wombats music

playlist #1
thousand miles - tove lo // american candy - the maine // like ‘em young - tove lo // headspace - the wombats // these streets - bastille // sidekick - walk the moon // avalanche - walk the moon // i know places - taylor swift // give me a try - the wombats // bad blood - bastille // english girls - the maine // style - taylor swift


a few bands my friend and i have been listening to lately:
neck deep, the mowgli’s, night riots, vinyl theatre, the wombats, and hippo campus


Read if you know what’s good for you

So I was tagged by @blonde-books to do this 6 album thing. So here I go with NME worthy commentary

1. Inside In/Inside Out - Also known as the album that got me into rock at the age of like 12, this is one of the single best things that has ever existed. Everyone knows Naive, but Sofa Song is one of the coolest songs, but I really can’t pick a favourite out of the track list.

2. Showbiz - Heavenly. Sober is one of my favourites. I’m yet to see any of this played live which is sad. Killer debut album

3. Playland - One of the coolest albums ever by the master of cool. Dynamo and Easy Money are particularly great. 

4. Weird Little Birthday - ( jedivszombie I think you’ll like this one in particular). This is just a really nice album to listen to. Just listen to the whole thing and chill. Don’t forget the bonus track!

5. A Guide To Love, Loss, & Desperation - Killer indie pop rock. Jangle pop. Just great. Kill The Director, School Uniforms, and Dr Suzanne are particular fun favourites. Also Let’s Dance to Joy Division is just a massive tribute which puts the Joy in Joy Division.

6. All Mod Cons - The best album The Jam have ever done. It’s just so melodic but it goes proper hard on some tracks. Mr Clean is political and good, Down In The Tube Station At Midnight is the same and an absolute classic, and Fly is my favourite for the end of term.

Listen, enjoy. I think most people have done this but if you haven’t, I tag iaminfactjesus thisisnotallaboutyou the-rusholme-ruffian androigynous actualhater and jasdaisies

I got hit in my car today but before that I made a pretty rad driving playlist

01. Shine On-Vinyl Theatre 02. Ride-Twenty One Pilots 03. Give Me A Try-The Wombats 04. AhHa-Nate Ruess  05. T-Shirt Weather- Circa Waves 06. Your Body Is A Weapon-The Wombats 07. If You Say So-Vinyl Theatre 08. Songs I Can’t Listen To-Neon Trees 09. We Don’t Believe What’s On TV-Twenty One Pilots 10. Different-The Academic