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The importance of tone in GOTG Vol. 2

Tone : the general character or attitude of a place, piece of writing, situation, etc.

We’ve all seen movies or read books that get their tone wrong.  They feel subtly off or wrong somehow.  Do it wrong, and every twist or revelation in your story feel wrong too, straining the audience’s disbelief.  Done correctly, manipulations of tone are barely perceptible but absolutely necessary to support dramatic character arcs.

One of my favorite parts of the movie was its subtle manipulation in tone, particularly in the second act.

Spoilerfic meta below

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White women, especially the monied ones, are so dangerous because they are allowed to be so soft. Stroke by stroke, they construct a type of womanhood that viciously negates the fact their bodies still function as agents of white supremacy. They are so gentle with themselves that they simply cannot comprehend that they could be oppressed and yet still oppressive.
#128 - Barry S.

Anon - Thanks for your request! 😊 Hope you all like it 💕

Pairing: You x Barry S.
Warnings: Jealous reader.
Drabble challenge: #128 “Don’t touch me. We’re fighting.”

“(Y/N)? Babe? Do you need any help?”

You stormed right past Barry as soon as he unlocked and opened the front door.

Your arms felt heavy and the plastic handles of your shopping bags were already cutting into your hands unpleasantly as you carried them into to your bedroom, only to dump them all on the floor as soon as the door closed behind you. You ignored any of Barry’s calls for you and sat down at the edge of your queen-sized bed.

You inhaled deeply – and tried to get rid of all the anger in your body and the fuming ball of jealousy in the pit of your stomach. You were mad at him; for flirting with those – those two whores in front of the shop you had been in. How could he be so stupid? He should have known you could see them!

You exhaled slowly and it turned into a frustrated shriek that you muffled by grabbing a nearby pillow, pressing it to your face and keeping it there before you heard the bedroom door open.


Barry let out a small laugh as soon as he spotted you on the bed. “What are you doing? Is everything alright?”

You huffed quietly and felt how the mattress dipped as he sat down next to you. “Talk to me.”

You tossed the pillow aside as he lifted your wrist and started to scatter small kisses on your hand, up to your arm.

You stared at him for a few seconds; pleased by the feeling of his lips on your skin and the image of where this could lead to in any other situation, but now you were just too mad to care.

“Don’t touch me.”, you hissed as you pulled your hand away. “We’re fighting.”

He blinked a few times before he responded. “A- are we?”

The amused twinkle in his eyes only fueled your anger. “Unbelievable.”, you muttered as you quickly got up.

He was casually leaning back on the bed with his elbows propped up as he looked at you with confusion. “How so?”

“I saw you, Barry.”, you finally said while you paced back and forth; unsure on how to handle your anger, your jealousy.

“I saw how you flirted with them, and – and it drives me crazy when I see how many women look at you and smile, and try to flirt and”

“Hey, hey” He cut you off in the middle of your rant and rushed to your side swiftly; forcing you to stop pacing by grabbing your shoulders. But his hands didn’t rest there long; they slid right down to your hands as you looked up to him, teary eyed.

“Babygirl, –“, he started; his voice mellow and deep. “Yes?” You swallowed hard as he grasped your hands.

He shook his head slowly. “I didn’t flirt with anyone today; they just asked me for directions. However, I already tried to seduce you twice today – but it didn’t really work out, as you know.”

You suppressed a giggle and tried to keep a straight face as he continued.

“I don’t care about any other women.” He shook his head again with a grimace, as if the thought alone repulsed him.

“I only care about you.”

Your heart skipped a beat when you heard these words from his mouth, even though he had told you before. You hated how much you needed to hear this; how your jealousy made you freak out on Barry, on all of them, from time to time.

