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Wonder Woman Needs Our Help

I don’t normally make posts like this, but I feel like this is something I need to do because it’s bigger than myself. So, I don’t know if you’ve heard but the Wonder Woman film comes out June 2nd… And if you didn’t know that, there’s a reason for it.
Warner Brothers aren’t spending money on promoting the Wonder Woman film. No tv promotions, billboards, nothing. A film about a strong, powerful, amazing woman superhero directed by Patty Jenkins who happens to be the first woman to direct a superhero film with a female protagonist and one of only a handful (a literal handful… you can count on one hand) to direct a superhero film at all.
They are setting it up to fail so they can say “I told you so” and not only continue the blatant sexism in the film industry but blame it on Patty if the movie fails, setting female directors up (whom are already told they won’t get hired) so they can have an excuse to say “Oh well, we tried hiring a woman to direct a film and it didn’t work. Lets not do that again.”

This film is bigger than just being a superhero movie… It has the ability to bust open the glass ceiling of Hollywood to tell them that yes, superhero movies about women do well and yes, women can not only direct blockbusters but they can do it well. Because I can guarantee you, Patty does it well.

PLEASE spread this around and let Warner Brothers know we aren’t going to stand for this bullshit.


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Prompt for Moms Made Fullmetal Week 2017

Day One : Growth - “All Grown Up”

In which Riza finds a very old photograph of her and ‘her boys’ and reminisces, all the while wondering when exactly had they looked so grown up as they did in the picture.

"Hotel Mario Theme" - Little Women (1933)
"Hotel Mario Theme" - Little Women (1933)

So ever listened to Hotel Mario’s theme and thought “hey this sounds kinda catchy and good”?

Well did you know the song actually dates back as far as 1933 in a film adaptation of Little Women? It’s performed at a party, and as far as I know, is never listed in the film’s soundtrack or in any credits. The audio’s taken straight from the film so pardon the dialogue included with the song, haha.

I wish I knew the tune’s origins though. I’ve made some extensive searches, but no luck. It sounds German, but that’s as far as I have guessed. I think the most accurate answer is the Phillips CDI was actually built in the 30s and Hotel Mario was just in development hell for all that time, but y’know, who knows.

If anyone’s got any clue what the song is though, please tell me! It’s been on my mind for years now!


Butch lesbians are like James Dean and Bro lesbians are like Justin Bieber. 

🌼 There’s Peach&Daisy again, the friend princesses 🍑

I know I draw them too much but when I have an artblock (and this time it hit very hard :/) I only can think about drawing them with a new aesthetic. So… there they are! Wish Nintendo made more interactions between them (they are supposed to be super friends after all 😅)

why the fuck are people always acting like black civil rights issues are a hot new trend that just popped up two years ago and are getting more attention then they deserve

like, martin luther king jr was assassinated for being a radical in 1968

do you think black activists took a half century off between selma and ferguson, birmingham and flint

come on

WONDER WOMAN Director Patty Jenkins Not Signed for Sequel
Sources say Warner Bros. will soon begin negotiations with Jenkins, who will have major leverage thanks to the movie's historic opening weekend.

Warner Bros. executives enlisted Jenkins for just one film, a decision that could end up costing the studio millions of dollars if Jenkins’ reps drive a hard bargain for her to return.

Warners execs also may have been a bit unprepared for the level of success and acclaim Wonder Woman has achieved; initial tracking reports predicted Jenkins’ $150 million-budgeted film would open to about $65 million domestic, solid but hardly a reason to begin planning a long-range strategy.

Some insiders say it was only in recent weeks that Wonder Woman buzz began to grow on the Warners lot in Burbank, so the studio wanted to wait for the opening weekend results before initiating any negotiations.


I haven’t seen any posts on tumblr about this kid, but you may have seen this going around twitter. He’s received an absurd amount of hate for supporting women, as well as a lot of love (as he obviously deserves!) Let’s keep this movement going! 


He changed his instagram to jose__angelg, but I’m pretty sure he deleted his tumblr because I can’t find it.

