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One of the benefits to growing up in a home with four sisters and no brothers is that it taught me the secret to understanding women.

I like to call it the “Shut-Up-And-Listen-To-What-They’re-Actually-Saying-Unless-You-Want-Broccoli-Thrown-At-Your-Face-Again” technique.



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any nsfw mafia!saeyoung headcanons? maybe with dark themes, maybe not? ;o

~ooooh yep, coming right up ((fun fact: I typed this mofo up twice because no matter how many times this happens to me I never learn or change–I accidentally hit refresh when I was finished and lost the whole damn thing T_T))


  • Many people would think that he is really experienced with women, but he isn’t! 
  • He’s not inexperienced by any means…
  • For a while he went through women like water, but only because he grew bored of them easily
  • All the women that run with the crime syndicate wanted him for the same things. A powerful man to piss of an ex boyfriend, money etc. 
  • He gave up after a while, and any advances from women were then passed onto Yoosung. It gave him something to laugh at when Yoosung eventually became too flustered and shy to ever see it through 
  • His fickle past with women earned him a bit of a bad reputation, especially in the eyes of Jumin, who saw it as a weakness 
  • He does enjoy being rough with you 
  • He gets jealous easily, and can be possessive
  • If he sees you talking to someone like Zen, you’ll end up getting dragged to a backroom and pushed against the wall while his hand slips between your legs and up your thigh 
  • Loves to tease you discreetly in public, pushing a little too close to you or grinding himself against your ass 
  • Often fucks you in random places 
  • Like on V’s desk 
  • Or in a parked car down a dark alley 
  • His favorite place to mark you is your thighs, he loves lifting up the hem of your dress and seeing what he’s done to you 
  • Amazing with his hands! 
  • When he takes his gloves off and slips his fingers inside of you it’s game over. He likes to do it from behind you, your hands up on the wall while he whispers into your ear and bites your neck 
    • “You belong to me, doll…don’t forget it”

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to kind of go off the break up post, could you write headcanons for the rfa + v and saeran who had their heart broken fairly recently by their ex, but they meet mc and she helps them get over their exes and heal their wounds ??

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- It was so hard for him to trust anyone, let alone women.

- All the women he knew now were just wanting him for his money. Maybe a few for his looks, but nothing for him. They never tried to get to know him, just assumed from rumors or press.

- He didn’t want them to know him.

- He hated having lunch with his father when a new woman was hanging around with him. Kissing in front of him, saying weirdly flirtatious things that should just be reserved for his father, if anyone.

- He hated, hated, hated, when his father left the women with him while he went somewhere else for a moment. His blood would freeze, his heart would threaten to burst out of his damn chest as he waited for what they would say, what they would do.

- Gross comment about his single life, once or twice an inappropriate pass. If they tried touching him he was gone, running home like a scared child.

-He’d lock himself in his penthouse, his bedroom, struggling to calm down with Elizabeth 3rd in his arms.

- The women were worse when he was a child, and he never understood that. Never understood why the memories would attack him so harshly each time his father had a new girlfriend. 

- Was he scared? Scared of the women trying to advance sexually towards him? But he was an adult, he could say no.

- When you started showing affection towards him, he was scared. He was so scared. He would never admit it. He wasn’t supposed to have such feelings. That’s what everyone had told him as he grew up.

- But you prompted him to share emotions, just like Rika did.

- Rika who teased him with relationship possibilities, who teased treating him right.

- Rika, who nearly drove him and his best friend away from each other with her sneakiness.

- As far as he knew, V never found out about the way she mused her and Jumin being together. But he was so scared V somehow resented him for her musings. 

- He didn’t want to lose the only friend he had. He didn’t want you to mess up his life, to give him more nightmares and threads.

- But you were so much kinder. More willing to listen, more willing to let him work through his emotions rather than forcing him to show them. He didn’t know how, but he was slowly losing his threads.

- When the two of you officially got together, about a month later, he finally opened up about what happened to him. When you cried, but still did your best supporting him and offering any way to help, that’s when he knew he never had to be scared of you.


- He could be anyone. Knight in shining armour? Badass punk? He could and would do it. Playing the big brother to make a friend happy? Playing the romantic fool to get the girl?

- He’s done it, and he would do it again.

- He grew up being told how he wasn’t good enough, how he would never be good enough. Since he was blessed with the skill of acting, why not use that to his advantage?

- Had he used his skill for romance? Certainly. To woo a certain girl or two? Yep.

- But each relationship would always fail, always, because he would end up heartbroken when they saw through the ruse.

- Saw how pathetic he was.

- No one could love him for himself. Not his fans, not Jaehee, not anyone.

- So when you started flirting back with him, he was scared and excited. So excited because he would finally be given the attention he craved so much, the sweetness he wanted to hoard to himself.

