womans responsibility not to get pregnant

Since people don’t seem to understand what “Men’s Reproductive Rights” means,

I will explain it in a way using popular characters. 

This is Nancy Hicks Gribble from popular animated show King of the Hill. One of the biggest controversies and stories about her is that throughout her marriage, she spent 14 years of it cheating on her husband , Dale Gribble 

with muscle bound Native American masseur, John Redcorn. 

During one of their frequent…encounters, Nancy becomes pregnant and has a son, Joseph Gribble. 

Now obviously Joseph isn’t Dale’s biological son, but Dale is not smart enough and too trusting of his wife to question it (he has even caught them in bed together and incorrectly assumed his wife was just getting a massage). It is obvious to John Redcorn however. So what does this have to do with men’s rights? Well since Nancy kept the continued affair a secret, Dale has been taking care of Joseph, another man’s son, with the false assumption that it is his own. John Redcorn, who desperately wants to be a part of Joseph’s life, is unable to do so properly because the son believes that Dale is his father and Nancy refuses to be truthful. So one father is being tricked/forced to take care of a child that isn’t his, while another man is being refused his right to parenthood. 

Need another example? 

This is Lana Kane from the television show Archer.

Lana had a beautiful baby girl through artificial insemination.

However it came with some issues. She stole the sperm from soon-to-be father Sterling Archer 

 while he was having a cancer scare. Throughout the series, Archer has made it clear that he isn’t ready for a baby yet, so his stance on this would probably be clear. She then impregnated herself without telling him or getting his permission, got him to drown and then revive to save her because she was pregnant, then only after the baby was born, did she tell him it was his baby. Not soon after, she demanded that he “man up” and “take responsibility” for the care of the child, while she simultaneously refusing him any and all parental rights when he shows interest in the baby’s future, even stating that she would rather lose the baby than have Archer raise her. Comments on Archer’s wording of watching the baby as “babysitting” was met with similar responses as Lana’s of “It’s your baby, take responsibility” and “if you are the father, it is just parenting”. This all with him not getting a say in the baby’s creation and again, having no parental rights. 

This is yet another problem that men face. At any time, a woman can either get pregnant through consensual intercourse and leave, steal a man’s sperm, or even rape him, and have complete decision on whether the child is born, and almost always gets custody of the child. At any time, the woman can come back into the man’s life and reveal that the man has a child (one that he didn’t ask for or plan for), and immediately demand the man pay back child support. The mother typically gets it. Men who would like to be a part of their baby’s life, no matter the cause of the pregnancy, can easily be refused that right due to court biases favoring women. 

How about another?

This is Deborah Gallagher from the television show Shameless. 

Deborah is pretty desperate for a relationship. blame it on teenage hormones, blame it on her family’s influence, but she makes some bad decisions because of it. Deborah befriended fellow high school student Derek Delgado. 

They get into a relationship, and Deborah encourages him to have intercourse with her. When he brings up the need for a condom, she stresses that it isn’t needed because she is on the pill. It turns out that she lied about being on birth control pills, actually wanting to trap Derek into a relationship by getting pregnant and starting a family. Derek, shocked by the thought of having a baby, and concerned with the future that he had hoped for, moves out of the state to think and get away from Debby. Debby has also done something similar with a former boyfriend, Matt Baker, who she had originally lied to about her age and eventually raped while he was passed out drunk at a party. Her desperation for a relationship would have probably led to a similar scenario, if it wasn’t almost certain that Matt would have gone to jail for Statutory Rape (a different issue men face)

Derek’s story is actually similar to many men’s. He was clearly not ready for a baby, but was tricked into it. He had a whole life planned worked out, but the baby changed that drastically. The common response is “he should have thought about that before having sex”, which is not the same response a woman would normally get. Consent to sex is only consent to a baby for a man. Debby was ready for a baby, and he was not. But who cares about what he thinks, right? So now he must either halt or even cancel his life plans and dreams to take care of the baby, or leave the baby behind and deal with the guilt of his biological child growing up without him because he wasn’t ready. 

You cannot keep shouting “my body, my decision” when it comes to a baby. A baby is more than 9 months. It is a life changing decision that could cost tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is a decision that takes years of dedication, potentially the rest of your life. Men should also get a choice and a say, but often don’t. not when they are raped, not when they are tricked, not when they are not ready for a baby, not when they have other plans in life, not when they want to be a part of the child’s life, nothing. That should be a problem. That should be considered an inequality. 

End of an Era

Another small ficlet set in the Map of the World universe.


“But isn’t there anything you can do?”

And Molly looks miserably down at lavender the shirt in Sherlock’s hand. The shirt now stained with GSR and blood-spatter. The shirt now missing a sleeve and almost all of its buttons. The shirt which had miraculously survived Moriarty, Magnusson, the bombing of Baker Street and John’s repeated attempts to clean up his friend’s flat, only to come to an end in front of her very eyes, courtesy of some common-or-garden thug-

At seeing the legendary Purple Shirt of Sexy destroyed, she can’t help it.

