women can do it too

when there’s a girl who finally likes you and you think she’s going to confess to you but you like another girl so before she gets the chance to tell you she likes you, you start telling her how there’s another girl who you like but then an older city boy appears and you assume it’s her boyfriend and that you completely misunderstood the situation

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I LOVE your Ali is Uber A clues..just an honest question, how do you think they'd make it work with her being pregnant? I'm not saying pregnant women can't do things, but the things 'A' does probably would cause too much stress for the baby(babies) so she would need help, right? Who do you think would be her helpers?


Simple - there’s no pregnancy. Notice that as of now we’ve seen no actual proof  beyond her word…she didn’t even show Emily the positive test, as you’d think you would in that situation. If Alison is A.D., this pregnancy could easily be faked in order to manipulate Emily and perhaps even trick her into thinking that her eggs are involved.

The last couple of days I read a short series of articles about the novel genre science fiction, and it wasn’t the greatest written and sounded a bit sad/rabid puppy-ish but what really rankled was the conclusion. The article titles were basically ‘sci fi is dead’, ‘who killed sci fi’, and ‘how to revive sci fi’ and the final conclusion was basically ‘the only way to save the genre is to write about manly men being manly heroes.’

The author also said some pretty dumb things like ‘women love reading about manly men saving the day’ and ‘only men read sci fi’ and ‘sci fi is only stuff like Conan and Tarzan’.

Talk about a yuck opinion.

What do you guys think, has science fiction as a genre died? Would more manly men doing the saving fix the genre? (shakes head furiously)

trainzelda replied to your post “I think the difference between mansplaining and normal explaining is…”

Yeah definitely, but re: your tags, I think it’s only really mansplaining if its done by a man because imo mansplaining stems from the assumption that the person they’re talking to couldn’t possibly know it already because they’re a woman. (I guess women could do that too but we can assume it’s mostly men.) So like you might overexplain something to show off your knowledge, but it’s just you being prideful, youre not making sexist assumptions about them

you’re right, I knew there was something missing from my definition but I couldn’t put it into words. it’s the underlying “there’s no way a woman could know more about this than I, a man” assumption

I think it is very telling that the biggest issues mras can complain about boil down to

“But I don’t like being called out when I’m a racist/misogynistic/queer hating/transmisogynistic dickwad”

Followed closely by

“Women can do mean things sometimes too.”

Like, okay dude. Go have your pity party. I'mma going over here to like work on solutions to try to keep people from being killed and their basic humanity stripped away.

You do you tho.

Just saw a “how to fix Felicity Smoak” post

and it basically said “don’t make her so good at everything because she’s become a Mary Sue. 

First of all, all Superheroes are Mary Sues. They can all do things that are completely unrealistic and learn to do them in a timespan that is virtually impossible for average people to learn. 

Second of all, what is wrong with a woman who is good at multiple things? Can’t women have it all, the way men do on television shows? No hate here, but Curtis Holt is a Olympic athlete, genius, tech inventor and now set up to become a superhero. Why is nobody complaining about him being a “Mary Sue”? Could it possibly be because he’s a man??? 

I just don’t understand the mentality of “women can be “badass” but not too good at everything they do”. Like, excuse me, but from where I’m standing, Felicity is a great role model. She focuses on work, was CEO of a company she now owns, saves people in every way she can, was in a successful relationship, knew exactly how she deserved to be treated and didn’t allow anyone to walk all over her, not even the love of her life, actively encouraged her friends to be the best version of themselves and to go after what they want. 

And I’m sorry, but as a woman, I would rather be hated for excelling at things I do, than be loved for keeping quiet in my corner and “do what I’m supposed to do and not have opinions”

This post goes to women who know that they can have their cake and eat it too. There is no such thing as “being too good at everything”. 

Lush– Nash Grier Smut

I sighed and quickly shot Nash a text, my boss bitching about my supposed ‘slacking’ with the phone calls. Yes, I am a stock-broker. And yes, women can do that too.

Me: when i get home i’m gonna take a bath. a long fucking bath. and drink tea. i’m sorry to cancel on dinner, but my boss is pissing me the fuck off at the moment.

