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“The Handmaid’s Tale is a story about women being stripped of their autonomy and unwillingly forced into birthing slavery…bit if a documentary, this one. Abortion is legal in the USA and must be protected. Women are not incubators, and they cannot be handcuffed into giving birth against their will.” (Via thatsnotrightpolitics on Instagram)


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What are the 104th and vets thoughts on feminism and how active is such an emancipation wave in the SnK world?

Mikasa: The kind of feminist who punches everyone who talks shit
Reiner: Too sexist for that
Bertholdt: Wants women to be equal, but not that hard
Annie: Likes the idea but doesn’t do anything for it
Eren: Totally thinks women are just as badass as guys, isn’t too informed on intersectional issues though
Jean: Thinks feminism is cool, but can’t really stop using problematic language
Marco: ‘Hate breeds hate uwu’
Sasha: Will wear a vagina costume and stare at you until you realized the true beauty of female empowerment
Connie: Likes feminism, but fucks up checking his priviledge
Historia: Wears ‘down with cis’ shirts to make ppl uncomfortable
Armin: This is what a feminist looks like
Ymir: Trans inclusive feminist who thrives on the ‘lesbian man hater’ trope
Levi: “Who run the world”
Hanji: “Girls!”
Erwin: Would be one of the ppl who don’t care about feminism until they have a daughter, is for equality in general though
Nanaba: Feminist to the last breath
Mike: Thumbs up

As for the world: What emancipation wave lol since the whole situation of women is kinda different there feminism is not as big and doesn’t have as much room

A Reading List for Moms Who Want to Raise Feminist Sons | Brightly

Once I realized that my family would be mostly male (I’m the only double-X here), I oriented myself toward the task of raising good men. But as those boys edge closer to actual manhood — as the 14-year-old’s shoulders get nearly as broad as his dad’s and the 12-year-old starts learning “embarrassing” information about sex and reproduction in his health class — I’m feeling my good-man project needs more specificity. I don’t just want them to be good. They’re already pretty good (kind, curious, mostly respectful, good huggers).

I want them to be feminists. I want them to understand, reflexively, that men and women are equal — not because I say so, but because it feels intuitive to them. Because it’s true.

I started talking about feminist issues with our sons when they were tots, and I basically haven’t stopped. We talk about how women are depicted in commercials and TV shows, how female politicians are sometimes characterized, and how women are often viewed or labeled in terms of their relationship to a man.

We also turn to books, which can do two things in any mom’s quest to raise feminist sons: help you educate yourself on the challenges and issues around feminism, and present your sons with stories of strong and forthright women and girls.

Everything You Need To Know About "When We Rise"
How Dustin Lance Black distilled 45 years of LGBT civil rights history into an eight-hour network miniseries.
By Kate Aurthur

Black had a list of criteria for the characters in When We Rise. He wanted them to be people who had worked across social justice coalitions — particularly the anti-war movement, women’s equality, and the black civil rights movement — and hadn’t focused solely on LGBT issues. He also wanted them to be “lifetime activists,” which cut the list of possibilities way down, “because it’s such a difficult job,” Black said.

And he wanted his main characters to be still be alive — survivors — in real life, defying the usual fates of LGBT characters in film and television history. “You can graduate to a serious dramatic role as long as you die in the end,” Black scoffed. Citing Milk, he continued: “I made that movie. I didn’t want to make that again.”

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Would you ever have a knife fight with a woman? Without holding back of course.

I would never fight a woman period. But if she’s straight up attacking me I’ll fuckin throw her ass like 10 feet away and recommend her to stop lol

if that doesn’t work, well women want equal rights then they deserve equal consequences too

Powerful photos show just how big women’s marches were around the world

  • Hundreds of thousands of marchers gathered to make their voices heard at the Women’s March in Washington, D.C., on Saturday — but they weren’t the only ones marching.
  • Sister marches, hundreds more of them, were held in cities around the globe. See more photo from the ground