- But scared because he knew you would leave him once he couldn’t keep the rude up forever.

- He thought you were attach him to certain roles he did, expect him to act like ___ from the ____ play. 

- But you never watched his stuff? He was a little offended but…He was still excited. Did this mean he didn’t have to act for you?

- He didn’t count on it. But when you met him and kept asking about his past, about himself, and not his career, he was just…So happy. He kept it hidden, and kept it safe, but he was so happy.

- As the relationship progressed, and you started becoming close to him for who he really was, he just couldn’t describe how thankful he was to have met someone like you.

- Someone who could appreciate him for himself, to make him feel less pathetic, less disgusting.

- Without any acting, he was finally good enough for someone. He didn’t care if it was just one person, as long as that person was you.


- Romance was difficult.

- She didn’t have the time, the emotional range half the time. She couldn’t waste her energy on it.

- Since her parents left, she was constantly having to prove herself, take care of herself, be the best that she could be to be able to support herself.

- The first time someone confessed to her, she had no idea what do to other than thank them. It never progressed further than that.

- But after some mocking, the next time someone confessed she accepted it.

- Usually couples were able to support each other, right? They were able to help each other and be there emotionally, right?

- How come she could never open up to any of them? Share her feelings, the depression eating her up inside, the constant weight she had on her shoulders. Why was it so difficult?

- Her first relationship was a failure. The second was only slightly better.

- They were older, able to explore the more adult sides of a relationship. But she never would expect she would be taken advantage of sexually, rather than emotionally.

- She was just…bland. There were others so much better looking than her. She didn’t understand how she was just being used as some plaything.

- That relationship didn’t last long. Long enough to leave scars, but not long enough to make new ones.

- When you came along, started supporting her, she was so conflicted. You were so much nicer than everyone else, so much kinder, willing to talk to her about her interests rather than blow them away.

- You were wanting to be friends?

- But her emotions felt deeper than friendship. She couldn’t place them, she didn’t know how to because she didn’t want to compare her feelings to her past failed relationships.

- One night after the two of you had closed down the shop one night, you both had a strange very late discussion. For some reason the early hours of the morning made her open up more.

- For some reason she mentioned her past relationships.

- When you hugged her and kissed her cheek, explaining none of it was her fault, she cried for the first time in years.


- He never counted the first girl he had been with as his girlfriend, and luckily no one ever found out about it.

- It was just some girl on the same sever as him. They ended up privately talking and they found out they went to the same school.

- It didn’t take long for them to find each other, start trying to hang out, start becoming closer.

- But it was going so fast. He wasn’t ready like she was, he wasn’t ready for something so serious; not when he wasn’t even sure of his own feelings.

- The casual hangouts turned into her flirting with him, belittling him for not having a lot of experience, egging him on to try to be flirtatious with her.

- And if he tried she would just always laugh at him.

- Somehow, he didn’t even know how, but he started having feelings for her. But he couldn’t place it as love, or lust, just wanting to prove himself, prove that he wasn’t such a child like she insisted.

- One night she promised a relationship. He didn’t know how to react, but she reacted for him, dragging him into a make-out.

- She was gross, so so gross. Saliva was everywhere, she wouldn’t stop rubbing against him, and he just couldn’t think right.

- Wasn’t it supposed to feel better? Wasn’t he supposed to be happy.

- The day after she tossed him aside, and he never spoke about her. Acted like that never happened. He didn’t want to remember it.

- When you started showing feelings towards him, he was so excited! You were a good person, you were almost like Rika! Not selfish like that one girl.

- But he was so scared, so nervous. The last time he jumped into his emotions, he ended up getting so hurt.

- The first night the two of you were alone, he was so scared. He was so scared of hormones and the strained teasing of heavy petting. He didn’t want to think of her, but he couldn’t help it.

- But you didn’t try to take advantage of him. You just wanted to hug, innocently cuddle, dote on him and try to help take care of him.

- You were so warm and kind, so calming. It was so hard letting you go back home that night, but he was glad the next day when he woke up to loving texts from you.

- One day he might open up about that girl, but you were already thousands better than her, and he was becoming less scared by the second. 


- He wasn’t supposed to have feelings for anyone. His agency taught him that early on, taught him to kill such ridiculous emotions.

- But, hey, maybe he could give Zen a run for his money with his acting skills, because the agency thought he had killed his emotions.

- And for a while, it was easy to believe such rules. Never get attached, never get crushes, just life fast and pray you finish the mission.

- He needed to focus on helping his brother, anyway, right? Finding him? He didn’t deserve happiness until that.

- One undercover mission had him pretending to be the new bodyguard of a woman while tracking information for the agency. It wasn’t a quickie, either. He had to be there for a few weeks- nearly a whole month.

- And during that time, her silly jokes caught up to him, her flirtatious nature making him unable to sleep at night.