Nash: it’s okay baby, I understand. I love you so so much, i’ll come over later and make you dinner. :)

His text made my heart flutter and my cheeks to flush. I love him. I continued making phone calls and doing a bunch of paperwork as usual, before driving home, my shoulders tense and my chest heaving heavily with deeps breaths, attempting to calm myself down. It was not working. I quickly pulled into the driveway, slamming the door to my black range-rover with force. I huffed and blew the hair out of my face and stomped my way up the porch steps, my Louboutin’s nearly screaming at me. When I opened the door, the scent of stir-fry and chow mien nearly caused my heart to stop- Well, that, and Nash standing shirtless in front of the stove with a towel on his shoulder.

“It smells so good in here.” I exclaimed as I hugged him from behind, his back a bit clammy from standing in a streamy kitchen.

“I hope you’re hungry.” He spoke smoothly, his voice raspy and warm- as usual.

“Here, sit down, have a glass of wine.” He said as he poured the white zinfandel into a wine glass. With wide eyes, I sat down at the bar and kicked my loubies off and guzzled nearly half of the glass.

“Rough day?” Nash asked as he dished up the plates with stir-fry. I nodded and washed my hands, and pulled my hair up into a bun.

“Here baby, go change. I’ll get you all set up.” He smiled and pecked my lips before pulling away, before I pulled him right back down to me. My hands held his neck, his strong arms holding me against his bare chest.

“Ah ah ah,” He tsk’d. “Don’t want to ruin your dinner.” He said with a saucy wink. My heart and stomach fluttered as I tip-toed into my bedroom, which was now spotless. Now that I’m thinking about it, the entire house is spotless.. I quickly changed into a pair of Nash’s boxer-briefs that he’s left here. We currently don’t live together, but are in the midst of getting ready to get our own place.

“Baby, did you clean.. like everything?” I asked as I walked back into the kitchen, welcomed by the two plates of steaming food and a full glass of wine, making me borderline emotional.

“Maybe.” He smirked as he took a bite. Someone is getting laid tonight. I tilted his chin up so I could kiss him gently, his lips silky, like my freshly cleaned sheets.

“I love you. Thank you so much for doing this, you have no idea how much this means to me, and how much it’s helped me.” I said somberly as I sat down next to him.

“Of course baby. I love you so so much and I would do anything for you.” He smiled, his hair crazily parted as he ran his fingers through his hair.

After eating dinner, which was borderline orgasmic, he cleared the table, poured me another glass of wine, and left the room.

“Babe, what’re you doing?” I called out as I carried my shoes into my bedroom closet. I heard the running water in my bathroom, the steaming water filling the deep tub quickly, the mirror fogged almost immediately. He shut the water off after a minute or so, the jet sin my new bathtub streaming hot water in. Nash grabbed a Lush bag that was new to me from under the sink and dropped my favorite bomb in— the sex bomb.

“Baby.. did you go to lush?” I asked, while fixing my bun.

“Only for you.” He sheepishly smiled, whilst pulling his bottom lip between his teeth, my stomach nearly exploding at the sight.

“Well, I’ll leave you to it.” He said while kissing my head, hastily walking out the door.

“Don’t even think about it.” I said, while kicking the door shut with my foot.

He sat on the toilet lid as I stood in front of him, his fingers yanking his briefs off of my as I pulled my tee shirt off. His lips left gentle kissing on my chest and clavicle, my fingers fastening in his long hair. my fingers hooked underneath the band of his sweatpants and boxers, pulling them down hastily.

He climbed in the tub first, holding out a hand to help me in. He lay with his legs stretched out and his head against the wall, as I laid between his legs, with my head on his chest. His long, bony fingers grabbed my sponge and soaked it, layering soap onto it. He rubbed in gently on my neck and chest, briefly going under the water to wash my stomach- and other bits. After I finished washing him and rinsing the sponge, I just laid with my head on his chest.

“How was work?” I whispered, breaking the temporary silence.

“It was okay, I didn’t stay for the entire shift.” He said as his hands rubbed the top of my thighs.

“Because.. I wanted to come here and get shit done, for you.” He said, his fingers rubbing my lower stomach.

“Baby.. you really didn’t have to do that.” I said, leaning my head back completely to make eye contact with him.

“I know I didn’t. But I really really wanted to.” He said, his lips trailing down my neck, his teeth gently assaulting my heated skin.

His lips lingered and nipped with rhythm, his fingers discretely lowering. He spread my lips with his fingers, the hot eater causing me to hiss. His fingers gently rubbed in slow, steady circles, while his other hand gently held my chest. He slowly sinked a finger in, my lower lip clamping between my teeth. The once-gentle assault on my neck became more intense every few seconds. His fingers moved at a quicker speed, curling with every thrust. His palm rubbed my clit indirectly, my hips grinding into his hand.

