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I understand why people are upset over Trump, but this whole talk about how he is going to try to eliminate immigration as a whole is very incorrect. He doesn’t want to stop people from coming into this country LEGALLY. He wants to stop people from coming into this country ILLEGALLY. I am no Trump fan, but I think if we are going to discuss this, we should know what we’re talking about.


Women’s March on Washington. January 21st, 2017. Let this day go down in history as the day millions of women, men, and children around the world marched against racism and bigotry, and for fundamental human rights.

Because black lives matter, trans lives matter, muslim lives matter. Because immigrants are welcome here. Because climate change is not a hoax. Because it’s her body, her choice. Because women’s rights are human rights. Because he is NOT our president. Because love trumps hate. Because America is already great.

Because we’re fired up, ready to go.

Woman's March Playlist

In honor of the Women’s March on Washington and everywhere else, here are some inspiring songs you keep you going!♡ 

-Love Make The World Go Round 

 (by Jennifer Lopez & Lin-Manuel Miranda)

-Immigrants (We Get The Job Done) 

 (from The Hamilton Mixtape)  

-Wrote My Way Out

 (from The Hamilton Mixtape) 

-My Shot   

 (from Hamilton) 

-The Schuyler Sisters 

 (from Hamilton)

  [here on Spotify]

I’m often in conflict over whether or not to voice or share overtly political things unless they directly relate to Appalachia. However, today I believe it’s important to say that I stand in support of every person protesting today, and I believe all women, especially women of color, LGBTQ women, trans women, poor women, and immigrant women need to be heard.

Do not tolerate the patriarchal version of society that denies gender disparities. Do not ignore the cruel realities of the world for women of color. Do not accept that rape, brutality, and misogyny are facts of life for women. Do not allow a leader that embodies rape culture, sexism, and xenophobia to silence you now.

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This is my photo of the Women’s March on Chicago. The genuine, unfiltered humanity I saw today is the America I still believe in. This country is not the sum of one man.

People were protesting in different languages. People were marching to protect the rights of the disabled, LGBTQA+, women, POC, immigrants, etc. Not just in this city, or even just in this country. Love was louder today. Let it continue to fuel our fight for liberty and justice for all.

Thank you to every single person who walked as part of the Women’s March on January the 21st 2017.

Your walk today has helped pave the way for women’s rights and LGBTQ rights as well as promote immigration reform in years to come, long into the future.

People within your country and around the world will look back and see the statement you have made.

On behalf of sisters, mothers, daughters and women worldwide,

I thank you. 💞