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What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Even though Deadpool has been confirmed as pansexual, there hasn’t been a lot of canon same-sex relationships in his history. We get subtle hints and see Wade be openly attracted to people of all genders but so far he’s only been in explicit relationship with women. Yes, there was his relationship with Cable but even then it might have been one-sided and it was never outright confirmed in the comics. Deadpool’s “true love” death is even represented as a women most of the time. Deadpool has had numerous relationships and there are plenty of occurrences in the comics where he flirts with women but his attraction to men and non-gender conforming people isn’t really shown in the same light. I want Deadpool to confirm his pansexuality in the comics and movies. Instead of creators confirming Wade’s sexuality and only giving subtle hints in comics, the creators should actually make Wade openly pansexual and have him in same-sex relationships.

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It was fucking wild dude. Like we got so so drunk at her place and one minute I'm smoking joint on her balcony and another one I'm on my knees? Like wut? Sometimes when we meet while I'm home or she comes to London we make out like crazy. Also she is like 27 years older than I am and legit - looks like such stereotypical teacher who is passionate about literature and language and its fucking lit

I am in extreme envy!!!! That is the life man. That’s what I want. Except to then marry her. Gah older women 😍


Miyu, Toyonaga and Yuto already talked about which part Kamiya has to remove, in order to be a woman… And Hosoya, well, its Hosoya ^^; 「うわ~見えそう、見えそう」

## I think Kamiya (said) wanted to be born women, so he can marry Kaji ^_^ But I believe once Kamiya turned into a girl, he will deal with his own male seiyuu  fanboy, who also want to marry him…##


~ Kamigami no Asobi Event [Miniature Garden Festival] series ~

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In a month, 2 weeks, and 2 days we vote for president and we either get our first female president or our last. I’m honestly so scared that well end up with trump. There’s people out there that are so stupid they that Obama had to do with 9/11.
I want my weed legal, my gays married, my women to have rights, gun control (to a degree), free health care, free college, minimum wage raised to a livable wage, racism ended, and not to be plummeted into ww3 or another civil war.
Why cant we just get a 3rd term Obama?
Bernie was just a nice old man that wanted to do all that and the dumb asses of America that wanted to make American great again had to screw that all up. News flash for you, America was never great!

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15, 33, 36

15: Do you believe in the phrase “age is just a number”?

i believe it when both in the relationship are mature and know how to take a relationship, but i don’t believe it when put a poor kid with an old man/women i just *punch the wall*

33: Do you want to get married one day?

yea boi, why not? but i need to get married with the right person, im too young for this shits right now

36: Are you still a virgin?

yeah, im still virgin at my almost 15 years old, *breaths* boi


The House of Seven Women - Episode 02 

I married you as my parents wanted. I lowered my head, shut my feelings, because I’ve always been an obedient daughter. I am woman, but I was never mistress of my life. It first belonged to my father, then you and now belongs to my daughters.

“Cobie Smulders is an extraordinary person. She is a cool ass chick, superfunny, supergenerous, and superhot without obsessing about it. Spending the last season planning our characters’ wedding was true to life for me, because she’s exactly the kind of woman I would want to marry if women weren’t all gross and icky.”

god im just like.. so happy im GAY what the hell !!!!! i lvoe women!!!!!! i love them!!!!!! i want to kiss them and date them and marry one for the rest of my life!!!!

To ALL BLACK WOMEN who say “I want to marry a white or non black man because I don’t want my kids to go through what I went through”, that is no excuse.. Just say that you don’t want fully black kids because in YOUR eyes mixed kids equals beauty. I grew up in a house of dark and light skinned kids and we are all beautiful. Get over yourselves for real. I for one have a black man and if we have a light or dark skinned child, it won’t matter cause we will teach them that they are all beautiful..


So you reblogged my post & added something that is false. I am not a feminist listing lesbians as something gross. You have misunderstood my post, just like a lot of other people did when they reblogged your post. I apologize for the misunderstanding, but next time, please ask for clarification before you say something very false about me. 

What my post meant is that when you tell someone you’re a feminist, they think you hate men. They think you’re a lesbian. That’s what I have heard in the past, not something I believe in at all. I believe feminists can be lesbians, but also heterosexuals, women & men, and transexuals too. Feminists can be anyone out there, literally. So when other people list feminists as lesbians, they’re saying all feminists hate men so much they want to marry other women. I’m not saying it is a bad thing to marry another woman, I am saying that feminists are not all lesbians.

Also, I didn’t mean to say that lesbians were gross, obsessive or crazy. I said this because that’s what people SAY about feminists. I know lesbians aren’t obsessive & gross people, god. I am not stupid, or judgemental as you think I am. YOU have made me feel like I was for 2 seconds, but I am not & I know that.

Now that you understand what I meant, I want you to know one of my closest friend is a lesbian and she only told me. No one else knows because she knew she could count on me & I wouldn’t judge her. So there is no way I would ever want to distance myself from lesbians, she means a lot to me. Also, I believe everyone on earth should have equal rights & I also fight for gay mariage & all of their rights.

As a feminist, I believe women can do whatever they want with their life, their bodies and their relationships. I encourage girls to do what they want to do, because they can do anything they want. Not only heterosexual women, every single woman out there. At the end of the day, we are not “heterosexual” or “lesbians”, we are humans, and we are women. 

Thank you.

Confession: I don’t want to marry a black man. I know black men have different and unique personalities. I know they aren’t all the same. I’m not saying no on principle. It’s that my experience is that black men are cold, disrespectful, judgmental, overbearing, over-dependent, and dismissive. I’ve seen black men take advantage of their partners financially. I’ve heard too many stories.

One of my favorite tv shows right now is The Flash, and my favorite character is Joe West. Here is a black man represented as caring, supportive, open, funny, warm, and present. I feel such pride and happiness when I see him. It’s like something cold inside me melts. Then I feel shame and confusion.