women fight back


she was warned. she was given an explanation. 

nevertheless, she persisted

Why You Should Watch “The Bold Type”

-A feminist TV show that feels feminist an defends it definition of feminism

-Doesn’t shy away from the horrible realities of rape culture.

-Women ALWAYS helping other women. Granted it hasn’t been many episodes, but I have yet to meet a ‘vindictive bitch’ character. The boss, which they could easily have fall into a cold, icy, mean character is actually supportive.

-Men who also ALWAYS help women. I have yet to see a man who isn’t great on this show, who doesn’t try to understand these women and support them.

-A woman questioning her sexuality without that being her only plot point.

-For all my gays, Katie Stevens, Karma from “Faking It”, is the main character here.

-A gay, Muslim woman that writers genuinely treat as an important 3-Dimensional character. Also, a black questioning female character who is a lead.

-On that note, 3-Dimensional characters. Writers who actually care about their characters.

-There is never unnecessary drama, and it remains entertaining without falling to stupid, overdone clichés (thus far).

-Women pursuing their dreams, but not in a way that feels preachy; instead its empowering.

-Women being strong and confident. Women who go in and ask for that raise. Women who are proud of their bodies. Women who fight back. Women who own themselves and their sexuality. Women who are their own role models. Women who I could’ve used as role models when I was younger.

-Women who deal with actual issues facing us younger audiences, especially social media realities in a way that doesn’t make fun of us or see our problems as just comic relief, but handles them seriously.

“Her voice bursts forth with a hearty declaration of courage and determination—a reaffirmation of black life.” —Daphne Harrison on Ma Rainey

She’s the unsung songstress, the one and only Mother of the Blues: Gertrude “Ma” Rainey was one of the pioneers of the blues genre and inspiration to hundreds. She found incredible success as a black woman in the 1920’s just years after the Emancipation Proclamation and after growing up poor in a family of seven. She was also known for her love of women at a time when being openly gay could mean a jail or death sentence. This Pride month, we’re more than proud to honor Ma Rainey and her amazing bravery, accomplishments, and firsts as a black woman-loving-woman in the South in the 1920’s. So without further ado, here are 5 fun facts about Ma Rainey:

  1. She alludes to her love of women and crossdressing in her music. They’re most prominent in Prove It On Me Blues and Shave Em Dry Blues.
  2. She had an amazing stage presence. From her diamond covered dress to her gold teeth, she was a human spotlight and captivated her audience.
  3. She was a shrewd businesswoman. She had a 5 year contract with Paramount, recorded 100+ songs, and then owned 2 theatres.
  4. She recorded a song with THE Louis Armstrong. In case you needed proof of how legendary she is.
  5. She inspired black artists to come, including Langston Hughes and Alice Walker, who used her music as a cultural model of black womanhood for The Color Purple.
Wonder Woman Comics

So I found these two WW books at my library, right?

I’m putting this under a cut because it’s very long and pic-heavy.

And I read through them, and I’m just…amused? Horrified? At how different they are. 

So the book on the left was drawn and written by a woman. The one on the right, all men. And I just feel like…god it SHOWS. Even just the covers, Diana on the right just looks like this weird pinup thing to me, art-wise. So I started with the book on the right, and right off the bat, page 1:

Mmmmmmkay this is fun. I get the “okay origin story, women enslaved, fight back, escape, etc,” but I *really* did not need like 5-6 pages of Hippolyta being the slave of an almost-naked Herakles talking about how he’s (essentially) going to rape them.

Then we go to the present. Diana has apparently left Paradise Island and is coming back for trial (most of this story is told in flashbacks) and again, right off the bat:

why is DIana the only one not allowed pants. And later it turns out, she got a “makeover” courtesy of some sorority gals, but it…idk it still bothers me, maybe I’m weird. And then there’s this weird moment of like…make-up shaming?

Then we go into some Diana chidlhood origin story background stuff and it’s pretty meh tbh, my only other moment of why?was when they have this hunt festival thing which? for some reason? Is like? a huge orgy thing?

And kindasorta starting here, but there keeps being this weird bondage theme and I’m like…idk if it’s just that I’m a prude and it’s my issue, or if it’s being dealt with weirdly and tbh I wouldn’t mind input cause, I do not want to be a kink shamey sort of person.

So Steven Trevor crashes on the island, par for course. Weird Moment #465346:

Yah, she asks if he’s a man while grabbing his junk. Classy.

Apparently the Amazon idea of Man’s World equals women in leashes and underwear drinking milk out of bowls, death, and fetuses. 

Then we get introduced to Elizabeth Candy:

Missing: her first words are “She warned me you gals were kinda kinky, and I guess she was right!” which is kinda hilarious. So there’s that. Point being, Beth Candy is most definitely Not Small, a fact which then proceeds to get remarked on by almost everyone

for the rest

of the damn

comic. And it’s fucking irritating. Also we get more of the “weird bondage moments” as Diana repeatedly makes the case that Man’s World needs to “submit to the loving authority” of the Amazons. Which, yeah they don’t take well.

Also she wants to repay Steve for saving her life? by giving him a collar? and telling him he has to kneel and submit to her?

