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Wonder Woman Needs Our Help

I don’t normally make posts like this, but I feel like this is something I need to do because it’s bigger than myself. So, I don’t know if you’ve heard but the Wonder Woman film comes out June 2nd… And if you didn’t know that, there’s a reason for it.
Warner Brothers aren’t spending money on promoting the Wonder Woman film. No tv promotions, billboards, nothing. A film about a strong, powerful, amazing woman superhero directed by Patty Jenkins who happens to be the first woman to direct a superhero film with a female protagonist and one of only a handful (a literal handful… you can count on one hand) to direct a superhero film at all.
They are setting it up to fail so they can say “I told you so” and not only continue the blatant sexism in the film industry but blame it on Patty if the movie fails, setting female directors up (whom are already told they won’t get hired) so they can have an excuse to say “Oh well, we tried hiring a woman to direct a film and it didn’t work. Lets not do that again.”

This film is bigger than just being a superhero movie… It has the ability to bust open the glass ceiling of Hollywood to tell them that yes, superhero movies about women do well and yes, women can not only direct blockbusters but they can do it well. Because I can guarantee you, Patty does it well.

PLEASE spread this around and let Warner Brothers know we aren’t going to stand for this bullshit.


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Prompt for Moms Made Fullmetal Week 2017

Day One : Growth - “All Grown Up”

In which Riza finds a very old photograph of her and ‘her boys’ and reminisces, all the while wondering when exactly had they looked so grown up as they did in the picture.

"Hotel Mario Theme" - Little Women (1933)
"Hotel Mario Theme" - Little Women (1933)

So ever listened to Hotel Mario’s theme and thought “hey this sounds kinda catchy and good”?

Well did you know the song actually dates back as far as 1933 in a film adaptation of Little Women? It’s performed at a party, and as far as I know, is never listed in the film’s soundtrack or in any credits. The audio’s taken straight from the film so pardon the dialogue included with the song, haha.

I wish I knew the tune’s origins though. I’ve made some extensive searches, but no luck. It sounds German, but that’s as far as I have guessed. I think the most accurate answer is the Phillips CDI was actually built in the 30s and Hotel Mario was just in development hell for all that time, but y’know, who knows.

If anyone’s got any clue what the song is though, please tell me! It’s been on my mind for years now!


Butch lesbians are like James Dean and Bro lesbians are like Justin Bieber. 

🌼 There’s Peach&Daisy again, the friend princesses 🍑

I know I draw them too much but when I have an artblock (and this time it hit very hard :/) I only can think about drawing them with a new aesthetic. So… there they are! Wish Nintendo made more interactions between them (they are supposed to be super friends after all 😅)

For those who don’t know, I’m part of the Super Smash Bros. community. Recently I got to watch the formation of “Smash Sisters,” a community effort to help women feel more comfortable at these male-dominated tournaments and foster a competitive spirit in women through specialized crew battles. It’s really awesome to see members of the community come together to help promote women in video games, and it was high time I created a tribute to something I speak so highly about. Perhaps I’ll make this a whole series of characters, we’ll see!

Sincere Thanks to All the Men Who Understand That You Don't Get a Prize for Not Grabbing Pussy

For months now, a number of my female friends and colleagues and I have been noticing an uptick in sexism we get from guys on the left. (Obviously, many guys on the right have become an utter nightmare.)

It’s been a long, awful day.

So, I’ll just thank all the men who are actual allies and who understand that being a good man requires more than not grabbing pussy.

It really does mean a lot that you’re fighting alongside us.


I haven’t seen any posts on tumblr about this kid, but you may have seen this going around twitter. He’s received an absurd amount of hate for supporting women, as well as a lot of love (as he obviously deserves!) Let’s keep this movement going! 


He changed his instagram to jose__angelg, but I’m pretty sure he deleted his tumblr because I can’t find it.

I can’t sleep and I’m posting garbage, but why the flying fuck does the WWE not sell leggings/tights? Is there any actual reason? Can you imagine the amount of money they would make, I would empty my bank account for some of these.

Just imagine the possibilities

Sami Zayn checkerboard leggings

Becky Lynch steampunk design that reads “Lasskicker” down a leg

Charlotte’s aqua leggings that read “Do it with Flair” in white cursive down the sides

Chris Jericho ones that incorporate every one of his past gimmicks including Y2J and The Lion Tamer. I feel a mighty need…

BREEZANGO leggings available in five different colors of striped furs

Dolph Ziggler tights with that awesome “DZ” logo on the thigh you know what I’m talking about


Loud as fuck purple and yellow leggings make sure you stay hyped for Zack and Mojo

Kevin Owens leggings are black with a big-ass “K.O.” on them. The letters. On the booty. Get it big-ass? I’m sorry.

The neon pink and blue ones come New Day approved mainly because of the unicorns and rainbows all over, those nerds would be so pleased to see people wearing these in public.

Natalya pink and black “Queen of Harts” leggings

Sasha Banks “Bo$$” ones naturally

I would murder somebody for a pair of Edge and Christian leggings I’m not kidding


Plus you could run a vintage series with some of the amazing designs they have on t-shirts in the store.

BioWare Social Network revival could be summed up as “protect the heterosexuality!”.

With a side dish of coy “but you gays never protested bi Cass and bi Solas mods, what’s wrong with bi Dorian and bi Sera, you hipocrates (sic!)”

I can’t. I get this hollow, gross feeling in the pit of my stomach whenever I try to read up on fan shit on bsn.

edit: i was smart to buy myself some beer. though i doubt it’ll be able to wash away the scum I was covered in when i emerged from that pit of hell.