“How does that feel baby?” He said, his fingers pinching my nipple. I moaned in response, my chest heaving rapidly with every minuscule movement.

He slowly pulled his fingers out of me and rubbed the top of my thigh, my neck glowing red and purple. He leaned so he could grab the shower head, which was now running.

“What are you doing?” I asked him.

“Gotta rinse all the soap off of you.” He said as he held the massaging shower head a few inches from my skin, causing my skin to glow a pulsating red.

His fingers sunk back into me as he lowered the shower head onto my clit, the combination of the hot pulsating stream and his fingers curled inside of me caused my head to swim. I could feel him slowly harden against me as I clenched around his fingers, his moan causing my chest to heave even more.

“You are so fucking sexy. Fuck.” He whined as I held him in my hand behind me, my thumb gently rubbing the tip. He shut the shower head off and flipped me around to face him, his lips immediately connected to mine. His pupils were dilated to the point where his iris’ were barely visible, his cock resting against my pale skin.

“I want you so badly.” He moaned into my mouth, my hands gently rubbing him. I sat up on my knees and straddled his hips, and lined him up. I gently slid onto him, the slow splash of the water and our moans the only thing heard in the entire house. I rolled my hips against him slowly, but forcefully.

“Baby.. fuck.” He was cut out by my lips closing over his, his warm tongue greeting mine in a heated embrace. His hips met mine as we made love, his arms wrapped tightly around me, as mine on him. My mind raced as I clenched around him, we are one. One mind, one body, one soul. I love him.

“I love you so fucking much.” I whimpered as he thrusted more sharply into me, his heated, slippery hands holding my lower back as he moaned into my neck.

“I love you baby.” He nearly whimpered as I tightened around him, his head leaned back, rested against the cool tile. His adams apple bobbed as he moaned, his neck vibrating with every sound that leaked out of his mouth. I hid my forehead in his neck, our hips rocking together.

“I’m so close baby.. mmm.” He groaned, his tongue peeking out to lick his lips. I lifted my hips off of him so we were barely connected, before slamming back down, the water splashing all over the both of us.

“Do that again, babe, oh my god.” He said as he held my hips; guiding me. I repeated the action several times until his eyes scrunched closed tightly and he twitched inside me, he came. He rubbed my clit insanely fast, the water slowing his actions, but also making them more intense.

He pulled out of me and pulled me into his chest, his heartbeat still erratic from the orgasm he just endured.

“You never cease to amaze me, baby girl.” He said in a raspy tone, his fingers pulling the drain plug out of the drain, the water slowly emptying the tub, using goosebumps to rise on my naked wet body. He climbed out of the tub and lifted me onto the toilet lid, leaving the bathroom momentarily before returning with one towel. He wrapped it around his back and arms, before opening them and welcoming me into his warm arms.

hi it me im back

when will they make a black superwomen so all superheroes can stop being completely white and black girls can get representation and little black girls can see a black women being strong and being a hero and feel like they can do that too

Tom and Benevolent Sexism

I lurv Tom McNair.  He is a great character and a great addition to the show.  Even the show itself can’t stop telling us how great he is.

“All right, Calm Down.” indeed!

He is, however, sexist, a benevolent sexist. Although, it’s probably not his fault.  Benevolent sexism is like “Women can’t do X because they are too good for it.”  In benevolent sexism women are not being put down but they are still be controlled and someone else is still telling women what is best for them as apposed to allowing women to be full human beings who can make their own choices, good, bad or otherwise.    

The two best examples of this are everything with Allison in S4E6 and his conversation with Alex in S5E1. 

When Tom Meets Allison he is very excited.  In the same way Nina met his criteria for Female-I-would-like-to-be-in-a-relationship-with by being female and a werewolf he isn’t really connecting with Allison on an individual level.  Although as the episode progresses that improves.  He likes that she won debating championships and that she wants to be a barrister. 

When Tom says that Allison is perfect and he almost ruined her Allison is quick to point that she is NOT perfect and he CANNOT ruin her.  She also tells him that she knows what she wants which a few scenes earlier was aggressively trying to have sex with a less than willing partner! Tom’s reasons for not being into physical intimacy at that moment was that Allison was behaving in a way that didn’t match the character he created for her in is mind. So basically they are both bad at relationships at this point but Allison needs to learn about active consent.  Tom decides that Allison is better off going home and he isn’t particularly interested in hearing her thoughts on the subject.  I do think he has feelings for Allison [I really like their relationship]. 

