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On this International Women’s Day I’d like to take a moment to recognize the women who often go unnoticed: Women of Color, Trans Women, Disabled Women, Indigenous Women, HIV+ Women, Fat Women, Women of the Global South, Muslim Women, Queer Women, Homeless Women, Women who are Single Mothers, Working Class Women.. I see you, You matter. 

C: We must end the stigma around getting tested. I have received so much push back from black men that insist that “we don’t do that” and “that shit is for white people.” No, it’s not! Your sexual health is so damn important. Stop playing with it. I won’t have sex or pursue a romantic relationship with any man who refuses to go to the clinic or share his results with me. No thank you. Our race leads in HIV and I don’t wanna be apart of that statistic.

C: Two days before my 17th birthday, my mom told my sister and I that she’s HIV positive. The news was shocking to me and I felt my heart sting when I heard her say, “I have HIV.” I knew my mom was sick because she has kidney problems, but I didn’t know she also had something like this. She been dealing with this for bout nine years. I don’t know if that’s how long she had it or how long since she found out. I honestly feel so hurt, disappointed, and angry about it, like, Ma, how could you have been so careless and not protect yourself? That whole day after she told us, I was crying nonstop and couldn’t even bare to look at her without feeling the urge to burst in tears. I hate that I feel this way but I feel so embarrassed like my mom has HIV, I can’t and wont dare tell none of my friends – not even my cousin that I’m very close with. Like, can’t none of my friends relate to this. A mother having HIV ? None can relate. I just can’t seem to wrap my head around the whole thing. Like my mother has HIV. 

And this post was not for me to offend anyone I’m just speaking from how I feel, I apologize if my wording may come off as bashful and judgmental. And I am not ignorant on the subject of HIV.


Women have been my biggest advocate and friend.

As a gay man I can honestly say had it not been for women of all sexual orientations supporting me in my darkest moments, I wouldn’t be here!

They’re part of the reason why I’m alive and kicking-plus they feel I’m hilarious.

Many of them have worked in the HIV field, personally experienced the loss of a friend to the virus, have many gay friends, and care for humanity. Some have been my friend for over a decade and others, several years, but I treasure our friendships.

To be loved is to be healed.


That’s TODAY y'all, starting in about 10.5 hours. Sorry for not finding out until last night. If you’re anywhere near the Big Easy please show your support. I think the doc being screened, TransEmpowered, features Blossom Brown of I Am Cait fame.


The fact that, this year, the Philly Trans Health Conference (PTHC) rescheduled and their new dates directly conflict with the United States Conference on AIDS (USCA, the largest HIV-related conference in the country) tells me a couple of things:

1. How much most people, including a ton of trans people, don’t actually care that much about HIV and trans people living with HIV. For example: all of the top HIV researchers and doctors and activists will be at USCA, not at PTHC, which pushes me to my next point:

2. This reveals, in certain terms, how much PTHC doesn’t actually care about major health concerns of trans women of color, in particular. Trans women of color, particularly Black and Latina trans women, are far more likely to be living with HIV than pretty much any other population in the country. Having attended USCA before, I can tell you right now that HIV-positive trans women of color activists and advocates will be at USCA, not at PTHC.

3. Like, honestly though, how the fuck can you be one of the biggest “trans health” conferences in the country (probably the world) and be this oblivious about a MAJOR HEALTH ISSUE that disproportionately affects trans people? I guess when the majority of those trans people are trans women of color, I already have my answer.

Academia has always played a pivotal role in pathologizing LGBT identities and contributing to homophobic and transphobic eugenics. It’s not just religious or moral fundamentalists who provide a “justification” for homophobia/transphobia with their dogmatism. Biologists, sexologists, doctors, and psychologists have also participated in engendering a culture of invasiveness toward and mockery of LGBT people. Whether that’s psychologists attributing being gay to familial problems or a psychological dysfunction, or neuroscientists and geneticists rooting around for a “gay” gene or a “trans” brain, or the DSM classifying being gay as a mental illness, or epidemiologists refusing to help gay and bi men and trans women during the HIV/AIDS epidemic - for centuries, academics have exacerbated the degree to which LGBT people suffer. Their “work” (if it can even be called such a thing) has provided for ostensibly “objective” and “professional sounding” justification for things like conversion therapy, familial abuse, police brutality, laws policing sexual and romantic behavior that specifically targeted LGBT people (such as anti-sodomy laws), the stigma surrounding and criminalization of HIV+ people, etc. Of course, let’s not forget that it’s doctors and scientists who are also directly participating in homophobic violence by experimenting on gay and trans people or barring them from life-saving medical services. 

