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App Recommendation:

Hi guys, I really have to tell you guys about this app I found!
The app is called “Happy Scale”, and it’s really useful if you’re trying to lose weight. This isn’t sponsored or anything I’ve literally found this app and I’ve been trying it for about a month now and can’t go any longer without telling everyone about it.
The app is great because you put in your current weight and your end goal weight, and the app splits your end goal into 10 smaller, short term “milestones” so that you don’t get disheartened by how far away your end goal may seem.
The app presents your goals in loads of different ways, one being a graph which not only maps your weight on the scale, but also maps your predicted true weight loss by smoothening out daily fluctuations due to water retention and other factors.
I honestly have to tell you that this app is so amazing and it seriously feels amazing when you reach your milestones. I recently re-started my health journey and have already met milestone one (it made me feel amazing 💪🏻).
So yeah, I think I’m starting to ramble a bit now because I like it so much, but all in all, if this sounds like something you might need, or if you’re someone who tries to track their own weight loss, maybe you should try this out 😊