women get tired

Anyway as a butch lesbian I don’t think it’s wrong for me to want to criticize how femininity is forced on women and girls. I’m not saying you can’t participate in or enjoy femininity for yourself, but my journey has been… Complex. With regards to femininity and my feelings toward it.

When I was younger, around 8-9, I despised dresses and the color pink and everything to do with compulsory femininity. I actively and loudly proclaimed my hatred for these things. Over time, I told myself - or rather, I internalized messages from the world around me - that this was due to my own immaturity and actually was misogynistic. I forced myself to “get over it” and “fit in” and eventuality I was wearing skirts and dresses and even the color pink quite often. I thought of this as a success on my part to grow beyond my childhood fancies and to embrace femininity and womanhood, because of course I thought (as I was told) that the two are one and the same. Only recently have I begun to really shed these facets of compulsory femininity, to return to my “tomboy” childhood self. There are still some dresses in my closet - unworn, semi-forgotten vestments of a world I’ve left behind. I still own some makeup products, some high heels, some low cut “girly” tops. Femininity tends to leave a residue on one’s life, even after you think you’re done with it. Haven’t done laundry in two weeks? All that’s left is a skirt you bought in the tenth grade. Zit on your nose? Good thing you didn’t throw out your concealer. These things aren’t necessarily vicious, but the idea behind that skirt you bought in tenth grade (maybe if I stop wearing so many loose jeans the girls in my class will want to talk to me) or the idea that your skin should be held to a higher standard than that of a boy - these are the things that harm, and hurt, and stick to your skin long after you thought it was over.

This is not to say that somehow my growth is better or more nuanced than that of anyone else, I just want to say that femininity is compulsory and I have the right to question its role in society. More than simply saying it wasn’t for me but it’s totally fine and empowering for others, I want to give young girls and women a choice in how they can comfortably express themselves in the world. It’s not somehow easier to reject femininity than to accept it. I don’t benefit from some sort of “masculine privilege” by merit of being gender nonconforming and a butch lesbian. I can understand why makeup and dresses and high heels can be a refuge of safety for many women - trans women, women of color, disabled/differently abled women, etc. in particular - without promoting the idea of compulsory femininity as being a positive aspect of heteropatriarchal society. It’s not. It makes women safer because of its compulsory nature. Because, if you don’t submit, you may find yourself in danger. Makeup and beauty products may as well have the tagline “conform or die” and even if you do your best to conform, it may still not be enough. This is what I question. This is what I, as a butch lesbian, want to destroy. And even if you enjoy and find comfort in femininity, you should support every woman’s right to freedom without femininity.

let’s compare

canon Mercy

  • a white woman who has angel motifs. something we’ve seen all the time.

  • a white woman who has unethically resurrected/prolonged the life of/biomedically altered two men of color. (Genji and Reaper).

  • has very little backstory because misogyny actually and because Blizzard needs to keep her likable and not expand on her complicated character. if she’s not one-dimensional, she’s not appealing. if she’s not a hot, sexy nurse with almost no personality aside from being nice, bubbly, compassionate, and a little bit tired then she has no worth. let’s also note all of these personality traits are linked to her job and she really doesn’t have anything unique about her. (see point one)

  • has not aged since she was 17 or in her 20s? because of all of the biotic treatments. yes. that’s canon. Mercy is forever sexy and young. because “we need hot characters to sexualize” so no she is not representation for older women - she doesn’t look old. that’s kind of the point. we need older women who don’t fit the niche of heteropatriarchal standards of beauty. (compare to Ana and how her design transcends that box wonderfully).

concept Mercy

  • a black man with angel motifs. literally unheard of. I have never heard or seen of this. white angels happen way too often due to the idea of whiteness = purity.

  • a black man who did the same as canon Mercy. it’s still as bad but it isn’t, basically, white-on-black medical interference. there’s a long, sad history of black people and their bodies being used for medical experimentation. it’s not good. if concept Mercy had happened, this would have made his actions more sympathetic and more believably from a sense of compassion and care.

  • a black man who would have more backstory (maybe, if Blizzard’s inevitable racism didn’t get in the way… maybe this is wishful thinking…) than canon Mercy because he’s allowed to be complex and complicated because he’s not their sexxi nurse.