C: I literally cannot stand my mother-in-law. She’s one of those overbearing types and I really try to be nice to her but she has no fucking boundaries. She texts my husband and I all the time and tries to make my husband do what she wants because she thinks she’s still supposed to control him instead of realizing he’s not a little boy and married to me! when we went to visit his family in Florida she literally wouldn’t leave our side. The two days we had planned to go to the beach she ended up keeping us at the house one of them and tagging along when she was supposed to be doing stuff to set up for my husband’s birthday dinner the other day. Then, instead of letting us go to Disney alone,she decides she has to come along and leave her husband who has Parkinson’s, and doesn’t like being out in large crowds at home. She barely rode any rides and got mad when my husband and I weren’t in a rush to make decisions on what we wanted to ride or where we wanted to eat. 

Oh!! And this bitch called me his ex’s name when she got mad at me. An ex that he hasn’t been with in a long time and just happens to be the only one of color that she’s met. Then, within literally an hour of her dropping us at the airport she starts texting and calling us asking what we’re up to! I like that my husband cares about his mom, but because he doesn’t have many friends here anymore because he’s in the Navy and people move. It feels like he’s letting his mom trick him into thinking she’s his friend when really it seems like she’s just being sneaky and nosey and controlling. She literally complains that he doesn’t care about her when we see my family and don’t text her ever second, sorry that we happened to move only 5/10 mins down the street from my parents because he’s stationed here! If I have to tell her one more time that we’re not moving to florida because he doesn’t want to one more time I swear! She told me, “Maybe he wants to live by his family too.” Actually he doesn’t he’s the one that wanted to get away from Florida and said he doesn’t want to ever move back! I don’t even want to stay in the state that we live in now… she’s not going to act like I have some hold on him here. I’ve lived thousands of miles away from my family before (on a completely different continent) so she’s just telling herself lies if she thinks that’s the case. I’m praying we get to move to the west coast or overseas so she can get out her damn feelings. Somebody please help me before this woman drives me crazy!

male violence is driving me crazy because all i want to do is ignore men completely and focus on women but men are so fucking dangerous that if i spend a moment of my time not paying attention to them they’re likely to stab me with a knife or attack me in any way imaginable and believe they were right to do so since they think my attention is something they own, and even when i can hide away and focus on women they’re still hurting every single woman on the planet so even bonding with women ends up to be just admitting all the way men have hurt us, I need a place where we’re all free of this, when we don’t have to think about what men have done and are going to do to us

For Me It’s You

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Pairing: Kwon Jiyong/G-Dragon X Reader

Word Count: 947

Genre & Warnings: Basically fluff. Hint of angst? Suggestive, but not full on smut. One shot

Note: Jiyong has been giving me feels lately, because I’m so excited about his concert coming up. So here we are. 

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White Women Drive Me Crazy
White women are so dangerous because they’re allowed to be so soft — innocent until proven innocent.
By Aisha Mirza

It’s funny, because sometimes a white woman is so delicate that I will elicit a full-blown horror reaction from her just by standing too close to her stuff, even though she is a white woman doing yoga and so in fact none of this was ever her stuff at all. It’s not funny, because this look becomes a call to the police, becomes another brown person incarcerated in a cell or a psych ward, another black person murdered. Despite having received more love in my life than is reasonable, and despite being told I am beautiful, as an instruction, from the beginning, this look is the reason I have always felt dirty — or at least never quite clean.

When I Crawled Into Bed... (Tony x Reader)

Just an idea I had the other night when I didn’t go to bed until 6:15 in the morning.


It started a few weeks ago after one of Tony’s more… rambunctious parties. Three priceless artifacts were broken, over seven thousand dollars worth of alcohol was consumed, and Phil Coulson himself was called in to shut the party down at 5:38 in the morning. But none of these things were remembered in the following weeks. 

What was remembered however, was the little game you and Tony had started the morning after. A game which continued to this very morning. 

“When I crawled into bed last night,” Tony started as he walked into the kitchen where the rest of his teammates were seated. Everyone either gave a roll of their eyes or an audible groan. Everyone that is, except you, who simply took a small sip of your coffee and patiently waited for your turn. “There was not one but two very fine Victoria Secret Models awaiting my company.” 