It is particularly insidious to consider academia a forefront of unabashed objectivity because in a heteropatriarchal society that values the cishet male opinion as epistemologically neutral, academics are considered a bastion of pure, unbiased work. Thus, homophobes reason that if an academic, such as a psychologist or biologist or doctor, is putting forth the logic that being gay/trans is “caused” by a certain gene or interpersonal condition or that it somehow can be cured or that it causes a strain on society, then homophobes get science “on their side” and thus gain even more power to wreak havoc against LGBT people. When it isn’t just seemingly outrageous religious and moral and political fundamentalists who are screaming hatred toward gay/trans people, then cishet people everywhere think that their ideologies and actions are acceptable, normative, and beneficial. Thus, it is imperative to combat paltry academia that deigns to fetishize and pathologize us. As a student myself, I can safely tell you that no academic field, much less STEM fields, is free from cultural biases and influences. Scientists are as biased and motivated by prejudice as non-scientific academics. The faster we understand this, the easier it will be for us to resist all types of homophobia. 


Tumblr broke the last post, so I’m trying fresh.


I really don’t see how keeping cishet aro/aces out would make lgbt+ aro/aces unsafe, it’s as simple as you’re not lgbt+ thats really it, if you feel unsafe because were keeping cisgender straight peope out I don’t know what to say.

It’s not a “conflation” between straight people and aro/ace people you can be straight an aro/ace, and can not be. Aro/ace doesn’t have any default orienations. And since you can be straight an lgbt the cisgender straight ones are not apart of the community. The fuction of our community is the unite lesbian,gay,bi,pan,trans/nonbinary people in addition to fighting homophobia and transphobia. I’m not saying we all do it and we all help eachother but thats what the fucntion is. Being ace doesn’t automatically make you not straight.

No, not all ace-spec people are “the arbiters of Straightness” but again if you’re a straight ace person you hold straight privledge and opression. I highly doubt if you tell a straight non ace person you have no secual attraction but you only like the oposite gender they’ll still insist you’re not straight unless they already subscribe to the “being ace automatically means not straight” ideology, I mean and maybe ignorant some straight people  will deny that straight aces are straight due to their aceness but it doesn’t make you less straight.

Again lgbt+ aces being in is fine but cishet aces being cisgender and heterosexual and a class of opressor and have been known to hurt us, the community is already unsafe unfortunatly with terfs and biphobes I understand but it’s historically made for lgbt+ people and not cishets. I see where you’re coming from with this conversation but alot of us rather fix the intercommunity transphobia and biphobia while keeping cishets out making it worse for all all by letting opressors in the community. And plenty of us are fighting agaist terfs and biphobes.

I’m not playing an “AIDS” card I’m stating that people in the aro/ace community have been known to trivialize the diseases and it’s major issues with the lgbt+ community, Thats it. Alot of us know the impact that it has with it’s members and it’s history. So your statistic and mention of the struggle between trans women and HIV while incredibly informative and an issue that seriousy needs to be tackles is irellivant in this particular conversation but honestly I’m happy I saw it because it was very important.

I can see since you’re bi yoursellf your personal concerns I’ll admit, and I’ll apologize for calling it tokenizing since you are bi but it’s not “repackaged biphobia” because bi people ae lgbt+ and belong in our community because  they are m-spec while cishet aro/aces are not because they are not trans and not sga or m-spec.

I did read the links and half of that shit I am very aware of, I experience transphobia myself from cis lgbp people. I have read and learned about the history of trans and nonbinary people and their discrimination against the community especially trans women, There has been and still is inter community discrimination but it’s still historicially SUPPOSE TO be a community for sga,m-spec, and trans/nonbinary people and to fight discrimination against all of us from cishets

I don’t know about you but I mentioned bi phobia and the discrimination of m-spec people and know it’s a horrible issue that needs to be fixed.

