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The Hazelwood sisters have made Marine history being the first sisters to both pass USMC Infantry training. Making the accomplishment even more stunning is that they are among the first females to have ever passed the course! Semper Fidelis sisters! Til Valhalla!

Combat Estrogen

Hell, hath no fury,
like a woman’s, hellish scorn.
To those, who do doubt this,
consider yourselves warned.
Maternal instincts fierce,
they are programmed to protect.
Mess with “Molly’s” loved ones,
your fate, your life, it’s wrecked.
Ask “Heather Rising Six,”
would she fight, and shoot to kill?
I can answer for her;
she would, and yes she will.
Joe is in a foxhole,
with Mrs. G.I. Jane.
Forecast looking dreary;
dark storms, with hot-lead rain.
Misogynistic males,
who think women cannot fight.
Prepare to go “night-night,”
as the “Wook” turns out your “light.” ;)
© Copyright-Gregory J. Fino-August 15, 2017
•US Marine Corps (0311 Infantry)
•PurpleHeartPoetry (Iraq 2005)
•3rd Battalion 25th Marines, Kilo Company
1. Molly Marine: In 1943, in the middle of World War II, Marine Technical Sgt. Charles Gresham, a recruiter, needed a way to promote the enlistment of females into the Marine Corps. He decided on a statue of a woman in uniform. “Molly the Marine.”
2. Wook: Derogatory term that some male Marines use, when referring to female Marines. Short for “Wookie.”

Biafran volunteers, men and women, drill

Biafran volunteers, men and women, drilling and taking basic infantry training.

Photo by Priya Ramrakha/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images

Almost nothing you read or hear in the news today seems to make any sense at all.

People get so angry, so frustrated, so betrayed. It’s like “our leaders” are crazy or stupid, or both. It doesn’t make sense to put women in the infantry. That’s obviously crazy! It doesn’t make sense to encourage kids to take out college loans they’ll never be able to pay back. It doesn’t make sense to invite people into the country when you cannot afford to care for the people who are already here. That’s nuts!

It doesn’t make sense to start wars and then say you’re trying to “win hearts and minds.” War is not a good way to win hearts and minds! And worrying about hearts and minds is not a good way to win a war!

It doesn’t make sense that bankers and CEOs get golden parachutes and go on vacation or get jobs in the administration after knowingly and intentionally destroying companies, jobs, lives, the environment — whole segments of the economy!

But if you realize that they — the people who run the country — are doing things to benefit them and not you, everything makes perfect sense.

Consider the possibility that America’s leaders really don’t care if American soldiers live or die. Consider the possibility that American colleges and bankers don’t care if you live the rest of your life in debt to them. They’d probably prefer it. Consider the possibility that American politicians care more about keeping their jobs in the short term and looking good in the media than they do about what happens to the people of their country in the long term. Consider the possibility that “you” are not part of an “us” that “they” care about. I promise that if you meditate upon this, things will start to make a lot more sense.

If you let go of the idea that these people are supposed to care about you or the country, and you allow yourself to see them as gangs and individuals working to further their own interests, you can relax and appreciate their crafty strategy.

Let go of foolish expectations about what these people should be doing. Step back and see them for what they are. Don’t be mad. Don’t be outraged. Be wise.

As Nietzsche recommended: be carefree, mocking, and violent.

—  Jack Donovan, Becoming the New Barbarians(Click to watch the entire speech on youtube. I can’t recommend it highly enough!)

As part of a larger training session, the Marines are testing whether women have what it takes to serve in ground combat: armor, artillery and infantry units. But after the first week, nearly half of the women in the infantry unit already have dropped out — a much higher dropout rate than for their male counterparts. About a dozen women remain.

Whether women like these will get to serve in ground combat won’t be determined until later next year, when the Marine Corps looks at all the data from these training exercises. Depending on the results, the generals could recommend that some jobs, including infantry, stay closed to women.

In Intense Desert Training, Marine Women Fight For Place On Front Lines

Photo Credit: David Gilkey/NPR