“I hope you had a good time,” you matched Tony’s smirk as you set down your coffee mug and stared him straight in the eyes just as you had every other time you two had decided to play this game. “Because when I crawled into bed last night there was a royal redhead awaiting me. And what do you know we were also accompanied by two ‘very fine’ Victoria Secret Models!” Steve chocked on his coffee and everyone else laughed at the annoyed look on Stark’s face. You stood up from your seat and started to leave the room before tossing a quick comment over your shoulder, “Prince Harry says hi by the way!”


Basically every other day was the same thing. You or Tony would spot each other in a room and just had to open your big mouth about your latest escapade. It didn’t matter if it was just the two of you, the team, or the SHIELD debriefing room something just had to be said. 

No one was ever quite sure whether one, or both, of you was bluffing. However, no one was ever going to call either of you out on it. No matter how crazy these stories kept getting the rest of the team tried their hardest to stay out of it. 

If only everyone had known to stay out of it.


“Oh yeah? Well lets just say when I crawled into bed last night I went in knowing there’s probably going to be an album in my honor in just a few months.” 

“Did you sleep with Taylor Swift?” Scott Lang had a look of disgust on his face as he grabbed an apple and went to join you by the door. He had asked for some advanced training and since Natasha and Clint were away on a mission it was up to you. “Because that’s just sick.”

You laughed as Tony tried to splutter an explanation about it most definitely not being Taylor Swift, but you didn’t get to hear who he was trying to insinuate as you led Scott down the hall. 

“So why did you request advanced training?” You asked the man beside you who was still looking bemused at the earlier engagement with Tony Stark. 

“Well considering the man who taught me how to be Ant-Man is like a hundred years old I didn’t exactly think he was a qualified sparring partner. And I think the better question is why Tony Stark thought it would be fun to tell us how he spent last night.”

“Don’t worry about that. It’s just a little game me and Tony have been playing lately,” you gave Scott a sweet smile as you stood opposite of him on a large sparring mat. 

“A game?” Scott had a singular eyebrow raised and the tiniest hint of a smile curving his lips. 

“Did you want to train or talk about how Tony Stark and Taylor Swift should start carving their initials into trees?” 


“When I crawled into bed last night I was-” 

“Tony I don’t want to play this right now.” You interrupted the billionaire before he could go too far. No one else was in the room, not like it had stopped you before, so he pressed on.

“What? Are you finally ready to admit defeat?” 

“Tony I said drop it!” You snapped at the pompous man in front of you.

“Oh come on! There’s no shame in having to spend the night alone. I mean I’ve never had to, but I hear from others that-”

“You really want to know Tony?!” You stood up and were standing toe to toe with him. “When I crawled into bed last night I crawled into bed with Scott Lang and I had a wonderful night and I’m so fucking sick of playing this game with you because-” You cut yourself off abruptly. Tony looked sick to his stomach and you felt the same way.

“You slept with Scott Lang last night…” Tony repeated what you had just said, but much, much quieter. His face of disbelief didn’t waver as he sat down on an island stool and stared at the ground. 

“Yeah. I did.”

“Why did you say you were sick of playing this game (Y/N)?” Tony finally looked you in the face after a few tense moments of silence and you swallowed hard. 

“I think you know Tony.”

“Say it anyway.”


“Say. It. Anyway.”

“Because when we started this, all I thought it was, was a game. I thought it would lead to something more. And with Scott it didn’t have to be a game. I’m not a kid Tony. I’m sick of playing games.” 

Tony took a deep breath and clenched his jaw. He didn’t make any more eye contact as he swept past you and exited the room, leaving you to stand there and think about how even though it had never been anything remotely official you somehow felt like you had broken the rules of the game. A game you didn’t know you wanted to keep playing until it was too late.


The next few weeks were oddly quiet in the tower. You and Tony avoided each other at all costs and no one else knew what the heck was going on so they didn’t want to say anything to set either of you off. 

It wasn’t until Scott Lang requested another training session that things started to pick back up again. 

