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Your dog isn’t a right.

In my line of work, I see a lot of excellent owners. People who put in the time, money and effort that goes into having a dog. But I also see many more who aren’t on the same page as their pets.

The guy who leaves his dog tied in the yard all day, and then complains about barking. The parents who bought a dog as a toy for their kids (sorry, to “teach them responsibility”). The woman who tells me that her obese pug doesn’t need to go on a diet because “that’s just how they look”. 

Customers who completely miss major stress signals in their dogs - lip licking, backing away, even shaking. Who roll their eyes and tell me “trust me he’s fine” when I point out that the dog isn’t coping (usually in the context of “no, I’m not comfortable fitting a jacket on that dog” or “no, I’m not going to give him a pat just now. I’d like to, but he wouldn’t like it.”)

I just wish there was a license, a test, for owning dogs. A compulsory course in breed selection, enrichment, training, socialisation, desexing. I want owners to see the statistics: that “behavioural problems” are the overwhelmingly leading cause of euthanasia, and that the average age of an Australian dog is 3 ½ years because owners weren’t prepared. I wish puppy school or early private consultations were mandatory, and that trainers were better regulated. I wish that benchmarks in socialisation had to be passed before dogs were sent out for things like grooming (one of the most dangerous facets of our workplace, in my opinion!).

Dogs aren’t a right; they’re a privilege. They’re an intelligent animal with high demands in terms of enrichment, exercise and socialisation, arguably higher than any other pet. And they’re also more than capable of harming or even killing you, if driven to it. I wish owners had to earn the right to keep a dog, had to achieve a special license.

Well-meaning owners who don’t quite have the resources for a dog should probably get a cat instead. Cats are generally less expensive, more independent, whilst still quite a lot of work and still up for cuddles and pats. Although to be honest, a lot of owners I meet would be better with a fish or something.

you know what, how about a masterpost of my completed DC fics because whynot


Shuu Shiotsuki as Sailor Uranus
Sayaka Fujioka as Sailor Neptune

What are your views on each other’s character?

Sayaka: If I want to do something, she will help me to fulfil it, a very good person

Shuu: Eh? Hold on hold on. We’re not talking about the impression of me, it should be about Haruka? lol

Sayaka: There are too many similarities between Shuu-san and Haruka, I don’t even know from which viewpoint I should start lol. Haruka said before “Man or Woman, it doesn’t matter”. The charm which they have is not something a man or a woman exude.

Shuu: I think that Uranus is the strongest fighter, but mentally, it is Neptune who is the strongest

Sayaka: lol

Shuu: Haruka and Michiru are like puzzle pieces which fit each other, they complement each other and they “match”. Well, Haruka is mentally weak.

Sayaka: I can understand that. She would feel weak halfway through the battle.

Shuu: When facing the enemy, she would be the first to charge and attack, but when the enemy is too strong, Haruka might be “ahh, i can’t” and her mind would start to weaken and lose hope.

Sayaka: Yes, at this time, Neptune would say “This is not the time to say such things”. This is the part where it shows how strong she is mentally.

Shuu: Yes yes lol

Sayaka: The two of them have very good balance.

Shuu: However, sometimes, they don’t engage in conversations? Do you feel that way?

Sayaka: But there is a part which they will communicate after that. I feel that this is a very charming aspect of their relationship

Shuu: There are many explanations to their relationship. In the 90s anime, Usagi-chan asked “Are you two lovers?” and Haruka answered “we are beyond that”. During our performance last year, Sayaka and I discussed about the relationship between Haruka and Michiru, and we both agreed that we will only play them in a relationship beyond lovers. 

- from Otomedia+ Summer 2017

theholylight  asked:

Apparently a Hashino/Soejima interview was translated. They said they were never able to have just a friendship with a girl and Soejima even said he 'never saw girls in that way'. It explains so much about slinks/confidants and the romance in P3-P5 :) ._.