- As the mission drew closer to an end, he found himself more and more captured by her.

- She even cried and held him tight the day he had to leave, and damn was it hard to let go and pretend there was nothing between them.

- But, being himself and a hacker, he found himself needing to constantly check up on her- Make sure she was safe, make sure the agency hadn’t done any real damage to her.

- During the process, he managed to track down more personal info. Emails, online accounts, text records… Text records of her discussing how easy it was to get the guards to do whatever she wanted, as long as she flirted and pretended she cared about them.

- Well…That was a polite summary.

- He felt like someone had hit him in the gut as he read her cold words.

- Is this why the agency made such rules?

- He was unable to work, unable to think clearly, for ages. Because he was stupid enough to catch feelings for a target.

- So when you came along, of course he pushed you away. Of course he tried making you hate him. Just anything so he didn’t have to feel those emotions again. Just anything.

- But when you stayed, when you put yourself in danger for him, when you helped him with his brother. He couldn’t help it, he couldn’t help but catch feelings.

- And he was scared, but you were willing to do so much for him.

- It didn’t hit him until one rough night with Saeran. Saeran was losing it, his meds not kicking in yet to calm him from his meltdown. During the process, Saeran listed all the godawful reasons he hated him, how he abandoned him.

- He had heard it constantly since his brother moved in, but that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt.

- He was resting on the couch, trying to calm his racing thoughts when you joined him, wrapping your arms around him and kissing his cheek.

- He didn’t say anything, but somehow you knew exactly what he was feeling, and the right words to help him snap out of it.

- That’s when he realized that no matter how far he pushed you away, you always bounced back still ready to love him and give him your all.

- You even helped him when his brother was like this, even when Saeran screamed at you too.

- It had taken him a while to understand you weren’t going to leave. Not anytime soon.

- And when he did, he pulled you into a hug and didn’t let go for ages.


- He couldn’t get over Rika

- He missed the sweet smiles and stabbing pains, he harsh words, the straight out abuse.

- He deserved it. He always deserved it. For never getting her the right help, for never giving her enough. It’s what he deserved for being so pathetic and simple minded.

- The love of his life, and he couldn’t save her from herself.

- He knew it was gross, he knew he should get help, but he thought he should rot in this pit of despairing emotions, letting it suffocate him until all his loved ones left him too. 

- Just like what had happened to her.

- When you came along, he was still wallowing in that pit, drowning and refusing to pull up for air.

- But you helped him despite any weak protests. He wanted this pain, this depression, but he was always too scared to let himself sink down completely.

- You helped him. You helped him get into therapy, helped him learn what medication to take, just something to help him get back on his feet. Something to get him to stop hating himself so much.

- You knew it was going to take ages, possible a few years. But you were willing, you were patient. Because he didn’t deserve this.

- No matter what he did, he couldn’t control her brain. He couldn’t have sacrificed himself to save her, because not even that could have helped.

- When you explained this to him, explained how you were going to stay by his side and help him, that was the first time you ever saw him break down.

- He was openly sobbing, finally being told the words he was so ashamed of thinking of. 

- You held him as he cried, helped him start patching himself back together.

- He missed the feeling of being loved so tenderly, and he was so grateful to have it again.


- Everyone knew he had issues. It wasn’t a surprise. He was sure strangers could guess just by a passing glance.

- He couldn’t understand why anyone would love him. He knew Saeyoung did, but that was forced love, wasn’t it? Obligated. No choice. 

- His mother had always told him he was unlovable anyway. Disgusting, weak, pathetic. She told him so often it was hard for him to believe anything else, even so many years later.

- One time he did try to believe otherwise. He tried to think he was capable of being loved. His savior had told him so. She had promised sweet words and affection when he did as she told, and she was the first woman he ever had positive feelings for. The first woman he thought had loved him back. The first woman to share his feelings.

- Only just to watch as she tossed him aside for that blinded fool.

- Therapy was supposed to be helping him through this, but each session he just found himself zoning out more and more, numbly pretending to listen to the advice given. 

- When you came along, helped him and his brother even after all the horrible things he had done, he just… He felt those feelings coming back again. Admiration, love, longing.

- He wanted to hold you in his arms and just whisper words of thanks for letting him feel something again. Something other than pain. Something kind and warm, something that helped eased the nightmares.

- But he was so scared. So fucking scared. He couldn’t handle rejection again, he couldn’t handle another heartbreak, another nightmare.

- Even though he was scared, when you first kissed him he didn’t voice his worries. When you first cuddled with him, helped him with a panic attack, he still swallowed his fears about you.

- It was when he discussed his therapy with you that he finally admitted his feelings. How he was going to disappoint you, how you were just going to toss him away like all the others in his life.

- When you teared up, he finally snapped out of his numbness, his stomach churning.