“I noticed no one talked at breakfast this morning except me,” Scott commented as you two walked to the gym. 

“It’s been kind of… tense lately.”

“Tense? The last time I was here Tony Stark was telling us about his nightly conquest and now he won’t even tell me what the weather is like outside? That sounds like more than ‘kind of’ tense.”

“There was an incident.” You admitted curtly.

“An incident?” 

“Yes Scott, an incident.”

“Tony knows we slept together.” It wasn’t a question. Scott just looked over at you and raised his eyebrows.

“Scott I’m sorry!” You stopped walking and turned to face him.

“Why are you apologizing to me?” Scott asked.

“Because I told Tony-”

“Why should I care? I got to spend a great night with a great women and there’s no awkward feelings between us. You should be saying sorry to Tony.”

“Why would I say sorry to Tony?” 

“Because he likes you and he hasn’t actually slept with anyone in months.”

You were taken aback. You knew you had been making up stories, but with Tony’s track record you figured at least half of what he had said must have been true. “How do you know?” 

“Because I’m a superhero,” Scott’s smile made you laugh as you shook your head.

“Scott, I’m a superhero!”

“Yeah, but you don’t have a man’s intuition.” 

“Touche,” you conceded and started to walk forward again. “Now did you want to train or talk about how Tony Stark has to find someone to carve his initials with?”


It was nearing three in the morning and you were pacing outside Tony’s door. You couldn’t bring yourself to go inside. You had fought aliens and robots, but you couldn’t go in and tell a man how you felt. How pathetic. 

You were about to walk away when you remembered all of those mornings when Tony had bragged about what he had done in the night. Scott had said Tony hadn’t slept with anyone in months, but who was to stop him from starting again?

You basically threw open Tony’s door and rushed inside. 

Tony shot up in a daze and looked around in confusion until his eyes landed on you. Good. He was alone.

“What the hell (Y/N)? It’s three in the morning, what do you want?” Tony’s voice was husky with sleep and his eyes weren’t fully open.  

“I want to talk,” you don’t know why you whispered but you did, and you shuffled closer to Tony’s bed near the middle of the room.

“Talk about what?” He pushed his covers off and swung his legs over the side of the bed. 


“(Y/N)…” Tony dropped his head into his hand and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.

“Tony I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have slept with Scott and I shouldn’t have made up all those stories about who I was sleeping with.”

“Don’t apologize. I should be the one saying sorry for overreacting. You’re a grown women you can sleep with whoever you want to and i-”

“I only ever wanted to be with you Tony!” You cut him off and strode over to where he was sitting on the edge of his bed. He looked up in shock as you came and sat beside hi.

“You what?”

“You were the only one I ever wanted to be with Tony.” You pulled the stunned man in for a kiss. When you finally pulled away you brushed your lips together and whispered quietly, “When I crawl into bed I want it to be with you Tony. The man I love.”

Tony pulled you tight to his chest and rolled you over so he was hovering above you. “And when I crawl into bed I want it to be with the one person in the world who can drive me this crazy, the women who I can’t ever seem to get out of my head. When I crawl into bed, for the rest of my life, I want to crawl in next to you.”


Hey guys! I hope you liked it!(: I have a request waiting but I wanted you guys’ opinion on whether it should be a Bruce/Reader or a Steve/Reader? 

As always requests and ships are open!(:


“She has a great marriage and four children and a nanny who is not live-in and it’s not reflected in her career that she has sacrificed,” says Carrie Fisher (whose daughter Billie is Streep’s godchild). “She does have it all, but she works very hard at it. If I weren’t friends with her, though, it would drive me crazy. It upsets other women.”

- US Weekly, 1994
Carrie Fisher on her friend Meryl Streep

anonymous asked:

is flirting with other girls cheating? my boyfriend is literally so friendly to other women it drives me crazy and idk if i'm allowed to feel jealous u know i don't want to start an unnecessary fight

cheating is relative because essentially, it’s breaking the rules that we define. It’s crossing boundaries that you and your partner should set in the relationship so everyone’s opinions and viewpoints will be different. obviously if it makes you uncomfortable, then it’s an issue so let him know!

