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I reblogged a post a while back that was like “when will a monster appear and have its first loving touch from me? two hands!! hot hands!! full of love!!”

and like yes, absolutely

but can the human x monster trope pls be a human with a girl / femme monster? I mean, I guess we can still do a cis human girl with the Tall Hyper Masculine Het Monster, like you do whatever, but I personally would like to see more women-as-monsters and not just the tiny smol thin white girl that gets matched with the monster

let’s have big scary women monsters who have maws filled with teeth and leathery hides or scales and broken off horns and spikes

monster-women who are barely humanoid and have really twisted claws for hands and try very hard to be careful with their soft squishy human girlfriends

monster-women without pretty hair or scales-that-look-like-hair or weird-appendages-that-look-like-hair. monster-women that are just straight up bald or hairless or back to the idea about leathery hides and scales!

monster-women that have lots of hair, like all over their bodies. werewolf monster-women who don’t just have cute fuzzy tails, but also lowered skulls and pointed muzzles / snouts and underbites. who have fur on their breasts on their tummies and armpits and ass crack

monster-women who actually look like monsters and not just regular human women wearing red / blue / purple / green body paint??

and hell, let’s give the human women some variety too! 

maybe the human woman is also hella tall and ugly and has scars! maybe she’s not white or thin or cis, and she has lots of dark, noticeable body hair too! maybe she’s an amputee who understands how her monster girlfriend’s broken off horns still itch but can never be scratched! maybe she has an obvious skin condition or irritation or acne, and she knows how important certain creams and gentle bath soaps are to her scaly monster girlfriend!

basically, just anything with monster-women that are actually monsters

“Yeah, listen Alejandra, we love this idea for a movie where the first shot is a beat-to-shit Michael Keaton in his underwear levitating, and it’s all one take. But this is just … I mean, you see how my hands are tied, right? I mean, leaving the washed-up star with magical powers out of it, you really want to try to shoot a large-scale feature all in one take? That is very hard on the crew, and is gonna cost a fortune in post. And also, it’s just weird; all of it is weird. You see how this is all weird, right? We made several suggestions to you about what kind of edits we think would help tell the story, since maybe you just don’t know about editing? You really made it hard for us when you doubled down on your own idea again. That’s just being difficult. Even the craft services PA sent you some feedback about an idea he had for ‘BANG!’ 'POW!’ comic book flashes in between each take, which I understand you rudely rejected? He’s got some great ideas!”

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