Again I did read the links and I read it again,  I still don’t belive keeping cishet aro/aces out is gonna cause harm to the community but I have seen some a spec hate go out of like and can deeply understand the post, I do feel like alot of us need to draw back on a-spec people when talking about keeping cishet ones out because we can be way too harsh at times.

No, were not making it clear that trans,bi,pan, and questioning kids aren’t welcome because they’re all lgbt+ and we even have said time and time again the A is so closeted lgbt+ people can safely enter the community. We aren’t sayign any of them or you don’t matter. It’s not “destroying the village” because cishets were never in.

We DO listen, we have heard the points from you guys time and time again and we still read them.

Again admitidly there is a lot of harshness toward the a-spec community and I feel like we need to draw back and on our side of the discourse and let it be so we can have our own community, but vauge general tags are not spaces. Hell I’ve thought about helping make a community myself if people want to help that I’d gladly try and start even make a acronymn and all, say the word and honesly I’m ready to help start a whole new a-spec community.

I see where your coming from I really due, I used to be including of all aces in the lgbt+ community and I am aware of how the rest of the community treats us as trans/non binary people and m-spec, no matter what they’re gonna “turn on us” honestlly thats not the right term because they’ve been on the attack for decades.

I see the struggles and I get them, I may seem like a giant grumpy asshole but I understand where you’re coming from and I am cool with cishet a-spec people themselves and totally want to know their experiences and their struggles but they just aren’t lgbt+.

FOR! FUCK’S! SAKE! This is now the third time I’ve actually given you testimony from a lesbian ace who was abused out of the community on the grounds of her asexuality, and who does not feel safe in the community as a direct result of gatekeeping “””cishet””” aces! She’s not the only one, either - I’ve spoken to quite a few, you might want to look at some of the anons I replied to today -  just the only one who felt comfortable speaking at length about it through an anonymizing proxy because she was terrified of the hate coming from your side of this argument. If you really think that the fact that “””LGBT+””” aces are scared of the community is not damaging, then you clearly don’t care about them as much as you claim.

Yes, it is conflating a-spec with Straight. You’re not actually addressing anything I’m saying - that privileged in-groups decide who they will extend membership and privilege to, and they have not been extending it to visibly a-spec people. What you call “straight privilege” in a-spec people? It’s called the closet. “Straight-passing privilege” is literally recycled 90s biphobia. This is exactly what I’ve been talking about. In terms of social privilege and membership in the oppressor class, there are no Straight a-spec people. You can be heterosexual and not Straight, as literally any heterosexual visibly-trans person can explain to you.

You’re talking about one kid who made one post ages ago, has apologized repeatedly for it, and in fact faced very heavy criticism from the a-spec community and its allies including myself. If that’s the standard we’re setting for “dangerous to the community,” then I guess Dan Savage ruined it for all cis gay men. Janice Raymond sure as fuck ruined it for lesbians. When will we be throwing them out, again?

“No member of this group has ever said anything bad about any other part of the community” is an impossible fucking standard, and one we hold no other part of the community to. Why the double-standard here? And why exactly is “said some gross shit” the priority that everyone rallies around, rather than “explicitly set out to kill thousands of members of the communit and succeeded” or “is actively conspiring with anti-queer hate groups to pass transphobic laws?” Why does attacking a-spec people get applause, but even mentioning these other two problems routinely gets called homophobia?

The fact that you claim to welcome bi people in the community now does not change the fact that about half the arguments against a-spec people are the exact same arguments that were used against bi people in the 80s and 90s, and continue to be used against us today, from within the community. I, personally, have been called heterosexual, an invader, an oppressor, because I am bi. “Straight-passing privilege” was originally an attack on bi people. “You’re interested in the ~opposite~ sex so you’re straight” was an argument against bi people. “You’re just claiming to be queer so you can invade our spaces” is an argument I saw levelled at bi people earlier tonight. Like it or not, the parts of a-spec policing that aren’t repackaged transphobia are, in fact, repackaged biphobia.