House Call (Follow-up of The Perfect Diagnosis)

This was the third time I’ve tossed and turned, sweat glazing my forehead. I clenched the sheets to fight my urge to pick up that phone… But she’s taunting me. I just know it. Laying there naked, sandwiched between cotton sheets that are consoling her curves. Damn those sheets to hell! They can’t do a better job than me! Their fine fibers can’t roam all over her body to ease her when she gets tense in her sleep; not like I can. Her pillow isn’t my chest, damn it to hell as well! Her head is resting on it now, softly inhaling and exhaling its scent to accompany her throughout her dreams. For two weeks now, this has been reoccurring every single night. I can’t bare this any longer!

I roughly reach for my phone, pressing her name. “Please pick up”, I say to myself.

“Hello”, that seductive, sleepy voice answers on the third ring.

“Now.” I answer on a roar.

She answers on a low breath, “Okay.”

After our call disconnected, I pressed another name waiting for an answer.

“Mr. Anoa'i”, he answered on the second ring.

“Miss Frank within the next fifteen minutes.”

“Yes sir, on my way.” A car engine immediately sounded.

“Thank you, Benson.”

I hang up with my personal driver, tossing my phone back into the night stand. Needing to wash away the sweat from another mini nightmare of jealousy, I marched into the bathroom. I stepped into the shower, instantly grabbing for the water faucets, adjusting to a warm spray. I look down the drain as the liquid swirls into the holes. My body was still, but my heart was racing, skin prickling. An image of her lying across her desk while I was spanking her, caused my dick to twitch in remembrance. I growled at the memory of her calling my name into orgasm. Her serum smeared all over my pelvis.. I toss my head back, biting my bottom lip. Fuck, she felt so good around me! I glide my right hand over my pelvis, ending the trail at the head of the Legend. He remembers too, his beady droplets flow down the drain as well. I exhale, trying to focus on grabbing my shower gel and wash cloth. She’ll be here any minute now.

I walked into my bedroom, catching the eye of my black and silver decorated California King. Automatically, I envisioned us planting ourselves on every corner, rolling into new positions. I’ve spent many nights in this bed alone after leaving a hotel suite, where I’ve had an “adventure” with some random woman. But never have I brought any one of them here. They don’t know if I’m staying in my condo in Manhattan, my apartment in Houston, my mansion in Pensacola, my villa in Spain; they’re clueless. But her… She’s different. She doesn’t deserve that hotel suite treatment, where I fuck and leave her to stay the rest of the night while I come home. No, she needs to be here with me, waking up with me still inside of her. I clench the Legend, I’m torturing him too. Hard as a brick wall, I console him while walking to my side of the bed. Sitting down, I’m coaching myself to stop replaying the images of us in her office. Her desk held her body in position for me to drill her like I’ve always wanted to since my first appointment. Making myself an even bigger asshole towards her was something I had to do. She was too damn beautiful, quietly intimidating …. jus pure sex sitting across from me wearing pink glasses. That’s when she was finally kicking me out, I had to act quickly. I knew I had already blown my chance with asking her out, but I couldn’t stop seeing her.

There’s a soft knock on the door before it pries open from the other side. The way my hairs start to stand, I know it’s her. Only she can summon my body to come alive like this. In a few steps, I see her out the corner of my left eye walking with such sultry towards me. I peak up at her black trench coat covered frame, feeling a small pang of jealousy. I went it off of her NOW! She peers down at me with a ghostly grin, standing perfectly still.

“Mr. Anoa'i”, she comes to life.

“Miss Frank”, I slightly grin immediately reaching for the belt of her coat. “I couldn’t do it, I’m so sorry.”

She watches me yank the coat open, “It’s ok”, she shrugs out of it as it hits the floor.