  • a black man who would have gotten to be a fucking healer??? a black man in the role of someone who helps, and has almost zero ties to violence. (Mercy’s game mechanics also reflect this and how she was upset Ana used her tech and “Must violence always be the solution?” – THIS would have been concept Mercy’s stuff too!!!!)

  • would have been in a relationship with Genji. we would have had canon gay men of color together. we could have had this.

  • “but Pharmercy is good!!” actually no hate because I sort of like Pharmercy and I’m a lesbian but a lot of the times fans don’t treat Pharah right and make her into some muscleheaded Big Brown Bitch and it gets very racist very fast.

  • “but Pharmercy could still be good!!” I mean yeah it probably could have been and I might’ve have for once had a straight ship in OVW but you know what would have happened? racism. this fandom sucks shit. but ngl if gay Gency had been canon I would have OTP’d them and never even thought about pairing Mercy with Pharah.

concept Mercy who is only a little different than canon Mercy but has 

  • pants
  • realistic and functional clothing
  • not immediately reeking of sexualization
  • still has everything canon Mercy has going on but: PANTS


no, but if you think that reviewers’ problem with anastasia is anything other than the whole point of the show being a young woman finding herself, pls get out. the book is tight af, the actors are amazing and top of their game, the sets are brilliant, the video is amazing, the costumes are breathtaking, the only problem is that it’s about women and it loves that message about men preying on women and being generally gross. 


pay the uswnt what they deserve

will you demons stop fucking mocking men for the way they look

another scary ass part of this trans ban in the military is reading comments by bigots being like “take that you special liberal snowflakes!!” as if they’re proud to limit people’s human rights..throwing it into marginalized people’s faces.. it’s astonishing how mindlessly ignorant and selfish people are??

Listen up writers

Just so you know…

A “strong female character” does not have to be physically strong. She can be emotionally strong, mentally strong.
A “strong female character” does not have to be skilled in martial arts or any kind of weaponry to be badass.
A “strong female character” does not have to have a wall over her emotions in order to be strong. 
A “strong female character” does not have to have masculine traits for her to be seen by the reader as strong.

A “strong female character” is one who loves fiercely, whose strength lies in her heart and character, not just in her body. She fights for what she believes in, for those she loves, even if she is too physically frail to knock out the baddies. She can be intimidating enough to terrify a powerful sorcerer just by looking him in the face, not by any outward show of strength. no I am totally not talking about Sophie Hatter
A “strong female character” doesn’t have to fight physical battles in order to be strong; she can fight emotional ones too, those battles that involve no physical weapon but are heart-breakingly painful all the same. She may have walls, she may have known far too much pain for any one person to bear. But emotional strength does not mean not having emotions at all. Let her cry, let her scream, let her laugh, let her be vulnerable. Trust me, this is where readers often connect the most to a character: when they are most deeply and painfully human.
A “strong female character” has complicated and deep emotions that go far beyond heartbreak or anything romantic. She shouldn’t just be motivated by failed romance or a lost lover. Women have more relationships and passions than just romantic ones. They can be motivated by more than just romantic love. We aren’t all hopeless romantics. (okay I am, but that’s irrelevant) 
A “strong female character” develops when the author values the uniqueness and beauty of feminine traits and accepts that these are just as essential to human existence as masculine ones.

im gonna wait to see what the movie does with the women characters because I don’t trust the MCU (or any other company really) to truly take bold and experimental chances with storylines when it comes to black women BUT THAT BEING SAID

IM SO FUCKING HAPPY that the Dora Milaje are costumed in ACTUAL SEMI REALISTIC CLOTHES for fighting in!!!! No weird metal halter straps or inexplicably exposed thighs or armor that’s molded to your tits *cough* WW *cough* or hypersexual bodysuits. Just straight up beautiful and individualistic and complex looking armor and GOD it’s such a little thing but it makes me so fucking happy

concept: you can dislike dd/lg all you want, there’s no reason you need to like it. but shaming and berating and threatening people who use dd/lg or dd/lg themes to make money is anti-sex worker and therefore anti-feminist and indicative of white feminism


The women of wrestling all support each other and get along so well, and it’s sad to see that there’s so much vitriol and animosity from the fans towards them, and the fans are always pitting them against each other. Fans are so nasty and vicious towards these ladies, and there’s really no reason for it at all. And this is how they expect for things in the division to improve?