Anyway…the whole thing irked me. It was hard to put a finger on exactly what, but just…as my first foray into WW comics, it left a bad taste in my mouth.

So then moving from that one onto the other? COMPLETELY different. First page/s of the second book?

Is just an opening shot of Themyscira. And even though it actually has (mostly) the same prologue as the other? SO different in tone. The Amazons fight Harakles and the rest of Greece, but in a normal army sort of way before being rescued by Hera. (Side note: Also interesting that the two novels went different directions with which female deities the Amazons revere.) And the clothing is just so much nicer:

It’s just…y’know…Greek stuff. Or themed. Idk enough to say if thats zomgHistoricallyAccurate! but it’s nice. It never feels sexualised. Like watching the Wonder Woman movie, I for once feel the absence of a male gaze, something I’d never realised was so pervasive precisely until I saw something that didn’t have it.

So second book deals with Diana being born and her childhood/adolescence/young adulthood a lot more and it’s glorious and wonderful. Seeing Diana as a spoiled little brat is kinda amusing, wondering how she’ll get from there to here. 

Basically everyone loves her except this stable girl, Alethea, which of course drives spoiled!Diana fucking nuts.

I am 110% gay for Alethea and her take-no-shit sass.

So Alethea basically goes “Yeah I like people who aren’t dicks,” to which Diana, in a hilariously spoiled way, goes “FINE I’M GOING TO BE THE MOST UNSPOILED BRAT EVER SO NYAH. I’MMA BE SO UNSPOILED YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW” It’s like watching someone try to be the most humble. It’s hilarious. Over time Diana becomes sliiiiightly less of a dick, and Alethea starts to like her juuust a bit more.

Cut to big festival day, everyone competes anonymously, tl;dr Diana is so determined to win to impress Alethea that she cheats, unleashing a swarm of monsters as a ‘distraction’ which then, y’know, start wreaking havoc and she has to try to clean up her own mess.

Alethea fucking dies saving her and my heart legit broke, man. I 100% honestly started crying reading this book. the whole aftermath, and funeral, and trial, were just that perfect combination of writing/art/whatever I guess, but it hit me in the feels, HARD.

Fucking bury me; I’m dead. OH and Alethea’s anonymous costume for the games? It was the fucking Wonder Woman costume. Which Diana (who’s getting banished) is sentenced to fucking wear as a reminder of how she Fucked Up like jesus MY HEART CAN’T TAKE ANYMORE

immediate pre-closing shot of the book. ANd just to bring it back around again, even in this, her more-or-less Classic!Diana outfit, she is still less skimpy than the male-drawn comic.

Anyway that’s my long rambly thoughts, feel free to chime in, I look forward to trying to find more WW comics.

anonymous asked:

Could I request a college!AU Jungkook fic where you're an english major that stays to yourself and is pretty shy, but he takes a liking to you because of that and ends up making you fall for him? (a very fluffy hand-holdy, soft kisses ending would also be amazing jussayin)

When Opposites Attract

Summary: all of a sudden, you’re being noticed by the most popular boy on campus (college!au)

You really should stop walking and reading at the same time.

Too focused on the words of Oscar Wilde, it’s no surprise you’ve just run into someone. Your first reaction is oh shit. 

Your next, and immediate, reaction is. oh. Shit

It’d be just your luck to end up running into Jungkook of all people, business major, vice-captain of the basketball team, and all-round campus superstar. Behind him, his team mates are sniggering, but you hardly notice because you’re busy staring at his chest, where you’ve just knocked his soda onto his uniform, cola dripping onto the college emblem.

“Jungkook, you damn klutz,” Jimin calls out, laughing.

“Oh no,” Jungkook says, eyes wide as he stares at you. “Oh no, I ruined your book.”

You look down at your novel and find that, yes, that is cola, sticky and sugar-sweet cola, sinking into the pages.

“It’s… it’s fine,” you say, trying desperately to hide the nervousness in your voice. 

“I’m so sorry,” he says, eyes wide and pleading for forgiveness, and you have to look away because, damn, he is pretty cute. Your friends really weren’t kidding. 

“It’s fine,” you say again. “Really. I… I wasn’t watching where I was going.”

“Jungkook.” Yoongi’s voice isn’t loud, but it definitely is intimidating, commanding in true team captain fashion. “Let’s go. We have practice, in case you’ve forgotten.” Strangely enough, Jungkook seems unphased.

“What’s your name?” You tell him your name, but you say it so quietly, he ends up leaning in, asking you to repeat yourself. He smells of cola, and his cologne: fruity and citrusy, oddly feminine but somehow it works. “_____,” he repeats. “Look, I have to go before hyung beats my ass and makes me run an extra ten laps, but I’ll make it up to you, okay? Promise.”

You’re frozen in place, wondering if what had happened really did just happened. With absentminded eyes, you watch him run back to his team, but just as quickly as he’s left, he’s all of a sudden running back towards you. You tamper down a surprised squeak when he reaches an arm out, but all he does is lift up your book, scan the front cover with his eyes, then run away again, leaving you stunned like a deer in the headlights.


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