women be real

I used to hide, hate what I was, a real woman with scars, stretch marks and cellulite. So many insecurities in my mind. Beautiful definately was not I. But now I see that was all in my head. Paradigms built by other people’s expectations,what our own culture through media and even my own distorted view, of what defines a woman as beautiful. I will no longer let magazines tell me I am not beautiful because I have a few extra pounds here and there, because I have scars, pimples, stretch marks and cellulite. I am a real woman with a real body that has seen the passage of time and that has given birth to children. Yes, my body is not as it was when I was 15 but these marks on it tell the story of my life,of the sacrifices I have made and trials I have had to face and that is beautiful if you can truly reflect on it. You see,every body is beautiful for the story it tells of the soul that in it resides.I am beautiful because I embrace all I am and in that serene acceptance lies true beauty.
—  e.v.e.