and I don’t believe the lady has anything to say, Roman replied, placing himself between me and Jersey.

Yeah. At’s why she let me grab dat ass earlier. Ain’t dat right, sweet cheeks?

I didn’t let you grab anything, asshole. You took it upon yourself to touch me.

Oh, you loved it. Now, be a good little bitch, bring dat ass ova’ hea’ and let me show ya’ what a real man can do.

Before I could say anything, Roman’s fist connected to Jersey’s jaw, dropping him instantly. He knew that he didn’t have much time before Jersey regained his composure. Roman took off his jacket and had just rolled up his sleeves when the big goon stood back up, rubbing his jaw.

Fuck you, man, and that cunt whore!

Roman was on the guy instantly- his fist connecting with the soft flesh of the guy’s face over and over again. I was paralyzed by the sight- seeing Roman fight in the ring was one thing but seeing him fight out here, out in the open, was a completely different animal. The site of Roman’s bloody and skinned up knuckles shook me out of my paralysis and I moved to him quickly, throwing my arms around his waist.

Stop, Roman, stop! Damnit, that’s enough! Roman, please!

Please- that one little word did it. He allowed me to pull him off of the goon and to his feet. He was breathing heavy and sweat was running down his face. He pulled away from me, walking back over to the big pile of shit, writhing on the ground in pain. Roman knelt down to the man and whispered- You will never, and I mean NEVER, speak to her or any woman like that again. If I find out that you have, when I’m back in town, I’ll find you and break more than just your fucking nose. Do you understand me?

Ya-ya-yes, I understand, Jersey spat out between swollen and bloody lips.

Roman stood back up and walked back to me, pulling me to his chest. I’m sorry this happened, Taryn. Shit, I’m so sorry.  I wrapped my arms around his waist and pulled him closer to me, letting his warmth envelope me. This man that couldn’t stand to look at me 3 months ago just stood up for me, beating the living shit out of a drunk bastard. Why? Why did Roman do that? Just then, the limo pulled to the curb and Roman broke his hold.



Let’s get the fuck out of here.

Nana Fujimoto is the star goaltender for the Japanese national women’s hockey team. At the 2015 IIHF World Championships, she was named best goaltender in the tournament. Fujimoto played for the NWHL’s New York Riveters during the 2016 season, and she was a starting goaltender at the 2016 All Star Game. She did not return to the NWHL this season to focus on national team obligations, and she has successfully led Team Japan to qualify for the 2018 Winter Olympics.


Journey to dream nights, chapter 10

Elisabeth March ベス・マーチ prototype model from Little women by Louisa May Aleott + Nakahara Junichi 中原淳一 (1913-1983) collaboration for 70th anniversary of Soleil それゆ magazine - Super Dollfie - Volks ボークス - Japan - November 2016