fluffy fic recs ftw

Thank you to everyone for your lovely well wishes, kind words, fic recs, and bribes 💙 I am pleased to announced that I have finished Chapter 6 of The Crow Upon the Sea and will be working on Melting Ice Chapter 8 this weekend. Fortunately I was able to pull myself out of that horrible funk with Brooklyn Nine-Nine and fluffy fics and DETERMINATION. WE WILL BEAT THE POLITICAL POO. (ooh, I like that phrase)

Thank you, darlings: @wandering-seth, @mmarycontrary, @beloc-hilaire, @lisaamd, @linneakou, @vitaorlando, @moonbelowsea, @the-trash-boat, @heyerette, @wings-of-indigo, @red-squared, @chubsthehamster, and @kaavyawriting for being lovely and amazing! ILU!

Here are all the recs everyone gave me :D V FLUFFY, A+++++++

The Crow Upon the Sea chapter 6 should be up shortly! It’s not as fluffy, though. >_>; 💙 💙 💙