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Hot 100 Chart Moves: Nicki Minaj Ties Taylor Swift for Second-Most Hits Among Women
Nicki Minaj ties Taylor Swift for second-most hits on the Hot 100 among women, only trailing Aretha Franklin. Plus, Alessia Cara climbs & Drake moves closer to Lil Wayne's mark for the most Hot 100 visits among soloists.

The track marks Minaj’s 69th Hot 100 visit, tying her with Taylor Swift for the second-most among women in the chart’s 58-year history – only trailing The Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin.

Here’s a look at the elite women to make the most visits to the Hot 100 all-time:

73, Aretha Franklin
69, Nicki Minaj
69, Taylor Swift
57, Madonna
57, Rihanna
56, Dionne Warwick
53, Beyonce
53, Connie Francis
48, Brenda Lee
47, Mariah Carey
43, Miley Cyrus
41, Barbra Streisand
40, Mary J. Blige
40, Janet Jackson
40, Diana Ross

(Often charting as a featured rapper, Minaj has been the lead artist on 25 of her Hot 100 entries, or 36 percent. Franklin has been the lead on all 73 of hers, while Swift has sported lead billing on 66 of hers.)

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OMG I LOVE YOUR TUMBLR ¬W¬. Well....I HAVE ALWAYS TOUGHT THAT WEEEEEEEE NEEDED MORE BLACK CHARACTERS, SPECIALLY ONE DATEABLE (is that the word? My english sucks btw XD) LIKE WTFFFFFF, I DON'T FULLY LIKE ANY OF THE GUYS (Only Viktor from the manga </3) and i feel like we are missing something T^T.. OH WELL WE HAVE DAJAN BUT HE APEARS TWO TIMES AND BYE, LIKE WTFFFFFFF, WHY???? At least we have Kim, i love her so much omg she is my bae <3 Agh, anyway, i hope you have an AMAZING day~ <3

((I read this around 6 am and in m head, I read this as of you were yelling and I was bruh? why so loud? But I’m glad you’re excited and means a lot! Positive messages in the morning equal good vibes))

It would be nice to have more dateable characters of color that are both male and female, but alas this game doesn't have that.

I know there an otome game in the workings now that are working in more diversity and it’s Sweet Elite and Women of Xal (I believe the beta is out for this one)


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The elite 2017 Women’s Roster 💪🏽❤

Pick-Up Lines 2

Synopsis: Remember how I said in the author’s note of this post  that I had another 3.5k words of Rocket Angel involving corny pick-up lines? Here you go! Rocket Angel AU fluff!

Pairings: Rocket Angel/Pharmercy (Fareeha “Pharah” Amari/Angela “Mercy” Ziegler), WidowTracer (Lena “Tracer” Oxton/Amlie “Widowmaker” Lacroix), Ice Bears/Russian Winter (Aleksandra “Zarya” Zaryanova/Mei-Ling Zhou)

The year is 2012. Lena Oxton is convinced that the world will end tomorrow, so she convinces Angela, with incessant wheedling and a pout she can’t resist, to attend an appropriately-themed party, hosted by the most elite women’s club in the city. The cover is an exorbitant, absolutely absurd thirty dollars, and that’s almost enough to make Angela abandon Lena, her current fuckbuddy/project/flavor-of-the-month Amelié, Genji, and Mei at the door, but the combined wheedling of her three friends and Amelié’s scathing glare make Angela turn over a twenty and ten to the gorilla of a bouncer with a deep sigh.

He adjusts his glasses as he steps aside.

“Have fun, Lena, Genji, ladies.”

“Cheers, Winston, mate!”

The thirty dollar cover seems fairer when they’re greeted in the line to the coat check by an absolutely stunning go-go dancer with flawless skin and brown eyes so light they look gold offering a tray of free ‘Revelation’ shots. Angela’s jaw drops and doesn’t close until Genji jabs an elbow into her side and whispers into her ear.

“Doctor Ziegler, if you keep staring at her ass like that, she might actually slap you.”

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Confession: I’m tired of

So called “enlightened” Black folks who feel that they are superior to “regular Blacks”? (Black people in the hood) because they read a couple of books, no longer follow organized religion, and only listen to conscious rap.

the little exposure of Black Female rappers.

the lack of Black owned Botanicas.

being made to feel like a wild ass animal for the shape of my body.


Part 1 Cadel Deakin Elite Women’s race 2017 - YouTube

And part 2 here:


This confession is actually about Beyoncé. I just defended her with the tenaciousness and the voracity, like I was one of her stans. Then, I came to an enlightenment, of sorts, afterwards.

Long story short: I was in mixed company (men and women, different races/cultures while eating Popeyes with wine), at a small dinner party, when the topic of Beyoncé came up. A song of hers began playing, over the radio. One of the party’s host (another Black woman, a childhood friend-turned-FB acquaintance, during the past fifteen years)started up with her uninvited critique about the singer (meaning, no one asked this bitch for her Rolling Stone Magazine-worthy review) and she began to make me feel uncomfortable.

It was uncomfortable because she began critiquing Beyoncé… Not about the music/the other projects that she has put out. In particular… About her physical looks (the whole ‘she’s trying to be white’), the rumors about the infidelity and about the ‘fake pregnancy’… And, about the singer’s level of intelligence. The barometer that she used were from old Beyoncé interviews and based off of her dialect and her diction from those conversations.

'She’s not smart… She doesn’t have a high school diploma…She sounds country…’ Then she started to perform this 'impersonation’ of her, which was extremely mean-spirited and reeked of educational elitism and anti-Black ideology.

Then, one of her friends (a non-Black person) started to laugh and nod his head in agreement.

And something in me just snapped. As someone who is living with a developmental problem (it takes me a few seconds to decipher words from a conversation, which makes my responses delayed) and I have a lisp, I was bullied/ridiculed and was perceived as being 'slow’… As being 'stupid’… As being 'dumb’. By kids and by adults. So, to hear this woman declared that another person was 'dumb’ because of her lack of higher education, her dialect, the location of her hometown and with her choice of words, it pissed me off.

So, I had gone-the fuck-off on her. I invoked the spirit of our patron saint of Sophisticated Reading For Filth, Mrs. Claire Huxtable and I told her about herself. I had to remind her that luck can only carry people so far and I doubt it wouldn’t carry fools into the same direction that Beyoncé is in, currently. Then I told her sorry ass that 'that dumb singer’ has managed to accumulate more of life’s goals than anyone that was inside of that room…. And she didn’t have to max out her credit cards and take money out of senile grandmother’s bank account to do so. *stared intently at her* Then I told her that she might a little right, after all, God looks after babies and fools. Then I gave her my ultimate “fuck you” by telling her that her dinner party sucked and the chicken was dry-as-fuck before I left.

(This is the enlightenment) I don’t feel comfortable critiquing factors from Black cultures, in front of non-Black people. In this case, Black celebs. In previous experiences, when this shit happened, non-Black people felt too-too-too comfortable and then it would go zero-to-100, quick.

Listen, I loathe Azaelia Banks’ personality. I believe Kanye is the Saint for fuckboys. Bill Cosby deserves to have barbed wire enemas for the rest of his life. But my Black-ass won’t say this shit in front of non-Black people because (a lot of times) those three people will be considered as a rep for our race and not just individual, Satan’s smegma, according to them.