women can do it too

when there’s a girl who finally likes you and you think she’s going to confess to you but you like another girl so before she gets the chance to tell you she likes you, you start telling her how there’s another girl who you like but then an older city boy appears and you assume it’s her boyfriend and that you completely misunderstood the situation


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Originally posted by luuuuuke-evans

Titled: ‘Tease’

Warnings: Gaston/Luke Evans feels, FLUFF 

Word Count: 1,392 

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A/N:   Request from @btrombley13:  You should write a Gaston x reader where, much like Belle, he just keeps trying to win her over but the reader just keeps denying. Maybe where the reader continously teases him, whether it’s by joking with him or wearing a dress which just compliments the reader in best ways. I just thought that would be funny and actually kind of cute. Cause lets face it, Luke Evans Gaston is amazing ^_^ have a good day :)

A/N: Sure! Of course! I hope this was what you were looking for!! 

For years, Gaston offered you his heart and hand, but you would respectfully decline his wish. You liked Gaston and all, but you feared of settling. You didn’t want to settle to early on in life. You were young and ambitious. Plus, Gaston and you have been companions longer then before Gaston showed you signs of love. You also didn’t want to see that kindled relationship be destroyed if things fell through. Gaston, on the other hand, knew he had you reeled in, it only just a matter of time. But since you and Gaston were still only friends, you were certainly not shy from the idea of messing with one another. 

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I’m imagining that Lukas has a major
Come to Mila moment about his repression when after a battle Alm is so ecstatic they won he hugs his nearest comrade, which happens to be Lukas, and his body feels so touched starved that he hugs back and just. Hugs Alm for a little bit longer than necessary. I know based on DLC Lukas was courting a girl, but based on his support with Python and influence of @markoftheasphodel ’s reading of him as Ace and homoromantic I don’t see it getting very physical, plus Clive’s views as him being a “cool observer” he doesn’t really get physical touch while in the Deliverance, which multiple months of not being touched positively is probably. Not. The best.

Alm eventually taps his shoulder because everyone is starting to stare and it hits home for Lukas that some of his physical needs are also not being met, and he lets go, going back to how he usually acts, but inwardly a little shaken. but he doesn’t bring it up to the others because he thinks it will make them feel uncomfortable, or confused, until he starts to notice after battles or during tactics meetings, whenever Alm wants his attention he pats his shoulder or touches his arm. Lukas is Surprised but doesn’t comment. Then it goes from Alm to Python slinging an arm over his shoulders after practice, Forsyth patting him on the back after a sparring match, and soon enough nearly everyone in the army has found ways to show Lukas tiny bits of physical affection. Lukas doesn’t comment on it, but he’s grateful.

I’m not really partial to singing in public.  My voice is weird- low and croaky, the crow to my sister’s canary.  She’s got a splendid voice and i don;t think of ill of her for a second, but she’s tough act to follow, so I really only do it when I’m alone in the car.

But it’s come to my attention that there are no really good female covers of my favorite smutty pop songs.  Santana’s “Smooth” for instance.  There is a lovely woman on youtube but she doesn’t really have that intense growl that a lot of male artists have, that I *know* women can do too, and that it’s lethally good when they do.

And I’ve got a weird growly croaky voice.

This might change things.  

that creepy old drunk man who came onto me at work a few days ago convinced me 99.9% that i’m a lesbian

Started watching My Hero Academia, due to peer pressure from my Tumblr dash. Four episodes in, and it’s entertaining enough so far, but… It’s fucking 2017. Why do we still not have equal representation of female characters in anime?

ya kno those posts specifically about women being abused/manipulated by men. and all the men in the comments are like “WOMEN CAN MANIPULATE MEN TOO, NOT ALL MEN DO THIS”. firstly, fucking no one was denying either of those things. they’re just specifially speaking about MEN manipulating WOMEN. people are allowed to talk about one topic at a time, ya know? it doesn’t mean they dont care about another.

Since it’s International Women’s Day shout out to all the black female wrestlers past and present in ANY promotion, especially WWE, from the pioneers to the trendsetters, the valets to the bosses, all of y'all matter.

Representation, just like black lives matters too and it’s because of y'all that so many people brown or otherwise think “I can do this too.”

Archetypes of Egyptian young men (19-30 years old) according to Western media:

Dressed in either a pharaoh costume, a galabeya, or if we’re very lucky, a suit. Maybe with his great, great, great grandad ’s fez. Mustache and kohl is a must with random Ancient Egyptian or Arabic tattoos and an ankh necklace, or rosary beads. Super fit with a goatee.

