You, God’s woman, are designed both strong and vulnerable. Powerful yet tender. More than able yet willing to yield. You are smart, wise, capable, equal in worth, and secure in yourself as you relate to others yet content in your God-given role. You are a paradox– a potent mixture that surprises with your controlled energy, who inspires and entices by your mysterious grace, whose lifestyle causes others to reconsider and refocus their presuppositions, drawing them toward the God who makes a woman so rich, deep, and captivating.
So purposefully feminine.
—  The Resolution for Women

Amen!! 🙌 Lord, help me be the woman You need me to be for my future husband, and help him be the man that You need him to be for me. In Your precious name, Amen. ❤ #Godlyrelationship #christcentered #amen #wow #beautiful #waitingonGod #holy #holiness #God #foodforthought #protector #encourager #pure #heart #honest #passion #womanofGod #manofGod (Taken with Instagram)


3 weeks ago I sat in a car with a young man, made a massive decision before God, and started this journey. 

And here we are. 21 days in. It’s only upwards and onwards from here, praising and thanking God for his constant grace, goodness and guidance.

Proverbs 31 Woman:

RARE: Her price is far above rubies. To find a virtuous woman in today’s society is rare! A woman who is modest, submissive, in tune with her role as a woman - is hard to find! Be that gem in the rough, be that diamond, the woman who is different, and worthy of a man searching high and low to find her!

RIGHTEOUS: She is trustworthy! Which means she doesn’t gossip, or share his business. She is wise and sensible, and will not embarrass him with her loud or obnoxious character. She is clothed with strength and honor. 

REPUTABLE: She will do her husband (or any one in her life!), good no evil all the days of their life. She is known for her goodness, is reputable amongst both men and women.

RESTLESS: She is busy and seeks the best for her family. She does not know idleness. She wouldn’t sit on the internet for hours when things needed doing. If there was washing to be done, it’s done, she is selflessly busy and restless. 

RISES: She rises before the sun to make sure everything is ready for when her family wakes. She is mindful of their needs. She rises the the occasion, always. She rises to others expectations of a virtuous woman, and exceeds them!

READY: She is ready for whatever comes her way. She is ready for the winter, and is prepared. She is ready to help the poor, to mend clothes, to offer a hand to help. She is ready for anything that comes her way and does not stress!

RELIABLE: Her husband can sit at the gates and rely on his wife that everything is going well at home. Her children can rely on her to be there for them, to love them. 

REALIST: She rejoices for what’s to come. She doesn’t sugar coat anything, but does what is required. She has joy in the situations she is in, and does all she needs to have the best for her family.

RESPECTABLE: Her children rise up and bless her, as does her husband. Her character is one that demands respect, but not in a harsh or abrasive way - but one where you cannot help but respect all she does, and the Christ-like character she possesses. 

REVERENT: SHE FEARS GOD. She has Christ as her number one, and serves Him. She worries more about pleasing Christ than her outward appearances or her outer beauty. 

REAPER: She will reap what she sows. She will receive praises and riches in her home in heaven.


I desire so badly to be this woman (obviously without a husband), but the fact that I can possess theses qualities and still show the care the virtuous woman does, to my assembly, friends and those around me!

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