- But you just slowly opened up about how happy he made you, how much better your life had gotten, how upset you were that he would say such horrible things about himself.

- That was the day he decided to try and treat your relationship more seriously, more romantically.

- Unlike the others, you wanted him. And he wanted you, too.

I Choose You (Optional Bias x Reader)

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A/N: Never doubt your importance in this world. We all have our roles to play and just because your name isn’t in lights does not mean that you are worth any less…

You glanced at the crystal vodka bottle on the counter in front of you and then back at your near empty glass, contemplating if you were even going to add juice to your next round. Your eyes involuntarily moved back to the TV screen that you had been watching from your bent over position on the kitchen island counter. You hadn’t even made it back over to the couch where you had first started and you didn’t think you were going back that way anytime soon, at least not in a sober state of mind. The faces and words flashing across the screen, mocking you, were painful enough from this distance.

Vodka on ice for the win.

You turned from the counter to grab more ice from the freezer when you tripped over the bulky duffel bag that had been resting next to your feet. Muffled curses spewed from your lips, your filter already disappearing even though you had only had one drink so far. Your nerves and emotions were shot and the sight of the duffel bag made you walk to the freezer even faster. You needed more alcohol, now.

You were already packed. You hadn’t gathered everything, not even a majority of everything. You had accumulated numerous objects, clothes, and decorations in the year and a half you two had been living together, plus half of the apartment was in your name, but it didn’t even matter, not anymore. You would come back for the rest of it later or maybe never. You didn’t really want to think about it right now. Regardless, you were ready to leave…but you couldn’t force yourself to walk out of the door and out of his life forever. Even with the television special still playing in front of you, even with the stupid Snapchat article still pulled up on your phone next to you, you couldn’t do it. You couldn’t pick up your bag and say a final goodbye…so, you pulled out the beautiful, crystal vodka bottle he had bought you as one of your birthday presents this year and had started your mission of draining it, hoping that at some point along the way you would get up the courage to leave.

Why couldn’t you leave?

Because you were completely and thoroughly selfish. Because as much as it pained you to admit, you couldn’t imagine life without him. You couldn’t stand the thought of his arms not wrapped tightly around your shoulders and waist as you drifted off to sleep at night. You couldn’t bear the thought of never feeling his lips against yours or your skin ever again. You couldn’t face the fact that you would never get to sneak downstairs to his studio when he was in the middle of one of his creative moods and watch how passionate he was for his music, just like everything else in his life. There were so many things that you were too weak to let go of. You couldn’t leave him…because you loved him.

However, no matter how much you loved him, no matter how much you cared for him, no matter the fact that you would do anything for him, you weren’t enough…He deserved better.

You startled from your depressing thoughts, the gorgeous crystal bottle almost slipping out of your hand as the front door slammed closed at the end of the front hallway beside the kitchen. Panic blossomed in your abdomen as footsteps sounded down the hall. He wasn’t supposed to be home until later. You were supposed to have more time to pull yourself together and leave. Damn it, why couldn’t you have just done what was right when you first pulled the Snapchat article up on you phone? Why were you such a terrible person?

“Baby?” a voice echoed down the hallway.

Instead of answering, you screwed the bejeweled cap back onto the liquor bottle and tipped your glass back to swallow a mouthful of the burning liquid as a tall figure made his way around the corner of the hallway into the kitchen.

“There you are, babe,” B/N exclaimed as he approached you from behind, leaning over your shoulder to place a quick kiss on your cheek as his hand skimmed down your back to grip your butt briefly, “What are we celebrating?” he asked, not missing the flashy vodka bottle on the counter beside you but completely missing your somber attitude as he walked to the cabinet to grab a glass for himself, wanting to join the fun. You hadn’t opened the bottle since he had gotten it for you, so by his reasoning there had to be something special going on.

He was so innocently excited and it almost had you in tears. His childlike innocence was another thing you were going to miss terribly. But you stifled the tears and forced a smile, the alcohol assisting instead of hindering for once. This was a happy occasion for him after all. He was right. You two should be celebrating.

“Why, we are celebrating your bright future, B/N,” you exclaimed brightly before tossing back another mouthful of the icy alcohol.

A giggle escaped your lips as you turned to face B/N, who had just finished filling his glass with ice, and raised your glass to him. Your merry illusion almost cracked as you drank in his figure, a figure you were so very familiar with. He looked painfully good in his white t-shirt and grey sweatpants. His dark hair was windswept and was begging you to run your fingers through it and mess it up more. But it was his smile that had you almost breaking down again, damn that smile! You caught yourself, however, and kept your composure, reminding yourself that you were doing this for him. This was for the best…

B/N eyed you suspiciously though his smile remained, knowing you well enough to now know something was off. You usually got giggly when you were drunk but he knew you weren’t drunk, slightly tipsy maybe but not drunk, not even close.

