women as an object

I keep seeing this meme going around.  I’m sure you’ve seen it, too.  For example:

This is just further justifying creepy male behavior, right?  Am I wrong?  I’ve seen a whole bunch of them over the past week, and I generally only follow very liberal, feminist leaning blogs, and yet, here are jokes where the only thing that has agency is the man, and the two women he’s with are turned into objects, robbed of their humanity, and silenced, it’s gross.  Not only are the women seen as purely pleasure/sexual objects for the… I don’t know, protagonist seems like the wrong word, but…  They are also pitted against one another, as rivals for the all important central idea’s attention/affection.  I can’t help but be disgusted by it. 

Can we stop?  

senshiofmom  asked:

Top 10 sailor Moon Monster of the week

10. Screaming violin woman (093)

9. Pegasus hits the gym (143)

8. WHAT the ACTUAL HELL (151)

7. An 80s stripper who also happens to be a shoe (106)

6. Me (114)

5. The animation department had a lot of extra pink paint (174)

4. An elephant vacuum cleaner, but like in a sexy way (094)

3. My breasts are two small screaming snowmen (038)

2. Ball Family (132, 140, 146)

1. A straight-up, actual volcano (067)

you ever notice how lesbian stereotypes are usually things that make women hard to control? confidence, physical strength, independence, being heavily involved in social activities with other women (ie, softball), getting angry at injustice; these are all things that are objectively positive characteristics. but they’re seen as undesirable in women because it makes the task of breaking them into a submissive, suggestible sex object much more difficult.

all of these traits, including lesbianism, are seen as interchangable or connected because they’re all threats to male domination.

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"Men want objects. Women want PEOPLE." You REALLY need to stop hanging out within your confirmation bias bubble man. It's starting to like seriously fuck with your objectivity. If you can't see how sexist generalizing all men as being assholes while saying all women are decent and morally superior, you've seriously lost yourself. You need to take some time to think (I'm legitimately worried here, this is not trolling, I'm seriously concerned for your mental well being).

You do realize that I’m a cis man, right? And that I reblogged that post from another cis man?
Why is it that we can read something like that and fully comprehend that this wasn’t about us and you can’t?

That being said: my mental well-being is not at stake, fear not.

Duder, if you honestly believe that I’m of the mindset that ANY particular brand of person is better than another you probably have not actually held a conversation with me.
We can change that, though! My askbox is open if you’d like to something other than put me on blast!
Feel free to hit me up! or if you really feel threatened the “Unfollow” button is but a point-and-click away!

Women must find their own answer. That’s the important thing. I’m no longer interested in books about women written by men. Even if I could believe in their objectivity, I just can’t find their opinions relevant. Now I will only believe what a woman has to say about women, because even if it’s not entirely true, it’s her struggle and she’s on the way to the answer.
—  Marguerite Duras

The spell is broken. The Playboy Mansion transforms back into a regular suburban California house. The Playboy Bunnies transform back into human women. The enchanted household objects transform back into the women who displeased Mr. Hefner. The women look at each other, at themselves, at the world around them. Girls, you’re free. You’re free.


I totally understand the whole feminism and equal rights thing and it’s totally awesome that women are finding this confidence within themselves and each other but there’s a serious issue when you’re tearing down one gender to boost your own. Some feminist are fucking insane and just come off sounding like feminazis. I get it you don’t need a man in your life and I totally agree with you, but that doesn’t mean that you should just start saying that “ALL MEN ARE PIGS! ALL MEN SHOULD DIE! ALL MEN ARE USELESS!” because that just means that you’re making no progress for your cause. Once you start spewing hateful and ignorant shit like that it makes me question what you stand for. Everyone should be treated equally, no ifs ands or buts about it, but don’t think just because you think you’re fighting for a good cause that you can just start saying bad shit. It makes you look bad, and it makes the cause look bad. I understand that women need feminism, but do it in a logical and peaceful way.

there’s actually a lot to talk about with regard to how playboy influenced multiple generations of men to see women as literal objects that could be used and then put off to the side until needed again, but it’s not often talked about that the growth of the playboy brand (the magazines, the tv show, the tours, etc) helped normalize this model of “old man pursues and deserves a harem of young girls” where the women are often wholly financially dependent on the man. like it definitely had a role in promoting the cultural eroticization of older men with “barely legal” women as the ideal fantasy dynamic when the women were actually being plied with drugs and alcohol pretty much the entire time they lived in the playboy mansion

Women are not made to be men’s playthings, solely for their pleasure to cater to their every whim and fulfill their filthiest fantasies. We are not toys automated to satisfy. We are not posable dolls unopposing every proposition. Don’t think you can come and go as you please, with us staying mute on your disrespectful disregard and shortcomings.

