women and archery

Arrow!” said the bowman. “Black arrow! I have saved you to the last. You have never failed me and always I have recovered you. I had you from my father and he from of old. If ever you came from the forges of the true king under the Mountain, go now and speed well!

-J.R.R. Tolkien

“Beauty And The Beast” - Negan Imagine (Chapter 8)

Pairing: Negan x Reader

Prompt: “Being on the Lucille Lineup and Negan taking an interest in you.”

Word Count:1636

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Warnings: none

Chapter Summary: The reader and Daryl end up staying in The Kingdom during the midst of escaping from the Sanctuary. Reader begins evaluating her relationship with Negan and her feelings for him.

A/N: Like always, the things that are written are written in a different time sequence than in the show, so things go by a little faster than in the show. Also, halfway through the story, it switches to Negan’s point of view x


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The day had finally come where Alexandria had finally swore to take a stand against Negan. The lot of you started out attempting to convince Gregory to follow in the group’s footsteps, but obviously to no avail. But, the men and women of the Hilltop were more than happy to oblige, with or without Gregory’s consent.

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A lady’s archery scoring kit from the 1850s. It is made of ivory and silk ribbons and consists of an acorn-shaped cup containing a grease used to help the shooting gloves slide easily off the bowstring, a circular disc used to hold replaceable paper score sheets and a marker to write the score.

Archery was one of the few sports Victorian women could take part in, though it was extremely exclusive and only the wealthiest women could afford the equipment needed to join an archery club. These clubs had both male and female members and hosted competitions solely for women but also allowed them to compete directly against the men, although most women used smaller bows with a weaker draw strength than those used by the men. One woman who used the same strength bow as the men was Queenie Newall who went on to win the women’s archery gold medal at the 1908 Olympics.

Khutulun | The Wrestler Princess

Famous also for her feats performed while riding into battle with her father, Khutulun stands shining among the writings of Marco Polo. While Khutulun was not unique among Mongolian women in her pursuits of archery, horse-riding, and wrestling, she was singular in that she never lost. So great was her talent, that she insisted any man seeking her in marriage must win against her in a wrestling match - and if they lost add 100 horses to her herd.

It is said that by the time of her death, Khutulun possessed 10,000 horses.