“To your future. To new and better opportunities. To your success. To your future happiness. I wish you all the best,” you exclaimed cheerfully, finishing off the drink in your hand before laughing quietly to yourself again

“Okay, babe, what’s going on?” B/N asked, his suspicion turning to foreboding as he set his glass of ice on the counter before grabbing your wrist and taking your glass out of your hand, “What do you know that I don’t? What new opportunities are you talking about?”

“Why, your new opportunity to find new love!” you proclaimed with a smile that was too bright, too fake, and eyes that were too glassy to be sincere, “A love that is worthy of you, that you deserve. The world is open and full of beautiful women who are more fit to be granted your attention. Women who will advance you and not hinder you.”

“What the hell are you saying?” B/N questioned you, his eyebrows scrunching together in confusion, “I don’t need a ‘new love’. I have you.”

“It’s okay, I’ve fixed that dilemma,” you exclaimed, patting his cheek gently, “I’m leaving, see?” you continued, pointing to your duffel bag on the floor at the end of the counter, “I’m not going to hinder you anymore. Now you can find someone you deserve and be happy.”

“I am happy!” he insisted passionately as his hands grasped your shoulders, his confusion turning to anger and panic, “Who told you I wasn’t happy? Where is this coming from, babe? You can’t leave me.”

“Oh, B/N,” you sighed, unable to resist any longer as you reached up to run your hand through his soft hair, relishing in the feel of the strands weaving through your fingers, “You don’t understand. You’re confused,” you insisted with a sad smile as you unconsciously turned to look at your phone next to you, “This is what’s best for you, for your future. You need a woman who is beautiful, fashionable, talented, intelligent, and…not me. You need someone who fits you. Not someone who is so beneath you.”

His expression only became more confused and frustrated as you pressed on. Where the hell did all of this come from?! You had been perfectly fine when he had left this morning. You had spent an extra few minutes together in bed before he had finally forced himself to peel himself off of you so that he wouldn’t be late to work and you had certainly been happy then. What had happened between then and now that had you wanting to leave him?

B/N followed your line of sight when you became distracted by your phone and immediately ripped it out of your grasp when he saw the large text banner at the top of the screen, “The Most Eligible Bachelors and Their Perfect Matches.” He quickly scanned the tabloid article, becoming more enraged as he scrolled through the piece.

“You actually read this bullshit?!” he pronounced disbelievingly as he continued reading the description of the woman this article believed was his match in heaven, “You’re trying to leave me for this bullshit?!”

He looked up and for the first time since he got home noticed the story airing on the television behind your shoulder, a screen adaptation of the article he was reading on your phone. He felt like his blood was about to boil in his veins. You had dealt with three and a half years of people disapproving of your relationship. He knew it was hard on you because it was hard on him, but you had been through so much together. You had survived together and he had no intention of throwing all of that hard work away because the love of his life had somehow been influenced by a piece of shit article written by people who knew little to nothing about him.

“Are you kidding me?” he blurted, grabbing your chin and forcing you to look up at him, “Please tell me you’re joking so that I can laugh about this.”

“I’m serious, B/N,” you asserted, shoving him off of you, your earlier cheeriness gone, replaced with determination, “I’m not good enough for you. I don’t deserve you. You deserve to find someone better.”

“You came to all of these conclusions based on this piece of trash article?!” he spat, placing his arms on the counter on either side of you so that you were boxed in, “Those people have no fucking idea what’s best for me because it sure as hell isn’t what’s written in that shitty article. How exactly do you find that you aren’t good enough for me? Please enlighten me on that fact.”

“I…I have no status. I’m just an insurance worker. I’m not important,” you stammered, your words stumbling over themselves under the scrutiny of his furious gaze, “I’m not beautiful enough for someone like you. I can’t offer you anything…”

“What the actual fuck?” he muttered angrily to himself as he closed his eyes and took a deep breath, “Is that the best you’ve got because you have yet to list a valid reason for you to walk out of that door on me. What the hell is wrong with being an insurance worker?! Don’t you know what you do is important? I have no clue what the hell is going on with my insurance. I need people like you just like everyone else in this world, so scratch that lousy excuse off of your list,” he demanded, his face becoming flushed as you seemed to be folding in on yourself in between his confining arms, “As for beauty, what the fuck do you mean you aren’t beautiful? Just because you aren’t walking on a runway or posing in front of cameras doesn’t mean you aren’t beautiful. So, I guess  you missed all of those mornings I made you late for work because I could not handle how you looked and had to have you for myself before anyone else was allowed to see you just so that I would be reassured that you were mine first. I guess you also missed all of the nights I spent telling you exactly how beautiful you were to me as I held you in my arms. Good to know that those words meant nothing to you. Damn, I thought we had been connecting on a deeper level. So, there goes shitty excuse number two,” he argued, his knuckles becoming white with how tightly he was gripping the countertop, “Now for this ‘I can’t offer anything’ shit. For three and a half years you have given me your time, your support, your patience, your love, your body…what else are you supposed to be able to offer me?”