Oh god, no, no, no! A few things:

a) This interview wasn’t translated recently, it has been well-known about ever since shortly after Persona 4′s initial release

b) Hashino and Soejima did NOT say that they didn’t think one couldn’t be friends with women in that interview. Rather, they explained that they, personally, grew up in a time when peer groups in Japan were extremely strictly separated by gender, and being purely platonic friends with someone of the opposite gender without any interest in pursuing a relationship as a teenager was seen as odd, if not downright ridiculous. How bad was it? Well, in the early 2000s, when a “trend” emerged of men actually being friends with women, rather than just trying to flirt with them, that “trend” was seen as so special, it was given it’s own name: Soushoku-danji, “herbivorous guys”.  In Hashino’s generation, just “hanging out” with girls as friends without expecting to eventually date them just. Did not. Happen. Because of that, people of their generation have a very, very poor grasp on intergender friendships and had trouble writing them in any way that did not include flirting. So when Hashino and Soejima gave that interview, they weren’t saying “lol, but girls have cooties and stuff”, they were admitting their own shortcomings and that they see that the world around them has changed, causing their writing/character building to regrettably fall short in that respect due to their upbringing.

c) Precisely because of that, after Persona 3, Hashino added a LOT of younger talent to the writing team, who could help with writing more believable, up-to-date intergender friendships than the previous team could. Among them is Azusa Kido, a woman who has been responsible for coordinating pretty much all of the Social Links ever since Persona 4, directed the entirety of Persona 3 Portable’s FeMC route AND wrote almost all of Persona Q by herself. She was brought in partially with the intent of fixing the issues with the characterization with male-female friendships in Persona 3, and she did so masterfully in my opinion. Now, due to her being busy with Persona Q when P5 was written, she sadly was not involved with the game’s main scenario, however, according to the credits, she was still hugely responsible for the Confidantes in the game.

So, no, this interview does NOT explain the issues with the romances in Persona 4 or Persona 5 or puts the blame for them entirely on Hashino or Soejima. At most, it shows that the problem with the romances is ingrained so intrinsically in how the games are written, that not even bringing in new talent has been able to alleviate the problem. 

EDIT (Clarification):

Kido was already on the Persona Team before P4′s production, however, her involvement in P3 was a lot more low-key than her involvement in P4, where she was given a lot more responsibility. Along with her promotion during P4′s development, new writers were brought in as well, many of them recruited from P3′s fanbase, according to Hashino.

Since people don’t seem to understand what “Men’s Reproductive Rights” means,

I will explain it in a way using popular characters. 

This is Nancy Hicks Gribble from popular animated show King of the Hill. One of the biggest controversies and stories about her is that throughout her marriage, she spent 14 years of it cheating on her husband , Dale Gribble 

with muscle bound Native American masseur, John Redcorn. 

During one of their frequent…encounters, Nancy becomes pregnant and has a son, Joseph Gribble. 

Now obviously Joseph isn’t Dale’s biological son, but Dale is not smart enough and too trusting of his wife to question it (he has even caught them in bed together and incorrectly assumed his wife was just getting a massage). It is obvious to John Redcorn however. So what does this have to do with men’s rights? Well since Nancy kept the continued affair a secret, Dale has been taking care of Joseph, another man’s son, with the false assumption that it is his own. John Redcorn, who desperately wants to be a part of Joseph’s life, is unable to do so properly because the son believes that Dale is his father and Nancy refuses to be truthful. So one father is being tricked/forced to take care of a child that isn’t his, while another man is being refused his right to parenthood. 

Need another example? 

This is Lana Kane from the television show Archer.

Lana had a beautiful baby girl through artificial insemination.

However it came with some issues. She stole the sperm from soon-to-be father Sterling Archer 

 while he was having a cancer scare. Throughout the series, Archer has made it clear that he isn’t ready for a baby yet, so his stance on this would probably be clear. She then impregnated herself without telling him or getting his permission, got him to drown and then revive to save her because she was pregnant, then only after the baby was born, did she tell him it was his baby. Not soon after, she demanded that he “man up” and “take responsibility” for the care of the child, while she simultaneously refusing him any and all parental rights when he shows interest in the baby’s future, even stating that she would rather lose the baby than have Archer raise her. Comments on Archer’s wording of watching the baby as “babysitting” was met with similar responses as Lana’s of “It’s your baby, take responsibility” and “if you are the father, it is just parenting”. This all with him not getting a say in the baby’s creation and again, having no parental rights. 