I have a fundamentally different conception of the community than you, it would seem. You want to make sure that someone can check off one of a very restricted list of boxes. I remember how much blood and tears and pain went into every single one of those boxes, all the way back to “lesbian,” against people who sounded just like today’s gatekeepers. My litmus test is much simpler: Are you a member of the Straight in-group, with free and unrestricted access to its privileges? If so, you’re not one of us. If not, you’re in. The advantage to this conceptualization is that nobody gets left behind, and we don’t need to have this fight again every ten years.

No, historically, it was never about SGA, m-spec, and trans people” coming together for their common issues. Seriously, reread that timeline and tell me when, exactly, the gay and lesbian community welcomed trans people with open arms. What year? Be specific. While you’re at it, you might want to look into how exactly “bisexual” became its own distinct classification, separate from the gay and lesbian communities. The harmonious coming together you posit never happened. The modern community has been one of the nastiest hives of transphobia as long as it has existed, and literally invented biphobia. For people like me, the community is historically at least as great a threat as straight people unless it makes a concerted effort to not be. And that concerted effort cannot happen while you’re using the exact same gatekeeping tactics that tried to keep people like me out.

It would be much easier to fix biphobia if you would stop recycling it.

Again, if you don’t think chasing off “””LGBT+””” aces and aros, bi people, and trans people in droves is causing damage to the community, I would love to know two things. One: What is damage to the community? Two: How are a-spec people causing it?

When you pick up the weapons of biphobia and transphobia - the ones that still have our blood on them - and start swinging them against people who are in the exact same position we were in ten, twenty, thirty, forty years ago? When it becomes acceptable to your side of the argument to misgender any trans person who disagrees with them (something that has happened to every trans friend I have who has spoken on this issue)? When the meme of the day is “Let’s divide bi people into “real LGBT” and “secret straightie”?

You are hurting us. You are driving us out. You are telling us we are acceptable casualties, and only conditionally welcome if we’re willing to perform gayness in a way you find acceptable.

Let me paint a picture for you here: A young boy comes to the community. He’s not too sure of himself, but he knows that he’s extremely nervous in sexualized situations and would rather avoid them, and he likes girls but not boys. Beyond that, things are fuzzy. Is he:

  • A “cishet” ace and therefore unwelcome?
  • Actually straight, and therefore unwelcome?
  • Closeted, and therefore welcome?
  • A trans woman who doesn’t know it yet, because she hasn’t seen any examples of transness that feel like they match her life, and therefore begrudgingly welcome (but nobody’s going to do anything about the literal hundreds of violently transmisogynistic people in the room, and in fact she’ll be attacked if she asks for help)?

You’ll notice that 75% of the outcomes here are not “member in good standing who can feel safe in the community.” Are you really arrogant enough to think that you can beat those odds every time someone who “should” belong comes along? (If so, you can test your luck: The person I was thinking of when I wrote that is not me. Which case is the right one?) Or do you just not care about all the times you’re wrong and throw out someone who needs our help?

This is what I mean by “destroying the village to save it.” You’re making things more dangerous for people like me, and for the next generation of confused, questioning kids, by making it very clear that we will be constantly inspected to make sure our identity matches an arbitrary and shifting standard, and if we fail we can expect violent hostility and aggression.

If you’re listening as much as you claim - if you’re actually seeing all the “””LGBT+””” a-spec people who are too scared to take part in the community, all the bi people being accused of being secretly straight, all the trans people having their gender erased when it becomes inconvenient - and you are continuing to support and advance the agenda that is doing this to us, you have decided that we are acceptable causalties. There is no other option. Either you’re not seeing the damage done, or you don’t care about it, or you stop perpetuating it.

All right, tell me exactly what does constitute a “proper” community safe from invasion. And then tell me how you expect a bunch of scared kids, often having to deal with hostile social environments and extremely limited resources, are supposed to build that without any guidance and support from the people who have gone through this before.

And then tell me what your excuse will be when that community gets invaded too, because seriously, people on your side are seeking out a-spec people who are not engaging in this war, who are too scared to ask for a place at the table, and bombarding them with hatred.

You can say you see where I’m coming from all you want to, but it’s not true. Not as long as you’re willing to stand by the people who want to throw me under the bus yet again so they can cling to the position of privilege they’ve managed to establish within the community, and maybe buy a seat at the privileged table in wider society. Not as long as you’re willing to be their foot soldier, repeat their mantras, swing their weapons. You cannot empathize with me while you’re perpetuating and encouraging violence against me. Not really.

