women fronted bands

Charlotte is a beautiful dork and no one can tell me different.

Taken by me during the last North American tour. You DO NOT have permission to repost this photo anywhere or edit it without asking me first. :)


Feminist Punk

5 bands to satisfy your cravings of girl representation in a lacking music scene.
  1. Honeyblood: Punk duo from Glasgow, Stina and Cat are all about the punk rock sound. Their music is made up of strong, bold vocals and killer drums and guitar. Check out their newest album Babes Never Die. 
  2. Manic Pixi: Manic Pixi is a girl-fronted pop-punk, grunge, indie band from New York with songs you want to rock out to. This band is a personal favorite, check out their album Iron Heart.
  3. The Kills: Described as “bluesy punk,” this is a duo consisting of Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince. They’ve got a sexy rhythmic sound that I would compare to the Arctic Monkeys. Listen to their latest album Ash & Ice.  
  4. Cayetana: Upbeat trio from Philadelphia, Cayetana, have so much emotional expression in their songs. They are all about empowerment and independence. Their next album, New Kind Of Normal, is up for preorder but you can listen to them now on their Split EP with Camp Cope. 
  5. Diet Cig: This duo of Alex Luciano and Noah Bowman are a punk rock band from New York. Their upcoming album is also up for pre-order and you can listen to the lead single called “Tummy Ache.”

New York sludge/doom pioneers 13 are best remembered as being the band that launched Liz Buckingham’s career before she joined Electric Wizard, but this does a great disservice to their talented poet laureate of a front-woman, Alicia Morgan. A one-time girlfriend (and still close friend) of Eyehategod’s Mike Williams, Alicia was a bit of a trailblazer on this music scene back in the early ‘90s - not many women were fronting doom bands back then, little on women with androgynous/harsh vocal deliveries. Along with drummer Ellen Mieczkowski, 13 created a memorable sound and helped to pave the way for other women to enter the doom metal scene, which is now largely dominated by female musicians.


Charlotte Wessels of Delain, live in Louisville, KY, and photographed by me!

The watermark says 2014, and although I’m posting these in 2015, I left the year alone because that’s when these photos were taken, in October of last year~ I am slow, forgive me!


In general, people expect front-women in bands to hate each other, but this rarely seems to be the case. Look at all of Amy Lee’s peers who congratulated her on her baby. Look at Halestorm touring with so many other female-fronted bands. Look at Tarja and Floor. If anything, it’s their fans that hate each other, and not the bands/women themselves.