I can’t sleep and I’m posting garbage, but why the flying fuck does the WWE not sell leggings/tights? Is there any actual reason? Can you imagine the amount of money they would make, I would empty my bank account for some of these.

Just imagine the possibilities

Sami Zayn checkerboard leggings

Becky Lynch steampunk design that reads “Lasskicker” down a leg

Charlotte’s aqua leggings that read “Do it with Flair” in white cursive down the sides

Chris Jericho ones that incorporate every one of his past gimmicks including Y2J and The Lion Tamer. I feel a mighty need…

BREEZANGO leggings available in five different colors of striped furs

Dolph Ziggler tights with that awesome “DZ” logo on the thigh you know what I’m talking about


Loud as fuck purple and yellow leggings make sure you stay hyped for Zack and Mojo

Kevin Owens leggings are black with a big-ass “K.O.” on them. The letters. On the booty. Get it big-ass? I’m sorry.

The neon pink and blue ones come New Day approved mainly because of the unicorns and rainbows all over, those nerds would be so pleased to see people wearing these in public.

Natalya pink and black “Queen of Harts” leggings

Sasha Banks “Bo$$” ones naturally

I would murder somebody for a pair of Edge and Christian leggings I’m not kidding


Plus you could run a vintage series with some of the amazing designs they have on t-shirts in the store.

For those who don’t know, I’m part of the Super Smash Bros. community. Recently I got to watch the formation of “Smash Sisters,” a community effort to help women feel more comfortable at these male-dominated tournaments and foster a competitive spirit in women through specialized crew battles. It’s really awesome to see members of the community come together to help promote women in video games, and it was high time I created a tribute to something I speak so highly about. Perhaps I’ll make this a whole series of characters, we’ll see!

Wonder Woman: A Moment

Tonight I walked into my hometown theater with my mom, little sister and some of my best friends, proudly displaying the Wonder Woman logo on my chest and with an electric feeling in my veins. I can’t remember the last time I was this excited personally for a film or any story really. Sure the return of Star Wars to the silver screen was glorious, but this was different. This was about me. For the first time in my life I was going to see a female superhero on the big screen, in surround sound, kicking ass and saving the world with a story all her own told through the eyes of a real life badass female.

Honestly I don’t think I really understood that until it was starring me in the face 30 minutes into the film and I didn’t know what to do. One moment I was cheering for the reveal of Wonder Woman in her full armored glory and the next I was in tears. Tears I didn’t know I was crying until they rolled off my face. Tears that came down streaming too quickly for me to stop. Tears that became the physical embodiment of happiness. Tears that made me realize I finally felt SEEN and HEARD and even PRAISED for nothing more than being, being a strong woman despite growing up in a world where we are told to be anything but.

This fact was so relevant that Diana’s comedic relief became my reality. Her confusion at her lack of a voice and control over herself in this new world further opened my eyes to the fact that we live in a society that finds it appropriate to allow us to think not having a place is normal and expected. Sure the film is outdated, this isn’t the 1940s, but the core sentiment is very much still present. Women struggle every day to have their stories told and opinions heard. It’s easy to believe that we live in the bubble that our movie theater creates for us, and that everyone finds it laughable that Diana can’t speak when she wants to because in reality she should be allowed to do so. The fact of the matter is that it’s quite the opposite outside of those doors. So many believe that women do not have a place next to man and that there is no reason for even a fictional story centered around an independent woman to exist.

As an immigrant woman in her early 20s who is the first in her family to attend and graduate from a private university in the United States, I have to disagree and point out that there are far too many reasons for me to list for a story like this to be told. Too many lives around the world that could be changed with just a little bit of hope and optimism about the future for women. However, I also realize that I am viewing the film through a specific lens and that, ultimately, I am not the audience that needs convincing of this fact. The audience that needs convincing doesn’t even know that THEY do. I learned this tonight as my brother and father found it all to easy to criticize Wonder Woman and compare it to the rest of the films in both the DC and Marvel universes. As someone who studied film in college, I can understand their attempt to be objective, although ultimately they were men talking about a movie that could otherwise mean nothing to them.