She does what any heavily pregnant, recently bereaved, completely hormonal woman would do: She bursts into tears.

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Love this new blog! I'm always hunting for them~ As for my first request here, how about a hc with the RFA finding out that MC is pregnant (4-7 months already) while she's in the apartment. She's not dating someone, her boyfriend left town when he found out. Haha this might be a cliché headcanon but what do you think? :D Thank you if you do it~

Thank you! Assuming this is platonic rfa and they don’t have a crush or anything on mc (it’s pretty short sorry (except Zen’s, oopsies), i thought a lot of it depended on how mc was handling it and the personal situation)

Yoosung :

  • he’d be very shocked and upset that a man – or anyone for that matter – would leave because they don’t want to be a parent; he was always taught to be responsible, especially of his girlfriend
  • he’d be impressed by mc for being so strong and trying to make it through this really difficult time and would do anything he can to help even though he doesn’t know much about pregnancy, he’d still want to be there for mc because no one should be left alone in this situation

Zen : 

  • ready to find the ex-boyfriend and beat the shit out of him & quite possibly ask him to take responsibility by giving mc a monthly financial support + pay part of the expenses during pregnancy and after the baby is born.
  • he’d be disgusted to see that someone could treat a person, a pregnant woman above all, like this. He never disrespected women even  when he was younger and he flirted with a lot; he always thought that, if something went wrong and that despite the precautions taken to avoid it, he’d take care of his girlfriend and the baby if she ended up pregnant – even if he didn’t want to be a father
  • he might get a little overprotective, seeing mc as a sister and he needs to protect her and the baby; he’d look after her, make sure she eats and takes care of herself and if she couldn’t live alone or couldn’t pay the rent, he’d ask her to come live with him, at least until the baby is born
  • uncle Zen who sees the baby as a chance to give them the childhood he never had and who gives the best pep talks ever and is supportive & chill af

Jaehee : 

  • might karate chop the ex-bf in the nuts so hard, that he’ll give all his money to mc and apologize for a whole month
  • she’d feel bad that mc has to go through that and while she thinks there’s not much she can do, she’ll offer to have mc stay at her apartment so things can be less stressful even though she won’t be able to offer much company bc of how much she works


  • probably tries to sue the ex in order to get half of his pay check to go to mc
  • is ready to buy a house and hire a bunch of maids, cooks and midwives to look after mc and ensure the pregnancy will go well
  • would buy all of the things for pregnancy + for the baby + for mc; family is important to him and even though it’s not his family, he only wants the child to grow up in the best environnment bc having only one parent might be hard to live with – his mother wasn’t very present or loving to him and he doesn’t want someone else to suffer from that

707 :

  • hacks the ex’s bank account and gives the money to mc + probably hacks and posts on each of his social network’s accounts what he did (+ he texts his mother to let her know what he’s done, yeah have fun with the lecture your mom’s gonna give you)
  • won’t offer to come live with him since he’s not the best company on a daily basis bc of his work + with how messy his house is + the lack of food, it’s not ideal for a pregnant woman
  • but, he’ll already make a bunch of toys and things he never had when he was a child and will always check up on mc – he’s the best person to call if mc has a sudden weird craving in the middle of the night since he doesn’t sleep
The Beast of Brooklyn Part Six (mobster tony stark)

Originally posted by ohmy80s

Summary: You work for Tony Stark at his strip club. He’s terrible to you, abusing you every chance he gets. What happens when the King of Brooklyn comes to your rescue though? What happens when an unexpected surprise comes along?  

Word Count: 2.5K

Warnings: swearing, possessiveness


The Beast of Brooklyn Masterlist

Tony’s grip on the phone tightened as he struggled to remain in order with himself. “Where the fuck is she, Rogers?”

“As if I’d be foolish enough to give away that information.” Steve scoffed through the phone.

“Tell me where the fuck you have her. She’s under a contract with me and she will remain so until I say.”

“To be fair, Stark, you did tell us to get her out of your sight earlier today.”

“She’s carrying my spawn, Rogers.” Tony spat. “I need to make sure she is cared for.”

“Like how you cared for Pepper?” Steve laughed. “Yeah, sure. I’ll get right on it, bringing her back to you, sir.”

“I don’t appreciate the sarcasm.” Tony blinked, stiffening his posture.

“The peace treaty we agreed with, seized the moment you laid your hands on her while in my presence.” Steve spoke calmly, though he felt like driving back to Tony’s establishments and blowing his brain out of his head. “Besides, she’s not with me at the current minute anyhow.”

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Hi all! My little® one and I wanted to wave hi 👋 and give a little update in response to the kind DMs and anons who have asked after us. Things are going quite well in life and in the pregnancy. If all goes well, this summer my little man will get a baby brother! 😊

The pic’s actually a bit old, as we haven’t had our formal ultrasound. But this is what happens when you leave a pregnant woman alone in an office with an ultrasound machine!