I’m tired of the Four Horsewomen and NXT women getting hate, I’m tired of the Bellas getting hate, I’m tired of Eva Marie getting hate. I’m tired of the hate period. These ladies have done absolutely nothing to deserve all this hate and vitriol.

why do some of yall gotta hate on men just to hate on men

“Homophobia: The fear that another man will treat you like you treat women." 

No, just no. Homophobia is the fear or hatred of homosexual WOMEN and Homosexual MEN. By agreeing with the above statement you are ignoring that women can also be homophobic and that lesbians also experience homophobia. Homophobia has nothing to do with straight women, please stop making LGBT issues/awareness into women exclusive issues, damn. 

Not a booty call (Pietro x Reader)

Title: Not a booty call

Requested by: my mind when I was really sleepy.

Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Fem-Avenger!Reader

Word count: 1461

Warnings: Language (like always), and as usual my shitty writing.

A/N: As you guys know I’m trash for Avenger!reader. I’m sorry if there are any misspellings or errors. Enjoy! (Oh and remember that feedback is always appreciated my darlings) –Lor.

  MASTERLIST  || I don’t own Pietro or any of the Avengers, they belong to Marvel. ||

It was something especial, the way that he looked at her. At least that’s what she thought until Tony threw a party and he gave the same look to every other girl that was invited. At first she didn’t care that much… But when she woke up the next morning curled up in his bed she did care.

“I swear it isn’t okay. I was trying to flirt with some girl and she was there.”

“Of course brother, she’s one of us.”

“You know what I mean” Pietro sighed.
“You mean in your mind. Right?” Wanda asked his brother and he nodded. “So that’s why you slept with her?” 
Y/n was just entering the room as the words came out of her friend’s mouth. All blushed and embarrassed, of course he had slept with her just because of that. She was Pietro’s back-up plan apparently.
“Good morning lads” y/n tried to look casual, like nothing happened and poured herself a cup of coffee. Wanda gave her a big smile and Pietro just nodded in her direction.

It all started a few months ago, they were back from a hard mission and went out to release some stress… but it ended with Pietro in Y/N’s bed, both releasing a lot of stress.

Before she could start a conversation with them Steve entered in the room with a big ass smile. It only could mean one thing.

“Time to go to the grocery shop” he said.

“Don’t we have someone to buy us things?” Pietro asked.

Tony, who was now pouring coffee in a mug, looked at him surprised.

“I can’t believe what I’m hearing, speedy don’t be like that. We’re normal people who can buy stuff.”

Y/N started to laugh. “Oh I’m sorry did you just say normal people?”

Steve gave her a nasty look and she smiled innocently. She could feel what he was about to say.

“As you two are the only complaining. It’s your job to get the groceries.”

“You gotta be fuc-“

“No. Now go.” And with that said Steve handed the list to them.

 One would think that if you go to the grocery shop with Quicksilver you’ll be quick. Well that was a damn lie.

“Piet, we’ve been roaming around for an hour now. What else do we have to get?” Y/N asked to the silver haired boy who was besides her looking at a shelf.

“Here it is” he gave her a sweet smile and her legs felt like jelly.

The she was, a master assassin with jelly legs for a guy who only sees her as a back-up plan. Wonderful.

Shaking that feeling from her body she looked at him once again, he was holding a big bag of coffee. The one that Stark and her likes.

“This is the one that Stark likes, yes?” As soon as the words came out of his mouth she looked wounded. Of course, like he would remember that she was the one that liked that coffee first. Silly Y/N, silly girl.

“Yes, that’s the one.” She replied and grabbed a pack of Doritos.

Her mood shifted quickly after that, now if Pietro made a joke she would only smile lightly or crack a smile that would fade out soon.

Y/N’s was getting tired of being in the grocery shop, of the girls that would glance at Pietro and giggle, of Pietro being a flirty ass to every damn women. She was getting tired, and he didn’t noticed.

