women in chains

How many times a day will I have to put up with people defending the women who drugged her brother, chained him up like a dog then beat him half to death to the point where he had scars for weeks, continues to put him down every time he’s near her and tells him that he’s only alive because she allows him to be. How can you can you justify that behaviour and say that she isn’t abusive?


This has probably already been posted somewhere but I thought I’d post it anyway since tumblr is largely americentric. A huge group of largely Muslim women formed a chain on Westminster Bridge today in solidarity against the attack a few days ago and I thought it was pretty cool 💙

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Angst prompts - “I never meant to fall in love with you.”

Cullen Rutherford x Evie Trevelyan
Post-Trespasser Angst - 1009 Words

“I’m not sure if I ever told you this, but I never meant to fall in love with you.” Cullen remarked in a casual tone from the bedroom doorway. He had been lingering there for nearly an hour, watching the gentle rise and fall of Evie’s chest while trying to find something to talk about. After several topics came and went without a word being uttered, he finally settled on a story. Evie loved stories. And she told him once that his were amongst her favourites.

Leaning his broad shoulder against the doorframe, Cullen heaved a pensive sigh. “At first it was because you were… well, you were our prisoner.” He explained, a light smile touching the corners of his lips. “I couldn’t very well confess that I fancied the unconscious women chained up below the Chantry. I don’t know who would have throttled me faster, Cassandra or Leliana.”

With no reaction coming from the bed whatsoever, Cullen flattened his back against the open door and tucked his hands between the carved wood and the small of his back. “Then you were the Herald of Andraste.” He told the ceiling. “Chosen by the Maker to save us all. I wasn’t worthy of you.” Cullen glanced over when he caught movement in the corner of his eye but the spark of hope he felt was extinguished when he saw Evie was still lying with her back to him.

“And the more I got to know you, the more I knew I was right. I wasn’t the right man for you. Honestly, after Haven I had begun to believe no one would ever be good enough for you.” He sighed again, turning his eyes back to the ceiling. “You were perfect - are perfect.” He amended emphatically. “So kind and gentle. And strong. Even though you never thought you were. You have a strength of character like none I have met before and none I have since. You are and always will be a woman beyond compare, Evie.”

Cullen’s smile grew as he thought back to those days. To the woman Evie had been then: so timid, so unsure. But eager to help in any way she could. She had been so sure she would fail, though, having to be coaxed into even trying to be the leader she would later become. It had been her beauty that had drawn his eye but her spirit that stole his heart.

Pushing off from the door, he moved the side of the bed and took a seat. “I never meant to fall in love with you. I never thought it was possible that could ever see me as more than a commander, maybe even a friend.” He lifted his hand from his lap, about to place it on her shoulder but stopped himself with a sigh. “But I couldn’t stop myself from loving you. And when you returned my affections… Maker’s breath, it was as though my life had finally begun. Everything had been leading up to the moment you blessed me with the gift of your love.”

Unable to stand the distance any longer, Cullen finally reached out and placed a gentle hand on Evie’s left shoulder. “Please, love. Just look at me.” He begged as he applied pressure to her shoulder, trying to make her turn.

Evie attempted to shrug off his touch, curling further into herself. Her right hand wrapped itself tightly around the remainder of her left arm as she tucked her chin closer to her chest, hiding her face from his view. “Please, Cullen.” She croaked in a pitiful voice. “Just go.”

It was a plea he had heard more times than he could count in the months since the Exacted Council but it didn’t hurt any less even now. There had been a time when she would beg him to stay, a time when she promised she would never leave. Those days seemed so far away now.

Doing his utmost to hold back the tears stinging his eyes, Cullen gave Evie’s shoulder one last affectionate squeeze before rising from his perch. He moved to the door with slow, forced steps, not wanting to leave her side. When he reached the doorway, he turned back to watch Evie’s shoulder shake with her muted sobbing. The sight tore through him, rending his heart into a million pieces. He wanted nothing more than to return to the bed and hold her in his arms. He wanted to kiss away her tears. He wanted to put all her pieces back together and return her to the Evie he had fallen in love with. But what he wanted paled in comparison to what she needed. And what she needed was to find her own strength once more. She could do it. Even if she didn’t think so, even if she thought she worthless without the help of others, he knew she could. She had always been so much more than she thought she was. She only needed the time to find it within herself.

“I never meant for any of this to happen. I never meant to fall in love with you.” Cullen whispered. “But I have, and the Maker Himself could not stop me from loving you, Evie. I will go for now but when you are ready, I will be here. I will always be here for you.”

After making the laborious journey down the hallway to the kitchen, Cullen took a seat at the small wooden table. He sat in still silence for several moments before he realized his tears had spilled over and were down pouring down his cheeks. Slowly, he lowered his head to the table and pressed his forehead to the smooth wood. Covering his head with his hands, he allowed pain-filled sobs to rack his entire body, giving in to the anguish he had been fighting to keep at bay since the moment Evie had lost her arm and he had lost his wife. He could only pray that one day she would return to him.