My apologies that I haven’t been around much lately. My Tumblr absence is due to a few factors, most of which have to do with real life (work being especially busy), but also because Outlander fanfic, both the reading and writing of it, has always been entertainment for me. And when other things are more entertaining (or, in the case of American politics, unfortunately distracting), it gets pushed to the wayside. I have sporadically been working on the next chapter of Another Life, as I hate to leave it unfinished, but make no promises as to when it’ll be posted.

But as a little attempt to make myself focus again, here’s a little excerpt…

“Tell me about the stars, Sassenach.” Jamie’s voice was gentle and low, and he was looking at me, not at the stars slowly spinning above. The light from the moon lit his eyes, which were the clearest shade of blue I had ever seen, even in the dark. It was a clear night, and a beautiful one. After the sun set, a chill rose from the ground, making the air crisp and fresh. We lay in the grass together, and we took the lowering temperatures as an excuse to huddle close together. The wind stirred my hair, and he reached out to tuck a curl behind my ear.

“The stars? What do you want to know about the stars?”

“I remember, or rather, I wrote down something ye told me once.” He patted the sheaf of papers he had tucked back into his sporran. “‘Twas about how far away they are. But I dinna understand what I wrote. I was rushing, ken. Trying to pen all of it before I forgot anything more. I… I could feel myself losing ye, and I couldna bear it.”

The grief in his voice was thick, and it matched my own loss. Yet I had not had his foresight and had allowed my memories of him to slip away. I was distracted enough during the day with my duties as Lallybroch’s new healer and herb-mistress that I pushed aside my confusion. But at night, lying in the lonely room Jenny had lent me, I knew I was losing him, even as the days passed, and I no longer knew whom I had lost. Yet somehow, he was just inches away. I closed the gap between us by placing my hand on his where it lay on his sporran. He made a low, happy sound in his throat and opened his other arm to me, so I lay my head into the crook of his shoulder and looked up at the constellations. It felt as natural as breathing. “Well, it takes thousands of years for the light of the stars to reach us. Light travels fast, very fast, but the stars are just that far away. They’re suns, you see, like ours. Some much bigger, others smaller, at unimaginable distances. Some even died and burned out long ago, though the light they threw only reaches us now. So looking at the stars, we’re looking back in time.”

“Mmm.” His voice was a rumble. I felt it in his chest more than I heard him. “You would know, would ye no’? My lass lost in time.”

I turned my head so that I could hear his heartbeat, steady and slow, and answered, “Found, I think. Not lost, not now that I’m here with you.”

Challenge Fic: The Pizza and the Pun

written for @txf-fic-chicks challenge Post episode/ Missing scene

Rating: G

Summary: Missing scene for Essence

So this is my first off anon story on tumblr. Thanks to @baronessblixen for the beta, every mistake you’ll find is purely mine. Please be kind, english is not my first language.



What was wrong with her?

Pregnant, hostess of a baby shower and all she could think of was pizza. The crispy crust, the smell of melted cheese, tomatoes, spicy peppers…

Her son gave an approving kick while she could almost taste the Italian specialty on her tongue. Another gift was handed to her and she opened it up, hoping that a big, juicy, thick-lined piece of… a romper!

“Oh,” cooed the enthusiastic crowd of friends, unknowing to the struggle she was currently fighting. There was nothing worse than this deep, fervent desire for something edible. These cravings, which had started around her seventh month, drove her to her fridge again and again. Despite all her best and medical intentions, she found herself eating tons of ice cream  at half past three in the night giving her an extra set of excess weight she would probably never get rid of.

But nothing had her giving in to a craving as fast as pizza. She could eat two pizzas daily if it weren’t for her health and her medical reasoning.

“Dana, is everything okay?” Apparently, her mother had noticed that her daughter was not really paying enough attention. All worried eyes landed on her.

“Yes, I’m fine,” she explained quickly, “It’s just that I feel an insane craving for pizza right now,” she added, as the eyes did not lose their concern.

“Oh, I understand only too well. When I was pregnant,” said Joslin, a former study colleague, one of the few she was still in contact with, even if only fleetingly, “I could not keep my fingers off Chinese food. I had at least three spring rolls a day.”

“McDonald’s, four BigMacs every week,” said Carla, a friend of her mother’s, and everyone laughed.

“Really? I mean I could kill for a pizza with double cheese, tomatoes and peppers,“ she looked questioningly into the round.

"This is typical. When I was eight month along, Bob didn’t even dare to come between me and the fridge,” said Joslin. “It was probably better for him.”

“Believe me honey, that’s perfectly normal,” her mother handed her a new package, intending for this conversation to be over. But talking about it made Dana even hungrier. She saw herself mentally reaching for the phone to order a small piece of paradise, maybe two, or even two tons, because the day was still long and she had guests…

There was a knock at the door and all heads turned to look as they weren’t expecting anyone else. Dana was just about to get up, imagining the young, pimply pizza delivery boy on the other side of the door, however, Lizzy was faster. Oh, right she was supposed to accept help. Her mother would have to suffer for bringing this woman into the house. It was beside the point that she could actually use some help, she wanted to get it herself. After all, she was old enough to not be mothered constantly. For the ten thousandth time since her teenage years Dana swore to raise her child differently, knowing very well now that it was completely impossible.

