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Hot socks, it’s here!  Episode 1 of Doris & Mary-Anne Are Breaking Out Of Prison!

A comedy about two gals trying bust out of the big house during the Roaring Twenties.

Written & Animated by Ben Levin  

Starring Andrée Vermeulen as Doris

Sound by Matt Brailey

Produced by the most wonderful Allie Splain

Special thanks to Matt Burnett, Tiffany Ford, Shauna McGarry, Richard Shapiro and Julie Whitesell.

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The number of women in jail is rising faster than men
Women in jails are now the fastest growing population within the justice system, a new study found this week.
By Harry Bruinius, Christian Science Monitor

I don’t think feminists will score this one as a win for their “gender equality” goal, but they probably should. When the criminal justice system stops treating women with “benevolent sexism” and acknowledge their “empowered” choices this is the result.


Got these done~ Man these were so much fun to design! Here are Morgan’s signature guns, Cell Block Tango.

“The famed demon-smith Rodin handcrafted and fashioned these guns after the semi-automatic Colt M1911 pistols. They’ve gained their names from some of the most dangerous women from the Cook County Jail, including Annie, June, Velma, and Mona. These women are remembered in infamy for doing away with the men that did them wrong. The sturdy pistols are a bit on the heavy side compared to some more lighter models, but the shattering power that comes from the bullets of these guns can break even the toughest of angels. It is said that anyone, be they witch, angel, human, or god, who threatens the family of the witch owns these guns will find out in an instant how quickly a barrel from these guns can break one’s jaw.”

out of all the strange, nonsensical false equivalencies on tumblr, the most puzzling to me right now is the equation of “aphobes”/”REGs” to TERFs???

for one thing “aphobe” has been so divorced from its actual meaning that it now means “anyone who was rude to an ace or aro once” so there’s that

but like… TERFs are literally the scum of the earth? they’re not saying trans women aren’t LGBT, they’re saying trans women don’t exist and they’re actually confused potential rapists/murderers and often advocate for trans women to be jailed or even killed! just for being trans! TERFs have violently physically attacked trans women and support groups like the alt-right because they’re also anti-trans!

like… “REGs” literally only say that asexuality and aromanticism aren’t inherently LGBT identities? that’s it?

just like… how??? could you compare???? those things?????????

like regardless of your opinions on ace discourse, comparing TERFs to REGs is dangerously close to normalizing TERF “““opinions”““ and making them out to be only as bad as ace exclusionism??? when TERFs are literally one of the most dangerous groups out there for trans women, like, right up there with alt-righters???

like, for the love of all the trans women in your life, Do Not compare these two groups as some kind of false equivalency bc you’re comparing the actual murder of trans women to online discourse and that is sooooo fuckin disrespectful

antifeministcatholic101  asked:

If anything in the modern world Men are the ones who now the more oppressed. Where is the male privilege when a men is raped by a women, everyone laughs and ignores him? but when a man is even accused of rape he has his life ruined before he's proven guilty, where's the "male privilege" then? How about that women get 5 years shorter jail sentences for THE SAME EXACT CRIMES?

I think there is work to do when it comes to men being raped and sexually assaulted. Toxic masculinity in our society has caused that…. Men not being believed because they are considered too strong/women are too weak to assault them and men actually “wanting it” so they CAN’T be assaulted. Masculinity is fine. But toxic masculinity boxes men into being these creatures that are too strong or tough to be victims of women and that’s not true.

However, because there isn’t work to do in areas like this, it doesn’t negate all the other privileges men have. I don’t necessarily fault men for having these privileges. They were born with them and can’t help it. But they can help what they do with them and if they perpetuate them or not and I’ll hold them accountable for that.

Why the fuck can't we agree that nobody deserve to be rape.

Whore, prostitute, nun, business women, doctors, boys, men in jail, lawyers, single mothers, low end escorts, high end escort, strippers, teachers and everyone else.

Justifying they put themselves in that position shows that you are the problem.

Since Sandra Bland’s death July 13, 2015 over 810 people have died in Jail. That’s not including inmates who died in prison, and not including numbers from jails who keep data private. Last July five Black women were found dead in jails

  • #SandraBland
  • #KindraChapman
  • #JoyceCurnell
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  • #RaynetteTurner

Police have killed 629 people this year, the last person was killed yesterday. 

anonymous asked:

Could i offer a prompt where barrys dad dies instead of his mom? Im just so tired of the dead mom trope...

Fic: Tornado Warning (ao3 link)
Fandom: The Flash
Pairing: Nora Allen/Henry Allen, Leonard Snart/Mick Rory, Barry Allen/Iris West, Barry Allen/Iris West/Eddie Thawne

Summary: Nora Allen doesn’t know where the man in yellow, the man in the lightning, came from, but he killed her beloved Henry right in front of her and she knows deep in her gut that he’s after her beautiful baby Barry.

There is no way in hell she’s going to let that happen.


It happened in a flash.

She remembers every second.

She doubts every one of those seconds.

She came home late, driving home on instinct in the dark - she’d been worried about picking up the dry cleaning in time and whether the milk had already expired, whether Barry would want pancakes tonight for the millionth time, a dozen ultimately unimportant things - she’d settled in at home, kicked off her shoes, walked in humming -

And then he attacked.

At least, she thinks it was a him. Crackling lightning, a whirlwind, a figure surrounded by light, blurred too fast to see -

She screamed, she’d been screaming -

Barry ran downstairs -

Henry had been there, Henry turned to him at the doorway, Henry told him to run -

Run, Barry, run!

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Just imagine how conceited you have to be to see black men being shot dead in the streets, black women being murdered in their jail cells, trans people being assaulted in bathrooms, refugees being bombed out of their own homes, and women being stripped of their rights to their own bodies and still think that “This country is turning against white men! Liberals are out to get us!!”

C: I love to smoke weed; I’m not a daily smoker, but I’ll do it a handful of times a month. The thing that really scares me is the thought of getting caught. Where I live, white kids get let off easy for worse drug charges all the time, but I know being black holds a completely different reality. I love the herbal healing, but I really don’t want to become another statistic. It’s sad to think about the amount of PoC in jail for using some shit that shouldn’t be illegal in the first place.

Fury as double rapist is moved to a women-only jail after NHS sex change op
A DOUBLE rapist who had a £10,000 NHS sex change in prison has been moved to a women’s jail. Jessica Winfield, born Martin Ponting, attacked two girls and is now in HMP Bronzefield, Surrey.

She He was moved from top-security HMP Whitemoor, Cambs, to women-only HMP Bronzefield in Ashford, Surrey, and is hoping to be released this year.

But prison bosses have been hit with a backlash from female inmates — with one even threatening to self-harm to get away from Winfield.

The victim said last night: “There are not enough words to describe him and the evil he has done. It is diabolical they have allowed him to have a sex change and diabolical that he could be freed this year.


Here’s what you need to know about the unique problems facing women in jail

Last month, a video showing a woman brought to court without either pants or feminine hygiene products went viral. The incident sparked widespread outrage online. But some experts say it was indicative of a much larger problem and add that it’s a very specific example of how these systems are designed for men.