“I’m not good enough,” you maintained softly, turning away from his gaze as tears threatened to break the barrier of your lower eyelids.

“You know what, Y/N?!” B/N practically yelled, gripping your chin again and turning you back towards him, “You literally have no argument to back that bullshit up! Do you really think we would have been together for three and a half years now if I wasn’t happy?! Disregarding what happens behind the closed doors of our bedroom…and, well, occasionally other places, I am not a masochist. If I was happy, we would not be together. I don’t like wasting my time and I know you sure as hell don’t like wasting yours, so you had better start singing a different tune, darling, because this one is getting really old really fast.”

“You don’t…that is…you…” you stammered, unable to form a coherent argument.

“What, Y/N?” B/N roughly asked, slamming his hands down on the countertop, causing you to jump a little bit, “Out of shitty arguments or do you have more for me?”

“Just shut up, B/N!” you screamed in frustration as you pushed out of the confines of his arms, “Just don’t…don’t talk anymore.”

“Why?!” he proclaimed, throwing his arms wide as he followed you to the end of the counter, “Because I’m right?! Because you literally have no reason to rip my heart out and walk out that door like you’ve been trying to do all night?!” B/N sniffed as a small part of his anger faded to despair at the fact that you were seriously trying to leave him.

“Stop talking, B/N!” you demanded again, your tears threatening to escape again.

Why didn’t he understand that this was best for him? Why did he have to make this so hard? Your heart was already breaking…

“You want me to stop talking?” B/N whispered, wiping the back of his hand across his eyes before leveling his gaze back on you, his eyes hard and almost predatory, “As you wish. No more talking.”

You had no time to react except for a surprised squeal as B/N crossed the distance between you in two furious strides before he picked you up and slung you over his shoulder, grabbing your duffel bag in transit. You had little choice but to grip the back of his shirt, terrified he would end up dropping you as he ignored all of your protests and kicked open the door to your shared bedroom. He forcefully slung the duffel bag across the room, the bag connecting with the opposite wall with a loud ‘thud’ followed by cracking glass as multiple framed pictures crashed to the ground from the force of the impact. B/N slammed the door and locked in before striding over to your bed and dumping you unceremoniously onto the mattress.

You weren’t drunk by any means but the amount of alcohol that you had consumed was making your head swim as you flew through the air. Before you could see straight again, B/N was on top of you, his shirt stripped off in a fury before he had your wrists pinned above your head with one of his hands and you thighs restrained with both of his.

“B/N—” you feebly protested before his lips cut off the rest of your complaint.

“No talking,” he roughly commanded before attacking your mouth again.

You resisted as long as you could but when B/N got like this you had little willpower. Soon you were kissing him back, each kiss leaving you more breathless than the last but at the same time, craving more. Right before you thought your lungs were going to burst from a lack of oxygen, B/N suddenly released you. A soft moan rose from the back of your throat as he pulled away, sucking on your bottom lip and biting it softly before freeing it completely. His mouth immediately moved to your neck, sucking and nibbling relentlessly.

“B/N—” you exclaimed breathlessly again but his free hand quickly closed over your mouth.

“You’ve always been terrible at taking direction, sweetheart, even now when it’s your own order,” he mumbled darkly against your skin before pulling away from your neck with an especially passionate suck and moving back into your view.

Even though his lips were gone from your skin, the stare he was giving you right now was enough to have you trembling under him.

“You know what’s unfair?” he asked after a few seconds of silence, his lips twitching into a smirk as he removed his hand from your mouth to trace the outline of your lips with his index finger, “I didn’t get to have any alcohol and you taste just like it. I guess I’ll just have to get drunk off of you…”

He offered you a slow wink before stealing a lingering kiss that had you pulling against his restraint, much to his amusement, before disappearing from your view again. His lips returned to your neck, marginally more gentle this time as he took his time making his way down its length while his hand slid under your t-shirt, caressing your skin and pushing the material slowly up your torso. When his mouth reached the collar of your shirt he shifted his hips back to trail his kisses up your stomach, starting at the patch of skin above your belly button. You couldn’t help squirming underneath him as his tongue and teeth explored with a mind of their own until he reached the edge of the lacy but comfortable bra you had worn that day.

“This one was always one of my favorites,” he whispered as he buried his face in the crevice between your breasts, turning and sucking softly at the skin of your breast that spilled over the top of the cup while the pad of his thumb skimmed over your nipple through the lacy fabric.