Lizzy opened the door and revealed the sight of a very busy Mulder, who was trying to balance some bags and a big white box. His eyes focused on what was in his hands, he almost tripped into the apartment. “Hey Scully, I -” he broke off as he lifted his head and found himself confronted with a series of amused looks “forgot your baby shower” he finished his sentence. “I better get going again,” he was almost out of the door again already when she stopped him. Had to stop him. Because her focus was directed immediately on his right hand and the cardboard box in it and if her nose was actually right and she was not hallucinating, then Mulder wouldn’t leave again so soon.

“Mulder,” she struggled with her big belly as she tried to get up from the couch, which seemed to get harder from day to day. Probably because of all that pizza. “What’s the matter?” He turned to her and gave her a small smile.

“Well, I was just in the neighborhood and thought to myself that you would probably get your daily craving for pizza and” he kept smiling while holding out the box of pizza to her “so I just dropped by Alfredo’s, and got you a big tomato - bell pepper pizza with double cheese.”

Listening to his words, she could feel her stomach jump high in the air, then the smell intensified, and she felt like fainting out of sheer bliss. Praise the Lord for Mulder and pizza, she thought. Could life get any better? Of course, but only once she had a piece of pizza in her mouth.

“God, Mulder, you’re my savior” she grinned and took the box out of his hands and he gave a surprised laugh, happy to see her so pleased. “You’ve got to come in and at least greet my mom,” she said as she kicked the door shut and turned around. A little unsurely, considering what was waiting for him in the living room, he trotted after her. In a room charged with female energy every man had to feel unsafe.

“Fox, it’s so good to see you,” greeting him, Maggie stood up and embraced him warmly. “Pleasure is all mine, Mrs. Scully,” he replied to her hug and then threw a shy glance into the round. “Hi.”

“This is Fox Mulder,” Dana introduced him to the crowd as she sat back down without taking her eyes off the pizza box. “He is my” now she looked up and faltered, giving him an uncertain glance “well, we have been working together for the last few years,” she saw the pained shadow cross over his face and hurried, “and he is a good friend, the best, as you can easily see,” she pointed to the carton that still exuded the delicious aroma.

An appreciative “Ah yes” came the curious response from the choir, and all stared at the newcomer. All, apart from Dana, who had opened the box and was already chewing on her first slice; until the accusatory glance of her mother penetrated her happy little pizza universe. Hastily she swallowed down and gave the round an apologetic smile, “Where are my manners: anyone want some?” she pointed to the carton, but all of them shook their heads.

“Never get between a pregnant woman and her food,” commented Carla, and everyone laughed.

“But I should get at least a plate,” Dana put the box down on the coffee table where it safely came to rest between pacifiers, bottles, toys and rompers. Then she rose again, the nibbled on piece of pizza still in her hand. “Mulder, if you could?” she did not finish the sentence, but he followed her willingly into the kitchen. Lizzy was just about to remove dishes from the dishwasher, but left the room quickly when they entered the kitchen.

Scully took a plate from the cupboard and put the piece of pizza on it. She placed the plate on the kitchen table and wiped her hands on a towel.

“Scully, I’m really sorry that I forgot your baby shower. I’m going to go back and,” he stopped when she gave him a wide smile.

“It’s okay, Mulder. I never would have thought that unpacking gifts could be so exhausting. I’m glad you came by because I really needed a break from all the Oh and Ah. And thanks to you, I can spend that break with pizza.“ She took another bite, wiped her hands again, took some more plates out and put them on the counter.

“Do you want any?” She pointed to the half-eaten slice.

“No, I bought it for you.” He rejected.

“And that’s why you can’t have any?” She could not hide her amused smile.

“I’ll just be over here and enjoy you enjoying your food.”

“Fine, but don’t start complaining if you don’t get any later.” She took another bite, almost choking when she heard his next words.

“Actually I wasn’t getting any for the last couple of weeks,” noticing her shocked wide open eyes he quickly added “pizza, that is.” And they both smiled at the unintended pun.

"You do realize we are the hot topic in the living room right now?” She finished chewing.

“Why would we be? I mean, I’m just a friend,” he could not banish the hurt from his voice; the idea had hit him hard.

“Not just a friend,” she said, and came to him “the best.” She stopped in front of him, took his left hand and placed it on her belly “and we both know that you are so much more than that.” He couldn’t be angry if she gave him her most charming smile. Not that he could have been anyway. And the fact that he could feel his baby kick through the skin of her abdomen made it impossible anyway.

The moment ended when they heard laughter from the other room. Dana did not want to go back in there. There had been a time when she would have welcomed an afternoon with female friends. Now all she needed was in this kitchen. Well, maybe aside from the white paperbox on her coffee table. But with Mulder in the picture, maybe the day would hold a little more interest than just how to best use a milk pump and what to do about stretch marks.

