‘Great fun trying to break the tree hugging world record in Rhode Island with @WBRU today, not a successful attempt but zen levels have increased. #treesarecool #earthday’


this detox has been great so far. my first two days were really hard. i had a craving for wingstop which is weird because i haven’t eaten chicken in months. on sunday i finally purchased another copy of sacred woman. someone broke into my mom’s car a few weeks ago, my bag was the only thing taken and the only thing that was in my bag was my sacred woman book. i hope whoever took my bag gave the book to a woman who truly needed healing. but anyway, the other day my roommate was gifted a juicer which means i have a juicer!!! i made this beet juice. i also made cucumber and apple juice which was HELLA good. I’m so happy i can incorporate fresh juices that i made into my detox, i originally planned to buy juices from local grocery stores. i meditate every morning and every night with a water drum and rice shakers.. i added affirmations into my daily routine which i think gives me positive energy throughout my days and nights. i also started going to hot yoga and doing pole dancing/fitness again. my writing has been more crisp, I’ve been able to actually sit down and get things done. next week I’m going to start waking up around 4am - 6am to meditate with the sunrise. with this detox i want to be able to discipline myself to finish my screenplay and begin the preproduction phase of making this film. 


#EvaGreen on her reaction when she first read the script of Benedek Fliegauf’s #Womb


After our friend Linda Lombardi, aka wombatarama, traveled to Japan last year we posted about her awesome visit to an Owl Cafe. Today we’d like to share photos of another experience Linda had in Japan that makes us happily envious. She went to a little shop in Yanaka, Toyko called Amezaiku Yoshihara. There a craftsman, practicing an art dating all the way back to the 8th century, transformed a mixture of sugar and starch into a beautiful, edible rhinoceros beetle.

This wonderful candy art form is called Amezaiku and its practitioners make all sorts of other edible creatures too.

“Amezaiku was once a common street entertainment for children, but the traditional carts were outlawed in the late 20th century and until recently it could only be seen at festivals and special events. Amezaiki Yoshihara, which opened in 2008, was the first permanent shop devoted to this craft. Its owner apprenticed with a master for two years and worked by himself for four years before going into business. You can buy ready-made items, but for the full experience, customers pick a creature from their catalog and have it made on the spot.”

Head over to io9 to learn more about the history of Amezaiku.

Then visit the Amezaiku Yoshihara website to check out all the different candy creatures they make.

[via io9 and Amezaiku Yoshihara]