I’ve seen this battle before, and I’m sure I’ll see it again. Frankly, as a bi trans woman, I have more in common with a-spec people than gatekeepers. I know for a fact that my ass is next once the a-spec people have been dealt with, because my ass has always been next. I refuse to earn my place in the community by punching down at the next scapegoat - I do not want privilege bought with other people’s pain. It saddens me that you do.

I should be angrier about this hiv/living situation since a white girl pretended to be a Muslim, South Asian HIV+ bi woman sex worker and victim married to a trans woman. But really all I’m worried about right now is that people will be even harsher and more demeaning toward South Asian trans women, South Asian sex workers, and South Asian bi women now. Their lives are real, and genuine, and it’s really sad to me that a white woman saw this as an opportunity, and that white people and other people who don’t understand the realities of S. Asian bi women, trans women, HIV+ people, and sex workers, are going to use this against them. 

Pookie and Ray Ray vs. Charles and Steve: Same Team. Two different positions.

When Jessica Hampton had her throat slit on a Chicago train by her ex, the first thing that black people said was “Well, she chose him. That's what she gets for dating a thug.” When the pregnant young lady, that was used as a shield by her boyfriend during a raid was killed, the first thing that black people said was “She probably passed up good guys to be with that thug.” This notion that black women are ONLY being terrorized by “thugs” is false, false, false! I’m here to burst a couple of bubbles. Pookie the drug dealer and Steven the case manager are one in the same. The only difference is occupation, education level, and environment.

 First, let's go into what black people use to define a good guy. Does he have a job? ✓ Does he have a higher education? ✓ Does he go to church? ✓ BAM! He must be a good guy…right? WRONG! None of these accolades equates to being inherently “good”. People see a dude with a job and a college degree and automatically think that he is the antithesis to a thug, completely disregarding the fact that personality and character has a lot to do with whether a man is “good” or not. Newsflash: You are not a “good guy” just because you chose books instead of street corners. You are not automatically a good guy because you enjoy anime instead of BET Uncut. You are not a good guy because you call women “females” instead of bitches and hoes. This idea that only thugs are capable of hurting black women is asinine. What about the men that wear suits and ties every day, but cheat on their wives with the office secretary? What about the men who work at these fortune 500 companies that constantly play on women’s insecurities? What about the pastors that beat the holy hell out of their wives? What about the men who knowingly infect black women with HIV? Occupation, education level, and environment do NOT make you “good”!

With that being said, women are not obligated to date you regardless of what you have achieved. Many of you “good black men” are nothing more than entitled, narcissistic, whiny, brats that believe that black women should drop to their knees because you don’t sag your pants. You all do not have the traits of a man that is “good”, and you are no different from Pookie and Ray Ray that live up the block. Your degree is nothing more than a cover-up for your evil intentions. That’s the reason why you cowards find it soooooo amusing when a black woman is abused. The “good black man” is never far away waiting for the perfect moment to add in his famous shameless plug “That's what y'all get for choosing them thugs. Yall don’t want brothas with a good job. Yall don't want the lames with the good manners. Yall want thugs. That’s why yall are getting y'all asses kicked!” <—- Does that sound like something a good man would say??? No, that’s what a coddled, spoiled, egotistical dickhead who gloats in a woman’s misfortune would say. 

That’s the reason why you guys hate Ciara and call Russell a simp. You wanted to see Ciara suffer, and it burns you up inside that an ACTUAL good black man, who has proven his righteousness through not only words but also actions, would want a woman who made a mistake and got pregnant by a “thug”. 

Do you honestly think that the 60% of black girls who were raped before the age of 18 were raped by just thugs? Do you honestly think that the black women who died at the hands of domestic violence were all killed by thugs? Do you really think that it’s only thugs that neglect their kids? They are not the only ones wreaking havoc on the lives of black women. Wolves are always sporting sheep’s clothing. For those of you who constantly throw the black women’s misfortune and her overtrusting nature back in her face, you are NOT a “good black man” by far. You are just as detrimental to black womanhood as the Pookies and the RayRays. You just traded in your gun and dime bags for anime and chemical engineering!