She walked back to the counter took the pile of plates and gave it to him. Then she took her own plate, which was only holding pizza crumbs.

“Well, let’s get back into the shark tank. You can help me oohh and aahh at the right time,” she gave him an evil grin. “And maybe later when everyone is gone I can give you a whole other reason to oohh and aahh, Mr. not-getting-any.”

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Here's a good one, female companions reaction to female sole being pregnant with their child threw the power of vault tec XD

I love it! XD

Cait – Wait. She got Sole pregnant?! As in, knocked up? What kind of fanciful shite is this?? After she gets over the initial shock at what she originally thought was impossible in every sense of the world and still doesn’t totally understand – what the fuck Vault-Tec?? – Cait smiles it up big. Real big. “Heh, I knocked the hottest woman in the Commonwealth up.” She murmurs with a sly grin. “Not bad for some junkie trash, eh Sole?” But then she realises she’s going to be a mother, an actual mother responsible for another little human being. And that’s when the panic sets in and when Cait goes on a mission to track down or build everything and anything a baby could ever need, because she’ll be damned if their little one is gonna turn out like her. Not if she could help it.

Curie – She giggles at the absurdity, the shock, the scientific impossibility of something that is so very very possible. Surely something else is going on?? Surely she must have misinterpreted Sole!? She is most definitely not equipped to impregnate her!? How could this be?? Curie is so preoccupied with trying to find out the ‘how’s and ‘why’s of this new development that she doesn’t fully understand the concept of her and Sole having a baby together until Sole is in the delivery room and Curie has the pleasure of watching their little baby that they made together enter this world. It is then when Curie cries at the wonder of this very bizarre world.

Piper – “Blue, either I’ve got my gender wrong my entire life – which is highly, highly doubtful – or you have something very important to tell me.” She gets mad, real mad, because there was no way she was believing this impossible bullshit Sole is trying to sell her. But once Sole finally manages to prove to Piper that she didn’t sleep with a man behind the reporter’s back, Piper is overcome with shock and relief and anxious excitement. Her and Sole are having a baby together. They made a baby. Together. Just her and Sole. For the nine months Sole is carrying their child, Piper wears the biggest, proudest grin on her face.

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i am personally not a larrie, but i don’t believe that either of the boys are dating their supposed girlfriends. i’ve been in the fandom for the longest time and i’ve seen louis do that crinkly eyed smile he does every time he’s genuinely happy. i can literally only name one occasion where he’s done that with E. also, it’s all in the body language, there’s more chemistry between bebe and louis than there is between louis and eleanor and you can’t deny that...

…(continuing last anon) as for harry, the Camille thing is obviously a stunt. you cannot tell me that the man who spreads kindness is actually dating a polinski fan who dressed up and mocked an 8 month pregnant woman who was brutally murdered. he also didn’t know who she was a week before “dating” her and his heartbeat went down! and please do not tell me there was a glitch, because i’m currently in nursing school, and it is extremely rare that a mistake like that happens. anyways, thoughts?

oh conGRATS you get a video response, too.

seriously …. start looking outside of your carefully cultivated conspiracy theorist bubble.

A Little Mistake Messenger

Ch. 1 Ch. 2 Ch. 3 Ch. 4 Ch. 5 Ch. 6 Ch. 7 Ch. 8  Ch. 9 Ch. 10 Ch. 11

Rating: M (for future smut)

Summary:  MC has exciting news to tell Zen and the other RFA members. That is until the MC gets a shock from Zen. MC finds comfort in a close friend, Jumin Han.

Tags: Jumin x MC, Zen x MC, angst, mystic messenger 

Authors Note: The smut is coming! Sorry it took me forever Rogue one and sleep deprivation take its toll. I struggled with the beginning of this chapter so I broke it into two! 

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Stop acting like Lyanna was a wee child. She was a woman grown by Westeros standards. At that age Robb was already a King and leading a war campaign, Daenerys was a Queen and conquering cities. People grew up faster in middle-ages. And even today, a teen is still responsible for their actions. A teen can murder someone, are they not to blame for it? Can they murder with impunity coz they're just teens?

why do people bend over backwards to justify a 22/23 year old married Rhaegar having sex with a 15 year old Lyanna. Why do they compare a teenager having sex with an adult and getting pregnant to literal murder lol

Just Friends - Part 9

@letojokerownsme I’m having so much fun bouncing all these ideas around your head.  Thank you for never telling me I’m insane or to shut up!  Thank you for your edits and your perfect additions!

“Hey baby cakes.” Jared says as he enters her room, trying his best not to break down in front of her.

She turns her head to look at him, her eyes full of pain. “Jared,” She mumbles, her voice fragile and he feels the tears pricking at his eyes again as she reaches for him, wincing in pain when the IV pulls. Jared rushes to her side, sitting on the bed next to her, kissing her hand.  “What happened to you?” She asks, touching his face.

