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Here are a few of the many shelves that hold books from the Lawrence D. and Betty Jeanne Longo Collection of Reproductive Biology, a collection of rare books, pamphlets, manuscripts, and reference works spanning the late 15th to the 20th century and related to women’s health, human reproduction, and the history of gynecology and obstetrics. Titles pictured here include Maladies de L'Utérus, Maladies dés Femmes, Hamilton on Female Complaints, Osborn’s Midwifery, Clinical Notes on Uterine Surgery, What a Young Girl Ought to Know, and Married and Single.

Find out more about the Longo Collection here and here.

Women in Spanx have no right to judge people who bind.

“Your body is beautiful, you shouldn’t alter it.”

“That isn’t how I see you, you don’t need to change yourself.”

“But the female body is so beautiful with all of its curves…”

“You should embrace what God has given you. Your body is a gift." 

anonymous asked:

It's not really a question but : men see me as a boy (without wearing my binder) and women see me as a girl (while wearing my binder) and it's frustrating

Im so sorry my dude!! That really sucks!

-Mod Sawyer

An Extremely Short History of Mary Marvel

I saw at least one question asking “Who is Mary Marvel?” in response to my recent posts, so here’s an extremely short history lesson!

When Mary Batson says the name of the wizard Shazam, magic lightning turns her into Mary Marvel, the world’s mightiest girl, with powers imbued by six goddesses! (Mostly flying, punching, and invulnerability.) She’s the twin sister of Billy Batson, who becomes the mighty Captain Marvel when he utters the name of Shazam.

Mary debuted in Captain Marvel Adventures #18 (1942), making her one of the first classic superheroines and one of the first female spinoffs of a male hero — and about 10 years earlier than Supergirl first appeared. 

Mary Marvel was extremely popular in the 1940s, with a fan club and mail-order fashion club and everything. She regularly appeared across three or four different titles, including Mary Marvel Comics, Wow Comics, and Whiz Comics. Like her brother, she has a cheesy goody-two-shoes personality, but she’s scrappy and quick to throw a punch.

The Captain Marvel/Shazam family comics were originally published by Fawcett Comics (no relation to the Marvel Comics of today). Fawcett had a fierce rivalry with DC Comics throughout the 1940s, as the more lighthearted, cartoony Captain Marvel began outselling Superman! The rivalry was so fierce that DC sued Fawcett for copyright infringement, claiming that Captain Marvel was an illegal ripoff of Superman.

DC won their long legal battle in 1951, causing Fawcett to go out of business. All Marvel Family books were cancelled — thus ensuring Superman’s place as the pre-eminent American superhero. 

DC later bought the rights to the Captain Marvel family in the 1970s and gradually integrated the characters into the DC universe. 

But! In the legal limbo after DC shut down Fawcett, Marvel Comics swooped in and created their own completely unrelated character called “Captain Marvel” and trademarked the name. So DC’s version of the old Fawcett character eventually became known only as “Shazam.”

It wasn’t until the 1990s that Jerry Ordway fully rebooted the entire Shazam family for DC in Power of Shazam! — and Mary Marvel enjoyed a brief heyday as a strong supporting character, now wearing a white costume.

Of course, DC in the 2000s … was not kind to their good-natured B-list properties, so Mary Marvel got a black costume, got beat up, went into a coma, got possessed by an evil god, turned evil and … I dunno, it gets very dark and overwrought and honestly I have not kept up with DC Comics very much in recent years.

But I hear that Mary Marvel has appeared in some newer Justice League books since DC’s reboot in 2011. I myself have not read them.

—Top image from Captain Marvel Adventures #18 (1942) by Otto Binder & Marc Swayze


I’m sure you’ve all heard of the dangers of binding with ace bandages. No one told me about this, however- You see those cheap $10 binders on amazon with weird names like “Les Lesbian Women Binder Top?” You must be thinking, hey, they’re so much cheaper than Underworks or gc2b, I should buy that! No! Stop! For one, they wear out quickly and are uncomfortable as heck, so you’d be saving money in the long run, and for two these things are not safe, y’all! They don’t stretch and you’re just suffocating your rib cage! This can cause severe health problems! They’re hardly better than ace bandages! Buy. Safe. Binders. 


Okay, so Life is Strange: Dark Room thoughts. So, spoilers.

You may be wondering, why do I have these two photos together? Well, earlier in the episode (this picture was the one that looked the best imo) I noticed the shirt Max was wearing. And I knew it from somewhere. Hence the second photo. Which is from the movie poster of Silence of the Lambs. Now, Silence of the Lambs is kind of important to the rest of this, but this is also the best picture I could find of the Death’s-Head Hawkmoth, which I’m pretty sure is what is pictured on Max’s shirt. (and sneaky sneaky DONTNOD, betcha didn’t think we’d catch it)

So, just about the moth. According to Wikipedia there are three different species of this moth, and their names are atropos, lachesis and styx. All are related to death. And, boy, is there death in this episode. Two of them are related to the Fates, the cutting one and the one who determines life’s fate/length, while the third is, obviously, the river Styx. The one dead people go across (and hopefully Rachel, considering the doe vanishes when her body is found).