Your back arched into his mouth as he continued working at each of your breasts, his hand eventually finding the clasp at the middle of your back and removing the fabric to give him more freedom. The breathless and barely restrained moans escaping your mouth were driving him just as crazy as his mouth at your breasts were making you insane. He drew another muffled moan out of you as he drew his tongue roughly over your nipple again before shifting back up to your mouth to swallow the beautiful sound. He finally released your wrists and one hand immediately found itself wrapped in his hair while the other moved liberally over his torso, causing a groan of his own to surge from the back of his throat.

“How bad do you want me right now?” B/N suddenly asked softly against your lips, your hand tightening in his hair as one of his hands gently massaged your breast.

“B/N…” you sighed, attempting to pull him harder against your lips.

“How bad?” he pressed, resisting your pull but grinding his hips slowly over yours still trapped underneath him.

“B/N, please,” you pleaded softly, your nails digging into his back as your hips attempted to roll forwards but remained frustratingly restrained.

“This that you feel right now,” he mumbled into your ear, running his tongue lightly along the shell, “This desire, this need. I feel it too,” he revealed, moving down to suck at the sensitive patch of skin underneath your ear, “All the time, for you,” he insisted against your burning skin, “I need you and not just for sex. Don’t you understand?” he asked, shifting back to where you could see him again, “I need you. You are what’s best for me. I know because I decide what’s best for me in my life. Not the media, not the rest of the world, not you…me. I do. And I want you, now and always.”

“What if I still leave?” you asked quietly, your had massaging the back of his neck while the other skimmed lightly up and down the side of his torso, “What if I force you to find someone better?”

“You can’t,” he insisted, shaking his head, “I’ll spend all of my time trying to find you again. You want to ruin my career? Go ahead. Disappear before I wake up in the morning. Put me through that heartache and you’re damning me. You want what’s best for me? Give yourself to me, your body, your love, your support, all of it. Give it to me now and the rest of our lives…”

“Damn you, B/N,” you mumbled, pulling him down successfully this time and molding your mouth to his, “I love you…I’m not going anywhere, I promise.”

“Oh, sweetheart,” B/N exclaimed, a mischievous glint in his eye as he shifted back to look down at you and moved off of your thighs, “I wasn’t too worried about you disappearing on me in the morning. You’re hardly going to be able to move…”


i hate how like…… it’s 2017 and we have all these advancements…. and abortion is still a controversial subject
i hate how like…… it’s 2017 and we have all these advancements…. and being gay is still dangerous
i hate how like…… it’s 2017 and we have all these advancements…. and being white still gives some people the idea that theyre better
i hate how like…… it’s 2017 and we have all these advancements…. and equal pay is still not a reality across all boards of race/gender/etc
i hate how like…… it’s 2017 and we have all these advancements…. and women are still treated like a piece of meat or an animal to perform every command
i hate how like…… it’s 2017 and we have all these advancements…. and this can still be called a “revolutionary” post for some people

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I just love how Jon Snow who's been rebuffing women's advances,since season 3 even Ygritte initially although he'd eventually fallen in love with her and Melisandre and then Dany enters his life and his like, "so babe, can you totally travel with me by boat cause its the only way i'll get you alone" hahaha. It gets me everytime!

It’s honestly my favourite. I love it so much. Dany is the first thing he’s wanted and gone after for himself. imagine not celebrating that!?

Matriarchy requires Female Supremacy

Many radical feminists on this site call for one of two things; separatism or matriarchy. However, both of these cannot be achieved without female supremacy. I wish they could be but merely take a look at the world and you will realize this cannot happen.

Men are greedy and domineering. Not by nature, but by socialization. A socialization that has stayed strong despite generations of women trying to change it. Further, the patriarchy has adapted to the attempts at freedom made by women. The trans movement is one such example. Allowing men to enter into any female space. Third wave feminism is another way the patriarchy has adapted. Men now throw around a few key words while saying that porn is “empowering”. I could speak more on these topics but other feminist writers, such as @marsinlibra have spoken better than I could on the topics of trans activism and porn use/bdsm.

The patriarchy has been around for thousands of years and it will take a full on upheaval in society to dismantle it. The reason separatism cannot be achieved without female supremacy should be obvious. Men would never allow such a space to exist. Even female bathrooms aren’t safe, so how would a whole community of women be safe without a force to protect it?

Matriarchy will never occur without female supremacy because men can’t let things be about others. It rankles most men and as a result a society that prioritizes women’s rights would be savagely attacked.

The only way to ensure compliance is by taking control completely. Yes, this sounds harder but it isn’t. Men, and the patriarchy, have several weaknesses.

1. Men are governed by their dicks. Never have I seen this to be more true than on this site. This is a tool that can be utilized.