“Nothing. I’m fine,” Jared assures, taking her hand in his and kissing the palm. “I’ve never been so scared in all my life. I thought I was…I can’t lose you,” Jared cries leaning over, resting his forehead on hers. “I love you so much. I’m not me without you. I shouldn’t have left. If Shannon wouldn’t have found you when he did…if…”

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When It first heard the pregnancy rumors, i honestly thought it was just a bunch of fans trying to stir things up and my initial reaction was based on this assumption. 

But when I realized that she was directly responsible for photoshopping a tweet and then posting on her fake IG account (and let’s not even try to pretend that there is any possibility it was not her), I was appalled and disgusted.  And reading all of the other comments, I know that is how my fellow bloggers feel as well.

I have a sister who struggled with fertility issues for years. I watched her sob and think she was less of a woman because she could not get pregnant. She was lucky, and with a lot of help and sheer determination, she went on to have 3 amazing children.  

My best friend currently struggles on a daily basis to get out of bed because she wasn’t so lucky., She and her husband, who would be amazing, responsible parents, will never be able to have children on their own.

For that woman, who literally reveals herself to be partying around the clock,. drinking heavily, smoking. (and we all know the rumors are that she indulges in quite a bit more), to make a joke out of pregnancy, is beyond cruel and insensitive.  She is the last person who should consider motherhood.  And to make a mockery of it is beyond distasteful.  

Further, it is utterly and completely disrespectful to the man who does love and support her.  

I can only hope that the rumors are true and that this chapter is coming to a close.  She is beyond a liability at this point. 

Because of Debate

Pairing: John Laurens x reader

Modern AU

Warning: swearing, mentions of rape, fighting

Request: I was wondering if you could do John laurens AU imagine where the reader is in debate and she stands up to Jefferson and he shoves her and John gets super protective even though he doesn’t really talk to her a lot.

Word count: 936

“What you’re saying is unethical. What you’re trying to defend is murder,” Thomas Jefferson argued.

"You think that’s murder? Jesus you’re deluded!” You argued back, “Its a bundle of cells, not a baby. What I am defending is women’s rights. Women have the right to do as they please with their bodies, no one else should be able to decide if a woman wants to carry a fetus or not!” Okay now you were getting pissed. You were usually able to keep your cool during debate, but this idiots argument is just fucking ridiculous and the more nonsense he spouts the more you wanna punch him in the face.

"Well it’s the woman’s fault for getting pregnant in the first place. It’s her responsibility to make sure she doesn’t get pregnant. And if she does, she has to deal with the consequences.”

And there it was.

"Are you actually serious? You think it’s the woman’s fault for getting pregnant? That she got herself pregnant all by herself? Well damn Jefferson, I think you need to go back to health class, ‘cause you seem a little misinformed.” You commented while making a shewing gesture at him. Laugher erupted from the class before you.

"And you do know that not all pregnancies are from voluntary sex. Woman can become pregnant by being raped. Are you saying that it’s their fault to?” You were sure you had him now. And by the silence that followed you knew it too.

"Okay, okay. I think that’s enough,” Mr. Washington said. “And I’m sure it’s safe to say that Y/N is the winner, yes?” He asked the class and shouts of agreement were heard in response.

"Alright,” Washington chuckled, “Congratulations Y/N.”

It wasn’t long till the bell rang, releasing the students from their final class of the day. As you were making your way down the hall to get to your locker, you were shoved hard in the back, launching you forward and making you lose your balance. Your hands broke your fall on the hard linoleum floor, your stuff scattering everywhere. You quickly looked up too see the one who pushed you, ready to give them hell when you saw that it was Thomas Jefferson. Oh of course. Of course he was gonna retaliate after you served him his ass on a silver platter during debate class.

You were about to spew all sorts of creative insults his way, when all of the sudden a fist shot out and slammed right into Jefferson’s face. Looking from the bleeding mess that was Jefferson’s face, you saw a furious looking John Laurens.

"If I ever see you lay a hand on her again I’m gonna break a lot more than your fucking nose, got it.” John growled lowly.

While Jefferson was on the ground moaning in pain, John knelt down to help you pick your stuff up.

"Are you okay Y/N?” John asked you softly as you both stood up.

"Oh uh, yeah, I’m fine. And ya know I had that covered right? You didn’t have to do that.”

"Yes I did Y/N, I wasn’t, I couldn’t, just let him do that to you.” He responded. His voice somehow remained soft, while still letting you know how pissed he still was.“

"Yeah, ha thanks though, you just made my week by punching that prick in the face.”

"No problem,” he chuckled.

You hadn’t even noticed that you guys were walking, to absorbed in your conversation with John, who you never really talked to before now. You had mutual friends and a few classes together, but that was really it and when you think about it, you weren’t sure why. You like John, he’s kind and funny, and you couldn’t deny how good looking he is. And those freckles, you really liked his freckles. They were smeared across his face like constellations.

"Y/N. Y/N.” John repeated your name, trying to get your attention.

"Oh uh, sorry, zoned out for a second there.” Thinking about you. You finished silently.

