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Hey black Greeks! Boycott Haute Greeks for this racist, misogynistic bullshit. It’s 100% unnecessary and I’m really trying to comprehend how this person has so much influence in the D9 community.

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This is part 1/? of a human AU I’ve been wanting to write for AGES in which Derek and Stiles are long-distance friends/pen pals. Derek lives in California and Stiles lives in Poland. Features brief past Stiles/Malia (Derek and Malia aren’t related in this AU). Idk how long this fic could eventually get; I’m hoping to just work on it as I get the time/inspiration. 

 Title from “Mind Over Matter” by Young the Giant because that song always makes me think of LDRs. 

EDIT: This WIP is now also up on AO3 here.


If there’s one thing Derek’s learned in life, it’s that crushing on someone who lives on an entire other fucking continent is probably a bad idea.

He’s got dozens of photos of Stiles saved to his phone, and a whole box of letters from Stiles, and years’ worth of emails from Stiles, and a whole wall of postcards from Stiles pinned up on the wall over his bed, and none of it is enough.

He wants to do things to Stiles, okay, things besides just watch movies together in two different time zones or talk on skype.

…which… is kind of a new feeling.

Derek didn’t even know he liked guys until three years ago, freshman year of high school, when Stiles came home from a party raving about this girl he’d kissed, Malia something-or-other, and how Malia’s hair was so soft, and how Malia had the prettiest brown eyes and the best laugh, and—and suddenly Derek wanted to throw his computer against the wall.

“I have to go,” he’d snapped, and slammed his laptop shut and thrown on some jogging clothes.

He was five miles deep into the Preserve before it really sank in, not just the jealousy but the absurdity of the jealousy. He and Stiles had never even met, technically. They were probably never going to live in the same country. There was no logical reason for them not to date other people. Especially given that Stiles might not even like guys, or like him.

Still, he was secretly, guiltily, viciously satisfied when Stiles and Malia broke up barely two weeks later.

And since then the crush has gotten, if anything, worse.

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Excited to say the shop is OPEN again! Thanks for being so patient while I was away. Even more excited to hear this morning that Stevie mentioned at her most recent show, she’ll be bringing her 24 Karat Gold tour to Australia end of October. So much to look forward to! inthestillnessofremembering.bigcartel.com

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  • Outfit: dark jeans (either black or grey), fandom t-shirt (can be sw, marvel or my wonder woman tee), jeans or leather jacket
  • Shoes to go are: chucks or black boots
  • Makeup/Accessories: my everyday make-up is bb cream, concealer, eye shadow, mascara, sun powder and i do my eyebrows, as for jewelry, i usually wear my iceland necklance, earrings, a ring and sometimes a bracelet too
  • Coffee order: cappuccino
  • Nighttime routine: i clean my face and brush my teeth, put on my pjs and read in bed

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