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I had a question about the meta you posted the other day involving Kylo and the Dark Side being female-coded. I noticed you didn't mention Luke in any of your theories. Wouldn't Luke's hero's journey have been the exact opposite of Kylo's fall to the Dark Side? Luke started out being overly emotional and the closer he got to the Dark Side the more he took on the more masculine traits such as anger and violence as opposed to the impassive self-control and altruism required of him by the Light.

When I talk about the Kylo and the Dark Side associating with feminine characteristics, I’m not talking about all feminine characteristics as constructed by any text ever.

I’m talking about a very specific type of femininity.  This is a type of divine and transgressive femininity that is usually associated with witches and “evil” (or let’s say, renegade) Goddesses.  I mentioned a few exemplary characters in this post (x) and in subsequent posts in the thread (x).  One of those examples I should probably explain, if people were/are following along  - The Yellow Wallpaper by Chalotte Perkins Gillman is a story about a woman who is isolated by her husband, a doctor.  He proceeds to gaslight her in a way that drives her to madness.  However, because the story is written from her POV, when it was published it was critically received as a tale of the occult.  This was actually a somewhat common ploy in Victorian stories, I think: presenting transgressive feminine characters as dabblings in the occult.  Though the association predates Victorian England, certainly. I did mention the wrath of Ishtar.

So there are all these witch stories.  Literal witches.  Figurative witches.  It’s a pattern.  It’s a type of feminine character.  

It’s important to note that this witch trope is one that expressly pushes the boundaries of gender by associating female characters with wrath and power (x).  Are anger and violence traditionally and universally masculine traits?  Well, no, not exactly - they’re traits that generally belong to men who are behaving CORRECTLY and women who are behaving BADLY.  So you’re right: the good male hero and the evil female witch are two sides of the same coin.  When Kylo Ren and Luke Skywalker exhibit bouts of anger and violence, the narrative usually tells us they are approaching the “Dark Side.”  The narrative tells us they are behaving BADLY. Combine this with certain visual cues, and you got yourself a witch.

So I agree that, as Luke got closer to the Dark Side, he sometimes (not all the time) became more aggressive and violent.  The important thing, though, is that he also exhibited violent behavior in his Lightest moments - for example, when he blew up the Death Star.  Blowing up the Death Star was presented as an act of calm, level-headed “happy warrior” behavior - NOT barbaric witchcraft.  Therefore the association between the Light Side and the traditionally masculine use of violence.

Which poses the interesting question: when Rey defeats Kylo in the woods on Starkiller Base, is she drawing on the Light Side, or flirting with the Dark?  Is she being presented as a calm, collected “happy warrior” or a vengeful Force-witch, rising to power?

Or is this binary starting to dissolve?

Wow, great ask, thank you.  :)

P.S. (I can’t resist; I have to mention it.  I reject association of the Light Side with the qualities of altruism and self-control.  Maul and Dooku spent years enduring Sith training in self-control and then marched off to die fight for their masters without a peep of complaint.  OMG someone drag me away from this post it…has…gone…too…far…)

"Patriarchy backfiring" is nothing more than Feminists making excuses for women behaving badly.

No modern feminist has ever sought to punish women equally for the crimes they commit. No modern feminist has ever tried to pass any law that eliminates advantages for women.

Feminists have never called out women who eagerly take advantage of the benefits they get from the so-called “Patriarchy backfiring.” Feminists have never tried to end these advantages.

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Are you the one who's writing L'Aimant? If so, can I just say I love it! I found it recently and started following it. Very well done!

*mutters ‘Rumbled’*

Indeed I am. And thanks so much!

mkes said: After seeing your tumblr, I made the connection. I’ve started Victory Roll as well. Kudos. P.S. I’m an old fogey and have no idea what *mutters ‘Rumbled’* means. :)

I’m an old fogey, and I’m not sure I approve of this “chatty” use of Kudos. Pahahaha! Glad you’re reading Victory Roll. The next chapter will be up before too long, as will its protagonist. ;o)


can we talk about how literally every single post under the “august: osage county” tag is a post about Benedict Cumberweiner instead of the 90% of that movie is about women and strong women behaving badly and the complex relationship between mothers and daughters and his longest scene was him combing his hair at a bus station like is this an April Fool’s Joke? are you kidding me are you fuckin kidding me

True to Form Extreme Shippers Keep Blaming Sam for Their Own Choices to Believe Conspiracy Theories Rather Than Sam and Cait Who Repeatedly Said They Aren’t a Couple

I don’t get these women. The rest of us believed Sam and Cait after the KDS (IFH) video. There was a mountain of evidence that they weren’t a couple. Former s-shipper K went on an s-shipper elite blessed visit to Tony’s bar nearly 19 months ago and told them she discovered that Tony was Cait’s boyfriend. Rather than listen to one of their own they kicked her out of Shipperville and wanted her to suppress the information.

The extreme shipper leaders have had good reason not to believe in the ship for nearly 19 months but they have kept spinning their theories and claiming that Sam and Cait were either living together or married. If their followers should be angry with anyone it should be their leaders, the people who spun (and keep spinning) conspiracy theories, and themselves for going along with it. Instead, we get this:

I’m sorry. These women are behaving very badly. I am so tired of their claiming to be a group of helpless women who were bashed by a mean misogynist (and so Sam must also be a mean misogynist by association). Many of us didn’t agree with WS’ tactics but extreme shippers are not a group of powerless women. They are a very well organized group of thousands of women with a lot of power in the fandom who have harassed anyone who got in the way of the ship. They have mobbed people and said horrible things about them. They are currently saying very mean things about MM and Sam. And if they didn’t say those things themselves they “liked” posts and supported bloggers who did.

Sadly, the only ones they are fooling are themselves. The rest of the fandom isn’t fooled. We are all really, really tired of their mean girl behavior.

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