womans beauty

I never post many selfies because I never really had much confidence due to being plus size. It took me a while to not wear makeup. So two years ago I decided to not wear makeup for a full year. My face broke out, I found new skincare and started to feel more empowered. I went through a bit of a rough patch in regards of how others see me but today, I decided to just wear mascara. And I noticed how beautiful my eyes were. Then I started to notice how the shade of red my hair likes to stay brings them out too. Then I started to notice how long my lashes were….and I realized, only I need to find myself beautiful. I don’t need others to tell me I am. I don’t need to keep bringing myself down if men or women arent interested. I don’t need love except love for myself.
So to all the women and men who struggle with their weight as self acceptance, and im not talking about overweight only. Im saying those who cant gain weight either..
tell yourself every day how much you are worth, how much you have accomplished. Find one new quality about yourself you admire. Because we are all beautiful to someone, but we need to be beautiful for ourselves.

What the Wonder Woman movie taught me:

• women can survive without men

• women are not always the ones that need to be saved

• being a warrior doesn’t mean that you have no emotions

• women can handle a feakin’ lot

• love doesn’t make you weak


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