I sit back, admiring the bare, flawless skin before me. “I shouldn’t have called so late.” My hands grab her ass pulling her into me, running my nose across her belly. “But I couldn’t take it anymore.”

Her hands dove into my damp, black hair massaging my scalp. “I told you to call me, no matter what time it was.”

I grab her right wrist, kissing it in appreciation, and leaning into her touch. “Every woman I’ve turned down in the last two weeks, has added to my craving for you.” I pick her up, placing her on my lap, wrapping her thick legs around me. “You’ve spoiled me since our last session, Miss Frank.” Her hair drapes my hands as they hold her lower back. “Whether you believe me or not, it’s only you I can’t get enough of.”

“You’ve been restless lately, I can tell. It’s all in your eyes.” She looks into my exhausted, hungry eyes. “Do with me as you wish.” Her lips graze my forehead.

I waste no time flipping her on her back, spreading her legs as if I was gliding butter on toast. She was glistening like the juiciest strawberry of the patch, just waiting for me to take a bite. Tempting me. So I did. Gliding my tongue across the fruit, as she arched in submission. She misses me too. The intensity of sucking and sapping her berry couldn’t have brought me more joy. Her thighs nailed to the bed by my forearms, while I thumb her swollen nipples exhilarated me. Her small hands lay on top of my wrists, making sure I don’t stop.

“Mmmmm”, she sighs. “Aaaahh..” Her body rolls to my rhythm.

I glide my tongue into her so she could ride it for a moment. Her moans are leveled, but she was getting wetter with each grind. I brought one hand down, placing my thumb on her slick clit. My other hand remained consoling her breast. She was ready. As I continue to let her slide on my greedy tongue, I began to swirl her clit. The tip of my tongue tickled her G-spot, falling in tune with my thumb play. I picked up the pace a little to rev her engine, and suddenly a small waterfall doused my upper lip. A stream of syrup follows, spreading all over my tastebuds. I make no hesitation to swallow, savoring every ounce.

“Just as I remembered”, I whisper to her pulsing berry. “Sweet”, I French kiss it until her legs shake. “Intoxicating.”

“Mr. Anoa'i”, she barely whispers but I felt her need for more. “Please don’t do that again.” She exhales, “I’ll become needy for you in more ways than one.”

I express a wide smile, plastering my wide tongue across her sensitive clit. Her legs jerked in my hold, “Good. You should need me.” I take another long, slow lick. “I will be needing you just the same, if not more.”

She reaches towards me, grasping my face. “Come here.”

I obey, crawling over her enticing coven like a lion moving into his lioness. Without any signaling, I dove into her face, kissing her while positioning myself between her legs. Her natural scent had its way of hypnotizing me, and now it’s driving me crazy. Half of the women I’ve encountered were overly drenched in body sprays and Victoria’s Secret perfumes; the fumes were so overwhelming that they stunk to me. I was always told I had a sensitive nose, which was obviously a curse sometimes. But in Miss Frank’s case, I felt blessed with my nose sensitivity, because I could bask in her uncontaminated scent any time I wanted to now.

“How many adventures have you had since our last session?” She thumbs across my forehead crease.

“Why Miss Frank, you make me sound like a slut.” I playfully pout.

She giggles, “Hey, you said it!”

I bite my bottom lip, glaring my eyes into her’s. “None”, I growl, rolling over so that she lies on top of me. “Tried to take your advice and came straight home after work. Increased my workouts. Practice more ‘self’ love.”

She sits up after pecking my jawline, “Seems like I’ve failed you again.”

“No, Miss Frank. You didn’t fail me. I just thought Plan B of your solution was a better choice. Instead of wasting my time and having one night stands with numerous women, I can have you. Especially after I got my first taste of you.”

She grabs my aching erection, stroking the length from balls to head. My jaws clench at the warmth from her hand, shutting my eyes for a second. “You need some distressing, Mr. Anoa'i.”