2. The patriarchy, and many men, underestimate women. Yet, women are earning more advanced degrees than men. Soon that will become apparent. Once the means of economic power are seized much more will follow.

3. No one would expect it.

Please realize women of the world that female supremacy is not a bad thing! It is the tool to freedom and a world where us men can finally be resocialized in a proper way.

I am not calling for a fetish world, but one that enforces female rights. I do not endorse ideas that incorporate kink and other such trash. We must aggressively pursue female liberation!

Portrait of Oscar Wilde at the age of 27 by Robert Goodloe Harper Pennington

“The portrait was painted by the US artist Robert Goodloe Harper Pennington and presented to Wilde and his wife, Constance, as a wedding present in 1884. 


While awaiting trial, Wilde was declared bankrupt, meaning all his belongings, including the portrait, were sold at auction to pay his debts. Most of the belongings remain untraced but the portrait was bought by Wilde’s friends Ernest and Ada Leverson.

The couple kept it in storage in their Kensington house, with Wilde remarking that Ernest ‘could not have [it] in his drawing room as it was obviously, on account of its subject, demoralising to young men, and possibly to young women, of advanced views’.” (source)


The Asano Graduation Album Info-Dump

It seems like there’s bits of information from the Graduation Album floating around on Tumblr and elsewhere. It’s hard to tell which pieces have been mentioned already, so I figured I’d translate all the pages related to the Asanos and stick it in one post. Compared to the first data book, there’s much less regurgitation of info from the manga, plus I thought Matsui’s word choices in his descriptions of them were pretty interesting (“He shines like a star”… really Matsui?), so it seems reasonable just to give you all the whole text! It’s still a sizable amount of text though, so it’s entirely possible that there could be a few errors .w.

I numbered the sections so that you can see which part from each page I’m translating since there’s pictures that go along with some of the text. 

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Cool Exterior to the Fire Below (Part II-FINAL)

Part I is here

It picks up from the place it left off in Part I. Enjoy :)

Warning: Fluff, Jealous-Dany situation, Nudity

It had been a month of Erena Glover being Dany’s handmaiden in Dragonstone. Dany had gotten used to her as she was a very nice, quiet and hardworking lady in waiting. But, more often than not, she found Erena looking at Jon in long stares and always making excuses to get close to him.

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I feel like SLBP makes it pretty clear if the suitor is a virgin or not in their stories, but there's one character i was pretty unsure about whether he was a virgin or not, Toshiie? Because like in his story he's pretty shy and freaks out a little bit when "sex" is talked about and maybe he "saved" himself for the MC? But then again like I don't feel like he would've done what he did in the love thing at chapter six if he was inexperienced? Maybe I missed something?

Looks like we all missed something: where the writers retconned tf out of him in his Kisses on the Wind epilogue:

Inuchiyo goes to Hideyoshi for help:

You both go to him for help, separately, actually. However, Inuchiyo is so surprised at Hideyoshi’s prowess, that he can hardly concentrate:

So while Hideyoshi is explaining what to do, the Maedas are whispering amongst themselves:

Chiyo feels insecure:

So Keiji’s had no fewer than 10 lovers, Hideyoshi’s had no fewer than 1,000 (or even “one thousand” wink wonk) and Toshiie’s had at least two:

Since he said “women.” 

I think it was probably exactly two, because…it’s Toshiie. 

His whole thing is being so head-over-heels for you, that you’re his raison d’être.

Before this epilogue, the writers made every effort to portray Toshiie as virginal, even if he did have some intense desires for MC. 

Even in this epilogue, he talks (and thinks) about not knowing if he can control himself around her. He wants to reign it in, but he also wants to have a sexual relationship with MC, and he is still unsure of how to go about it without being extreme on either end. 

He thinks to himself, much like Kojuro, that you’re his first and last lover.

Toshiie reflects on how he had imagined your lips feeling against his, and how your body would feel. He goes on to reveal to the reader that he’s thought of these things so frequently that they showed up in his dreams.

Continuing with the last two panels above, he says this:

Since Toshiie, up until now, usually ignored the advances of women, and was seemingly satisfied relying solely on porn, I’m guessing that he was not only sexually frustrated by his desire to keep you “safe” from his lust, but uninformed, or even misinformed (the Lover’s Guides don’t even cover foreplay, apparently), and wanted to relieve his urges, while still carrying his torch for you.

After all, he typically assumes that you’ll never want him, and he has decided all on his own to try to be your big brother for the rest of his life– without even considering that maybe you don’t want that. 

And given the overly stiff way that he handled himself with Lady Sayuri, it doesn’t seem like these women were lovers, but rather one-night stands.

So I can see how his thick-headedness would have led him to have had sex before you, even though he’s so obsessed with you.

It was a little surprising to see this in his epilogue, because the writers did previously go out of their way to make him the second coming of Our Virgin Yukimura.