This is yet another problem that men face. At any time, a woman can either get pregnant through consensual intercourse and leave, steal a man’s sperm, or even rape him, and have complete decision on whether the child is born, and almost always gets custody of the child. At any time, the woman can come back into the man’s life and reveal that the man has a child (one that he didn’t ask for or plan for), and immediately demand the man pay back child support. The mother typically gets it. Men who would like to be a part of their baby’s life, no matter the cause of the pregnancy, can easily be refused that right due to court biases favoring women. 

How about another?

This is Deborah Gallagher from the television show Shameless. 

Deborah is pretty desperate for a relationship. blame it on teenage hormones, blame it on her family’s influence, but she makes some bad decisions because of it. Deborah befriended fellow high school student Derek Delgado. 

They get into a relationship, and Deborah encourages him to have intercourse with her. When he brings up the need for a condom, she stresses that it isn’t needed because she is on the pill. It turns out that she lied about being on birth control pills, actually wanting to trap Derek into a relationship by getting pregnant and starting a family. Derek, shocked by the thought of having a baby, and concerned with the future that he had hoped for, moves out of the state to think and get away from Debby. Debby has also done something similar with a former boyfriend, Matt Baker, who she had originally lied to about her age and eventually raped while he was passed out drunk at a party. Her desperation for a relationship would have probably led to a similar scenario, if it wasn’t almost certain that Matt would have gone to jail for Statutory Rape (a different issue men face)

Derek’s story is actually similar to many men’s. He was clearly not ready for a baby, but was tricked into it. He had a whole life planned worked out, but the baby changed that drastically. The common response is “he should have thought about that before having sex”, which is not the same response a woman would normally get. Consent to sex is only consent to a baby for a man. Debby was ready for a baby, and he was not. But who cares about what he thinks, right? So now he must either halt or even cancel his life plans and dreams to take care of the baby, or leave the baby behind and deal with the guilt of his biological child growing up without him because he wasn’t ready. 

You cannot keep shouting “my body, my decision” when it comes to a baby. A baby is more than 9 months. It is a life changing decision that could cost tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is a decision that takes years of dedication, potentially the rest of your life. Men should also get a choice and a say, but often don’t. not when they are raped, not when they are tricked, not when they are not ready for a baby, not when they have other plans in life, not when they want to be a part of the child’s life, nothing. That should be a problem. That should be considered an inequality. 

An incomplete list of ideas I’ve had for Whitestone during the time jump that I haven’t written in the last two weeks and won’t write before Thursday.

- Vex is weirded out by the voluntary separation from her brother, their first ever in their lives. She and Trinket disappear into the woods for a few days while she gets her balance back. 

- Tary sticks around Whitestone because Percy is helping him build Doty 2.0. They get overly involved in the whole process, and it compounds Vex’s feelings of weirdness and loneliness. This is how she ends up bonding with Cassandra.

- Vex finds out that Cassandra has never in her life traveled outside of Whitestone. She sends a message to Vax and Keyleth, and tells Percy “I’m taking your sister to Zephyra, you’re in charge for a few days, bye!” And Cassandra gets a few days to just be a young woman without any responsibility with the Ashari. 

- (Percy is utter shit at being in charge. He gains a bit of perspective on what his sister has been dealing with, and promises to come out of his workshop more often. No, really, he means it this time.)

- Percy actually does keep his word, and helps more with the day-to-day running of the city, but he also keeps himself occupied by helping plan/build Vex’s new house. 

- While Tary is there, the three of them (occasionally with Cassandra, Jarret, and/or Kynan in tow) frequent the town tavern quite often, where Vex and Percy regale the other two with the ridiculous and completely true tales of Vox Machina. Everyone else in the tavern eventually stops pretending they’re not listening, and the stories of Lord Percival and Lady Vex’ahlia and their friends become legendary in Whitestone, passed from person to person, with a lot of accusations of people making shit up because really, a SPHINX? 

- During one of their visits, Percy asks Keyleth to cast Speak With Animals for him. Because while he has no intention of asking Vax for anything resembling permission, he rather wants to know what Trinket would think about him marrying Vex. He has to laugh when Trinket is just confused that they’re not permanently mated already. “You belong to her, just like me,” Trinket says, and Percy really can’t argue with that.