Alex basically calls him out on it when Tom flat out says that Alex can’t do something dangerous because she is woman.  He also zeros on on why he thinks this way, his dad.  Although I might argue that is has a lot more to do with not really knowing a lot of women AND the advice he got from McNair.  It is hard to imagine women as complete human beings when you don’t know any and are given very specific instructions on how to treat them.  

Still, by the end of the series Tom does seem to be doing better.  He is willing to be in a relationship with Natasha and doesn’t seem to have any preconceived notions about how she is to behave.  In the Devil’s fantasy world for Tom he even voices his concern that he may not have that much in common with Allison beyond lycanthropy.  

Tom is a great character and part of what makes him great is he has flaws.  

I don’t feel like I am reading too much into this. I honestly believe that this stuff was written in to the series.  That is why I love Being Human.  It is a character show masquerading as supernatural horror comedy.  

Found this on the trailer for the new Jessica Jones show for Netflix “Ok I get it, you women can do it too. Now can we please stop with all these shows with the emasculated, effeminate, men and the dark, silent, strong, extra emotional women who can beat 20 men with amateur MMA moves. If for years we did not believe Chuck Norris or little Jet Li could do it, I damn sure can not pretend to watch a 115 pound woman sling men twice her size around a room. Plus when has their ever been women on record to run into danger as their are men that do it every single day for a living?Yes I know MISOGYNIST ASS HOLE, I HATE MY MOTHER, I AM GAY, I AM SCARED OF A STRONG WOMAN , I AM NOT A REAL MAN, ETC ADD MORE PLEASE , but also answer the question as well and prove me wrong.”

Manslation: Realism in media is not a concern until I can use it as an excuse for why all media should be catered toward ME. I know exactly how transparent and ridiculous I’m being but why should that matter when we’re talking about ME?

like, here are all the reasons I can think of why “women have it easier than men when they’re abused or have mental health problems because women are expected to be vulnerable by society/are allowed to cry/etc” is bullshit:

  • that literally does not apply to women of colour or to working-class/poor women who are expected to be strong all the time and are punished for showing vulnerability 
  • when (upper-class white) women are “allowed” to be vulnerable it is a very conditional thing and is often the result of infantilization of these women, like “oh you can’t do anything, you’re too fragile and vulnerable” which places these women in a very restricted position emotionally AND is used against other women who aren’t white and upper-class 
  • literally the reason that women are seen as the default gender for victims of abuse and sexual violence is because disproportionately they/we ARE the victims of abuse and sexual violence and it has taken MASSIVE campaigning on the part of women to get this recognized, and the reason mental illness is seen as a feminized thing is because of the history of women being portrayed as inherently “hysterical” and “crazy” which ties into like, institutionalized abuse of women who were seen as being not neurotypical, neither of those things are evidence of fucking privilege in fact they are evidence of the existence of systemic misogyny and also racism and classism and ableism
  • The erasure of male victims of abuse and sexual violence and men with mental health problems happens because those things are seen as inherently feminine because see the above point, which is shitty for men but insisting that there is some kind of “woman privilege” at play here is ultimately only denying and reinforcing the existing systemic structures that actually are at play, WHICH MEANS reinforcing the things that make things shitty for ALL survivors and mentally ill people, including men
  • seriously you’re not helping anyone when you say that “women have it easier as abuse victims and mentally ill people” you are in fact a) reinforcing the idea that women are expected to be victims and crazy people b) isolating women for whom the ability to be vulnerable has never been on the table because of race and/or class, c) putting men victims and mentally ill men in a really awkward/shitty/alienating position by contributing to the idea that these are “womens’ problems”, and d) just being a giant bonehead
  • when you shit on survivors and mentally ill people of a specific gender you shit on ALL survivors and mentally ill people, for reasons covered in all of the above points

i’m not gonna tag this with mentalp*d or m*ental illn*ss h*ppy h*ur bc I don’t want angry fans coming after me but like that’s what this is about, stop fucking saying that women have it easier as abuse victims and mentally ill people, just stop


Women in Metal Duets: Sharon den Adel + Charlotte Wessels