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Here are a few of the many shelves that hold books from the Lawrence D. and Betty Jeanne Longo Collection of Reproductive Biology, a collection of rare books, pamphlets, manuscripts, and reference works spanning the late 15th to the 20th century and related to women’s health, human reproduction, and the history of gynecology and obstetrics. Titles pictured here include Maladies de L'Utérus, Maladies dés Femmes, Hamilton on Female Complaints, Osborn’s Midwifery, Clinical Notes on Uterine Surgery, What a Young Girl Ought to Know, and Married and Single.

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I'm not trans but I've noteced that a lot of trans (biological women) get a chest binder and I get that but sports bras do good at hiding breasts as well is their any reasons someone might not want to use a sports bra?

Sports bras definitely reduce the appearance of breasts, but do not fully hide them. Often times people wearing sports bras appear to have small breasts that are still clearly visible. Though some people do bind by wearing 2 sports bras at the same time, a chest binder does a much better job at creating the appearance of a realistically flat chest. Though the difference may not seem that big to others, dysphoria makes it seem like even small breasts are huge and extremely visible. A chest binder just does the best job of hiding breasts and therefore reduces dysphoria as much as possible without getting surgery.

My theories for Life is Strange: Polarized

I’m presenting my theories for the 5th and final episode of Life is Strange based on what I have observed so far.  I will not delve into any of the shipping scenarios because player choice has a lot to do with that.

Point 1 - Rachel Amber may have had the same power as Max.  Frankly, I suspected this from the first 20 minutes of episode one.  Somehow, Rachel always knew what to say to everyone so that she could simultaneously be friends with several diametrically opposed cliques: the skaters, the supposedly popular kids, the stoners, the photographers, the visual artists, the punks.  It’s almost as if she could rewind time to know the right thing to say in any given situation.

Point 2 - Of the two sets of pictures Max looked at in the Dark Room, from both Kate and Rachel, each set had a picture of a drugged-up Nathan with their respective victim.  They didn’t include artwork for Kate’s version in the game, but Max mentions it in her journal afterwards.

Point 3 - I think both Jefferson and the Prescotts have known of multiple people with Max’s powers.  I think the $1.3 million photography studio underneath Aaron Prescott’s barn has a purpose other than taking rapey black-and-whites with the f-stop all the way down.  I think Jefferson and the Prescotts want to find the girl or girls who have the same power as Max and somehow transfer it over to Nathan. 

Point 4 - If point 3 holds true, Rachel Amber’s death must have been an attempt to see if the power transfers upon death by proximity.  There are million factors that would affect why Nathan wouldn’t get the power, including Rachel not wanting to give it up, Nathan’s gender preventing it from working (which would be backed up by the fact that all the binders have womens’ names on it), or maybe it just doesn’t work that way at all.  If this is true though, maybe Kate didn’t die because once they started, something in the works signaled that she wasn’t what they were looking for.  They drop her off the next morning in front of her dorm, she thinks she got hit by the classic drug-and-rape scheme and ends up having no idea what actually happened.

Dark Paradise

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Request: @its-the-timey-wimey-winchesters  said: Hey love!!! I’m sorry of I’m late…but can you do a one shot based on a song dark paradise by Lana del ray? Only if u want to, of course thanks!!! Love your writing btw 😍

Notes: I interpreted this in kind of a weird way. Rather than taking the lyrics literally (like the lover not being real or the girl being heartbroken after a fling), I instead wrote it as if the “Dark Paradise” is the reader’s desires that simply can’t come true. It’s basically a modern forbidden love story, and the reader is in love with something she can’t have. I hope you don’t mind, and I’m sorry for the wait!

Word Count: 1.4k+

Song: Dark Paradise - Lana Del Rey

Warnings: Actor!Dean AU, I can’t think of anything else

Being in love with your client was probably the last thing you needed in your busy life. But then again, you would willingly take the blame any time of the year. With his charming green eyes, features like carved stone, long eyelashes, and lean form… how could you not fall in love with Dean Winchester?

But naturally, you couldn’t have him. That’s normally how things in your life went.

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