Her hips position over mines, as my tip kissed her slick lips. Lowering herself carefully onto me was something I wasn’t prepared for. It has to be a sin somewhere for a woman to feel this good! My chest caves trying to keep me from shouting my praise for us getting tested. Once we made that agreement, I told her that she felt too amazing for us to continue using condoms. So we scheduled the appointments, tests came back negative, and she got on the pill. All of this for me, just so I wouldn’t make my life more miserable than it already was.

“Please don’t rush”, I caress the tops of her thighs. “We’ve got all night.”

She places her hands on my abs, “As you wish.”

And so she begins. Her hips start to move in a slow grinding rhythm. Her back arched, head tossed back, thighs hugging my hips, fingertips massaging my stomach; she was just an eyeful of lust mounted on top of me. I glide my right hand over her stomach, making a trail leading in between her breasts. She grabbed my wrist, bringing her head back to center, and brought my index finger to her lips. The tip of her tongue scanned the pad of my finger, leading to her putting the whole thing in her mouth, teasingly pulling it out. My dick twitched hard at the foreign act, catching me off guard.

“Ah!” She laughs with her free hand rubbing her stomach.

I laugh as well, “Sorry. Never had that done before.”

She raises her coy brow, “Again?”


And there it goes: my wet finger embedded in her warm mouth, then sliding out. Her eyes glittered from the satisfaction of weakening me.

“Mr. Anoa'i, tell me how you’re feeling right now.” Miss Frank leans back slightly, placing her hands backwards on my shins. “Mmm”, she moans.

I aggressively grip her waist, slamming into her slippery cave. “Like I could bind you to this bed forever. I could ravish your body into a million pieces for what you’re doing to me.” I slam her down again, “I’m so deep inside you, but I wanna go deeper. I’m so beyond greedy for you, that my hunger might not ever be completely satisfied.”


“Oooooh!” She yells while tightening her hold on my shins. “Shit..”, she exhales. “Why not meet me in a hotel suite like the others?”

After a final slam that I’m sure reached her lungs, I sat up, gripping her trembling body close to mines. Her eyes bore into my cloudy pupils, as I single-handedly grab her face. A bit rough I admit, but she struck a nerve.

“You are NOT like them!”

Her fingers quickly lock into my hair, yanking my head back. “Oh really?” She pants, increasing her movement. “Guys like you know how to use that line colorfully with every woman you prey on.”

“No”, I bring my face back to her’s, “Guys like me will tell a woman not to be more than five minutes late to the hotel, or she can forget an unforgettable night of being in our presence.”

She smirks, “Narcissistic prick.”

“You are not like them”, I kiss those wanting lips, “Not one bit, Miss Frank.”

That declaration became a mantra, as I repeated it to her over and over and over… Kissing in between those sincere words… Panting with her into orgasmic oblivion.

Finally letting go of her face, we remain forehead to forehead. “You’re not going back home tonight.”

Miss Frank nods, “Ok.”

We take a final look into each other’s eyes, grinning through our exhaustion. I grab her thighs, holding on to them as I perch onto my knees, laying her back down on the comforter. Once I’m comfortably nestled in between her legs, I make sure to remain lodged inside of her, letting her drenched walls lock tight around me. Her heartbeat slowly goes back to its normal pace against my ear.

“You’re not like the rest”, I cup the left breast and twirl her plump nipple.

She wraps her arms around my shoulders, planting soft kisses on top of my head. “Good to know.”

Never has a woman ever made me want to whimper shamelessly from a single twitch of her hips. I was always a man of silence when it came to sex. Moaning and groaning were nonexistent, and it drove women mad; making them go harder than ever. Yet, they couldn’t get a chirp out of me. I made the women want to kiss my feet once I was done with them. They praised me on being the best they’ve ever had, saying things such “All you have to do is say the word, and I’ll be at your beck & call.” I was their God for one night. Anything I wanted them to do or say was done without question. They worshipped me until I became bored with them. Until now… I can honestly say that the tables have turned on this rich, narcissistic prick. I am the one willing to crawl to this humble seductress in therapist clothing.