I actually know plenty of good black men. Many of them follow me. They don’t gloat in our misfortune. They listen to black women when we speak and they try to learn as much as they can instead of deflecting and gaslighting. They gather details about misogynoir and try to implement different practices in their life that will make them a better man. Good black men aren’t spending their dying days whining about being rejected by black women.They aren’t rambling about being an educated brotha. They know that they don’t have to brag about being good because not only do they show it, they also prove it. The rest of you niggas are just self-absorbed entitled lames with a chip on your shoulder who are one missed phone call away from being another Steven Stephens.

The woman who discovered India's first HIV cases - BBC News
Thirty years ago, India discovered the dreaded HIV virus had reached its shores when blood samples from six sex workers tested positive.

At a time where the Indian press wrote “that HIV was a disease of the ‘debauched West” and presumed it would never come to their country, only one woman, Sellappan Nirmala, pushed forward on testing for HIV and AIDS - and in doing, uncovered an epidemic. But 30 years later, almost nobody knows her name.

Asked if she was frustrated by the lack of recognition, she replied:

“I was brought up in a village. There no-one gets excited or depressed about such things. I’m happy I got this opportunity and I’ve done something for the society.”

I’m babysitting at a conference about family&HIV and it’s so disheartening what some of the women here face or had to face. Doctors who force them to have a c section when they want to give birth naturally bc they’re too lazy or don’t know that HIV positive women CAN give natural birth to their children without infecting them. Insufficient support groups when it comes to managing family life while HIV positive, especially how to tell their kids or when their kids are positive as well. Being assigned a separate bathroom at work. And tons of people who still refer to the seminar group as “ AIDS group” when they have nothing to do with AIDS
These women here are so strong and I salute them.

POZ supports National Transgender HIV Testing Day because…

  • Trans women around the world are approximately 49-times more likely to be living with HIV compared to all adults of reproductive ages.
  • Trans women of color experience disproportionately high rates of HIV. For instance, HIV prevalence among African American trans women is approximately 56% (compared to 17% prevalence among Caucasian trans women.)
  • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, today, 73% of trans women living with HIV in the United States are unaware of their HIV positive status.

  • Currently, there is very limited information about trans men in particular. To date, research related to HIV among trans people has almost exclusively focused on trans women.
  • The few published studies that report HIV rates among samples of trans men have reported 0 – 3% prevalence (though, those studies were self-reported and of very small subject pools.)
  • There is growing evidence that there is a significant group of trans men who have sex with men (TMSM) and trans men who engage in sex work, and an urgent need to re-evaluate our current data on trans men and HIV.

anonymous asked:

do you know any lesbian movies?

i know some.. not that enough but some, my favorites are:

  1. saving face (2004) - besides the lesbian a-plot it also focuses on social conventions (not only in regard of homosexuality) as well!, written, directed, starring chinese/chinese americans. english and mandarin and english subtitles. this movie, just, i love it so much and im incredibly sad it’s not more popular tbh. it’s cute, goes a bit deeper than ‘only’ the lesbian plot, it’s interesting, too. god i love
  2. Gia (1998) - about the model gia who is considered the first top model! also she was one of the first talked-about women who died of HIV. TW for drug use and nudity, mostly. also low-key emotional child abuse. beautiful but depressingly sad movies/biography. angelina jolie plays gia and elizabeth mitchell plays her girlfriend,,,, they kiss a lot… up to this date both actress still answer questions like “who was your best on screen kiss?” with each another.)
  3. imagine me& you (2005) - what a classic. this trashy rom com that fulfills so many trashy rom com cliches but with lesbians gives me so much life. so does 2005′s fashion. set in england and piper (plays rachel)’s british accent is literally the cutest thing. also lena headey. has no cultural meta or references, it’s just a very very (white) cheesy romcom
  4. bloomington (2010) - im speechless idk what exactly is so great about it but it’s just so great
  5. fingersmith (2005) - … ok listen who’s not trash for a complex story with like so many plot-twists that actually make sense set in victorian england??? like??? do i really have to try to sell this one to you??? also like technically it’s a miniseries by BBC devided in two parts per 1hr30 each but like it’s so worth it. lot of tears. the book is better though. duh.
  6. i can’t think straight (2008) - another classic. lead character is an indian muslima and the movie also thematizises on the religious differences between leyla and tala, a palestine christian/atheist. it’s really great and such a civil conversation of it. it’s also like a hella gay movie like it’s really really super gay. leyla has “fingersmith by sarah walker” in her room like that is how gay this is.
    BUT something i feel like i should warn y’all about is that the movie’s directing and production …. i’d describe it as “bollywood inspired by hollywood” meaning that it tries to ‘imitate’ western/american film techniques, so it’s a bit irritating if you’re used to just american movies.
  7. but i’m a cheerleader (1999) - fucking goddamn classic. hilarious movie that perfectly ridicules “straight camps” and like how often you got your family and friends tell you “honey, you’re gay” “gay? but i’m a cheerleader?” nice. so funny. so light. beautiful sex scene tbh. natasha lyonne is lead, yknow, nicki on oitnb
  8. D.E.B.S. (2006) - lesbian spy meets lesbian villain and together they lesbian together. such trash. such beautifully funny, bad trash. pure trash. i love it.

