womb (2010)

Sorry but i have to show off right now.
Look at these beauties! This is why i love second-hand shops!

-3(!) musicals (Jekyll and Hyde, Phantom of the Opera and Cats as audio)

-Womb (a very intersting film with Eva Green and Matt Smith by Benedek Fliegauf)

-Doctor Who OST series 4 and specials (series 6 and 7 are yet to come)

-The Bullyparade (a funny show by german comedians that i always watched when i was a child) + 80min Outtakes (i know. who buys a DVD consisting only of funny outtakes?…i do!)

-Much Ado about Nothing…book thing (i think i bought an advanced interpretation help instead of the original text but i looked through it and it’s really cool!)

-and a show called Escape Artist (? german title is very different so i’m confused) with David Tennant because he’s cool
(-also Hamlet with DT but it’s not here yet)

Noooow. Time for a little workout.
And the show can begin…

*mad laughter*