Her phone pop-up with a text from Steve naming some vegetables that he forgot to put on the list.

“Okay speedy I’ll get the greens and you stay on the line to pay. Okay?” She asked like he was a child.

“Sure thing love” he said and gave her a quick kiss on her forehead.

She tried to smile but only nodded in a weird reply, and went back to the vegetables stand. After picking up everything that Steve had sent her she made her way back to Pietro, only to find him already putting the groceries on the counter and giving sweet eyes to the girl behind the desk.

 With a red from anger face and a fake smile she put down the vegetables and passed right in front of him and her. Overhearing the girl laughing from something stupid that Pietro said, but you could see her face sparkling with excitement when he accepted the little piece of paper that she gave him. And that was it, holding her breath Y/N walked outside the shop and in direction to the where they parked the car. With the keys in one hand and her phone in the other she opened the door and sat in the drivers sit.

If I ever sleep with your brother again, hit me.” She texted to Wanda and threw her phone to the back-sit.

Ten minutes later a few songs from the radio Pietro came back to the car with the grocery bags and a smirk.

“Of course” She said even though he couldn’t heard her. “He’s got a new booty call.”

The silverhaired guy knocked the window a few times and she unlocked the door, after a few seconds of putting everything in the back-sit and trunk  he entered in the sit right next to hers.

“You ran off” He said and put down the volume from the radio. She nodded. “Your phone was on the back-sit” he handed it to her and she just threw it again.

“Yes, I know.” Putting the keys in contact she attempted to start the car but once again, Pietro’s voice filled the place.

“Your face is red. Is everything okay hun?” And placed a hand on her knee, in a tender gesture. But removed it quickly when she glanced at him.

“Don’t call me hun Pietro, just don’t.”

“Wh- how should I call you then?” He was confused.

Y/N started the car and stepped on the accelerator, turning the volume up again and with a fading smile.

“Just don’t call me anything. Anymore.”

 When they both entered into the Avengers Facility no one were around. So Y/N put the grocery bags on the counter of the kitchen and started to put the things in their correct place. But after a blue blur all the things were gone and she was over the counter.

“We are going to talk.” He said piercing her with his blue eyes.

Tilting her head to one side and raising an eyebrow she spoke “What do you want Pietro”

“What did you mean with the ‘don’t call me anything anymore’ thing?”

“It means that. That I don’t want you to call me stuff.”

Pietro was confused and it bothered him, so taking her hands in his he placed a soft kiss on her forehead. But Y/N let out a whine.

“Don’t Piet, just don’t. Don’t you have a new booty call or something? Leave me alone”

And it clicked, she was jealous. She was freaking, beautiful and fucking jealous of him. A big smirk appeared on his lips and she retracted her words.

“You’re jealous”

“No, I’m not.”

“Yes, yes you are” he repeated and put her hands behind his neck. “And it’s beautiful”

“No. Don’t. UGH you always do that. I’m not sleeping with you. No.”

Pietro kissed her neck and smiled against her skin, leaving soft kisses on his way to her mouth. With one of his hands he brushed her hair and smiled, in a new way. It was a smile that only Y/N has seen. It was for her.


A red sparkle hit Y/N’s face and she woke up in a second and ready to attack. Just to see Wanda smiling from the door.

“You told me that I had to hit you if you slept with him again. Just acting like a good friend.”

“Get out or I’ll kick your ass Wanda” Pietro’s sleepy voice send electricity down Y/N’s body.

Wanda got out of the room shutting the door but laughing. When Y/N tried to get up Pietro’s hands stopped her and hugged from behind, kissing her hair.

“We’re not leaving this bed anytime soon love.”

“Don’t you have a booty call or something to take care of?”

“Hm no, I don’t think so”

She smiled. “Why not?”

He made her turn around to face him. “Because I don’t need a booty call, and I won’t need it anymore. I have you” he kissed her nose.

“I’m not a booty call Pietro”

Pietro smiled, knowing that he was making her mad.

“Oh no you’re not. From now on, I’m yours and you’ll be my girl… If you want of course”

Y/N looked at his blue eyes from under her eyelashes and after what seem like an eternity she nodded and kissed him.

Fuck yeah she was his girl.