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Abby wombach from the woman's soccer team split her head open on the field and had it stapled on the field. and she didnt even flinch. there's a youtube video of it. don't watch if you're squeamish. and hope solo is one of the best goalies i have ever seen. of course she has been accused of domestiic violence.

Dude Abby is such a badass! Like seriously, of all sports out there, women EXCEL at soccer at a rate far superior to the men imho. And Hope is an amazing goalie. Yeah, the domestic violence thing is pretty shitty though. :(

Even though I am Mexican born and raised, and fully support Mexican football, I have been blessed with the honor of calling the USA my home for the past 18 years. This land has given me and my family opportunities which we could have only dreamed of in Mexico. Juarez, to be more precise. This is the reason I got a lot of love for the growth of football in this country and show as much support as I can, as long as we don’t go head to head ;) These types of games, the against all odds heart racing dramatic ending type games, help the growth of the sport more than any 4-0 scoreboard could. People here identify more with heroism, with fighting till the end, with never giving up. Just like Donovan’s goal last year against Algeria, Wambach’s goal will be remembered as one of the best moments in US soccer history.

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Why are you not a fan of Wombach? Just wondering since you answered an earlier question that way

She’s a great player and one of the best on the team/in the world…etc etc etc. I got respect for her but shes just not at the top of my list of favorite players. 

(yup that makes sense lol)

I totally saw Abby Wombach play soccer today my life is complete
And hope solo
And megan rapinoe
And USA beat Mexico 5-1