uhhhh i cannot think of more faves rn although p sure there are some

some other movies i can think of from the top of my head: 
i feel like i have to add blue is the warmest color (2013) to the list although i hate it? i hate it’s length, plot, biphobic subtext, the typical “lesbian thirsting the dick” trope, etc. but idk it has a great aesthetic. 
lost and delirious (2001), the four faced liar (2010), my summer of love (2004) (this one has emily blunt so like), tipping the velvet (2002), gray matters (2007), room in rome (2010), kyss mig (2011), a world unseen (2007),… 

feel free to add more! also if anyone could recommend me/ could add more movies with a lesbian storyline starring women of color that would be amazing 

thank you for asking! if anyone wants to talk about any movie i’m hereeeee 


A woman has HIV. She becomes pregnant. What are the chances that she can deliver a baby who is not infected?

In some countries, like Yemen, for example, only 11 percent of pregnant women with HIV receive treatment to prevent their babies from being infected. For women who aren’t part of that fortunate group, the chance of passing HIV to their infant is as high as 45 percent.

But in Cuba, the chances are now practically nil. On June 30, Cuba became the first country to receive what can be seen as a global seal of approval — the World Health Organization validation — for essentially eliminating transmission of AIDS from a mother to her baby. (Cuba has eliminated transmission of syphilis as well.)

That doesn’t mean Cuba is on a pedestal all by itself. By 2014, more than 40 countries were testing and treating more than 95 percent of pregnant women; some places, including Anguilla, Barbados, Canada, Montserrat, Puerto Rico and the United States, have likely hit the mark as well. But Cuba is the first to go through the WHO monitoring program, which requires data on transmission for at least two years and an on-site visit by WHO members examining care in all parts of the country, including remote, impoverished and underserved areas.

Here’s how Cuba did it.

Cuba Is First To Earn WHO Seal For Ending Mother-Baby HIV Transmission

Photos: Courtesy of Pan American Health Organization/WHO

The Peace Corps is excited to be a partner of Saving Mothers, Giving Life. We are particularly proud of the contributions Peace Corps Volunteers have made at the community level to promote the importance of essential maternal health services, and we are thrilled to continue our collaboration to aggressively reduce maternal mortality. - Acting Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet

Saving Mothers’ first Annual Report, Making Pregnancy and Childbirth Safe in Uganda and Zambia, demonstrates rapid progress towards reducing maternal mortality ratios in eight pilot districts.

In Uganda districts, the maternal mortality ratio has declined by 30%, while in facilities in Zambia, the maternal mortality ratio has decreased by 35%. The Report showcases the activities that have helped contribute to these gains, including:

  • Increasing the number of women delivering in health facilities by 62% and 35% in Uganda and Zambia, respectively
  • Enhancing women’s access to Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care, by hiring and training skilled birth attendants;
  • Strengthening transportation and communications networks among communities and facilities, in addition to strengthening the supply chain for life-saving medicines and commodities; and
  • Expanding testing and treatment for HIV/AIDS for women and their newborns.

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