As I sat in the car and attempted to put into words how I felt about the film, it dawned on me. I am totally and 100% biased about Wonder Woman without even knowing I would be. It hit me when my brother compared the film to DC’s Man of Steel by saying “I mean it’s a really good DC movie but I will always love Man of Steel the best. Then again I am partial to  Man of Steel because I love Superman, he is my favorite.” That’s when I realized I don’t have the luxury to have a “favorite”. Wonder Woman is the first film of its kind and a damn good one to top it off. It and she are my favorites because they are my ONLY.

My brothers have grown up with SuperMAN, BatMAN, SpiderMAN, AquaMAN, Iron MAN and the list goes on. This is “just another superhero movie” to them. To me it is “THE superhero movie”. They’ve never had to wait years to see themselves on screen the way WE have. They couldn’t possibly comprehend what the film means to me because they have lived a different life and never once had to worry they would not be represented on the screen, in theater, in writing, in music…

Today I witnessed an amazing film with beautiful cinematography, a well thought out story, compelling characters, an incredibly moving score and a leading lady that had me at the edge of my seat whether it was by her words, her skills or her array of emotions, but in the end what I really witnessed was history.

Tonight I walked out of my hometown theater with my mom, little sister and some of my best friends, proudly displaying the Wonder Woman logo on my chest and with an electric feeling in my veins. This time with a hope that stories like this will continue to be told and that little girls like my sister will never have to ask why there are no girl hero stories as I did when I was young. There are so many emotions going through me right now, but at the end of the day I feel nothing but gratitude for the care that the cast and crew took in delivering a very special piece of movie magic. 

Thank you DC, WarnerBros, Gal, Chris and especially Patty Jenkins. You have rocked my world and that of many others with your art.

cool/powerful female video game characters that aren’t too sexualized in their games for future reference

in no particular order

alright here we go, credit to @rainbowloliofjustice​ and @imeatingfries​ for helping to make this list and feel free to add on in reblogs

Zelda/Sheik from The Legend of Zelda

Paula Polestar from the Earthbound series

Faith Connors from Mirror’s Edge

Ellie from The Last of Us

Maya Fey from the Ace Attorney series

Dixie Kong from the Donkey Kong Country series

Wii Fit Trainer from Super Smash Bros. 4 and Wii Fit, if you consider that a game

Cream from the Sonic the Hedgehog series

Amy Rose from the Sonic the Hedgehog series

Misty from Pokémon (I used her anime appearance because it’s so much more known, please don’t assault me)

Whitney from Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal and HeartGold/SoulSilver (If you’ve dealt with her you know what I’m talking about)

Diantha from Pokémon X and Y

Champion Iris from Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 (she was in Black and White, but was only a gym leader)

Cynthia from Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum

GLaDOS from the Portal series (identifies as female, and is basically Caroline)

Chell from the Portal series

Lara Croft from Tomb Raider (now, before you get your panties in a twist, I’m talking about the more recent version, not the older one)

Elena Fisher from the Uncharted series

Pikachu Libre from Pokkén Tournament

Samus Aran (with her suit, despite the fact that even without it she isn’t all that sexual) from Metroid

Daisy from the Mario series

Rosalina from the Mario series

Princess Peach from do I really have to say who she’s from?

Palutena from Kid Icarus

Meryl Silverburgh from Metal Gear

The Exo Stranger from Destiny

Mara Sov (Queen of the Awoken) from Destiny

Legate Rikke from The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

May from Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald and Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire
(You may be wondering, “But G-T-A, what about the others?” Very good question. The thing is, May is the only one with a differing personality from her counterpart, as of X and Y. whee.)

Professor Juniper from Pokémon Black/White and Black 2/White 2

Linkle from Hyrule Warriors

Lucina from Fire Emblem Awakening

Ashley from WarioWare (I know there are many MANY more, but Ashley is my favorite and I don’t know much about the rest)

Viridi from Kid Icarus

Clementine from Telltale’s The Walking Dead

Actually, why don’t I just put in all the female characters from that game? Shoutout to all the females in this game, namely Sarah, Jane, Rebecca, and Christa.

Zarya from Overwatch

Mei from Overwatch