"Oh well I was just saying that you did really good with your debate. And Jeffersons face when you just shut him down like that was hilarious.”

"Thanks and I thought so too. I didn’t know his face could get so red,” you laughed and so did John and you realized that you really liked his laugh.

It wasn’t long before you reached your car and there was this awkward pause in the conversation, neither of you knowing what to say.

"Well uh, anyway, it was good talking to to you Y/N. I don’t know why we don’t do this more often.”

You blushed and looked down, hoping your hair could hide your reddened cheeks.

"Well we should change that then huh?”

"Yeah. Yeah we should. So uh, I’ll see you tomorrow then.” He said, but it sounded more like a question and when you were about to respond, tell him that you would definitely be seeing him tomorrow, you both saw the principal making his way towards the both of you with a vengeance.

"What are the odds that he doesn’t know what I did?”

"Considering it was Jefferson you hit? Not good.”

"Well then I guess this is goodbye huh”

"You say that as if I’ll never see you again.”

"Well with the way he’s looking at me, that may be the case,” John laughed again and your stomach fluttered. ”

“Huh. Then I guess this is it.” You said with a dramatic flair.

He laughed louder this time and he looked down at you with a look you didn’t understand. It was quickly broken though with the thundering voice of their principal,

"John Laurens!”

anonymous asked:

Do you think of jen had signed on to be a regular , Emma would still be pregnant ? Or would they toss that storyline

If Jen had signed on my guess is that Killian (real Killian) and Emma would both be cursed in Hyperion Heights and have a story that had them crossing paths and falling in love for the upteenth time.  I suppose it’s possible that the writers could have written a pregnancy in order to up the stakes and angst. Just imagine Emma cursed and pregnant, without the father, and Killian’s cursed persona is drawn to helping the beautiful woman and he comes to feel connected to them and responsible for them and then voila they get their memories back and they both realize he is actually the father.   

Or the pregnancy we got in 7x02 was just a great way to show us the continuation of their story and make us feel good about them and their happy beginning, but they wouldn’t have gone there while they were both still on the show. Either way is possible. 

It's useless... (Nakamoto Yuta x Reader)

A/N: I have finally written a new one lmao. Anyway this would be set in a normal set-up meaning Yuta wouldn’t be an idol. Wthout further delays here ya guys go. Oh did I mention this is set to be a friends with benefits type of thing, I didn’t? Oh well there’s no smut anyway just suggestive things… WARNING MENTION OF ABUSE

“It’s impossible… I wouldn’t be here for too long…”

She rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand, she blinked and stared at the ceiling. She knew she wasn’t at her house, she groaned and sat up. She shifted her gaze on the man sleeping next to her, she brushed his hair away from his face, next to her was the ace of the soccer team, Nakamoto Yuta and when she noticed how deep his sleep is, she got out the bed and began to pick up her clothes from the floor.

She went straight to the bathroom and didn’t pay much attention to the hickey on her collarbone. She began to wear her clothes and after getting dress she picked the comb on the counter and began brushing her hair. When she was done, she went out of the bathroom and proceed to walk towards the front door. She took the silence in before opening the door and leaving.

“It’s useless to wait by the door he never stopped you before, what makes it different this time?”

When she arrived home, she ignored the shouts of her mother and went straight to bed. She stared at the ceiling and felt herself began to drift away.

She made a promise before, that she’ll never fall in love. Love was a curse in her family; her father would often abuse them physically and verbally and her mom was too in love to do anything about it, her excuse was that her father was just having a bad day and when he left for another woman, she was glad but her mother was devastated. Her sister on the other hand fell in love with the wrong man, she got pregnant and the man left her saying it wasn’t him and he isn’t taking any responsibility, she remembered how her sister used to tell her that he was the one.

“It’s useless, love is useless. Why love someone when your going to get hurt anyway? You just fall in love because your afraid to grow old alone.”

But here she was dreaming of a man who only sees her as a fuck buddy.

She met Yuta through an acquaintance. When she first saw him she thought that he was someone who didn’t have a problem in the world because his smile was too bright and warm.

They slowly became friends but nothing more and nothing else. Casual conversation here and there and hanging out was also an option. Part of those option was usually a few drinks. She didn’t know how it happened, they were at a friends house that time and she went to the kitchen to take a break. She was drinking water when she saw Yuta enter the kitchen. They talked for a while and she honestly couldn’t remember what they were talking about because she was too drank that time. Playful touches became steamy kisses and it didn’t take long for them to find an empty bedroom.

She knew what happened next but when she met Yuta the next morning, she pretended she didn’t. It continued every time they became drank and eventually even if they weren’t.

She did admit that she liked it more when there wasn’t alcohol involved. Because when they had sex and Yuta looks at her there was a certain glow in his eyes. A certain glow that slowly made her love him because those glow made her believed that he might love her.

When she saw Yuta hugging someone on the field after a game, she cursed herself.

“It’s useless… why did you believe it? That glow was just an illusion, he only wants sex from you.”