Either mysterious eye-candy, one of many victims of “developing country being attacked in a superhero movie syndrome", terrorist, dastardly villain, dastardly villain that is a terrorist, or academy award nominee and three time golden globe award winner Omar Sharif.

…Even though Mr. Sharif, God rest his soul, is usually remembered as how he looked like starting his sixties. So uh. Yeah.

Okay, what about Egyptian Archetypes and stereotypes according to Egyptians? Ta daaa! Have a long list of them.

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to all the girls that have just stopped shaving their legs and hate the prickliness, think the hair looks darker than it ‘should be’ or that you have too much and are thinking of going back to shaving

to all the girls who threw their makeup away or just used the last of it up last week and consciously decided not to buy more, who look in the mirror before they leave the house and think they look tired

to all the girls who know how our patriarchal capitalist system targets women and makes them feel inferior with these meaningless alterations to our bodies, without all these accessories and adjustments, and are trying little acts of resistance in their own lives but are struggling with the insecurities we all have felt

i see you, i support you, it gets easier. People stop commenting. People don’t look down at other people’s legs nearly as often as you may self-consciously look at your own. i know you are also probably facing pressure from friends and family. The people who love you too will either stop caring or stop noticing, maybe even support you eventually. 

I never wore a lot of makeup, and never daily, but I stopped shaving in high school. If anyone ever needs to talk about the pressures to conform to femininity, my inbox is always open and anon is always on. you can ask for advice, vent, ask questions. if you want me to reply privately i can do that too just let me know.

anonymous asked:

I've identified as bi for years and am an outspoken bi activist but I'm now wondering if I'm not a lesbian. I'm attracted by guys but have never found one I would date. Maybe it's just coercive heterosexuality? How do I know?

You might find some previous posts I’ve made on compulsory heterosexuality helpful: [x] [x] [x] [x]

and here’s some posts by other folks that I think are really useful for questioning folks: [x] [x] [x]

other important things to note:  

  • bi women can and do experience compulsory heterosexuality too
  • if you find out that you are a lesbian, you are not betraying the bi community. It doesn’t negate any of your activism and it doesn’t make you a bad stereotype or anything. It’s okay to change your identity label as you learn more about yourself– it’s common and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. Many lesbians previously identified as bi and visa vera.
  • even if you are 100% bi, you still don’t have to date men if you don’t want to

I hope this helps <3 I’m sorry it took me so long to get back to you. 

Women can be terrible people too

Feminists love to talk about how terrible life is for women, because of men. They act like women all get along, we NEVER hurt each other. We’re just one big sisterhood, and it’s peace and love all around. Well I got two instances to the contrary.

In middle school I got made fun of, a lot. The way I dressed, the way I acted and the way I talked. All scrutinized by the “popular kids”, the majority of whom were girls. I still remember how they would scrunch their faces when they judged the way I dressed, or point out that I talked like I had marbles in my mouth. I remember them saying my khaki skirts looked like puke, calling me white and a nerd, basically making fun of me at every chance they got. They say guys are the reason why girls feel self-conscious about the way they look, but they fail to mention how nasty and judgemental girls can be.

In the fourth grade I was sexually harassed in the bathroom of my school. I had gone to the bathroom during class, and when I got there there was just one other girl already there. She didn’t seem to be doing anything in particular, so I had gone into one of the stalls. I was using the bathroom when I looked up to see her, staring at me from over the door. I was scared, and asked her to stop. I immediately got out and she began asking me questions about sex, and if I knew what it was and if I wanted to do it. I kept saying no, I didn’t want to do it. She kept persisting, pulling my hand over to a corner of the bathroom out of view of the doorway before I just fell silent, slid to the floor in a ball and started crying. She got frustrated and left. Eventually my teacher noticed I was gone for a long time and sent someone to check on me. They brought me back to class, and for the rest of the day I just had my head on my desk, crying, refusing to talk to anybody. It wasn’t until I got home that I told my mom, who immediately brought it to the attention of the school. From then on, they always sent people to the bathroom in pairs. I’ve only told this story to 2 people since. But feminists LOVE to gloss over or even completely dismiss the fact that girls and women can rape and sexually harass other women and girls.

I may not have terrible horror stories like some people do of the ways women can be horrible people too, but trust me, they do exist. They’re just as impactful and should not be just swept under the rug as if they are not as legitimate as when a man does it.