You aren’t entitled to anything of ours, no matter how much you have invested—imagined or otherwise. We reserve the right to change our minds at any given time. We don’t owe anything, not even an explanation. If we do give you one, don’t contort our words into unrecognizable proportions; don’t belittle our beliefs; don’t apply undue pressure that would make even the sweetest of us have to fight to resist kicking you where the most damage could be done.

Take note: women can be just as fiery, fierce, fickle, furious, frustrated, frustrating as any man. And any man who can’t see that should just keep his backwards opinion (and hands) to himself!

—  Sexism is so not sexy
You painted a naked woman because you enjoyed looking at her, put a mirror in her hand and called the painting “Vanity”, thus morally condemning the woman who’s nakedness you depicted for your own pleasure.
—  John Berger

Hugh Hefner was a terrible person. Not only did he see women as objects but he manipulated them and frequently hurt them for no reason. He was emotionally abusive and sexually coercive. He pressured women to take drugs and have sex with him.
People think feminists are ridiculous to be glad he’s gone. I think it’s only human to be glad women don’t have to deal with him anymore.

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how is harry "growing" when he's pushing for kiwi to be a single, will perform at VSFS AND recently said his misogynistic album is a MEMOIR. it's one thing to think the best of him but he's shown repeatedly this year that his idea of activism is wearing a shirt and letting other people do the talking. expect more from men, please.

What exactly am I expecting? Truth at every turn from members of One Direction? Not gonna happen. 

In the aggregate, I don’t find his album misogynistic. I understand that people do, but you’re in my inbox so I’ll walk you through my reasoning. If you don’t want my opinion, feel free not to bring asks here. 

There are 10 songs on the album, 4 of them have anything even questionable to say about women. So, already we’re at 60% of the album that isn’t a problem. Woman reads very much like a jealous lover song, that I have always read as about the beards in Louis’ life. So, we’re at 70% of the album that isn’t a problem. Carolina is a song written in a tradition of Johnny Cash and others talking about drugs. It could also be about a shelter dog, jury’s out. So, we’re at 80%. Only Angel and Kiwi can certainly be read as treating women as objects and frankly it doesn’t make me feel awesome. I also believe these are meant to be performed and that it’s about the performance and the fiction rather than the lyrics. Having seen it in LA, I also feel like Harry imagines himself the woman in Kiwi (”I’m about to tell you, I’M having your baby). But for the sake of argument, let’s keep the number at 80%. 80% of the album isn’t a problem at all. So, he’s got a B- for his first album out the gate. I’m going to cut him some slack there.

I’m also going to recognize that he is NOT OUT. So, how can he POSSIBLY answer anything other than MEMOIR? He can’t say, yeah, it’s fiction, here’s my long term BOYFRIEND. It doesn’t work like that.

As I have said before, I take issues of social justice very very seriously and spend a good chunk of my waking hours trying to figure out what has the most impact on our world. And I’ve learned over many that there are lots of types of activism. Activism doesn’t always have a bullhorn. It’s not always calling people out on Twitter. That’s not always how you change hearts and minds. Look around. People are shouting at the top of their lungs and no one is listening. I’m not saying stop shouting, but don’t hate on the people who are doing work that looks different from yours.

You make fun of Harry wearing a shirt. Do you know how many people supported Planned Parenthood by buying that shirt after he wore it? I don’t have access to those stats but I’d bet money it was significant. There are people who say running with flags doesn’t matter. I disagree. There are people who say that Harry’s Treat People With Kindness merch is just a ploy. If it is, then I’d love to see more people follow suit. There are worse things to do than want people to be kind in the world. I’ll say it again HE HAS MUNA ON TOUR WITH HIM. He has a FEMALE DRUMMER in a rock and roll band. Go find me other male musicians operating at his level that have a female drummer. He also is REGULARLY in awe of her both in print, on TV, and in person. 

You think these things aren’t a big deal because he’s not shouting. I say they ARE a big deal BECAUSE he’s not shouting. He’s not asking for any kind of recognition. He is just doing it. He’s normalizing female rock drummers. He’s normalizing rainbows at concerts. He’s normalizing the fact women are powerful.

Yep, Kiwi’s a single. You know why? It’s a JAM. I listened to all sorts of things on the way home from Phoenix with Ellie and Bri yesterday. And the jams are not songs that I want anything to do with lyrically. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to blast them in the car and sing along. Want to know other songs that are on the same jamming playlist? 24K Magic, Strip that Down, Jealous, Tik Tok, Jealous. They’re not feminist anthems but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a catchy song.

As I’ve said before, I can hold complicated feelings. I can want better for the future without discounting the now. I can look at the whole rather than expecting granular perfection. But I will NOT discount what Harry is doing because it doesn’t fit your idea of what activism SHOULD look like.