Son of a whore....

So, I’ve got mah puriod, right? Had it last month on the thirteenth, got it this month on the twelfth. So, I’ll get it this time next month.

The problem? I’m going to Chicago next month on the thirteenth! Fuck me three ways, I do not want to have to deal with that! Geez…is there any way to make it not happen? Just for that one month, then I’ll go back to normal?

About Le Parcel...

Not only did my order come on time – aww yeah – but I also got a CAKE POP and some fancy lip balm (that I googled; and it costs about $8 a pop. Holy good God.) And there was a coupon for the cake pop company and now I want cake pops nomnomnom.

So if anyone is skeptical about it, try it. All my junk I need costs about $20 at the store, and it’s a pain to get. All this stuff including the lip balm and cake pop cost exactly $20 and all I had to do was click a few things. (And you have the ability to adjust the delivery date up to a day or two before your original delivery date, so that’s good.)

Basically, if you need it, get it. Because it’s fantastic and really awesome: http://www.leparcel.com/