Max has been messing with Fate and Death the entire game. She saves Chloe from being shot by Nathan, thereby extending her life past her time. She saves Chloe again if she shoots herself in the junkyard. She stops (or fails, but in my playthrough she’s alive) Kate from committing suicide. Those are the ones off the top of my head. So, at the end of Dark Room, Chloe is probably dead. I say probably, because people have survived being shot in the head before. Until I have confirmation, I’ll go with she’s dead, but there is a chance. A small, small chance. So, Chloe has been returned to the original Fate that she had, since Max is unable to rewind and save her, thanks to that jackass Mr. Jefferson. 

I don’t know if this means Kate is also slated to die to appease the Fates. But, we can all agree that this is getting into some Final Destination shit.

Now, the Silence of the Lambs stuff. This may all be bullshit, but hear me out. Silence of the Lambs has Clarice Starling, who interviews Hannibal Lecter to find Buffalo Bill who is skinning women and leaving a trail of bodies. That’s the short of it, and I haven’t seen the movie in forever, so I’m going half off the Wikipedia page.

Now, we could take Silence of the Lambs literally. The lambs (Kate, Rachel, and now probably Max) have been silenced. Kate because no one would believe her, and she attempted (or succeeded) suicide. Rachel has been killed. She can’t tell anyone. And now Max is in jackass Mr. Jefferson’s clutches. And because she’s figured all of this out, he intends to silence her. Also, in the movie Clarice tells Hannibal about one of her memories where lambs were slaughtered, and she could hear them screaming. I wonder how many of those other women in the binders screamed. Terrified yet?

Now, the Buffalo Bill angle. 

To start off, I don’t blame Nathan. Not entirely. I think he’s being abused as much as the girls in the binders. Nathan is shown to be mentally ill. I think Mr. Jefferson is taking advantage of this, and thereby Nathan’s money, to do what he wants. Basically, to use Criminal Minds lingo, Mr. Jefferson is the dominant unsub. The reason Nathan has gotten so much into this fetish photography? Mr. Jefferson has been grooming him. And once Nathan gets caught, he’s free to leave, knowing that no one will believe Nathan once he’s caught red handed.

Which means that Mr. Jefferson is Buffalo Bill. Note, he’s not skinning the women. Not in the gory sense, at least. But he is using their skin. By putting them in risque poses, he gets what he wants (I think. Honestly, I could believe a lot of things about that man right now, and none of them are good.). Their skin, their “selves” (or selfies - I’m sorry that’s a horrible pun but this is getting really depressing) are on display. And that’s what he gets off on (figuratively or literally, I really don’t want to know). 

The comparison isn’t exactly perfect, but there are some things there. And it’s all due to that shirt. But also: that episode. What. The. Fuck.

My theories for Life is Strange: Polarized

I’m presenting my theories for the 5th and final episode of Life is Strange based on what I have observed so far.  I will not delve into any of the shipping scenarios because player choice has a lot to do with that.

Point 1 - Rachel Amber may have had the same power as Max.  Frankly, I suspected this from the first 20 minutes of episode one.  Somehow, Rachel always knew what to say to everyone so that she could simultaneously be friends with several diametrically opposed cliques: the skaters, the supposedly popular kids, the stoners, the photographers, the visual artists, the punks.  It’s almost as if she could rewind time to know the right thing to say in any given situation.

Point 2 - Of the two sets of pictures Max looked at in the Dark Room, from both Kate and Rachel, each set had a picture of a drugged-up Nathan with their respective victim.  They didn’t include artwork for Kate’s version in the game, but Max mentions it in her journal afterwards.

Point 3 - I think both Jefferson and the Prescotts have known of multiple people with Max’s powers.  I think the $1.3 million photography studio underneath Aaron Prescott’s barn has a purpose other than taking rapey black-and-whites with the f-stop all the way down.  I think Jefferson and the Prescotts want to find the girl or girls who have the same power as Max and somehow transfer it over to Nathan. 

Point 4 - If point 3 holds true, Rachel Amber’s death must have been an attempt to see if the power transfers upon death by proximity.  There are million factors that would affect why Nathan wouldn’t get the power, including Rachel not wanting to give it up, Nathan’s gender preventing it from working (which would be backed up by the fact that all the binders have womens’ names on it), or maybe it just doesn’t work that way at all.  If this is true though, maybe Kate didn’t die because once they started, something in the works signaled that she wasn’t what they were looking for.  They drop her off the next morning in front of her dorm, she thinks she got hit by the classic drug-and-rape scheme and ends up having no idea what actually happened.