women firness

How much attention would killing stalking get if one of them is a woman? I want you to answer honestly. No one would like it. No one would care. It would probably get 200 downloads or purchases. If one of the main characters was a woman, this manga would be UNHEARD of and probably never even translated to English.

So if you claim straight fangirls aren’t to blame. Or that you read it for the horror, you are most likely a dirty fucking liar. No one would want to read it for the horror. But the second the characters are two men, I have to watch as I am treated as a kink or a way fir straight women to get off. So why don’t you actually be the good allies you claim you are and stop reading this bullshit.

so Galway is a bilingual city- like officially; it’s the first city in Ireland to declare that. Everything is written in English and Irish and I actually walk through parts of the Gaeltacht on my way to school each morning, so that’s really rad. I’m in love with the language and happy I know a bit already, makes life easier getting to classes and learning names.

But it does make life tricky sometimes. Like, I was out walking last week and went to this little eatery for dinner (they had the best hard cider oh my gosh), and when I went to use the bathroom it was just marked M and F and I assumed it was male and female, which I wasn’t used to but which made sense, as weird as those terms make me feel & as disappointed as I am that gender neutral bathrooms aren’t everywhere.

And then about five minutes after I left the place I remembered that men as Gaeilge is fir, and women is mná and long story short language is hard and it doesn’t really matter of course but I’m still not sure how I gendered myself that night, and haven’t seen a bathroom like that anywhere else.