        Transgender Day of Visibility is an important and vital day to celebrate those of us who are living as our authentic selves.  We can stand united in pride rather than shame and show the world our strength through our vulnerability.  As Laverne Cox said, “It is revolutionary for any trans person to choose to be seen and visible in a world that tells us we shouldn’t exist.”  As our community gains more visibility, the hate and misunderstanding of who we are becomes more visible as well.  Murder rates and hate crimes against our community, especially trans women of color, have risen each year.  Rejection from friends and family often leads to homelessness.  Children face bullying, harassment, and high suicide rates.  Many of us experience workplace discrimination, live well beyond the poverty level, and we can still legally be fired in 32 states simply because we are transgender.  Lawmakers are introducing one bill after another that marginalize and attempt to exclude us from society.  Now, more than ever, visibility is necessary to help change hearts and minds.  

        I remember when my parents bought a computer and set up an internet connection when I was in Jr. High.  I was finally able to research why I felt like a girl trapped in a boy’s body.  I learned about the term transgender and that I wasn’t alone.  For the first time, I no longer felt like a freak or outsider.  I gained hope and strength through the stories of those who had chosen to be visible.  However, I still lived in fear of what my family and friends would think.  Suicide was a constant thought in my mind because I was tired of pretending to be who I wasn’t meant to be.  Societal norms and expectations weighed me down and I became an introvert.  I fought who I was and lived in shame and fear until I was 29.  I had been married for 7 years and when that ended I was broken and defeated.  In my mind, I had two options, suicide or transition because I could no longer go through the motions and pretend to be happy.  

         Five years ago, I chose transition over suicide and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.  Even though I lost friends and family who disagreed with who I am, I gained so much more.  Truly loving myself for the first time allowed me to connect with others like I had never been able to before.  I was finally happy and free!  I chose to document my transition online and share my story with the world because I knew how important visibility was for others who were going through similar struggles.  This gave me the opportunity to inspire and encourage people to live their lives authentically and to love who they are.  The response I received was amazing and, in turn, it gave me the courage and confidence I needed to be more visible offline.  I began sharing my story with almost everyone and the friendships I developed have been rewarding and eye opening.  

          Over the years, I have been asked why I do not move past saying I am transgender and live my life as a woman.  My response, is that visibility is vital and I am proud of who I am.  To me, the term transgender doesn’t define my gender identity, it defines how hard I have fought to be the woman I am today.  Sharing our stories and our struggles truly opens hearts and minds to change and acceptance.  I have learned that most people, when given the chance, do not care about labels.  They care about the person that is front of them and the connection that is developed.  I’m thankful for a day that celebrates who I am despite the fear and hate directed at us but we need to celebrate who we are every day.  Life is a gift and can truly be amazing if you allow yourself to love who you are with unapologetic authenticity.  Together we can make a difference in this world and slowly we will make it a safer, better place for those following in our footsteps.  


Gwen: Not so loud! No one knows I’m a Spider power and I want to keep it that way. I’m not here to be a high class front page hero like everyone else. I’m just here to make sure Peter’s okay. I got a bit when Peter did, But I only found out a few months ago and he doesn’t know. He’s lost enough people and I don’t want him to worry about me. So I just want to stay in the shadows, follow after Spider-Man and make sure he’s safe. So let’s keep this between us, okay?

Birthday Breakfast

Summary: It’s your birthday, and what better way to celebrate than by having an amazing birthday breakfast thanks to the Avengers, as well as one last exceptional gift from a special someone.

Word Count: 1,126.

A/N: This was written for my amazing friend, @spidweeb. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU BEAUTIFUL BITCH, I HOPE YOU LOVE THIS AND I LOVE YOU LOTS. Here’s my gift to you, as it is my way of repaying you back from all of your help in the past, and to show how much your friendship means to me. <3

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None of us would even know about Van Gogh’s paintings if it hadn’t been for this woman, Johanna Bonger. She was Vincent’s brother Theo’s widow, who was left all of Vincent’s paintings after his death. She then dedicated the rest of her life to preserving his paintings and his memory. Yet she is almost entirely forgotten to history. Let’s hear it for the woman responsible!!!