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Top 10 Facts Of The Day (April 4, 2017)

10. The flying lizard looks like a real-life dragon. When threatened, this lizard can glide half the length of a football field … and still swoop in for a perfect landing. 

9. Scorpions can withstand such extreme temperatures that researchers have frozen them overnight, put them in the sun to thaw the next day, and watched them walk away.

8. Giving yourself a hug can reduce physical pain, partially because it confuses the brain into thinking that the information from right side of the body is coming from the nervous system on the left side of the body. 

7. Astronaut Scott Kelly grew 2 inches after being in space for a year. 

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So lately I became totally obsessed with ths song that I cannot spend a single minute without humming the tune. And I start getting really emotional when hearing it that I start crying so hard. Maybe because I heard that it’s the last composition done by Kurt Cobain?
I really don’t know.
Anyway, this is just beautiful. I could never describe my feelings everytime I listen to this song.


If I may
If I might
lay me down weeping

If I say
What it’s like
I might be dreaming

If I may
What is right
Summer time, see me heal

Those years in his blond head
The phrase from his pocket
Chains from the knowing lifelong dream

Do re mi
Don’t rape me
Do re mi
Don’t Rape me

If I may
If I might
wake me up, see me

If I do
If I like
Find me out, to see me

If I’m made
Cold as ice
I may have to see me heal

Raised in his own care
erased from his women
And chains from his socket I will need

Re mi
Re mi
Do re mi
Don’t rape me
Do re mi
Don’t rape me

wish me good
Wish me life
Find me out of season

In their way
Just be quiet
Follow pain and breed me

Yell r well
And if I sigh
Stake me out the TV

If I may
And if I might
Got a gun to bleed me

Raised in his pocket
erased from this moment
And chains from his owner in my tea

Re Mi
Re Mi
Re Mi
cremate me
Do re mi
Don’t rape me
Do re mi

Article from The New York Times, dated August 20, 1915


Turks Lock Them in a Wooden Building and Then Apply the Torch.

London, Friday, Aug. 20.–A Reuter dispatch from Petrograd says: 

“Almost unbelievable details of Turkish massacres of Armenians in Bitlis have reached Petrograd. 

“In one village 1,000 men, women, and children are reported to have been locked in a wooden building and burned to death. 

“In another large village only thirty-six persons, it is said, escaped massacre.

“In still another instance, it is asserted, several scores of men and women were tied together by chains and thrown into Lake Van.”

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I'm curious to know why you portray Caesar as gay when in canon he was clearly proven interested in women. Is that because of your own personal preference or do you have a headcanon around it?

Mmm I portray him as gay because honestly I feel he is and that ‘clear proof’ just… I don’t know man it felt VERY out of character, like something Oda just put in there as a cheap joke. Also … I feel pretty strongly about this so feel free to ignore if you’d rather not see me rant cause thiis might get long.

I mean before that one joke Caesar shows absolutely NO interest in anyone except one particular male character, he has a sexy bombshell of a secretary and he barely acknowledges her for crying out loud, if he was a womanising pervert wouldn’t he have been all over Monet? And even Nami? Then we have Smoker in Tashigi’s body with ‘her’ tits out and Caesar doesn’t even notice? You’d think if he was a such a womanising pervert that he’d take advantage of that when he knocked them all out, that he’d at least… idk comment or stare or acknowledge that in some way? 

Oh but what DOES he later show an interest in?

Tbh he’s basically acting like Sanji when he’s fawning over women here. So, so far he’s shown ZERO interest in women even when a chained up this:

is presented to him. Nope, not even acknowledged

Then later you get this sexy cat girl being all hearts at him and, again, if he was this womanising pervert you’d think idk, he’d be happy about the love? Some kind of an internal comment like ‘shurororo being nice is terrible but at least I get sexy ladies fawning over me!” but nah, he’s just doesn’t want anything to do with this 

So idk man, the Caesar up until that girl ship scene had been pretty solidly presented as not interested in women and then suddenly Oda seems to decide that ‘oh wait, all men are straight and perverts and also that’s funny so let’s make a joke out of that with Caesar of all people for some reason’

He could have just had Caesar spend all his money on science materials and booze, that would have been perfectly in character and he’d still be a complete asshole for doing that.

And before you say ‘he’s Oda’s character so whatever Oda makes him do is in character’ I will ask: Is it in character for Sanji, food respecting Sanji, to poison and put razor blades in his NAKAMA’S food? No, it’s not, yet Oda said had him do just that. Writers can and do sometimes make their character ‘OOC’ compared to things that were already established cause hey they’re not perfect.

Also the reason Caesar’s sexuality is so important to me tbh is cause he’s my favorite character, idk I weirdly identify with him and also I am very VERY gay and have had awful experiences that I don’t wanna get into with heteronormativity and everyone always having to like the opposite gender. So getting attached to a character that had thusfar been presented as as close to a gay person as a shounen manga would allow without it being a gross stereotype and then Oda goes and pulls this ‘oh wait he’s actually into girls, no matter how not interested he was before lol’

it just …. really hurts.