She should have took that as a red light and stopped whatever she had with him but she didn’t. She continued what she had with Yuta and her feelings continued to grow every time. She desperately wanted to ask him what they were but upon hearing her classmates talked about how friends with benefits will never go beyond that, she didn’t.

The only person who knew what was going on was her sister who was at New Zealand. Her sister was furious at first telling her why she didn’t value herself more. When she told her sister about her feelings, her sister laughed and with a pitied voice she said that why was their family so unlucky. Her sister told her that after this school year she should move to New Zealand.

“It’s useless to fall in love with a fuck buddy, you should move here, I… I’m afraid you’ll end up like me or mom. I’ll fix everything okay? You only have month left right? I’ll get everything arranged.”

Her sister was right and she knew that. She knew that if she continued, she’ll get hurt and she didn’t want that. She saw how her mom and sister were hurt and she knew that she can’t handle it.

Yuta was talking about the beach and how she should come with him. And yes, they did just finish doing their business.

“It’s useless… I wouldn’t be here for long. After this week I’m flying to New Zealand my sister told me I should live with her and she’s going to pay for everything and I don’t need to worry about anything anymore.”

When she broke the news to him, she saw how the glow on his eyes disappeared, she didn’t ask why his reaction was like that instead she went to sleep and for the first time in months, that night Yuta hugged her as she sleep.

For all the shit party!boy!Louis got in real time, justified or not, I’m genuinely looking forward to hearing his perspective on the past few years. Especially as it will be in music/lyric form.

I mean just think about that slice of time in mid-to-late 2014 and 2015. The backlash to weedgate and the rise of drug discourse. The paps, eager for the money shot of him stumbling out of the club or with an entourage of women. The fans, at least those who bothered to acknowledge reality, speculating that he was sowing his oats, overcompensating and reacting to a devistating break up. There was Dan W. linking him to the fall of 1D which is pretty ironic considering the band’s hiatus was predetermined around that time and Louis may have been acting out in response to that very fact. Whatever. Point is, the era was a “controversial” one by Louis’ and 1D’s squeaky clean standards, and it all culminated in Louis meeting a woman and getting her pregnant.

Louis has since called himself an idiot, stupid, not himself and going left during the height of his partying, but he also attributes his son as the most rewarding aspect of his life, and he talks openly about the maturity that has come from being a dad. That time is so much more nuanced than the fandom bullshit black and white reactions. It’s a shame something so complex, personal and human played out for a public that was so immature, reactionary, polarized and entitled. But even though I understood Louis and even empathized with him, it doesn’t mean I didn’t internally cringe a time or two or wish he could have been more discreet. But I just kept in mind that he’s always been a guy who’s presented himself as he is, warts and all, and, thankfully, he’d built up a lot of trust and goodwill in me as a fan that I just waited for things to click for him.

And, lo and behold, 2016 was a pure, lovely time with Louis slowing down/settling down, being a dad and working his way back career wise and fighting to be strong and brave for his loved ones, and 2017 is nothing short of miraculous with Louis coming into his own professionally and creatively, finding his place, radiating joy and peace, but also just so much wiser, humbler, softer and smarter. He was always those things to me, but those aspects of his personality were more muted under the humor, bravado and the menace role he took on in the band.

Now he’s confident to be himself wholly, with even more perspective and grace. It’s not only second nature and important for Louis to be authentic as a person, but it’s good for business. The byproduct is that his raw honesty is picked apart, hated and analyzed within an inch of his life, but he benefits from the respect and admiration from longtime fans and new fans. And we get to hear about parts of this personal and transformative journey from his own mouth. Set to music. On his own fucking album! Unbelievable.

It’s crazy to think about the journey as a whole. He got back the woman he let slip away. He’s reached a place of real brotherhood and pride for his bandmates after a period of tension and insecurity. He compares the love he has for his son to the one his mother had for him. He’s talking openly about his writing, his stage anxiety and his dreams and goals. He’s working through promo with openness, passion, humility, ease, seriousness, playfulness, swagger, laughter, sincerity and a smile on his face, all while still having the savvy and presence of mind to set the tone for his interviews and to share the details he finds comfortable and relatable. It’s just so much, and we haven’t even heard one of these personal songs.

I’m nosy, I’m proud, I’m smitten and I’m mostly just grateful I trusted my instincts and stuck around. You don’t always ‘win’ as a Louie, not in the traditional celebrity sense anyway, but you do laugh, ache, think, feel and just know the ride is never boring, never predictable and always inspiring. ❤

Why Ken married Touka?

I have read a lot of people asking this. Well, someone already answered this on their ask and it’s really common sense. Ken loves Touka. May I also add that in Asian culture, if a man gets a woman pregnant and they are unmarried, he must take full responsibility of the child by marrying her.

One of the reason is to spare the woman from shame and of course being man enough not to run away from their responsibility. 

*I’ll be using Ken since Touka is Kaneki now xD; Touka should also call him Ken since they are married now!*