women and car engines

Dorothée Pullinger (1894-1986) was a French businesswoman and engineer, working predominantly in the automobile industry. She was one of the founding members of the Women’ Engineering Society, establishing it in 1919.

She first worked for the Arrol-Johnston automobile factory in Scotland, until the start of World War I, when she became the female supervisor of a large munitions facility. After the war, the facility became Galloway Motors, and she became the director and manager. During her time she supervised and coordinated a large female workforce, comprising more than 7000 women working in automobile manufacturing.

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thinking about sad things... i dunno. not a great day. would like some cheering up

Oh no!! :(

Just remember, first and foremost, no matter how bad a day feels, it’s over once your pretty little head lays down to go to sleep. That doesn’t even mean tonight, you can take a power nap and call a restart on your day!

How about some cute facts for you, super happy vibes included ♡♡

1. Cows have best friends

2. Otters hold hands while sleeping

3. Dolphins have names for each other

4. When choosing a mate, penguins find the prettiest pebble on the beach to propose

5. Men process male voices with the same part of their brain that processes simple sounds like car engines and machinery, but they process women’s voices with the part of their brain that processes music

6. I rescued a baby bird (who is now grown) and he loves cuddles and cotton candy (but not enough to make him sick, just a bite)

7. Bower birds attract females with their decorating skills (aka, lemme smash meme)

8. Animals can sense your moods, especially pets

9. Love is essentially a cocktail of chemicals in your brain

10. It’s okay to have bad days, but find something good out of it.

So, what can be good? Maybe you got ice cream? Maybe you can snuggle up in your blanket? Maybe you remembered to do a task you’ve been meaning to do? Maybe you simply woke up today.

Whatever it is, find 1 little thing thats good.

And remember, I’m here for you, and I love you, and it’s gonna be alright. Good days always follow the bad ones ❤

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A guy is trying to tell me women in the military will slow down combat groups and that women can't be as strong as men. Is this true? I feel it's just sexist myths until I see proof.

No, it’s not true. Super not true! Never gonna be true!

Women have participated in military action as far back as recorded history. They’ve participated in physical activity as much as any other humans.

(women fighting fires during the Pearl Harbor attacks)

Much of women’s history and achievements have been eliminated and erased. In reality, women can be found enjoying any activities, sports, arts, sciences, politics, studies, and education that one would expect men in, and often exceeding past men.

This denial and erasure continues today in the hearts of people like that guy.

It’s also no coincidence that “women’s” and “feminine” sports are considered inferior despite the muscle and reflexes needed for them.

We have a #history tag, but here’s a few posts of some examples. Here’s a couple more. Want some more? Seriously, the evidence is quite plentiful. It’s all around us.

Some other things worth considering about this kind of thing:

  • A lot of what we are told are “inherent” about the men and women, in their biology and whatever nonsense, are actually not so, and instead are a result of gendered pressure that begins before a person is even born.

Girls are discouraged and reprimanded for being physical and having physical interests - whether it’s sports, getting dirty, cars, engineering, or fighting, women feel pressure their whole lives to avoid being physical at all costs. And then nobody ever considers what this could have to do with the “differences” between men and women with regards to who has the right abilities for these things.

(And of course, the same is true for boys with interest in non-physical things, such as the arts, dolls, social sciences, and being allowed to be scared of things.)

  • I’ve spoken with many women in the military, from around the world. The standards for the military in the majority of cases are well within most people’s abilities to achieve, regardless of gender.
  • Think about the average boy. The average boy really isn’t someone special. There’s few mega jocks and weight lifters signing up for recruiting. Usually, just the average boys. Often, scrawny boys, nerdy boys, goofy boys. Average boys. Hardly shining examples of muscle and endurance.

They walk into the military without any comment.

If we can give a chance to these boys, where does the arguments against women regarding strength and skill have foundation? They don’t. It’s pure sexism.

  • Another thing to remember is that the military is much more than charging across a field towards the enemy in 100 pound armor while carrying your buddy and shooting two guns in blazing glory. In fact, it’s rarely that. In modern times, the majority of military personnel are far from any such kinds of action. The military has a vast network of careers that gives openings for pretty much any person to be able to join.

And finally, if we entertain for a moment the argument that women aren’t as good as men, there’s still women who can make it.

Even if it’s just a few out of a hundred, why would that matter? If they don’t make it in, it’s not dragging the military down because… they’re not in! Not every man makes it, so there’s no reason why not every woman making it should be an argument.

Those women who can make it deserve to the chance to compete for it and achieve it. That’s equality - for opportunities to be available for everyone to try for.

- damegreywulf