women and goddesses


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“big girls shouldn’t wear crop tops”
“big girls shouldn’t wear rompers”
“big girls shouldn’t wear short shorts”
“big girls shouldn’t wear tight dresses”
“big girls shouldn’t wear jumpsuits”
I’ll wear whatever the hell I want, and look damn good in it 😍😍 seeing a big girl with big confidence INTIMIDATES them. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t wear something because of your body type. Big girls CAN and SHOULD wear whatever they want. 😊💖

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Hogwarts Houses as Goddess & Ilvermorny ideals

Ọya - In Yoruba means “She Tore”. A warrior and unbeatable; the Queen of the River Niger with her 9 children tributaries. An Orisha of winds, lightning, and violent storms, death and rebirth. Represents the Body.

伊弉冉尊 - Izanami no Mikoto, “She who invites”. Together with her husband Izanagi, they created the ōyashima, the 8 great islands, in their union. Known as the Goddess of Creation. Represents the Mind.

Rādhā - In Sanskirt  राधा  means success or prosperity, related to the term   राध  which means kindness and success. Her traits vary from various regions, but she is often paired with Krishna. Is a metaphor and represents the Soul.

龍母 - Long Mu, the “Mother of Dragons”. After discovering a beautiful stone was actually an egg to 5 dragons, she hand fed and raised them. After her death, the 5 dragons turned into the 5 Scholars. Represents parental love and the Heart.